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Great car but windows start rattling and buzzing and it's a huge issue.

The first couple years were great! It ran really smooth and I couldn't even hear wind noise while driving on the freeway. Then I had a summer where I lived in an apartment with no shade to park my car in and my car isn't as quiet and from then on I had problems. The windows start squeaking after a couple years. And gets louder and louder. Turns out it's common for my make of car and if it gets bad enough the buzzing and rattling can actually end up with the window shattering.

- Melissa C

The sliding doors are a great advantage over your typical station wagon.

The Mazda5 is a good alternative to a minivan if you have a smaller family or don't take long trips. It works well around town. The third row doesn't get much breeze from the air conditioning and the seatbelts are basically unsuited to children and also the third row doesn't have LATCH for easy installation of car seats. But the car drives well and fits in small parking spaces. It's a good alternative to station wagon for a family with two or three children.

- Amelia S

Smooth, and reliable, but needs a bit more space.

Overall the Mazda 5 has been a fantastic vehicle for our 5 person family (2 adults, 3 kids, all in car seats). No mechanical problems. The handling is very smooth, although we do deal with a fair amount of road noise. The biggest complaint we have is the cargo space. The Mazda 5 has a 3rd row that can fold flat, but even with that it doesn't offer a ton of room. The 3rd row also doesn't seem to be built for normal sized humans.

- Zach T

Mechanically sound through time.

There is a cargo area that is large enough to have a large dog kennel put in to hold a very large dog. It seats 4 passengers comfortably but can hold 6 passengers. Have had the car 8 years and no major repair problems. Only wearable replacements like brakes and tires. Excellent turning radius and has the ability to speed up quickly for getting on to highways when people are going 75 - 80 miles per hour.

- Linda D

2010 Mazda 5. Suspension issues.

Suspension issues are frequent with this type of car. The seat sizes also feel too small in the back to fit an adult fully. Its lasted over 150,000 miles however I worry it'll die before it hits 170,000. Major repairs have needed to be done despite the car not being very old. Overall I would recommend choosing a different car.

- Serenity L

Mazda 5: a great family car.

I love the turning radius - makes it easy in tight spaces. The front and middle seats are comfortable and while I like the third row, it lacks adequate foot room. About seven years in, we started having an issue with the sliding doors latching in cold weather. I love the 6-cd disc changer. It is been a very reliable vehicle.

- Katie L

The biggest issue is the tire wear, the tires rub on the the back and cause the tires to wear unnecessarily.

I love the intermittent wipers, many speeds to choose from. I love the sliding doors like a minivan but it looks more like a sedan. I do wish that the doors locked automatically when you started moving. The biggest issue is the tire wear, the tires rub on the the back and cause the tires to wear unnecessarily.

- Heather W

Minivan mom life! Not for teens.

I have had very little problems since buying my vehicle. I have done general routine maintenance only. It does have some issues with the front end going out of alignment fast and does not drive well in the snow. Even though it has 4rd row seating it does not suit the needs of my teenagers need for leg room.

- Brandy A

The Mazda 5 - A great family car that is low profile and can hold 7 people.

The Mazda 5 is like a mini-mini van. It looks small but it holds a lot of people. We can usually but 7 people in it. It is a low profile vehicle so speed pumps and off road traveling is not recommended. It gets great gas mileage, it is reliable and comfortable. It definitely is a good family car.

- Thomas L

Would not purchase! Better minivans for a better price out there.

My car has a rough ride. I hate the suspension. Makes for a very rough ride. The seats wore easy and are now uncomfortable. 3rd row seating is extremely small. Not enough technology in the car, etc. Rear controlled ac. Also too low to the ground. And the low profile tires kinda look dumb on a minivan.

- Michael K

My car is great on gas and I cannot think of any other good thing about it!

My 2010 Mazda 5 is great on gas. But it gives a lot of problems. The oxygen sensor is bad right now, my engine light is almost always on. I changed brakes and pads often. I would not get another Mazda vehicle. The battery was replaced a few times. The low beam light was changed 2 times.

- Tyrone G

Mazda 5. Excellent choice for comfort, convenience and reasonable cost.

Good size. Gets good mileage. Easy to see the surrounding traffic. Easy to park. Small enough to fit in any parking space. Enough inside space to transport larger items, such as the coffee table I recently purchased. The air conditioning works excellently which is very important in az.

- Judith G

Mazda 5- Brakes for the Future

I have had some problems with the auxiliary speaker system as well as a lot of problems with the air conditioning- which is a problem as I live in the South. I do love the space and the reliability of the brakes, however! I have complete faith the brakes will last for a long time.

- Emily S

My Mazda 5 is my home away from home.

The Mazda 5 minivan drives well. The middle row and back row seats can be laid down to make a bed or to carry additional items. The middle row seats have storage underneath them. It is easy to get in and out of. It is a perfect vehicle for a small or medium sized family.

- Debra S

Great turn radius. Plenty of room. Great gas mileage.

The only thing I don't like is the doors don't automatically lock when driving. Other than that it is a great car. Bought it when taking care of my late mother-in-law because she was short and I had plenty of room for her wheelchair. I have no regret about the purchase.

- Nancy S

My car functions as a great mom-mobile, but I haven't completely given up on enjoying my driving experience.

I like that my vehicle is one of the only models on the market available with both a manual transmission and third-row seats. It fits my family and plenty of cargo, but is still fun to drive. My only complaint would be that the suspension can get a bit squeaky at times.

- Allison K

Gas mileage amazing and roomie.

I love it good on gas and fit my whole family in it. The oil has been changed that was causing a problem with speed but it's a reliable car and I can go to the store and have plenty of room for groceries and children. Speed pick up is great and its mileage amazing.

- Lulu D

Mazda 5 Experience from my standpoint

It's a reliable car and it drives through any weather. It has 3 rows but limited trunk space. It is very comfortable but I honestly don't think it will last I'd ever in a car accident. Only real problem I've had was the cv joints but it wasn't costly to fix .

- Cynthia B

Mazda 5 is a good family car and it performs well.

I have been happy with the Mazda 5. It drives well and it is a good size for our family of four. I like that I can put the back two seats down for more cargo space or put them up when we need two extra seats. It has performed well.

- Barbara B

It is durable and reliable.

I like how reliable the car is, especially for long trips. The car is also easily drivable and has the basic amenities, like ac and aux plug in. However you cannot remove anything from the 12v charging port.

- Joshua O

It's an ok minivan but could be a lot better.

It is a nice, spacious car. I do not like how low it sits to the ground. You do feel every bump, and hard. I noticed the body is rusting in the wheel wells. Other than that nice good car.

- Michael K

This car gets the job done.

My car is alright. It gets me from place to place with basically no problems. There’s plenty of leg space and it handles well. The radio is not the best but it is ok.

- Naomi T

It's a great looking car and easily maintained plus great on gas.

I've had the car for 7 years and have had no problems with it. It's great on gas. It has 3 rows of seats which has been great for when my grandchildren visit.

- Georgia W

It is a great family car that seats 7 people comfortable.

It is a used car and you can tell it was in an accident. If it was in perfect condition, it would be a perfect family car. But i am grateful i have something.

- Arlene F

It is very large inside and very comfortable for 6 people to seat in side

Like the room it has to haul things. The clear coat is not good. It is coming off the front bumper. Over all I love the car and wish they still made them.

- Robert G

Great big vehicle for cheap

Great vehicle. Needs more power since it's a big vehicle with a little engine but it has been reliable and drives nice. Shakes a little in high speeds

- Andrea B

It is a very spacious car for how small it is, it is a nice family car.

I like that is like a minivan but not as big as one. I like having 3 rows of seating. I do not like that the middle row of seats can not be removed.

- Kim M

All the space it actually has going for it. I take this car camping and can fit everything I need and still have room in the car for other essentials

I like the amount of space there is so I can pack what I need when I need. Gas mileage is okay and I wish it could tow better.

- Girellis C

It looks small from the outside but has tons of space in the inside.

I like the functionality and the make. I don't like the look sometimes. Overall, a great car to have and it has more space.

- Bejoy T

It has great safety features and runs well with good fuel economy.

I like the fuel mileage for the space involved. It has great safety features. I would like to have a little more space.

- Heidi H

Good on gas, fast, fun to drive, and low maintenance.

The car is relatively fast and is very good on gas. I also, love the look of the car which is relatively sporty looking.

- Alisyn G

The Mazda5 is extremely useful for hauling and carrying all kinds of items and cargo.

I live how it handles. I love how the driver's seat fits me. I love that the cargo space is useful and very flexible.

- Elizabeth L

Reliable ride, gas saving vehicle.

Good seating capacity. Very Reliable from point to point of destination. Low maintenance in gas. Easy to drive.

- Mischelle T

Good mileage per Gas. You save money on gas. I think is the most important

Very reliable good miles per gas. Nice car and very sport. The space in the third row is to narrow

- Cesar f

I love my Mazda5. It is a very reliable car that runs great. I love how fuel efficient it is as well. I couldn't ask for a better car.

The most important thing others should know about my car is that there is only one key to it.

- Jaclyn B

I've had to replace all the tires on my car and I have a few issues with. It. The charger port doesn't work, the check engine light is on, and my shocks are bad.

My car is very safe considering the three row seating, which helps in an accident.

- Lilian H

Sporty and practical. You can hold a lot of cargo without a big vehicle.

I like the style. It holds a lot of cargo without being too big.

- April M

I like the gas mileage and the size of the vehicle. I dislike the rear seats that are too small. I also wish the technology was updated in this car.

This car is very versatile and comfortable and drives well.

- Audrey W