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I'll never own another Mazda based on my experience with this one. NEVER. Car problems started about 3 years in & never stopped. Research & find something similar- but stay away from Mazda vehicles.

I'll never buy another Mazda based on my experience with this one. My husband's truck is over 20 years old & still rolling like it's brand new. My car is 11 years old & can't stay out of the shop- it's constantly one thing after another! Things that shouldn't break down- do! My air conditioning has died on me several times & has needed to be repaired twice. I live in Houston Texas & I've got small children. It's unsafe to have them out in this heat without AC. The headliner in my car fell out when it was only 5 years old. THAT'S CRAZY!!! I had wire shortages in my headlights. THAT'S DANGEROUS!! My headlights would just stop working at night. If I hit a bump on the road they'd go off, if I hit another one they'd come back on. They had several recall issues, & so much more! Way more than 2-4 sentences but I am really disappointed with this car. I'll never own another Mazda because of my experience with this one.

- Kristen T

Car will run great if maintained properly.

My 07 Mazda 6 has been dream car. I bought my car brand new in 2007. Over the 11 years I have only had to pay. For one expensive repair about 1300. I must add over the 11 years I have spent. Money on maintenance. I.e.: oil changes, tires, brakes, replacing battery. If well maintained I would recommend this car for single person or family. My Mazda can fit 4 people comfortable. 5 people would be pushing it. Plenty of trunk space. Keeping my car clean has been pretty easy due to the cloth interior. It features am/fm. Radio, power steering, 6 disc CD changer, power windows, passenger airbag, nice size middle console, 2 areas to hold drinks. Has been driven in all different weather climates and responds well.

- Rachel L

I have had the car for more than 10 years it is a strong car.

The Mazda Mazda6 is the sports sedan of front-drive midsize cars. It is designed for the driving enthusiast. Several levels of trim are available for the Mazda. However, Mazda 6i models come with a 160-horsepower 2. 3-liter four-cylinder engine; 6s models are powered by a 215-horsepower 3. 0-liter v6. Each is available with five-speed manual gearboxes or five- or six-speed automatics. The Mazdaspeed6 trim is a turbocharged, all-wheel-drive sedan carefully tuned by Mazda's performance division. It uses the 2. 3-liter four-cylinder engine and produces 274 hp with the turbocharger. For 2007, the Mazda Mazda6 changed small trim details.

- Tammy K

2007 Mazda 6. Dual transmission.

I have not had any engine or transmission issues with this vehicle. That particular one I have is a dual transmission, which means I can switch back & forth between manual, & automatic transmission. This is very convenient, especially in the winter time. Along with my traction control. It also have automatic seats, which is nice. Gas mileage is great in this smaller, yet comfortable sized car. I also like the fact that it comes stock with a 6 disc CD changer, although it does not have an AUX plug in, which is the only downer of my vehicle.

- Zoe L

Great affordable, low maintenance, sporty looking car,

Very comfortable ride. Seats are incredibly nice. Sound system about average includes CD Drive. I have not had any major problems with this vehicle..Braking is very good. Stops on a dime. I loved the sporty styling. It is very low mai ten right. Just do required maintenance as required..Comfortably back seating for average person, may not be comfortable for a tall person. Easy steering. Great passing power. Exterior paint is very glossy and slick.

- Wanda J

Interesting detail of the car is how low it sits to the ground.

I really love this car. I have had it for years now and have travelled far and near. It is reliable but expensive to fix. For me right now it is worth it and I love Mazda. I will be looking to buy a new car soon. Defs staying with Mazda as I love the car. Just want a newer car maybe more bells and whistles. But for a simple car it does the job. Good gas mileage for the amount I drive I fill it up about every week and half sometimes longer.

- Jenny E

It is a great car for low income people. Very good on gas and very reliable.

It is very good on gas and reliable. For the price paid it is a great car but unfortunately it is a manual car. I have locked my keys inside several time due to the fact that is it manual. Services is very fair because it is a low maintenance car, so far I only had to change my battery twice, my tires about 4 times and I have not encountered any major issues with the car. With regular routines maintenance, it still drives pretty smoothly.

- Lovely S

I love my Mazda 6, it has been a great vehicle.

I have loved my mazda since the first day I owned it. Love the way it drives, the leather heated seats, the sunroof, it even has a feature on the key fob to open the windows when unlocking the car to release the built up heat (love this feature). The only thing it lacks is automatic start. The only issue I have had with the car is the trunk is good sized but the opening is not and some coolers will not fit

- mary L

Good quality car for the money.

I have owned this car for over two years and have had no problems with it other than normal upkeep. The car ride isn't as smooth as higher end cars but its still comfortable. The interior is nice and have reasonable amount of room for four people. The only small problem is that I am six foot tall and the steering wheel adjustments are not enough to be able to see all of the instrument panel.

- Arthur B

If you like comfort and reliability.

I have had my vehicle since it was brand new. I have had it in for repairs for an oil leak, the a/c dial wore out twice and the airbags. I love my car! It rides and drives like a luxury vehicle. It has enough bells and whistles for me. I drive it everywhere. From the mountains to the coast it gets me where I want to be. If you like comfort and stability this is the car for you.

- Toni W

Great vehicle! Lasts for years!

No engine problems with my Mazda 6! Great gas mileage, reliable, has over 160, 000 miles on it and only minor repairs. The only complaint is I have both front seats with seat warmers and have had electrical problems with both of the seats. Also both my front leather seats have huge rips in them from wear and tear and having a hard time finding replacement seats.

- Amy B

Because of the experience I have had with Mazda’s, I would be purchasing one.

For the years that it has, the car runs great. My boyfriend bought it around five years ago and gave it to me and it works perfectly. Because of the great quality of this car, I would be purchasing a new Mazda later on in life. I am hoping that they create a environmental friendly car in the next few years and maybe that will convince me to buy one even more.

- Alo P

Good, reliable car, with issues starting after 100K

Vehicle has over 130K miles on it and still drives well; after 100K miles, lots more issues started happening. Issues with gas line (replaced 2x); transmission started acting up as well. Headliner started falling down and has had to be stapled up. Will need to have entire headliner replaced - told it is a known defect. It does drive well and is comfortable.

- Meghan M

Overall a great vehicle. Extremely comfortable and very reliable.

The car is very comfortable and reliable. Haven't had many issues with the car at all. It drives nice. I like how it looks. It is a nice size vehicle. It handles nicely. It has just enough get up and go. I like the hatchback on it. I am short so I like the feature to raise the seat higher, that really helps me and makes it much more comfortable.

- Susan F

It is reliable, gets me where I need to be. Gas mileage is awesome.

My car has great gas mileage. I haven't had any problems recently with my vehicle, the inside is very comfortable, big enough for four. The trunk is large as well. I love my car, it is been better than the last car I had. My other car broke down often, I only had to replace a battery with my vehicle I have now. I do not want to get rid it.

- Carolyn R

I love its speed. It has 6 speeds instead of 5 making it a very fast.

Right now, other than skipping, and I think that it's something minor, it drives and runs like wonderful. It's a bit high mileage but other than that, I am very satisfied with the performance and the years that I've gotten out of it so far. Mazda's are very tough vehicles. I am proof. I am not very gentle on cars but this one has survived.

- Vicki P

Goes anywhere doesn't cost much in gas, and I like taking my Mazda in the mud.

This Mazda will go anywhere, I have taken it mudding and didn't get stuck she is a beast, highway I can take a 3 hr trip only spending $20 each way and $80 if I make same trip twice, the ride itself is smooth rides like a Cadillac, I would recommend this type of vehicle to anybody that road trips or just have to spend hours in a vehicle.

- Amie H

Bought my car used and I love it!

I bought my car used in 2017 and it had 165k miles on it. Single owner till I got and he maintained it very nicely and it runs amazingly. I keep regular oil changes on it and maintenance and I have had no issues with it yet. I love my little car. It has great power and drives very smoothly. I am very happy with my purchase.

- Lisa M

Mazda 6 Excellence in Performance

Other than the lining coming down from the roof, my Mazda runs really well. It's super comfortable and doesn't have any blind spots. The air works well, but I don't like that there aren't any vents in the back of the car. Size is good, enough room for about 4 people. It gets excellent mileage, especially on the highway.

- Hanna S

Mazda 6 2007 Very reliable car

My 2007 Mazda 6 is a very reliable car. The performance is amazing. It also has amazing features. It has air conditioning, cruise control, interior air filtration. It's a very spacious four door sedan. It has very good safety features. It has anti-lock brakes, traction control, and air bags. I recommend this vehicle.

- Fernando A

Everyone should buy Mazda

I got my first Mazda a few years back as my second car. It is a very reliable vehicle. I would suggest Mazda to anyone. I have had no major issues with my Mazda while owning it. There was an airbag recall not too long ago and I took it up to the dealer to fix and they fixed it with no charge and the staff was great!

- Katie M

Good looking Factory system is very nice and sounds like I installed one.

I have had my car for almost 10 years and (knock on wood) have had no problems other than replacing the breaks, tires, and a head light. All things you do anyway. Great car! Looks nice and drives smoothly. If I had to say one negative thing is it cost about $75 to change the headlight b/c it's in a weird spot.

- Dana F

MY Mazda is purple which I love but it also has a tan and boring interior with leather and it doesn't look very cohesive

My Mazda is super low to the ground, which makes it kind of hard to park bc the bottom gets stuck on the curb sometimes which has caused me problems, but otherwise it is very easy to maneuver. I have never gotten into an accident in this car, so I do not know how reliable it is in the event of an accident.

- Clare C

Durable little speed demon.

It's a great little car lasted a long time has been through the ringer didn't have any problems till 120,000 miles and mostly operator errors like no oil or needed an oil change. I would buy it again and it's a fast little car. It did have a recall on the airbags but they fixed it at no cost to me asap.

- Heidi B

Mazda 6: affordable reliability and comfort.

It is been very reliable. It is very comfortable to drive. It has a spacious trunk. It gets good gas mileage. I have had it eleven years now and the only thing we've had to do for it (besides the usual regular maintenance) is replace a gas cap and replace airbags that were recalled (and that was free).

- Kirsten M

Great car for commuting. I also travel a lot and it is great on gas. I tested it out on time and was able to get from the middle of Illinois to the top of Georgia before I had to refuel. Somewhere around 550 miles. And I didn't have to refuel right then but I needed a break to so I just ended up stopping

Car has been running fine. Only problem I had was I had to buy another transmission a month after I bought the car from the dealership. So they screwed me over not the car. And the other thing was I had to get my airbags changed since there was a call back on the airbags that were in all 2007 Mazda's

- Farid F

Mazda 6, comfortable and convenient.

I feel that this car is very reliable, and I love the storage compartment built into the dashboard. The seat adjusts to fit almost anyone and is very comfortable. I think there are some blind spots, but once you get used to the car they become less noticeable as you learn to work around them.

- Samantha D

About my car and how long I had it vs the troubles.

I been having my car over 5 years now just regular maintenance and really no problem but as of now I need a radiator and power steering line but that good maintenance for 5 to 6 years of having the care I am 100 percent satisfied. If I could go back in time I will definitely rebuy my car.

- Marty W

I like the fact that I can change radio stations from my steering wheel.

This is a very good car. No major problems just up keep on wear and tear for example oil changes, tires, occasional ac maintenance, after many years brake work, but no major engine problems. Inside anterior holding up well, windshield wipers, radio, ac/heat/defrost, and good gas mileage.

- Kimberly M

Lots of space, seats fold down, and great family car.

I drive a 2007 Mazda mpv. It's a great family van. It has lots of space. It's easy to remove seats for cleaning. Gas mileage is great. There's lots of space in the pack for groceries seats fold down to make space for big things. Drives smooth. I hadn't had any problems with my van yet.

- Amy T

My vehicle is a very dependable car. I have had it for 4 going on 5 years

I don't have any problem with my car. The air blows fine. The battery has never died in all of the 5 years I had it since bought! The tires are in good quality. No dents or dings, bumps or cracks. My car drives smoothly, runs great. Cranks right up! It has never given me any problems

- Jasmine T

High performance car without high performance price.

My Mazda has been very reliable. I have 176, 000 miles on it and haven't had to have any excessive repairs done yet. There was a potentially dangerous recall with the airbags but was fixed at Mazda’s expense. It handles great, performs very nice around curves and at high speeds.

- Michelle K

It has very good gas mileage.

My vehicle has been very reliable. It is 10 years old and I have only had to change batteries once, one new set of tires, and services (infrequent). Sometimes I feel like it does not have the lower other cars do when going up inclines, but overall I am very satisfied with my car!

- Cecily J

Mazda 6, nice car, good on gas.

I like my Mazda, good on gas for the most part. There are some issues for instance with cruise control, air exhaust or fan has a leak or hole but it makes a very loud noise until about five minutes of the car being turned off. Overall it is a nice car though, very spacious.

- Grace S

Great starter car! Pre owned and paid off!

As far as I know I am the second owner of my car. My car is very safe and reliable. It needs a little extra umph when going uphill so I find myself pressing harder on the gas pedal. I feel comfortable with my car and it performs nicely. The sound system makes me happy.

- Emily B

Mazda 6 is for me, it is very comfortable and suits all of my everyday needs.

I really enjoy my Mazda 6, it drives really well and has good range of turning and it is very easy to use. I have not had any issues with my car, it has lasted me 12 years and it still works very well. The interior is very comfortable and has room for all of my needs.

- Claire G

Great car definitely recommend.

We have had it for 4 yrs and it has gave us no problems. The top on the inside is coming down but I feel like any older car will do that. We have drove it across the country several times and has always done great. The gas mileage is awesome and trunk space is great.

- Jill V

Spacious family with sporty outside.

I really have enjoyed my Mazda. I have had it for 11 years without any major repairs. Great family car with plenty of features and leg room. Trunk space is spacious. Sleek body style family inside sporty outside. Air bags are plenty side front and doors all covered.

- David S

It has reliability issues

This car is very not reliable, and breaks and requires maintenance quite frequently. The car functions great and is easy to drive when it has been fixed, but I have spent more money on repairing this car than I have on buying the entire vehicle in the first place.

- What D

It is a great car if you have a family. For the most part it is very spacious and works decently.

At first, it worked wonderfully. However, I bought my car used and I think that was the issue. It wasn't well taken care of so I ended up having to replace the transmission right away. There are still a few issues, but it works.

- Emily G

The Mazda 6 line is reliable, has good features, decent passenger leg room, and okay mileage.

It is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned, and I have had to do only minimal maintenance and repairs. I would gladly purchase another for my next car, especially since the mileage has improved since 2007.

- Tim G

The most important thing about my car is the mpg. it's very good on gas

I absolutely love my Mazda 6. It has a very nice interior look and exterior. The only problem I have is that there is nowhere for an aux cord to play my own music. Overall, my car is great and good on gas

- Gillian S

Be ready to fix a lot of things. Be able to work on cars on your own or it will start to cost you a lot.

My car is a beat up tuner car. I enjoy modifying it and adding performance pieces but I don't enjoy constantly having to fix things. There are a lot of luxury features and such but some of them don't work

- Zach G

Great reliable car, great on gas

It has 292,000 miles on it. 2.3 liter 4 cyl. The only things that have been replaced are spark plugs, air fuel sensor brakes and battery. Best car I've owned. I also have a 2012 Mazda 6 and love it also.

- Gary F

Sporty yet dependable with a long standing track record.

Has been very dependable, reaching 260,000 miles so far. Is rather loud due to hatchback style. Was good for gas mileage at the time of purchase, although, on the lower end of current availability.

- Laura V

Good car up until recently, reliable too.

My car is 11 years old now and has barely given me problems until recently which include needing a new bcm, needing tranny/motor mount, new control panel for windows. Headliner is falling down.

- Christine F

It does have low mileage for the age of my car.

At this time the size is a concern because I have two car seats and a booster seat on the backseat. My grandchildren travel with me and the way they have to sit appears to be uncomfortable.

- Deborah D

There seems to be no switch for the rear window wiper (although it showed in the manual book) and we had difficulties seeing when it rained hard.

Our car had no problem running but had slight problems and damages to both in and out of the vehicle, possibly from the former owners. Specifically, the parking brake did not work smoothly.

- Reina N

Silver sport addition with rare rear spoiler

It has been great. Bought it with only 4000 miles on it and it now has 165000 and has never given me a problem. Only had airbag recall which the dealership immediately replaced for free.

- Lmj N

There are multiple plug ins for your cell phone and gps to charge.

I love the color and the fact that at last to me 3 years I like the fact that it was not expensive. I am happy that my cars almost paid off. I like all the features that my card offers.

- Kathleen S

It had been very reliable and is fast and fun to drive

I like that my car has a turbo and it gets up and goes when I need it to. I have owned it for over 10 years and have not had many mechanical problems witch is amazing!

- Melissa Y

That it is a station wagon and I plan on keeping it for as long as I can.

Absolutely love this car. Great visibility. I am short and the seat adjusts perfectly for my size. Air vents are so adjustable, turning 360 degrees to customize.

- Tina G

The car has a recall about the airbags. They could explode in hot temperatures.

The vehicle runs great, even when there is engine problems. The steering is very tight, which I like. However, the car could be built to be better looking.

- Madison P

It does not cost much money to keep the vehicle serviced.

My car gets really good gas mileage. I hate that it drives so rough though. I love the body shape and color. Also it does not cost much to keep it up.

- Paula W

I would like people to know that I treasure my car and the security of it.

I like the style. I like the smoothness. I dislike the interior. I like the color of my car. I would like more space in the back seating area.

- Valerie W

It is a great car for someone who is just starting out.

I love how the car drives. The only thing I dislike is the no audio cord so I can listen to music on my phone. The seats are really comfy.

- Morgan D

Quality is great. Extra gadgets are minimal with a standard package.

Love it! It's just old now. Great gas mileage. Well built. Not enough features. I think another vehicle gives you more bang for your buck.

- Ashley K

It's a nice little car. I would buy the same car again if I had a do over.

I love the size. I love the color. I don't love that right now my check engine light is on. I don't love that there is no aux in line.

- Tracy H

It's been through a lot over the years, but it's been a solid car for me and my family and was just what we needed when my family grew with the birth of my son

I like the size and style. I wish it had better gas mileage and that the previous owner took a little better care of it's appearance

- Joey L

It is ber reliable. Also i like how much i can store in it.

I have been very happy with my car. I have had no problems with it, knock on wood. Nothing but maintenance done to it in 5 years

- Jeff D

2007 Mazda 6 an affordable sporty car

The Mazda 6 is a comfortable sedan that also has a sporty look. It runs very well and I have never had any major problems with it.

- Jon M

It always starts first time and has never left me stranded.

It always starts. It looked good when it is washed and is dependable. It doesn't look cheap. It drives good and has lots of room.

- Linda F

It struggles to go up hills and goes slow When trying to go fast

The transmission went out and it left me and my family stranded on a long trip. Also the top inside the upholstery is coming off

- Veronica A

A little loud, but drives great and has no major issues.

I do like the sporty feel the car gives but dislike the mpg and the way the Ford suspension technology is so loose feeling.

- Josh B

It's a modest, dependable, midsize car. Everything is what is expected.

The Mazda has been very reliable and dependable for the past 11 years. The interior finishes wore out quicker than expected

- Melissa C

Sporty looking and drives great compact with great gas mileage.

I like that my car is compact but roomy enough drives good and gets great gas mileage. It offers a lot of safety features.

- Tiffany M

Minimal repairs needed outside the standard maintenance items.

reliable car. not a lot of repairs. regular maintenance. started rusting. no Aux port or other modern features.

- Jay H

It is fun to drive in all weather.

My car is reliable. My car is sporty. My car gets good mileage I also believe my car holds go resale value.

- Chuck C

It is been maintained over the years and has needed very little maintenance.

It is compact & fast. Great on gas. Its sporty and luxurious on the inside. I have no real no complaints.

- Stephanie M

It is got good fuel economy, is a zippy car. Bigger on the inside then what it.

No complaints, it is a good car runs decently. I wish that the paint would fade on the sides of the car.

- Travis J

I hate it. I wish I had gotten something different.

The gas mileage is awful. Also, the trunk is small and not large enough for vacations or camping trips.

- Bernadette C

There have been a couple of recalls on parts over the couple of years I've owned the car but that's expected with any car.

I love my car!! It is safe, reliable and has great gas mileage! I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Tricia E

Currently, it is in desperate need of repair. (wheel bearings and brakes).

Do not like it being a standard shift. Love the gas miles it give. Love the body style and the color.

- Jacqueline D

That it's a really good and safe car. If someone is looking for a reliable car, MAzda it is.

It's very practical. Does Not use a lot of gas. We never had any issues or problems with it.

- Seli h

For a first car, the Mazda 6 with a couple dents in it was perfect for me and my family.

Love her 6 disc stereo system, but dislike the electrical issues that car has.

- Kacey O

It's a great car for teenagers learning to drive and propped looking for a reliable vehicle.

The car is reliable. The size makes it easy to drive. And its goods on gas.

- Brittany G

It is safe to drive. Handles well. It was easy maintenance

it lasts good . I have nothing bad to say about it. I have no complaints.

- Cheryl H

I love the gray exterior and black interior. There are very few blind spots. Cruise control works great and it has good gas mileage while still looking sporty.

The Mazda6 is very spacious on the inside and sporty on the outside.

- Kristin L

It has a small crack in the window.

I love my adjustable seats. I love the sunroof. I love the color.

- Alyssa A

It's been pretty reliable. I haven't had any major repairs but the suspension is pretty bad now. It doesn't have a great turning radius. Sometimes it's hard to accelerate uphill

It's eleven years old and running well. Good value for money.

- Robyn R

It has high miles but mechanically it runs perfect. Has a security system.

Black 4 door fully loaded. System, navigation system.

- Nicole W

It's nice inside the car. Has everything

I like it all besides i wish it was a faster engine

- Matt G

Not cheap to maintain, its A/c sucks

It's pickup is amazing. Parts cost a fortune.

- Sandy Z