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You will absolutely love this car, until you have to fix something.

The problems I have are the airbags, an when you have to have work done on the car, it's almost impossible to find someone that wants to work on it, besides going to the dealership, which is way to expensive, along with having a keys made for the car mazda made that a dealership . Only item as well, and get ready for the price shocker it's ridiculous the amount. The vehicle performance is amazing, it handles really well in all weather,i've not had any problems with the performance of the car at all. It's very comfortable and mine has all the bells and whistles.

- Lucille H

Twelve years and still running smooth!

I have been driving my used Mazda6 for about six years now and it has been wonderfully reliable! It is twelve years old and I only recently started having difficulties, and it is just my front driver side window has stopped working, something that is actually quite an easy fix. It drives smoothly, and has the get up and go I need when I get on the interstate while still getting good mileage in the city. Absolutely love it. I would love to get another Mazda when the time comes.

- Sarah M

Runs smooth and very spacious for family trips.

Cadillac converters have both gone out with in 6 years I have replaced battery cables water pump fuel line ball joints breaks about 15 times tires about 20 times lo profile is not the way to go have also replaced alternator motor air filter spark plugs radiator UV joints gas tank fuel line intake and many other parts basically built it brand new since the day I got it also had to replace 3 windows due to rocks on the highway back hatch brackets broke and the door is heavy.

- Christina P

I love my Mazda 6! It is everything I have ever wanted in a car.

I really love my Mazda 6! I haven't had any problems with it other than a recall on the airbags, but once I got that fixed there has not been any other problems. When I first bought the car I loved that it has light cream colored seats, but now that I have a child I wish that the seats were a little darker. I really like that you have to unlatch the gas cap cover from inside, it just helps to make me feel a little bit more secure.

- Megan A

The car has a major blind spot so it is hard to make sure no one is in the lane next to you when you want to move over.

What I don't like about my Mazda is the car seats. The car seats tend to be shaped in a way that hurts also they dip so they hurt my lower back. Some of the material is coming of around the roof of the car. I like bigger windows. One other thing I don't like is there is a blind spot when looking over your shoulder because of the spot between the driver and passengers. I like the storage room. My car drives nice.

- Barbara D

The Mazda 6 is a great car for first time drivers.

My 2006 Mazda 6 is a used car. Like most used cars it can have some problems such as the abs light coming on for supposedly no reason. However, the main concern was the airbag recall that was recently sent out, which was a concern considering I had been in a wreck recently prior to the letter. Overall the car drives fine, getting me from point a to point b in one piece. Definitely recommended for first time drivers.

- Britt M

Mazda 6 high mileage issues.

My 2006 Mazda 6 is a very reliable car with high mileage. Unfortunately, it is now giving me many issues. The headliner is deteriorating, the electronic driver seat does not work properly, many parts need to be changed, and it is starting to accumulate rust. Cosmetically it needs a few changes, but other than that, I would say my car is trustworthy and has not given me any problems too big to fix.

- James S

Expensive replacement parts but it's great on gas.

I bought my Mazda car used, and not taken care of too well by the previous owners. So, other than that, it's a pretty good car. Also, replacement parts are expensive. But it's great on gas and pretty comfortable. Of course, my favorite thing about the car is that it is great on gas. A full tank lasts me 2 weeks. Which is excellent when you are trying to save money.

- Tiff J

Turbocharged Mazda 6�Boosted Fun with Luxury.

The car is extremely fun to drive and has been reliable. I always make sure to change my oil on schedule. It's a turbocharged 2.3 liter 4-cylinder and I have been modding it over the last couple of years. Stock, the car produces 274 hp; after mods and tuning, it produces 350 hp. The interior is beautiful and has heated leather seats and a built-in GPS.

- Michael P

Great performance on highway.

I like my vehicle the problem with it is that it is close to 2, 000 miles and this year it has been one thing or the other. The performance is great I have never had a problem with the performance if Mazda made this modes sport v6 model I would buy it again. The safety features are ok. Back 2006 it was a good vehicle with needed features.

- Norma Z

Mazda makes reliable cars that don't fall apart in a few years. Great engine with fast acceleration!

I love my Mazda because the acceleration is the best for moving quickly when needed. This car is safe, reliable with no problems so far. We had a 2005 Mazda 3, this car we gave to a family member who drives it, there were very few maintenance issues with it so we decided to buy a New Mazda. We will be buying a 2018 Mazda in a few months.

- Rhonda M

Overall a good first vehicle.

I love how long lasting the car is in itself. The battery life is well as well. The weight of the car is very light so I can reach higher speeds. I also like the design of the car in the front as well as the back. The inside interior is very simple which I like as well. Although it doesn't have a way to play music off your phone.

- J J

My lovely grey Mazda 6 named rose.

My Mazda 6 is a very comfortable car, drives perfect. Getting it fixed is the worst, parts are expensive but hey that is for any car right. My seats are completely comfortable. It looks like a small car but is spacious on the inside. The car itself looks great but when you add something that is you it makes you happy about it.

- Amy M

My vehicle is dependable and sleek.

I do enjoy my Mazda 6 and there has on been one problem with the vehicles performance and dependability. The problem I experienced with my Mazda 6. There was a air bag recall recently. Stating if you were in an accident that the air bag could seriously harm you. The suggested I take my car for free to get a new one inserted.

- Sierra D

Reliability of the Mazda 6.

It is a very reliable vehicle. I have never had any major problems. I have taken it on many over the road trips like Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia & Illinois. I kept up the maintenance on the vehicle. There are only a few dings on the body due to hail storms. Other than that I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Patricia E

One comfortable ride with leather seating.

Eats gas up quickly causing me to fill up two times a week. But it starts and has a really good heating system for winter and colder winter. It's very comfortable ride with leather seats. The trunk is small which makes it hard for me to carry and transport big or heavy things that are needed for a farm life.

- Elizabeth R

The 2006 Mazda 6 has great gas mileage and is reliable car for new drivers.

It has great gas mileage and a large gas tank, so long road trips are enjoyable. My Mazda is old so it does not have a lot of the new technology like a back up camera and AUX jack for music. It has been a reliable car thus far. The only problems I have had with the car are with the air conditioning system.

- Jodi S

It's a grey Mazda 6 we got the windows tinted and painted the headlights black.

I got this vehicle from my brother-in-law, it was working fine but since it is a used car it has multiple problems. The coolant holder just started to leak out of nowhere. I don't know about cars but I just got it and it leaks a lot. It can be very cheap to put gas and to fix it to its inexpensive.

- Erika F

Super fantastic wonderful great never better best car ever.

Nothing wrong with this vehicle. Would buy it all over again. My next car will be a Mazda as well. Have had no problems with it. New battery, new brakes, that is it. Nothing more to say. The body is still good even though it sits outside all winter. It is close to 100, 000 miles. Still runs great.

- Dee F

What a reliable make and model car.

It's very reliable. I haven't had any major issues with my car. It's great on gas. I have only had to replace my tires and windshield wipers. I would recommend this make and model to someone else. I brought my car used but it hasn't let me down yet. I have had it for 3 1/2 years now and I love it.

- Kelly H

Mazda6 - the best starter car.

I believe my car is solid, it is a very reliable car, has a good sound system and contains an automatic transmission, and has comfortable seating. You can control the temperature of the car by the degree as well, which I believe is a very cool feature. There is also a charging port for devices.

- Callie K

Staying on after removing key

Only problem I have with my Mazda is the car sounds like it's still on after I turn off the engine and take out the key. It only lasts for about a minute, but that's all really. I live how roomy and family sized a sedan can be. It's so comfortable for my two children, my husband and myself.,

- Genesis C

Blacky, my dependable Mazda 6.

I have a black 2006 Mazda 6, and I love him! I call him blacky. . . And he takes care of my family. As long as I keep decent maintenance on him, he drives us everywhere we need to go. Look out for the at light, when it comes on (located right above the speedometer), figure out what's wrong.

- Tony C

Mazda- An extremely reliable vehicle

Have never had any major issues. I have a very rigid maintenance schedule. (Oil, fluids, tune-up, etc) Mazda is a really reliable car. It gets great gas mileage. This car is very well built. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone and I plan on purchasing another one when the time comes.

- Samantha Y

The best feature is the hold key to unlock all the doors from the outside.

The Mazda 6 is a spacious car good for comfortably carrying 5 people with room in the trunk for luggage. The digital radio/time bar has faded over time but the present buttons work. The car has been really hard on tires and I have had to replace them more than the average car over 8 years.

- Caroline M

Mazdaspeed 6 2006 Car review, very fast very reliable. Wish they made more.

My vehicle is extremely fast, very comfortable with leather seats, very reliable because it is made outside of the USA in japan or engineered by japan. Which is very impressive and way better than American cars. It has lasted me a long time. It has an aux cord and a manual transmission.

- Socrates B

It's been kept up with and it has not let me down.

My Mazda 6 is so far a very reliable car. It gets me to and from where I need to go and it is so comfortable. I haven't had any problems other than my ac not working, it is been very reliable the last two-three years. I love that it is a manual and all of the windows are not automatic.

- Lore M

This vehicle is very sporty and compact.

This vehicle is very compact so it is easy to park. The sliding doors come in handy. It drives very nice. It's good for a family car. There is not a lot of room in the back, but it is fine for if you just have younger children. It doesn't have vents in the back so that is a downfall.

- Alyssa H

Heated seats and amazing sound system! It's the absolute best!

I love how fast I can go in my car. It gets pretty good gas mileage. My only complaints are that I don't have a aux port, and that I have to take it to the Mazda dealership to do any sort of work on it. Other than that, it's been a great car for the 6 years I've had it.

- Krystel B

Although It may be small it's a great family car & if you need to transport something It definitely fits in the back.

I like that it's a small car but fits a lot of people & I can place the seats down to fit a lot of things in the trunk. I don't like that there's no aux or Bluetooth connection & the car is very slow. Also, at this point there's a lot of things that need to be fixed.

- Taralee B

That I haven't put any money into the car until this year.

I haven't put money into this car until this year with new tires, I think that shows a lot about a car that I've had for 13 years. Gets good mileage on long trips for the age of the car. It is a comfortable car for the driver and the passenger even on long trips.

- Diane L

Great gas mileage, hands free and Bluetooth device is easy and continent.

Has great gas mileage, is compact for a single parent but room to haul groceries and toys. Does have cooling fan issues and stutter issues. The hands free and controls on the steering wheel is continent. Is not heavy enough for snow and ice. Even with good tires.

- Kelly M

Extremely reliable vehicle.

It is a great car goes super fast and is reliable, it is amazing on gas, and cheap to fill up, very spacious. Great for a first car, not complicated, easy to control, no big issues besides some engine trouble and not American made hard to get parts you need.

- Kay F

Mazda 6 good buy not 2006 though.

Id buy a different year. Great car doesn't like to stay running though. Very smooth and fast interior is nice and body style is gorgeous. Could use more features but overall I would buy again just with a different year after having so many mechanical issues.

- Tara K

Very nice speakers and sound system even on the base model car.

Runs great overall. A nice car for a daily commuter. Surprisingly, the car is able to hit very high speeds comfortably if you feel like taking a quick drive. A reliable and cute car, but could also be masculine. A perfect car for an active and sporty person.

- Amanda B

My Mazda 6, black is his name.

Gas hand is not accurate, suspension belt needs to be replaced, can get junky on the inside of the car if you have children, visors can't come down without breaking, be careful on the starter and battery, been replaced twice since I got the car 2 years ago.

- Sana T

Low headlights are great in the fog.

The seats are not very comfortable. I wish it was more tech savvy. Maybe it is my driving, but the rear suspension is messed up and it is lead to a lot of flat tires. There's something about the air that bothers me. Other than that I am quite happy with it.

- Ashley G

This car did not age well

I really enjoyed my car until it was about 8 years old. It has had many issues since with the engine. Also, the paint is peeling in spots, the in dash compartment lid, lumbar support in the driver's seat, and other minor things have broken with normal use

- Meredith H

Nice family car, gas saver and fast

I've had my Mazda 6 for 10 yrs now its very reliable I just started to actually fix a few problems, parts might be a little pricey but the car is worth it the best car I've had and the only one I've kept. Small engine but very fast car and a gas saver

- Jesus S

Sharp car when it was new!

After many years of ownership, has a lot of wear and tear. No serious mechanical issues. It has overall been a very reliable vehicle. This year the AC went out. The headliner is falling down. The black paint is faded and the bumper paint is cracking.

- Jessica M

Mazda's are great fun and family vehicles.

I have owned Mazda cars for years. They as rule, need just regular maintenance. The ones I have had have easily gone over 200,000 miles. Requiring basic repair. Good on gas and fun to drive. They have enough room for most loads that I would require.

- Bec B

Fast and Fun! Manual. Leather. Premium fuel. Agile Zoom Zoom!

I like that it is a nice car that can get up and go in a hurry. It does have a turbo and it takes premium fuel. I do not like the seats, it makes me backache because I don't feel supported.

- Hannah C

It is 12 years old and still going strong with no signs of slowing.

It is a solid used car. It is dependable, has decent gas mileage (despite being a V6), has a nice leather interior, looks nice, and performs well. I don't have any major dislikes.

- Deanna D

Horrible Mazda 6 - red - drives way too rough

Bought used. Have had more repairs in 6 months than all other cars I have owned. Mechanic won't even work on it anymore. Engine is going. Camshaft is bad. Coil packs are bad.

- Michelle L

It's reliable and fun to drive

It's fast and reliable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to fix. It's getting older so it needs to be replaced. It's insurance isn't too bad either because It's an older car

- Bridgette K

It is very dependable and durable

I like that it is dependable and has good miles per gallon. It also handles very well. I dislike that it is kind of old and does not have many up to date technologies in it

- Avery N

Overall, highly reliable, fuel efficient vehicle!

I like that my mazda is small and compact. I have a hatchback and it's extremely convenient. Once dislike is my key fob does not work long after putting in a new battery.

- Kristen P

It has had no major problems with any working parts and has only needed usual maintenance

Beautiful looking red exterior four door sedan, has over 111000 miles and have had no major issues with the vehicle other than oil changes, brakes, tires and battery

- joe N

It's a good running car it just has a lot of problems with it and I love the car I just need a new one.

It runs good when it is able to run again the gas is good but it just keeps having problems there's recalls on it and I never have time or the money to fix it.

- Karleigh F

It is a smooth running car with a good turning radius.

I find the vehicle too small. It sits low to the ground. Other than that it is a very comfortable car and excellent on gas. Like the split fold down rear seat.

- Carolyn O

The Mazda 6 is the car you can expect to pass 250,000 miles and get you day to day done

I have had my car for years and it has always been relabel. I've had very little cost in maintaining it. It's fun to drive. It's very spacious for Its size.

- John D

Fun to rice out, fun to drive around, good for driving people around in.

It makes a weird rattling sound sometimes. It has weak body panels. Reliable, good gas mileage. Good for everyday use. Cheap and affordable. Easy to fix.

- Hayden G

You can definitely tell it's a V6. Getting on the highway is a breeze.

Looks nice, V6 engine, and gas mileage is okay, but needs a lot of maintenance! The car is older but I spend hundreds per year in upkeep and repairs.

- Jada W

It gets really good gas mileage and is sporty looking for a sedan.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I also has a nice design to it,and haven't had any major problems with it. I have no complaints about my car.

- Dina G

It's sporty car with a big engine only gets 19-25 mpg

Like-It's paid off, a manual, dependable, decent size trunk, great middle console to hold stuff Dislike- ceiling liner falling off, vents are weak

- Janice D

The cool blue Mazda that would catch anyone's eye!

The Mazda 6 that I have is in working condition. It is blue. There is minimal damage. A few scratches on the right side but the engine is strong.

- Shawntel M

One important thing that others should know about The Mazda is that it's used

It's a compact sized cat and it's my favorite color. It gets me from point A to point Bin the heat. I hate that tired need to be replaced often.

- Beatriz R

Can haul a lot of things in a pinch. I have the hatchback model which really is amazingly roomy.

Comfortable road trip car. Great sound system, surprisingly roomy. Has been relatively maintenance free. Around 19 mpg mixing highway and city.

- Ryan D

It is a great car to drive and own.

I like how it drives, handles, looks, and its safety. It is also comfortable. I do not like its turning radius and there are some blind spots.

- Sharon H

It's an automatic transmission with the ability to drive in manual as well.

It is a grey 5-door hatchback with a sunroof. It has an aftermarket headunit in it. I like that it is a sporty car. I have no complaints.


It's a very reliable car for long distance travel every day

It runs very well and is very reliable. The only thing i dislike is that it's not up to date on technology but it's also an older model

- Kayla S

Very stable, fast, great brakes.

I love the pick up and speed. The car has great handling. Very, quick and responsive steering. Very nice leather, and heated seats.

- Joe S

They should know that it may be older but it still has plenty of life left in it.

I like how it handles and the acceleration from It's V6 engine. I don't like that it is getting older and needs a few repairs.

- Christopher P

Its extremely expensive to fix.

I love that it is sporty and has good gas mileage. I hate that it's so expensive to repair. It needs a lot of work done on it.

- Crystal T

If you are driving on the highway a lot, it gets great gas mileage.

I like the good gas mileage it gets on the highway. The heated seats are amazing in the winter. I don't have any complaints.

- Summer S

Its my family car so my kids do ride in it.

I like the speaker system, Bose speaker make good sound. It's also good on gas. Its a quick little car and has no problems.

- William Z

It's air conditioner is broken, so roll the windows down when you ride with me.

It is a golden beige car. It is a secondhand car from my aunt. It was handed down to me with the air conditioner broken.

- Roxanne I

It's sporty but still a good value. I had trouble finding a car style I liked among today's choices. Mazda does a good job with design

Like the body style and the way it handles. Fuel economy is good for car size. Seats could be a little more comfortable

- Jill T

The car is great for saving money in gas.

It is does great on gas mileage due to the size of the car. In addition, the car's size help fit in any parking spot.

- Mitch D

It got me across the country after over ten years of daily usage.

Great vehicle that was purchased new in 2006. Still runs like a top although some basic maintenance needs to be done.

- Peter K

It gets really good gas mileage. It's a sporty looking car.

My car is small but roomy. It looks sporty and has a sunroof. I like that it's a 5 speed and gets good gas mileage

- Lisa M

The gas mileage is really nice.

I like the car because it very compact. It can fit in an parking spot no problem. The car does great on gas too.

- Mitchell D

It's very effective and efficient considering how long I have been using it

I like the size, it's perfect. It is also very clean. It is kinda old now though, and I'm eager to change it.

- Bolaji A

That it is great for families with small kids.

It is the perfect family car. Roomy and convenient for various uses. Would be better with another seat.

- Nats H

The car has all of the safety features you would want to keep you and your family safe.

It is a good car to get you from point A to B. I don't like the color. I wish it was a bit sportier.

- Stacia P

It gets good gas mileage.

It's a 5 speed, sporty looking car. It is white with a sunroof. It gets good gas mileage.

- Lisa D

I don't like the fact that my car always has issues. I can only go a month or two without a light coming on. I always take care of my car but it always asks more.

Others should know that whatever my car goes through it gets me from point a to b.

- Daija K

It is 12 years old now and I really don't like that the headliner is sagging really bad. But, it still looks good and gets around great. I still really like my car.

It has always been very reliable and well taken care of. It has a good soul.

- Rebecca B

Great car. Just hit 65 thousand miles and runs great. No major problems. Only thing I've had to do with it is replace tires and breaks.

Good reliable car. Worth its money. It will last you a long time.

- Katie C

It is a huge gas saver and saves me money.

It is a gas saver and the color is blue, it is also economic.

- Jennifer V

the car gets very good mileage. it is very easy to drive.

the car handles well and is easy to drive. gets good mileage.

- chaikie n

It is a used vehicle. The Air Conditioning is not that strong.

I would want people to know that my car is a second hand car.

- John W

It is from a great company. It has a lot of miles but was built to last.

I like that it is roomy and not small like other cars.

- christine o

It's rusting but has never let me down

I was desperate for a car and got ripped off buying it

- Stacy B