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Is reliable and safe and has great gas mileage.

My car has a strong body it was hit twice and never caused and dents or serious issues. Gas mileage is great and any issues the car has it lights up to make me aware of what the problem is. This car has been good for me especially when I put 100 miles a day on the car. The car is reliable safe and useful but above all else is consistent with reliability when I put so much wear and tear on it. Also the Mazda manual is so informative. The tires have a tire pressure valve indicator. My trunk has so. Much room and allows me to take road trips comfortability. My gas has a cover only I have access to through a safety button in my car. My seats are comfortable and I have two charger accessibility in my car. I also have a great 6 CD radio. With Bluetooth.

- Carmen G

The most reliable car without extra features.

Biggest problem is lack of legroom. Although it is very reliable good gas mileage(highway). I am 6'1' and over 210# and want more muscle and am not comfortable especially on road trips. For my female friend it seems to be great although it was purchased for her initially she does not ride anymore-and it is paid for. It does not have more features(GPS, music systems).

- Louis J

Reliable car with sport-like finishes

I have had this car for almost 10 years and it's been a great car. It has a very spacious cabin and I love how big the trunk is. The sound system is also pretty good. I've never had any kind of performance issue with the car. It's held up really well over the years. The only issue has been a few maintenance recalls on the vehicle, but it has worked fine.

- Evelyn L

I have loved my Mazda 6 for the past 9 years!

My Mazda 6 has been a great car. Other than a few recalls for minor things, we haven't had any mechanical problems. We bought the car new from nelson Mazda in Nashville Tennessee in march of 2010 and have never had to turn a screw on the engine..I give it an a rating! Our car is equipped with the 2.5 liter inline 4 cylinder engine.

- Melanie J

Mazda 6 Pros and No Cons and excellent comfort

My Mazda 6 is a great vehicle for all purposes. It is comfortable, easy to handle and performs very well. I used to commute almost 2 hours to and from work every day and I never once had any issues with this car. Great gas mileage as well. The trunk is really large and fits strollers, golf clubs, groceries, etc., very comfortably.

- Patricia P

It gets me where I need to go.

Engine issues, fuses blowing out, needs body work. Overall rides smooth, goes fast, great audio system, not very fuel efficient, needs a lot of maintenance. There is not much to say, it is reliable enough to get me where I need to go but maintenance is very expensive, manufacturer should make parts more available.

- Britt C

I like the smallness of the car itself but is still very roomy in the car.

Very reliable for an older vehicle, the only problem I have had was the headlights do not last more than 2 months and go out frequently. I also added the led light bulbs that could be a reason as well. I drive to work 4 days a week 30 miles there and back and have had no issues like I have seen similar cars had.

- Brittany T

This car is an economical, beautiful, car at an exceptional value.

This vehicle is economical, sporty, loaded with features, smooth driving and dependable. It has a really slick appearance, lots of great modern features, and is also a good family car. It would be good for young singles as well as for a family. It has a large trunk, spacious backseat, and comfortable seats.

- Christine S

I have a grey Mazda 6 that was purchased new in 2010 and I love it.

It is a great car and I love the make and model. Somethings that sometimes go wrong with the car are the batteries in the key die a bit fast and the radio sometimes jumps when you go over a bump. But other than that I do really love the car and all of the other Mazda’s that are currently on the market.

- Keena M

Mazda 6 review- comfortable, affordable, reliable.

I love my car very much. I love the radio system that allows me to listen to the radio, CDs, aux, and Bluetooth all at top quality. The gas mileage is incredible. I also enjoy the blind spot technology that keeps me safe when I change lanes. I would highly recommend this vehicle to everyone.

- Macy F

Mazda 6 is an average sedan, good for a couple without children.

Mazda has been reliable and drives well, especially for longer drives. It has served our family well, though we are outgrowing the car now that we have one in a car seat in the back. Due to the short depth of the car, the passenger is not able to ride up from when the car seat is installed.

- Laura O

Basics of an older Mazda 6 I Touring

Overall, not too many problem with the car. Low tire pressure light comes on every so often, but it's not a big deal. Very reliable and comfort, only had to have one major expense in the first 50,000 miles. Features are basic and slightly outdated, but the car serves its purpose very well.

- Mo Q

Mazda 6 should be a used as a race car.

The mazda6 is a great car. I love the v6 engine, it really has some get up and go. The car drives very nicely. I have not had any problems with the car other than maintenance, new battery and tires. . We have had a lot of snow this winter and surprisingly enough, the mazda got around well.

- Whitney S

I love the automatic and standard feature

I love how it drive.. really smooth. My kids love it. It's pretty good on gas. I've never had any major problems with it. The sports addition is pretty amazing as well. It can switch from Manual to standard. Which is also a great feature. I love it. It's great for an everyday driving car.

- Stephanie K

Joys of owning a Mazda 6 I grand touring.

My car performs and drives very well. I have had the car for 5 years no problems, the only issues I have had was a dead battery and water pump. I would most definitely buy another Mazda. By far the most reliable vehicle that I have ever owned and I would buy a new one without question.

- Earl G

Mazda6, an amazing car for small family

It has Very comfortable seats, drives smooth, no issues at all. I do not like the material of the seats, it's like suede and stains easily if you have children in the back. The factory stereo also sounds very good. I've put a lot of miles on this car and it has never given me an issue

- Ricky C

Quality over everything else.

My Mazda 6 is very reliable and does not have many problems at all. For the most part I continue the basic maintenance and the performance stays up to par. I would definitely purchase another Mazda in the future. My overall feelings for the Mazda brand and quality are very positive.

- Jade G

A success story with Mazda.

I purchased new. II have no problems at all. I do change oil on a regular basis as well as buying new tires. Gas mileage is very good. The car is very reliable and easy to maintain and to drive. I also have a old Mazda truck and it also has been very reliable and easy to maintain.

- Christian H

It has had minimal service needs since I have owned it. It is very reliable and I am very happy with the purchase.

I love the color of my vehicle. It is Black Cherry Metallic and changes in how it appears depending on sunshine and the way the light shines on it. My car is also very fun to drive and even though it has close to 200,000 miles on it is very reliable and still has a lot of power.

- Michele G

Mazda 6 is a very reliable car.

My car is great and very reliable. It gets me where I need to go. The fuel efficiency is good, I only have to fill up for gas every 3 weeks or so in spite of me driving several miles every single day the only downside is that my tire pressure light seems to turn on frequently.

- kelsey C

2010 Mazda 6 - comfortable, good pickup on the highway and nice to look at.

No problems with my vehicle so far; it performs well and is reliable; the seating is comfortable, and it has the standard features; I do wish it got better gas mileage but I truly like this car; after having a VW Beetle, I really appreciate the size and comfort of my Mazda.

- Sandra S

I think for a family this car would be perfect. It has enough room.

I haven't had any issues with this vehicle. It is well over a hundred thousand miles and nothing serious has happened. Still drives like a dream. Very dependable and all mechanics are able to fix. It is super comfortable. I don't really have any negatives about this car.

- Suzanne L

The hands free selections are nice, the car is easy to clean and the speaker is lovely.

The car isn't as fast as other sports cars, I've changed a converter and oxygen sensors. The cars parts don't seem to last that long. The car is sensitive so don't hit anything because it will mess your car up. It's not a strong car. The AC takes forever and is decent.

- Jessica P

Mazda 6 grand touring - I would buy it again!

I love my Mazda 6 grand touring sedan. I love that it has 5 way adjustable seats and the seats are heated. I have not had any mechanical problems. My car is a 4 speed but has the power of a 6-speed. The only problems I have had is the headlight and taillight going out.

- Julie D

I love the cherry red color, it helps the car stand out.

I'm having a few problems with the brakes and stalling. The windows need better wipers. I'm also having problems with the airbags because they were recalled. Other than that, it's comfortable, the heating and AC work great, I like the steering and how it rides.

- Carol R

Mazda 6 for driving experience

This car drives very well for this car segment. The driving experience is great compared to other cars in this class. Its features are a bit outdated since it is almost a decade old car. It has some reliability issues where parts need to be replaced or fixed.

- Kevin S

Mazda 6- both beautiful and reliable

Reliable, fun to drive, safe, beautiful car. It has a sleek appearance and beautiful detail. I also enjoy how quickly the car accelerates- I feel safe turning into intersections. I would absolutely recommend the Mazda 6 and am very satisfied with my purchase.

- Jamie H

Has great passenger and storage room and gas mileage. Dependable car in snow

Love the way it drives and is very comfortable to travel in. Passengers love the space in the car. Lots of storage space in the trunk. Problems are that the headlights burn out quickly and there is a SAT button for satellite radio but not compatible.

- Jacki J

It is reliable and came at a fair price.

I like the fact that it was a reasonable price and can meet my transportation needs. I dislike that It's age means that I may have problems continuing to use it in the future. Recently it appears to be having more problems than it did before.

- Claire E

Very pleased with the reliability and performance. I plan on owning for many more years

The car had been very reliable. Only regularly scheduled maintenance and one repair in over three years of ownership. Faster than I anticipated before owning. As a base model, comfortable enough without all the bells and whistles

- Andre S

I like that I can fit all three of my kids in the car inside their car seats. I also enjoy it being smaller than most vans. It handles more like a Sedan than a van. I don't love the lack of cargo room but that's to be expected in a smaller car. Overall, I love it.

The most important thing to know about my car is that it serves my family well as a single mother of 3 but if I were married or had more children it wouldn't likely work until they were a bit older and out of car seats.

- Mallory S

Turning too fast is very harmful to this car. The power steering is fickle and may not respond well to the quick turn, same with the axles.

I really enjoy the cars handling and control in snow. The steering wheel is amazing and smooth. The only downside is constant lower tire pressure in the winter so I have to refill the air in the tires regularly.

- Cameron W

Extremely dependable car!

Have owned my car for over four year, never had any issues with it. Gets good gas mileage and can fit five people pretty comfortable. The biggest thing for me has been how dependable and honest the car has been!

- Kelsey N

it's reliable, safe and fun to drive

,what I like about the car is that it's smooth driving nice interior and exterior features, one thing I do dislike about it that I wish the passenger side would raise up like the driver side does.

- matt R

I am happy that I bought a Mazda even though I had never considered one before.

It performs well. I enjoy the luxury options and all the functions of the car. It has been very low maintenance and there have been no major repairs. The car has a sporty yet smooth ride.

- Neil G

Mazda 6 - sturdy and reliable

It is now more than 8 years old and did not experience any major issues with it so far. Maintenance costs might not be the smallest, but in the long ran I think I saved a lot of money.

- Tom B

fast mid size sports coupe with excellent steering

it's a great car, but over time it has had major problems with the electrical side of things, things not responding when it should other than that it's a great fuel efficient car

- matt s

The car is reliable, affordable, and simple to maintain

Very reliable and rates high on safety. I never had any major problems with this car. The car has big comfortable seats. It's easy to drive. Beautiful color and feminine look.

- Christina H

It is very fun to drive and has good gas mileage.

I like the size of the car and how well it drives. It is very smooth and easy to control. The car has great safety and performance ratings. It also has very few problems.

- Rebecca h

It has a HUGE trunk and lots of room in the back seats! We can take on road trips which we love!

I love that it has a smooth ride and is a larger "car" with a HUGE trunk. It's very comfortable. I wish it had a sunroof and a better radio system but it is a 2010 vehicle.

- Dani B

Mazda Heated Seat Problem

Overall, the car works very well and has stuck through the test of time. Leather seats have held up over the years, though the heated seat switch has broken on one side.

- Laurel S

It's a good car for anyone.

Reliable, decent gas mileage and easy to drive. It'd be nice if it were electric or hybrid and if there was more of an elbow rest on the right side for the driver.

- Renee A

That it is a very reliable vehicle. I would definitely consider another Mazda in the future.

I really like my Mazda6. It has been a very reliable car. I have never had any major problems with it since I've had it. It gets pretty good gas mileage also.

- Kristy S

The Mazda 6 can take a licking and keep on ticking. I find it to be very reliable.

I like that trunk space in my car. I like that the inside of the car is spacious. I would buy another Mazda because I find it to work for my lifestyle.

- Atiya C

My car has never given me any concern of motor problems, exhaust or electrical problems.

My car has never let me down. I like the comfortableness of the seats and how there are not a lot of blind spots. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Jenn T

It drives great and other than the battery cables, has not had any problems.

The car is good on gas, and has a sleek look! I enjoy the way it moves. I am not happy with the fact that the headlight are not simple to replace.

- Pamela G

It's very fast and the runs good on gas.

Its fast the color is amazing. The interior is great. It's comfortable and loud speakers. I love the lights on the mirrors and interior color.

- Noel W

2010 Mazda 6 is overall a good buy.

Headlights repeatedly burning out. Had to replace a wheel bearing. Low tire sensor keeps coming on even though the tires are fully inflated.

- Alex K

It is low maintenance. I rarely have to take it in for repairs.

I like that my car is low maintenance. It is a good looking car too. I wish it did better on mileage and I would like a newer version of it.

- Thomas D

It's good on gas. And the air works great.

I have no complaints. The car is good on gas. It's a nice size for my family. And its fast. It's a good car and gets me where I need to go.

- Autumn W

As far as when you're in my car, you shouldn't eat in it. I try to keep it as clean as possible.

My car is very stylish as far as appearance. It gets very good gas mileage and has had little to no mechanical problems in my possession.

- Wes M

My car is very sporty yet can fit my entire family.

I like my car because it has a lot of extras. What it does not have is Bluetooth which I would really enjoy. Other than that I enjoy it.

- M M

Reliable 2010 Mazda 6 that gets go gas mileage.

My Mazda is a well performing car as we as very reliable. It is a four door grey car with cloth seats. It gets very good gas mileage.

- Patrice R

Mazda 6 is a reliable car that will help you save money on gas

My mazda 6 is a reliable car that gets me place to place with ease. It is a very smooth car that helps me save a lot of money on gas.

- Hector G

Again, I think the most important thing to know about the car is that it doesn't get good mileage.

This car is very comfortable, however it is kind of big making it hard to park sometimes. It also does not get very good gas mileage.

- angela s

The Mazda 6 is a great car and I would very much recommend it.

The car drives very smooth. Lately it has had issues starting, especially during the winter. The car is very spacious for a sudan.


Reliable with good gas consumption. I have placed 100000 miles on this car in 4 years with no trouble

The car is very reliable. I have had almost no issues with it. It is good on gas and is a comfortable ride. Good pick up speed.

- William G

The space and quality it provides for the purchase price is hard to beat.

He car is spacious and quality for a reasonable price. Have not had any problems yet and it has 90k miles. No complaints.

- Max d

I love everything about my car. It's beautiful very reliable get me where I need to go. I never have any problems with my car.

The look of my car tells it all wherever I go people remark on how my car shines and they love the color of it Black Cherry

- Merrill G

How reliable and dependent it is.

I have had the car for 170,000 miles and have only had do to regular maintenance. Love the customer service. No complaints!

- Kyle C

Great car for the money. Low maintenance. Big enough for a small family.

Reliable, low maintenance overall, roomy interior and trunk space. Smooth ride, decent acceleration for 4 cylinder engine.

- Amy H

Great to drive, comfortable to take long distances

Great car, very trusty, comfortable to drive and sit in with easy to adjust seats. Have had almost no problems with jr

- Niki F

Rides Smooth and Runs Great, I would only buy Mazdas

i have had zero problems with my car. I am very happy with Mazda vehicles. It still rides very smooth and runs great.

- donna d

Comfy but also refined feeling.

There are no problems it is very comfy and very reliable it is easy to drive very nice interior and good on gas.

- Nik F

Gas is a really great thing.

Its a Mazda what more can I say. It's a good car. Has great gas mileage and it gets me from point A to point B.

- Kenneth B

Affordable car with good gas mileage and nice space both inside the car and trunk space

Nice looking car with good gas mileage, I'm not thrilled that I have three recalls for three different issues

- Deborah E

I would want others to know that this car is one you can count on for anything.

This car is extremely reliable. It is also great on gas. It has never given me any issues or major problems.

- Danielle G

So far so good . All airbags are fixed to safety airbags. I don't need to worry about the safety

So far so good. I like the outlook of the car as well as interior. It easy to take care the leather chairs

- Ann M

It gets me back and forth to where I have to go.

I dislike all the maintenance that I have had to put into my car. I do like the way the car drives overall.

- Sarah D

Totally reliable and keeping it well maintained pays off.

Never any problems. Great car for the price. Best time to but is in the last three months of the year.

- Mark K

It is the most reliable car we have ever purchased.

No problems at all this has been a wonderful car. Nothing more than maintenance has ever been needed.

- Rachel C

i take care of it and it runs well. the car was a very good deal and it rides well.

i like that it didn't cost a lot. i have to say my next car will be smaller with better gas mileage.

- mary e

One important thing is that the car runs well.

I am happy the car runs well. Like the interior fabric and dashboard. Haven't had any major trouble.

- Jill L

It's reliable. More than just a "point a to point b" vehicle.

I wish the audio capabilities were greater. I wish I had bought a more loaded edition of my car.

- Jake w

That it is my car and I want it kept clean.

It is economical. It is a clutch which I am getting tired of. It gets me where I need to go.

- marty m

It's very reliable and comfortable. Great gas mileage for this car.

Been a great car but ready to go back to an SUV or truck. Too small for my needs now.

- Toni G

I love the size, car exterior, and car interior. It's perfect height while driving and handles long distance and mileage well. I wish it had Bluetooth capabilities.

It does not accelerate fast when in a stopped position such as a red light.

- Gabriella F

It is very safe and takes you wherever you want without any problems.

I like how safe it feel. I like the interior. I like the color of the car.

- Adriana M

Getting a oil change and tires rotated. Also very important is getting a tune up.

I love my car it's reliable. Good size vehicle. Takes a lot to fill up.

- Mercedes R

Problem free. Would buy again from the same dealer.

92000 miles and never had a problem. most reliable car I ever owned.

- jb r

It is a reliable, unique, stylish vehicle. It has a good amount of storage and is roomy enough for passengers to be comfortable.

It has been reliable. It looks modern and sharp. It is a good size.

- Laura A

My car is 8 years old and rides like it did when it was new. I wish it wasn't so low to the ground.

Black leather seats get very hot, even though windows are tinted.

- Frances P

I can depend on it to take me anywhere that I need to go

I like my vehicle because it takes me everywhere I need to go

- Rodney D

Great car. Great gas mileage

I love everything about it. I do not have any complaints.

- Cheryl M

the bodywork is the most important

The colors, the tires, tha velocity It's good bodywork

- Patrick M

I depend on it to take me from point a to b

I like that my car takes me to and from everyday

- Laura J