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I don't like the Mazda 5 at all. It is too small for me and my family and the dealership is terrible.

The dealer of the company told me I had free oil changes for life of the car and I did not have to buy any of my services there but they insist on trying to make me every time I get my oil change there. And my horn had lots of trouble going in and out. Not working. Every time I took it to the dealer it worked. Until it was past its warranty. They said they would not cover it. They wanted to charge me over $100 to fix it. My friend and I found out it was a bad horn. We replaced it for about $20. It is continuous pain to deal with this company and I will NEVER buy another Mazda in my life.

- Brian M

Would buy a Mazda 5 again!

It is been a great car. When we were expecting our second child we purchased this vehicle because we were not ready to go full minivan yet. I loved because of the sliding doors!! So much easier for getting an infant car seat in and out! The air conditioning is great in the front but I always feel like my babies are sweaty on hot days. It has third row seats which I love!! But you give up the majority of your trunk space when they are up. Overall, I would definitely buy this car again. It is not perfect but I feel like you cannot beat the quality for the price!

- Nina M

Mazda 5 sport. . A great car for the new family!

I love my Mazda 5 sport vehicle! It performs greatly. It can be transformed into a six seater vehicle. It is a real zippy car and has decent gas mileage. The only complaint that I would have about this vehicle is that when the vehicle is used as a six seater, there is not very much trunk space available. Other than that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. There are barely any blind spots and the steering for the vehicle is quite smooth and easy to control. Definitely worth my money:).

- Eleanor J

It's reliable and convenient. And the best thing about it just might be the three row seating.

I like the size and the way the vehicle drives. It's a minivan that is the size and drives like a small car. The three row seats are also very convenient. I don't like how the car is very noisy, even with all the windows & doors closed a lot of "air noise" passes through, especially on the freeway. Finally, the steering wheel is pretty sensitive, as well as the gas pedal, while the brakes feel looser than most cars. This makes it a bit twitchy to drive, especially in traffic.

- Ronita S

Mazda 5: not a minivan, a micro-van.

The Mazda 5 is basically a micro-van. It is not quite as big as a minivan but still bigger than some SUVs. It is great for someone who needs something that seats more people but is still easy to drive and especially park. The bucket seats as the back seat is very convenient for car seats and with the third row being one that folds down there is still enough room for larger strollers. And even with the third row up there is plenty of room in the back for all groceries.

- Taylor W

Mazda5 is good for a basic vehicle

This vehicle is pretty bare bones. I realize that it's 7 years old, but even when it was new, it lacked many features standard on other vehicles. Small details like remaining mileage range, bluetooth compatibility, hookups for an iPod, and the like would have been nice to have. However, I did like having sliding doors (although an automatic option for those also would have been nice) when my children were much younger and there is plenty of space for our family.

- Katy S

Little mom mobile in disguise.

Love my Mazda 5. I call it my mom mobile in disguise. Lots of cargo space and comfortable caption seats in the second row. Sliding side rear doors help to cut down on the parking lot dings. Cargo space is good but third row seating is tight. Only good for the smallest in your crew. Even with the minivan esq design it still has good zip and handles like a sportier vehicle. Mileage has been decent and even at 107k miles the ride is still fairly smooth.

- Emily C

It is gas efficient as well as being comfortable to drive.

I haven't had any problems with this car. It is easy to drive as well as being comfortable. I love the extra seats in the back that can be laid down so I have extra storage in the back for groceries and pets. I get the oil changed every 3, 000 miles and haven't had any issues with the car. The driving is smooth, and the cruise control is wonderful. I enjoy driving my car as well as feeling safe while I am in it.

- Michelle C

More roomy, more sporty, less stodgy.

It is a great size for our family of four (plus extra fold-up seats just in case!). It is peppy and zippy, and it is got the kid-friendly, convenient sliding doors of a minivan without the added "soccer mom" label. Driving my Mazda5 is fun (it is a manual transmission! Zoom zoom!) And the interior is comfortable. We've driven it all over the country! Raleigh (that is the car's name) is my favorite car ever!

- Rachel S

Great small, sporty alternative to a minivan!

I especially love the size of my Mazda 5. It is small and sporty, which allows for easy driving and maneuverability, but it is roomy inside. I love the fact that it has a 3rd row option and a large trunk area when the 3rd row is stowed. Also, moving things in this car is a breeze since the middle and front passenger seats all fold down. It is just a fun car overall!

- Juliet A

we have had 0 mechanical problems and have made several 5000 mile trips. Maintenance is a breeze and she still runs as good as the day we bought her.

It handles well with tight and responsive steering and gets excellent gas mileage. Transmission is amazing with lots of power to climb hills. I wish it was a flex fuel and was raised higher off the ground. The third row would be better as a bench seat with storage underneath and a split 60/40 back. Removable and washable seat covers

- Brandy B

Mazda 5 is decent for a family of 4 with small children.

I would not recommend this vehicle for a large family. The 3rd row is not comfortable and very small. Only small children can fit back there. I do like the extra trunk space when I put the 3rd row down. I've had several small issues, my horn does not work when it's below 30 degrees. The engine surges forward when the a/c is on.

- Kristina R

Sporty drive feel especially for a hatchback, limited maintenance needed

I like how the car handles. There is a bit more road noise than average but not too much. There was a recall on the lift gate supports but it is fixed. The stereo gets better reception than some other cars I have been in. I have not had any major problems with the vehicle just standard maintenance.

- Erica R

Family or outing vehicle with awesome gas mileage.

This car has been the most dependable vehicle have ever owned. So fun to drive. It hugs the curves and gas mileage is out of this world. I get just a little over 600 miles to a tank of gas. I love this crossover. I can fit husband, daughter, 3 grandkids, and myself in this little 4 cylinder.

- Carolyn B

Minivan with awesome space.

Even though, I was not thinking about buy Mazda at first, this car has been the best purchase I ever done. I have 2 kids and the extra space in the back is awesome because it fits their 2 bicycles without problem. It also has enough space for all my purchases from the grocery store.

- Fatima O

Dependable Mazda - performance.

I like the mazda because the back doors slide open making easier to get the grandchild easier to get them in and out. . Good on gas also. The seat does not raise up or down for me [, I would purchase a new one when I need a new car.. I have not had any real problem with it.

- Orma W

Mazda 5 is a practical and fun to drive vehicle.

The car is very dependable, comfortable, roomy, practical and fun to drive. Lots of windows that provides a good view out. However, you cannot fit six adults and luggage in the Mazda5. If you want cargo space, you are limited to carrying four people. Car has.

- Dana P

It serves us very well for the price point we paid for it. Very reliable runner.

I like that there are 3 rows of seating with standalone captain's chairs in the middle row. I like the spacious interior, sunroof, and the ability to fold down the back seat. I dislike its exterior design, though. Looks too much like a minivan.

- John D

It is a very dependable vehicle.

Love comfy front seat for long drives it is important. Also all the space in back for lots of stuff or for sleeping.. What I do not like is how small back seat is very little leg room and if you use the seats you a lot luggage space.

- Wendy S

It very good on gas. The last seat fold down quickly for times that you need extra cargo space. More stylish than your typical minivan.

Mazda5 is really reliable and won't waste gas like your conventional minivan. It is sleek and stylish and does not appear like a minivan. It has enough room to seat 7 but from the outside it appears like a regular car. I love it.

- Nicola D

It's family friendly. You can fit 3-4 kids in there although you sacrifice storage space.

I like its size and styling. However we have had lots of small issues with it. The gas door wouldn't shut for awhile. The handle of a sliding door came off, and we have an evap leak we haven't been able to track down.

- Heather A

Reliable, good price, and good for a small young family

I like the sliding rear doors and the extra amenities, like heated seats. With regular maintenance it has been a reliable vehicle. My family has grown and the vehicle is getting too small, limited legroom and cargo space

- Leslie G

It's a great balance of size and easiness - you get enough space for a family without a behemoth car that's impossible to park.

The things I don't like about it are probably bonus features - things like the back opening without me having to touch it. I like the size (not too big, but plenty of space for road trips). I like the fuel efficiency.

- Jessica R

Very few mechanical problems.

Good gas mileage lots pep and roomy inside. It is a very dependable vehicle. Very few mechanical problems and it rides and handles good. It is a very sporty looking vehicle. The ac could be a little cooler.

- Alan W

Great car in almost every situation

Good for city driving, but because it is so low it is not good in heavy rain/flooding. Good in the snow though considering it is not 4WD. Flexible and enough room for our family of 4. Good gas mileage.

- Ann U

People are always surprised that it seats 6 people.

I like how it's a minivan but small like a car. It has lots of room in the back when the seats are down. I wish there was more room in the 3rd row for adults to sit, but it's been a great car.

- Jeanette S

Reviews say that it is not a quiet ride and I agree. You do hear a lot of road noise.

My Mazda5 is the perfect vehicle for my family! It is small enough to drive comfortably but also large enough to transport my daughter and her friends with all their stuff.

- Kelly W

It is roomy like a minivan but drives like a car.

I like that it is very spacious. It has a lot of features of a minivan but it drives like a car. I like the hatchback and sliding doors. I like that it can sit 6 people.

- Amber S

Great small family car, but a bit noisy.

Vehicle is a perfect match for my family. I just wish it had a little more room. The power and fuel economy is acceptable. My only complaint is it's a bit noisy .

- Bob O

A good family car very dependable.

A very sufficient car great gas mileage and very easy to drive and lots off room is fully great ac lots of legroom the seats lay back enough it almost lay down.

- Tina M

It served its purpose when no other car on the market did

Expensive oil changes stink A bit of a rough ride and def. not a quiet ride Love the sound system and the sun room along with the great gas mileage

- Donna P

Good gas mileage and easy to manage.

Drives like a car, but is a minivan. I get great gas mileage. The car is just big enough for my family, but small enough to navigate the city easily.

- Jennifer C

It' a mini minivan and it gets decent gas mileage for a car that holds six people

I like that it can fit 6 people. I do with it had more room for cargo with all the seats filled. I prefer smaller vehicles and I enjoy driving this.

- Elizabetth W

It is a reliable car, with low maintenance requirements.

Dependable, with convenient sliding rear doors and hatch. Good cargo space for a smaller car. Good driving visibility. Decent highway gas mileage.

- Dee S

The perfect non mom mom car

It's a mini mini van. I love the sliding doors which make it easy to get kids in and out. The flexibility of fold down back row is us s huge plus.

- Britt O

Like a mini minivan with sliding back doors - great for children!

I love that it has extra seats in the back. Love the sliding back doors. Love that it's kind of like a minivan but not. Drives like a regular car.

- Priscilla C

It has six seats and it has a small frame. Drives well. Good Ride.

Really great car with an extra seat. Six seater in such a small space. Very reliable and good ride. Looks cute. Would absolutely recommend.

- Zeecil K

The microvan: Mazda5 for a small family

Perfect size for small family with the third row down. Cargo area holds so much but still so maneuverable and fun to drive/easy to park.

- Allyson S

Seating for 6 with 3 rows of seats and sliding doors on both sides.

Doesn't get very good gas mileage, in my opinion. It has lots of flexible seating. It has lots of cargo volume with all the seats down.

- Ronald S

Easy to drive for short and intermediate distance

I like my vehicle is reliable, comfort and 3-row seats. Dislike may not great for gas mileage. Price of car is ok, but not bargain.

- Andrew c

It's perfect and has minivan options without the huge size.

Low profile, Sliding doors, Third row and Sits 6. I can stand and see over the top. Smallest mini van and not the soccer mom van.

- Nicole B

It's a cross between a minivan and a hatchback.

I like that it is a smaller version than a minivan. It fits my family comfortable. Only issue wish there was a little more room.

- Amy S

The maintenance at schedule can be costly when unexpected repairs are needed.

I like that it has good gas mileage. I do not like that fact that the gas indicator and the driving range does not match up.

- Kevin L

It gets decent gas mileage. while requiring minimal maintenance.

It will seat 7 or we can put the back seats down for more hauling room. It gets decent mileage and has been low maintenance.

- Robert M

It has lots of storage space.

I love how much space it has. It has extra seats for more passengers. It has also been well made and gets good gas mileage.

- Shari R

I HATE the lack of trunk space. I like that there's 6 seats it is compact. It get great gas mileage on the freeway. City gas mileage could be better.

The trunk is a big issue if you have a large family. You will almost have to always use other areas of the car for storage.

- Damishi E

2012 Mazda5 Minivan review

The gas mileage is fantastic and the tank size allows for a lot of driving between fill ups. The handling could be better.

- Nick L

The mini mini van that has seating for six and that's about it.

Drives fine, plenty of space for six people, only small problems here and there but overall for a micro van it's not bad.

- John S

It is a car that is smaller than a suv and you still have the ability to haul things around

It is a unique car because it is between a suv and wagon. It handles well. It has flexibility with seats folding down.

- Jason M

Great gas mileage for a minivan.

Love the dependability, great ride and good gas mileage. I wish it had more cargo space and more room for passengers.

- David F

It is a mini van. It has three rows of seats. It has sliding doors.

It is a good vehicle. It gets us where we need to go. It holds 6 people. We can take our grandchildren with us.

- Michael P

Just keep up on maintenance and the car will have less issues.

While i have had the vehicle the only issue i have had is have to change the battery once. Otherwise no issues.

- Candice R

I brought this with 3 miles on it. It now has 120,000+ miles and still going strong.

I like the sliding doors. it's like having the benefits of minivan, but its a car. I dislike the small cabin.

- david t

The sliding doors are the best.

I like everything. I like the sliding doors. I like the maneuvering. I like the width. I have no complaints.

- Val J

Smooth drive, dependable, leather interior, climate control.

The vehicle is smooth riding, comfortable and easy to drive. My only complaint it needs more storage space.

- David F

The seats fold down completely flat for extra space.

The seats are incredibly uncomfortable to my lower back , other than that it's been a really great vehicle.

- Julie S

It has good gas mileage. It is reasonably priced. It is comfortable.

The size is perfect. It is a standard transmission. It gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable to sit in.

- Laura V

Rated high in reliability NIce size for a small family. Fun to drive

A little bigger but not as big as a full size van. Reliability is very good Comes in handy to haul items

- Michael M

Reliable transportation that not only looks like a nice car but feels like one when driving or riding as a passenger.

This is my second Mazda car and it is well made, easy to do updated maintenance at home, and reliable.

- Kari A

Zoom zoom is the motto and it's true for this car.

I love the way it drives. It has plenty of passenger space but lacks luggage space. It is good on gas.

- Kasey J

The rear doors are sliding doors which are convenient in tighter spaces.

Easy to get in and out of the vehicle. Easy to park in spaces. Does not have backup alarm.

- Ann P

It has a lot more room than most people would think.

I like the size and some of the features like the sliding doors and folding back seats.

- Joelle A

It gets good mileage, and it's dependable.

I like the size. I like the sliding doors. I like the fold down seats. No complaints.

- Nina A

I love the sliding side doors like a minivan, but it's not as big as a traditional minivan. We call it the mini-wagon as it's actually classified as a station wagon. I don't have any dislikes actually.

It has sliding doors on both sides like a minivan but it's not as a big as a minivan.

- Terry K

Two rows of seats fold down to fit a lot of stuff

It's versatile, seats 6 but is not a minivan. Small enough to be easy to drive.

- J A

It has good mileage, and rides well.

It's comfortable and I enjoy driving it. There's not a lot of room in the back.

- Debra k

sliding doors on a small car

it can seat 6, gets decent mileage, and has sliding doors. 2nd best car ever.

- Not My w

It handles more like a sedan than a larger car or minivan.

Sliding doors, folding seats and cargo area. Lots of space and very versatile.

- Jayson C

No longer made, despite its functionality, great gas mileage, and space.

It's a car base with minivan doors and tons of storage, great turning radius

- Gina D

easy to get in and out.. has good gas mileage

the height to get in and out...but hate the clearance love the turn radius

- Cathy R

That is looks like a minivan but maneuvers like a much smaller car

I love it. It's a great family car. It maneuvers like a much smaller car.

- Ashley B

Es un vehículo que el unico problema que tiene es el tren trasero ya que se oye muy feo cuando no estas en freeway y gasta mucha gasolina

Solamente que gasta mucha gasolina y el ruido del tren trasero

- Edy Y

The Mazda 5 seems like a practical car for a family. Unfortunately, there is no storage or trunk space when you need all the seats! The under-seat storage in the middle row is great! Unless you have kids in car seats, then you can't use the storage! Other than that, the car runs smoothly, I've yet to have a major problem with it. IT's good on gas most of the time

The storage is a joke if you're a family. You need more space

- Kristen D

I like this car because of sliding doors.

Best car. Like color, minivan, doors, seating. No complaints

- L N

It is efficient in gas and has folding back seats so I can fold down the seats and us the area for storage of equipment to use for our work.

It is practical and easy to drive and gas efficient

- Rick O