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Mazda 6 is a very reliable car.

My car has been very reliable. I have owned it now for 6 years. Only problem I had was with the neutral switch. Had it fixed. Car has a nice smooth ride. Speed is sufficient. Comfortable seats. I have had complaints about the passenger side seatbelt not being too comfortable. Sound system is excellent. Has six speakers and multi disc player. I have had regular maintenance performed to keep the car running new. Only had front and rear brakes replaced once in 6 years and also rotors. Also had front shocks replaced once. Car has been very reliable in winter. No trouble starting. Handles well in the snow. This car use my second Mazda 6. My first Mazda was just as reliable. No major problems.

- Kelvin K

Reliable, front wheel drive, with style inside and out and great stereo quality.

Silver 2008 Mazda6, decent mileage for it is age being at around 80k miles. The only problem that happens often is when it gets cold, the front passenger headlight stops working, but will come back on when it warms up again. Performance is at good quality for it being almost 11 years old. Updated stereo face that has CD player, USB port, and auxiliary plug in. Dash lights are red in color and can be dimmed if needed. Along with those features, the place where the tint and temperature is displayed can be changed and you can with letters and symbols. Reliable car.

- Ashley E

I love this vehicle. Owned a Mazda 3 before this.

All of the features are amazing. The safety and extra features are by far the best. I love the lane assist and blind spot monitoring. I especially love the high beam feature where it turns off in oncoming traffic. I love this vehicle. Owned a Mazda 3 before this. The 6 is more spacious and still gives me the sporty look and feel that I was accustomed too. Very impressed that it is highly rated for safety. With being a mother of 2 young girls, it means everything.

- Mirza Y

I really like that the gas tank is locked from the inside.

I have a broken front bumper, my headlight is out. Runs great besides that! Very comfortable and the sound system is very good. The seats inside of the car are also really comfortable and there is a back support know on the side which takes some pressure off of my back. The headlights are dim and fog up very easily which can be very annoying. The trunk is large and there is plenty of room inside of the vehicle.

- Trey O

Great car to drive easy to handle and looks great.

It handles great, very good on gas, it is very reliable, starts every time, has a very good ride to it, lots of room, great for a family and or single person, it looks good, comes in lots of different colors, stereo system is really good, speakers all around with an eq that lets you bring you sound were you want it, also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to plug in to, all and all real nice car.

- William S

It is an extremely safe vehicle. It is the reason that I survived my car accident with only a little whiplash, when it could have been much worse.

I love my Mazda. I no longer use this every day as a few weeks ago I was in a car accident and it was totaled, but the important thing was that it kept me safe. Because of my Mazda, I walked away with only slight whiplash. It drove extremely well, and was just a very fun car. The only thing I wished more from it was better gas mileage, though that wasn't terrible either.

- Stephanie B

Great car. Reliable. Perfect for my simple needs.

Nothing, it is an excellent car. Perfect for my needs. Repairs are few and far between good gas mileage. Nice=looking. Affordable features are spartan since it is an older model, but I do not drive for the features, I drive to get from point A to point B. It does not have to play "she's a rainbow" on demand. I can pop in the CD and play that song if I want to.

- Dee F

My favorite thing about the car is that it has a sleek design.

I love the vehicle itself, as it can be manual or automatic. However, the top upholstery is falling down, and the middle console on the top of the dashboard has already broken, the car itself is good on oil changes for the most part, and it is my daily driver. Typically I would refer this car to a friend, however it does require a lot of interior maintenance.

- Kayla S

Overall good value vehicle.

I have not had any major issues with this car so far. This car gets decent gas mileage and has sufficient power. The seats are comfortable and the interior is well designed and functional. Overall I would recommend this car for an all around average use vehicle. I believe the next vehicle that I purchase in the future will be a newer Mazda 6.

- Gary H

Mazda-well worth the money!

Pros: great gas mileage, stylish, roomy, front wheel drive is great for snowy conditions, safety airbags in front, sides and in rear of vehicle for extra security, cons: poor headlight lens covers, poorly made headliner, stereo system could be better, has to be taken to dealer or mechanic just to change a burnt out light bulb inside or out,

- Laurie J

I love my car! It's a perfect family car, especially starter. And it has a big trunk for all those sports your kids involved in!!

My car has been amazing! We bought it 10 years ago & it has been so wonderful. Other than regular maintenance, we have not had issues (knock on wood!). It's a comfy ride. The main features are power everything & 6 disc CD player. Other than that it is pretty basic. But it makes me believe my next car will be another Mazda!

- Amy D

Great car, sporty, efficient, fun.

The car gets great gas mileage. I record 28-30 mpg on average. The car has quick steering. It is fun on a twisty road. The car is very reliable. Only one issue which was fixed under warranty. The car is cheap to insure. I wish the car had better headlights. Even with silver star bulbs, the light pattern is very dim.

- Josh F

Reliable and long running

It's getting very old and so it is not a five star- starting to make some noises and run a bit rough. But it's lasted 9 years without a single serious repair, is reliable, reasonably comfortable and fun to drive. I'd like slightly more comfortable seats and for it to be a bit quieter, but otherwise it's fantastic.

- Pete W

New adventure with vehicle.

I have not had it long but it has a very comfortable ride and is very good on fuel. I have automatic, cruise control, and a built in alarm system. It is a mid sized vehicle which I am getting used to again as my last two vehicles were SUV's but I am happy with better gas mileage and reliability.

- Lynn P

All of its great features.

My car is really nice, a lot nicer than my older cars that I previously owned. It is got automatic almost everything, has good gas mileage, great features such as a dimmer on the rear view mirror. Over all has been a great car... I really do not have any complaints about my car..

- Jessie S

It does not indicate the number of miles left in the gas tank.

The car is a standard and is often very choppy when switching gears, more so than in other standards I have driven. The check engine light and the light indicating sliding on ice or rain are both permanently lit, and the mechanics at my garage are unable to figure out why.

- Michaela R

It gets great gas mileage, is easy to care for and is comfortable to drive.

I bought my car used and I have enjoyed it ever since. I do regular maintenance on it and it has been trouble free for the 8 years that I have had it. I do not have any complaints about it. It is exactly what I wanted and I will be keeping it until it doesn't run anymore.

- Barbara B

Mazda 6 is a great vehicle.

My window lock is broken. Otherwise it's a great car. Heated seats, great stereo and I love my moon roof. I have only had it about 6 months. Seats are an easy to clean black leather. I do wish it had an aux cable input. That is honestly my biggest complaint.

- Jessica B

Mazda 6 hatchback is a great car that is very spacious and has great gas mileage

Car runs great, never have had an issues with the car yet. Seats are comfy, very spacious. Got a big trunk and can hold a lot. The car will lock automatically after a few minutes if haven't opened the door after unlocking for safety. Has great gas mileage

- Rachel M

Reliable, comfortable Mazda 6.

This car is so reliable. I have never had any problems with it. I have the general maintenance performed regularly. It performs very well, nice smooth ride. When I need to accelerate quickly, like on ramp to the freeway, it is like a little race car.

- Erica S

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is perfect for a family that needs extra space.

What I love about my vehicle is it has more space for the family that I have. I like the color as well. What I dislike about my vehicle is that the trunk space is too small. I would also like if my vehicle had sto n go's.

- Sherry N

Dependable, reliable, high quality

Our car has over 150000 miles on it. It has been very reliable, has survived an accident were I was kept safe. Regular maintenance has always been done. There really haven't been any major repair surprises.

- Dawn V

So close to being perfect !!

Like a great deal about my car ...except it has a limited turning radius. Gas mileage is fine, comfort and look the same. As it gets older the lenses on this vehicle have got worse due to lack of clarity.

- Robert W

The fact that it is so reliable.

It is a very reliable car. haven't had any performance problems. Would buy another one. The only thing I would do differently is buy it with leather interior rather than fabric.

- Erica W

Wonderful car, never any major problems.

Never had any major problems with vehicle beyond the typical change of tires or headlight needing replaced. Car is comfortable, has a great pick up speed with gaining speed.

- Lizz D

It may be ten years old, but it great on gas.

I like the gas mileage I get with it. I like that it had get up and go when I need it. I like the size of it, its compact the inside is on the small side, but not too small.

- Kathy K

It runs very well. I have had it for 3 years and have had no serious issues.

My car has a transmission issue which makes it hard to accelerate sometimes. The turn radius is awful but for the most part it is an okay car with minimal serious issues.

- Jada C

It is reliable, very comfortable and easy to maneuver.

Steering is great - very smooth even as old as it is. Comfortable size for me. Very reliable! Do not like that it is getting old and rusting around the wheel wells.

- Catherine B

This car is dependable, reliable and economical, highly recommend

We bought our car used and have put 70,000 miles on it in 3 years. It runs great, no major issues, only regular maintenance on it. Highly recommend this car!

- Dannelle C

Zoom zooM mazda 6 ride in style with a sporty flair!

Sporty, surprisingly roomy, stylish, fuel efficient. It requires very little maintenance and is fun to drive. Great Bose sound system in the Touring Edition.

- Ottis C

It is a super reliable car.

I like that it is reliable. . . I dislike that the gas gauge is broken right now and that I have received multiple recall notices for the airbag issue.

- Robyn B

The Mazda 6 is a great vehicle and reliable !

I love my Mazda 6. I got it about 2 years ago and have had little issues with it. Mainly just a transmission drain. Other than that it runs perfect !

- Jordan S

It is old but works nice and takes me places that I need to go.

Love it. Just have problems with a few things. This week replace the brakes and rotors. Now the lights from the driver side are not working.

- Jessica G

Great reliable car lasts along time.

Reliable vehicle. The car drives really well. They last a lot of time mine has lasted over 230, 000 miles. I would recommend it to a friend.

- Rebecca B

Very fuel efficient. Great motor.

Overall great car. I have 0 problems since I've owned the vehicle. Only had to do the minor stuff (oil changes, tires, tune-ups. . . Etc.).

- Corey C

It's a hot car. I Love it.

I love the car. It looks great. Has never given me a problem for the 3 years I've owned it. The headlights go out all the time though.

- Elaina V

It drives so smooth an overall is a very reliable car.

I absolutely the car it is great mileage for little gas it drives so smooth. It's a very sporty cute car.it's great for the highway.

- Mandaza V

It is reliable. It has never let me down.

Like: 5 speed manual & basic rides great! Would like to have: ergo seats, auto on/off light sensor & it has terrible turn ratio.

- Bailey B

It is a great car for getting from place to place.

My vehicle has great mileage. It has cruise control. I don't like that it is a 4 cylinder. Takes longer to get up to speed.

- Mandie C

Reliable and comfortable car great on gas.

Very good on gas, power windows, power locks, spacious, large trunk, comfortable seating, radio control on steering wheel.

- Taylor H

Easy to drive and has good power options.

It has power seats which is very convenient. It gets very good gas mileage but sometimes gets overheated in hot weather.

- Lua A

It is the most reliable vehicle ever and drives very smooth!.

I love that it is still reliable after 10 years and it doesn't cause me any headaches! I do not like the antenna on top.

- Alyssa S

The durability and longevity of the car. I really enjoy that. Good for new drivers.

Good car that will last you a long time! Comfortable and stylish. Though I wish this year model had an aux input for it

- Ben P

Smooth steering easy to handle.

Smoothest steering I have ever experienced, handles beautifully, right size, good on gas, nice to take on a long trip.

- Catherine B

The ac works when it wants to and the headlights short a lot.

I like how long it has lasted. I dislike the amount of room in it and all the little things that go wrong constantly.

- Jessica G

Likely the single most important thing someone should know about the car is that it's just average.

I like that it's reliable and fuel efficient. I like the body design. I don't like the lack of acceleration.

- Nick A

It's reliable and has a low cost of ownership all things considered

I've had it for a long time with minimal maintenance. It's great on gas mileage. Just a very reliable car.

- Corey S

After 10 years it can still get up and go when needed.

Love that after ten years it still has a lot of pep when needed. Problem with one tire pressure sensor.

- Deb C

fuel efficient car and great mileage per gallon on the gas

I like it is fuel efficient and easy to drive great mileage gasoline per gallon on the Mazda 6 love it

- brad l

It's been in an accident. Due to this, the car has issues not do I consider it "safe" anymore.

I liked the car until I got into an accident. Since then, it's just been one problem after the next.

- Melisa R

It's a very average car, nothing stands out about it, but it is reliable

It gets good gas mileage, minimal maintenance required, 4 doors, large trunk, no real dislikes.

- Brian P

It is a great fast car, with good reliability.

It runs smoothly. It has great gas mileage. It is a very comfortable car.

- Melissa B

I have owned it 10 years and it's still good as new.

It has been very reliable. I haven't had to put too much work into it.

- Kyle K

Nice and comfy vehicle, runs fine and is a generally all around good car.

It has 4 wheels and drives using gasoline. It also includes 4 windows.

- Micah P

I love my Mazda but it does have little problems here and there. The main issue has been with my air and heat. My air regulator went out twice. I have either cold or hot air. However, the car handles great with good performance. I would recommend this car for sure. It has many positive characteristics.

The car handles well. It performs well and gets good gas mileage.

- Jairus D

Mazda 6-2008 ( purchased pre-owned).

- Sarah R