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Super versatile interior! A little car that hauls a lot!

I really like my Mazda 5! It is reliable and a little sportier than the regular minivan! It was reasonably priced and has served my very well over the past 4 years. It gets good gas mileage, the seating is versatile so that I can fit 5 kids for carpool or fold down all the seats and fill it with so much stuff! I only wish I had chosen darker fabric on my seats - (family life can be messy) I have only had to do regular maintenance, oil changes and tires. I drives great and always gets me where I need to go!

- Liz H

Love the heated seats and hauling room.

I really like my car/van. In a pinch, I can squeeze 6 people into it or it can haul a good bit of stuff in the back. I like the heated seats; my son likes the rear ac. I like the automatic windshield wipers that come on when the windshield is wet. I do not like the red displays on the dash and the time, temperature etc is in a little "hole" that makes it hard to see, particularly since it is red. Green/blue would've been a lot better. I like the rear liftgate.

- San L

Mazda 5 provides a smooth ride.

I think the drive is very smooth and it is an easy car to maneuver. It has a third row of seating that easily converted into carrying space for items. I get good gas mileage for the size of the car. I had problems with the driver side door handle and had to get it replaced. I wish the air conditioner had a vent going into the third row because it takes awhile for it to cool down in the back.

- Melissa B

Vehicle appearance maintains well.

Extremely reliable, quite comfortable. Other than regular maintenance only had to replace brake pads. Have taken on long trips very good gas mileage, comfortable for long periods of driving. The features are readable and understandable. GPS very reliable. Temperature controls very good for both front and back seats. Seat adjustments make it comfortable for any size and body type.

- Carolyn P

No-frills, reliable minivan.

The Mazda 5 is a reliable, fuel efficient car. It does not have many of the infotainment features of the more popular vans, but it also didn't cost $40k like the other models. My main complaint is it lacks storage. Overall, it has been much easier and cheaper to maintain than the Chrysler town and country I had before.

- Lori S

Love the creature comforts.

I really like the automatic windshield wipers, heated seats and leather seats. The rear ac comes in really nice when you have back seat riders. With the back 2 seats folded down, there is a lot of storage in the back. The gas mileage this vehicle gets is much better than our old 2004 Chevy actor.

- Eunice L

That it has great gas mileage for a "minivan" but it acts like a car and that it's very versatile with the small 3rd row. Good for a family of 4.

I love that my car is like a minivan but gets all the stats of a car. The gas mileage is good, love that the doors slide and then you don't have worry about hitting other car doors. I wish that the back was just a little bit bigger and that the window part on the hatch opened by itself.

- sierra s

Great performance with great cargo space.

Comfort is fair, the interior is sparse but the performance is very good. The interior space is great. I originally purchased it so that my dog could have easy access. It is excellent for small children and has enough space to haul a lot of items. Currently this model is discontinued.

- Richard B

It is easy to pull seats forward to get big things in the car if necessary.

My Mazda gets get gas mileage. It is easy to handle. Lots of room to carry things. Comfortable to take friends out to eat or other places. It is quiet to drive. It does have get up and go when I need some extra speed. The speakers are good. I play only CDs when I am driving in my car.

- Pamela P

Sporty and fun minivan for a small family.

It is a compact van that can seat 6 people. It is sporty and fun to drive with lots of power and acceleration. It has relatively good gas mileage and has not had any issues after 80k miles. The only drawback is if the 3rd row seats are pulled up then there is barely any luggage space.

- Suzanne C

The Mazda5 makes a great vehicle for a family and is good for trips and cargo without the price of an SUV.

I like the way it handles on the road. It has a decent amount of cargo space when the 3rd row of seats are down.I do wish it had a bit more leg room for the 2nd and 3rd row seats.It is okay if it is just children, but adults are cramped, especially if they are tall.

- Lor A

Fuel efficient mini-mini-van with very little trunk.

I like the space for passengers and the fairly efficient gas mileage for the size of the vehicle. I don't like the fact that there is basically no trunk space when all passenger seats are available. I wish there were more trunk space.

- rach M

Lots of room in a mini-minivan

My mini-minivan was bought after someone hit my truck and totaled it. The Mazda was used but we have already paid it off. The van se r rd most of our needs except for hauling large things like furniture. Otherwise, it is a good fit

- Dean B

It has many of the conveniences of a minivan, but it feels like driving a regular sized car.

I love that it's easy to drive, gets decent gas mileage and has some hidden storage! It was the perfect car when I only had two kids. Now that I have three, it feels a little too tight, since there's no trunk space.

- Jane E

It practically has no blind spots.

The sliding doors and the low threshold made the car ideal to transport a wheelchair bound family member. It turns on a dime. The fold down seats are convenient and easy to use. When down there is a lot of cargo room

- April J

The Mazda 5 can haul like a minivan but drives like a sports car.

I love my car's flexibility. I can lay all the seats down so I can haul a lot of stuff, or I can easily put the seats up to hold 6 passengers. It has the functionality of a minivan, but drives like a sports car.

- Shawn D

No-Frills Minivan That Gets the Job Done

Compact minivan, affordable compared to other models. Handles well, but ride is a bit rough and road noise is very loud. After a couple of years, the smaller size has become an irritation.

- ashley p

Dependable and it requires synthetic oil.

Car has more room than you would think. Comfortable enough for me. Low enough for me get my kayaks on the roof and with the back seats down I could put my bike in so no need for a rack.

- Joe B

It's like a mini-mini van, it's nice for a couple of kids but wouldn't work for a large family. Gas mileage is ok, could be better.

I like the sliding doors and the cargo space. I like that it has rear fold up seats. I dislike that it doesn't have very many luxury or special features, it's very utilitarian.

- Ashley F

That the car gets great gas mileage given the amount of space.

I like that it has a 3rd row optional seat, but is still small. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I dislike the road noise. It also seems to be a reliable vehicle.

- Nicole s

3rd seat, roomy, great on gas.

I love my sport minivan, it has a 3rd row seat. It doesn't look like a van, it small outside. Yet roomy inside. It's pretty fast for a 4cyl. Great gas saver.

- Nouchanh N

It's too small to fit 6 people and have room for any cargo.

The gas mileage is good and the car runs smoothly. However, it's too small. Although it fits 6 people it's a very tight fit and no storage room.

- Karen F

It doesn't drive to smooth.

I like the seats. Its compact. It sits very low though, sometimes the bottom of the car will scrape the ground, which could become a problem.

- Kop L

Great use of space for flexibility for storage and passengers.

Perfect use of space. Can take 6 people so each kid can bring a friend. Cargo area is small when all seats up though. Compact. Easy to park.

- Pam T

Great reliable family car.

I love my Mazda 5. It runs great and hardly has any problems. The extra back seat is nice. The sliding door is a great feature to.

- Peggy W

It is classified as a SUV but looks and acts more like a minivan.

It is a good sturdy running vehicle. the only problems I have found is the leg room is awful small. We enjoy the vehicle though.

- Cheryl K

It's been completely reliable and a great value for the price.

The sliding passenger doors have been my favorite feature of the car. The cargo capacity and sixth seat have been very valuable.

- Lisa V

Affordable family transportation in dependable ride

It gets good gas mileage and is very reliable. I wish it were slightly larger for hauling things. We call it a mini minivan.

- Dean L

Sports car look with family car function.

Love the look and feel of a sports car but the functionality of a family car. Cools down and heats up super quickly.

- Abigail N

The car has amazing durability and reliability and always seems to get you there.

Tires are too small, spin in wet/muddy places. The headlights are pointed at the ground 30 feet in front of the car.

- John G

It has been a reliable family vehicle. We have owned it for 4 years and never had any issues.

It has been reliable and is an affordable vehicle with 3 rows. My only complaint is the interior stains very easily.

- Becca I

It has sliding doors but is not a full-size minivan.

I love the sliding doors and the two captains chairs in the middle. It is like a mini-minivan with sporty features.

- Christina L

It is a reliable vehicle, that is safe for people to ride in.

My Mazda is red. It seats four adults comfortably. It has many cup holders, it hasn't broken down on me yet.

- Melanie G

There are sliding doors on a wagon!

I love the six seats and sliding doors. It makes school pickup so easy. I wish the doors were powered though.

- Stacia z

It is good for a family with 1-2 very young children

It runs well with minimal problems. It is to small to sit comfortably and has no extra space for anything

- Donna N

Love my features on my car

I have no problems. 60,000 miles. Rides very well. I like the back up camera. I also like my bluetooth

- Arlene R

My primary vehicle was purchased new at an affordable price, which made me happy. I was also thrilled to find a minivan that has a standard transmission. Score! I love that my vehicle feels very much like driving a sedan, despite it being a little minivan.

This vehicle is perfect for a family of four needing extra cargo and extra seating for under $20,000.

- Amy H

It's easier to drive than other minivans. It gets great gas mileage.

It's small and drives like a car. It has plenty of storage. Good gas mileage. I feel safe driving it.

- Tara B

The Mazda 5 accelerates quickly and is a smooth ride.

I like how it goes fast easily. The seats are comfortable. Driving it is easy and a smooth ride.

- Liz C

It's a high quality and very versatile car.

It's the perfect size for my family. It drives very well. It hasn't given us any problems at all.

- Dale G

It is bigger inside than it looks

I like the way it handles. I like the pick up it has. I like the room inside.

- Tracy K

It's a workhorse! It gets good mileage. I've been able to haul some very large, heavy items in it with no bad results. It's really cute!

It's really sturdy and low maintenance. It's been dependable in all weather.

- Marion T

You either have 6 seats or a trunk. You can't have both.

I like that it's sturdy and reliable. Hasn't broken down

- Teague K

I like that I can fit up to six passengers. I also like that I can connect my phone via bluetooth. The sliding doors are great for my kids so they don't ding into other cars. I dislike that the trunk says it's open even if there's practically only a speck of dust in it.

This car is great for families. It Fits 6 Passengers!

- Elizabeth E

It's Great! It gets me from point a to point b. Also the gas is reasonable!

It's reliable. And I haven't had any issues with it!

- Pamela C

It is nice looking and runs will in ice and snow

Good on gas. Rides well. Good in ice and snow.

- Leonard V