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What to expect from an urban mini van that does not look like a minivan.

The vehicle performance is spectacular. It behaves similarly to a sedan more so than a SUV with a truck chassis. It will handle and brake similarly as well. If you are used to the comfort of a sedan this is what you'll get. It also will provide that level of mileage. On the flipside it will not have AWD or additional torque for any kind of hauling. If you are more interested in transporting people than things this is a good choice for urban travel.

- Chris H

Great car if you do not need the trunk.

The mazda5 is a reliable station wagon style vehicle. It has 6 seats, 3 rows of 2 seats. The back row folds flat, and the 2 row also folds down. The 2nd row seats slide to allow for more or less leg room for the 2nd and 3rd row seats. The mazda5 has excellent gas mileage and is overall affordable. The only problem I have had is that the trunk no longer opens from the outside. I got it fixed and it stopped working again within 6 months.

- Mae A

Fuel economy family vehicle.

My Mazda 5 has exceptional fuel usage per gallon. Performance is far better than any vehicle I have ever owned. The aerodynamics are well designed for overall performance. The three-row optional seating is an added plus compared to other SUVs. There is plenty of legroom for all passengers. It is definitely a great vehicle for weekend getaways or family outings.

- Rudy M

Sporty little minivan, lots of fun.

The mazda 5 is very reliable and highly functional. It functions like a small minivan or small SUV, but it is more sporty. Very good speed/power for the type of vehicle. It has a third row of seats, so it can transport up to six, including the driver: however, the third row seats are very small and cramped, so the extra people would have to be kids.

- Chris G

They stopped manufacturing the Mazda5 and that is travesty! I want another Mazda5 in a few years.

The only thing I do not like about my car is the shape and styling. It's just not that cute. Everything else about my car is wonderful. My favorite parts of my car are the back seat doors. They open like minivan doors so I never have to worry that my kids will hit another car and dent it when they are opening their door.

- Alice R

Overall the vehicle is very well put together

My car has done me well. I have had no issues with it. My car is very good on gas and very spacious. The only thing I don't care for is the minivan aspect of it since I do not have kids yet. The color blue is also not my favorite but the car has more good than bad. Appearance is the only downfall in my opinion

- Lindsey N

Reliable but cramped in front.

Small and cramped feeling on the inside. Not 4 wheel drive. I purchased this vehicle to handle 3 car seats and it does that but it feels quite small in the front seat. It has been reliable, but because it is not 4 wheel or all wheel it is less reliable in the wintry condition ns.

- Nancy H

Good engine and bad transmission, good performance too.

Brake is not well sometime and tears too, the performance is very good and it is more space in I love this mazda so much but the transmission have sometimes a few problems, And engine sonor is good,I love this engine too> mazda 5 2013 is the best for the moment for my family.

- Thierry K

Separate control of a/c from front and rear.

The car is pretty reliable, however, there can be a lot of upkeep and it is expensive. If you keep up the scheduled maintenance, you will not have a lot of problems. The car is pretty good with gas mileage. The a/c has separate areas of control which is good for such a small car,

- Michele D

An interesting detail of the Mazda 5 is that the seats are removable.

My Mazda 5 is the perfect family car! The seats are removable and there are many options for hauling large items. This is the perfect car for a growing family, and for shuttling my kids and their friends to various activities. The car is comfortable for long trips, and reliable.

- Angela H

It is very reliable and a wonderful family car. Also it is very low maintenance and great on gas.

I love that my vehicle has enough room for my entire family and shopping bags. It is very comfortable seating and leg space for everyone. The only things I dislike about my car is I wish there was a Bluetooth connection and it had leather seatings or dark colored cloth seating.

- Tiffany T

Comfortable and sporty looking.

Very comfortable, nice looking, no issues so far. Would like it to not ride so low, I am forever scared of scraping the front going over bumps or parking where there's a little curb. Wish it had more room and that the rear seats went down easier. Also, no electric front seats.

- Marguerite A

It's a lot more fun to drive than it looks.

It has room for a lot of people and things in a very small package. Road handling performance is great too. Main things I don't like are lack of power, no manual transmission available with satellite radio and hands free bluetooth, and gas mileage.

- Matt H

Seems to be reliable and is well made.

I really like our Mazda 5. It gets good gas mileage and handles well. It is has a very noisy interior with, I guess, little sound deadening. Must be a weight saving reason. Seats 7 and thats is great. Glad we purchased this model on the whole.

- Danny K

Reliable and stylish car for families instead of alternative to minivan or larger size vehicle

Great for everyday on the go running around town, reliable, comfortable. Long distance traveling is kinda tight w luggage and room to move. Only other things disliked is only 1 size tires available and uses full synthetic oil

- Lori R

It is extremely sporty looking and fun to drive.

I love that there are seats 6 and the seats fold down to haul things. I wish the back windows were tinted and that there was not a gap between the center counsel and the seat. A lot of things get caught in there.

- Li H

It gets great gas mileage and has a third row which I can fit kids and surprisingly more cargo than you would think.

It is like a station wagon/minivan. Small, but can fit 6 people in it. Love the hatch back, love the gas mileage. Wish it looked a little cooler and a little less mom van.

- Amanda L

Mazda5: a perfect cross between a van and a car.

I have loved the Mazda5. It is very reliable and drives smooth. It feels roomy for having 6 seats. The only downside is not having the push open doors like other minivans.

- Jessica W

Mazda5 is an awesome car!

My vehicle is a great smaller car for my family of five. I love the sliding back doors! I wish it automatically locked doors when put in gear, but otherwise no complaints.

- Kelly C

It's a good car everybody likes it when they see it.

My vehicle is very nice, Its has plenty of room. The windows are tinted and it and it has good gas mileage. It can be drove either way. L just like it when i first saw it.

- Helen F

Mazda's are not bad cars but the values are not anything to make good profit off of it. Just a reliable car to get to point a to point b

My vehicle is good in the aspect of it running solid, and being amazing on gas. What I dislike about the car is there is always something minor wrong with it.

- Norman O

It has all the benefits of a van but in a smaller size.

I love the van doors and I love the third row. The only thing I dislike is not having four wheel drive; I've gotten stuck in the snow a few times in it.

- Lauren H

Great Mazda 5! You should get one!

I love my Mazda 5. It is very reliable. Since it has 4 cylinder it helps me save money on gas. It is very roomy, it has space for 6 people.

- Miriam O

Although it seats six, it is not meant for six adults or bigger kids.

Very reliable, compact van, not for tall people, no real space if all six seats filled, drives nicely, not very comfortable on long trips

- Angela B

Mazda 5 handles nicely with v4.

It is a really nice car to drive. The car responds to moving the wheel nicely and quickly. I like that it is small and can zip around.

- Kathleen B

It seats six and the seats fold down for lots of cargo space.

This is my second Mazda5. I like it mostly because it has a lot of interior room for transporting long items. The gas mileage is ok.

- Larry W

It's very useful and flexible.

I like that it seats 6 without being a huge car. I like the sliding doors and gas mileage. I don't like that it can't haul anything.

- e m

Love it, even though it rattles.

Love it except it keeps making a rattling sound I cannot identify. I love how spacious it is, its gas mileage, and how it handles.

- Gloria B

I like the economics on the gas. It is going to last and drives very well.

It is economic on gas. Drives very smooth on the road. I like everything about my car. I haven't had any issues with it.

- Iris R

It has great pep and a load of space

It has a surprising amount of room and I have 3 rows! It's like a minivan but drives like a car.

- Justin C

It has 3rd row seating & drives great is wonderful on gas during the winter does good on snow

I like everything bout my car the size way it drives. There is nothing I dislike about my mazda

- Annette K

As a passenger there is a very closed feeling.

Too small inside, feels cramped. Very closed in. When third seat is up no storage space.

- Nancy P

The Mazda5 does NOT get good gas mileage!

I like the size and amount of storage available, but the MPG sucks!

- Lin c