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My Mazda 6. Runs well and never has to go to the mechanic.

I think it's very reliable and the performance of the car is great it has not cost me money to put it in a shop yet. As far as comfort I think the car just sits really low and it's kind of hard to get in and out of it. I think the hood is long and the mirrors are to small because it is hard to adjust them to the correct spot. Also my car has a handle that you pull up or push down to move the seat up or down, I've never had a car like that before, its weird to me and time consuming. I gave the car a 3 out of 5 because of the shapes and non luxury items that I am accustomed to but the car seems to never need to go into the shop for mechanics. And that is what is most important.

- Michelle K

Very comfortable and reliable ride.

I have had very few problems with my Mazda 6. Very comfortable and reliable ride. The only very small issue that I have sometimes is when the weather changes and the pressure indicator light activates because of the difference in tire pressure. A visit to a local auto shop to have the air in my tires checked resolves this quickly. As long as I keep the oil checked and have regular maintenance performed on my car like with most cars, I have very few problems. Mazda is also great about letting you know about the issues found with their vehicles and performing mostly free repairs to fix the issues.

- Regina D

The Mazda6 is a great car with great mileage, a comfortable interior, and is perfect for short or long drives in all weather

I love my car. My grandmother bought it for me as a gift when I was in college and I've never had any problems with it. When I got it at the end of 2015 it had about 50,000 miles on it. It now has about 83,000 and other than routine maintenance and oil changes, the only issue that I've had with it was when the alternator needed replacing. The car is really reliable, gets great gas mileage, and does pretty well in all weather (including rain and snow). It's comfortable and has all the features that I really need.

- Ridgely M

Stylish mid size smooth riding, good mileage

I purchased the car used with 36000 miles I have had very good service out the care with the exception of the air condition and possible leak in front window gas mileage good smooth driving car stylish and roomy. I like the style and the color, the car has cruise control and dashboard features on steering wheel such as volume control station adjustments and cruise control. There is a CD player with added features the dashboard really lights up at night.

- Patsy B

The vehicle gets the job done by getting me around

The vehicle I have is used. The interior color of the vehicle is not tasteful. The fabric seems to be really cheap, as it stains easily. There is a sound of a clicking noise in the back, which I can't find to be the problem. It only makes a noise when I am above 45 mph hour. This vehicle does meet my intent to get around as I needed it for work. This would not be my ideal vehicle to have for long term purposes.

- Paul C

Reliable and easy to drive.

I like my car, it drives very smooth and has had few problems over the years. It is roomy and fits my needs and my passengers needs. I wish it had a bit more to it however. For example, a GPS installed or an USB hookup. I understand my car is a 2011 and these features were still new and not all cars had them. This is something I will certainly be looking for in my next car.

- Mackenzie W

Mazda 6 is stylish and practical!

Very reliable and comfortable car to drive. Keeping up with routine maintenance there seems very little that needs to be done. The negative is that there is a hesitation on acceleration. With 58k miles is still very tight and quiet. Gas mileage is ok with 26 in the city and 33 on the highway. Plenty of room but not much interior storage. Overall it has been a great car.

- Matthew K

Reliable, affordable transportation.

Good performance, minimal mechanical, normal wear & tear. New technology, Bluetooth, satellite radio, gas mileage is good, runs on regular gas, paint holding up, air conditioning, climate control, aluminum alloy wheels,5 CD changer, power brakes, drivers seat, locks, mirrors, steering, windows, rear defogger, tilt wheel, overall good.

- Robert G

Mazda 6 great interior and features

The Mazda 6 is really comfortable, I love the leather seats. The seats have memory settings so you can set up to three different positions for the seat and automatically go to the same exact position. The speakers may be the best feature, Bose speakers are great for a car and really lets you enjoy the bass of any song.

- jordan S

Amazing car, definitely would recommend.

Sometimes the car alarm will randomly go off when the car is left locked for a long period of time. Additionally, there are sometimes minor problems with the car starting, but it is nothing huge and my local dealer has been very helpful. Other than that, there are no serious or minor problems involved with this car.

- Andrew E

My Mazda 6 makes riding and driving comfortable.

I haven't had too many issues since I purchased this used car in February. The main issue I have had is with sensors coming on. Also a little shaking when idle. My car is very comfortable to drive and ride in. Roomy, nice trunk space, sleek design. I have actually gotten a lot of compliments about its appearance.

- Ashley B

Overall the Mazda 6 is a great car. Mazda 6 has a lot of room and is a nice ride.

It gets me from point A to point B. I enjoy driving this car because it is a smooth ride and maintenance expenses are low. There is nothing wrong with this car but as the years go by, newer cars are made so the wanting of a new one does cross my mind. I will not get rid of this Mazda unless it breaks.

- Breanne P

I like the camera feature it brings.

It does not start at times. The brakes are strong. The reliability is amazing. It has good gas mileage and it is really hard to start the engine. It is a comfortable car. Also, the seats are good and the air conditioning. The engine sounds strange at times. The features are great for an old car.

- Francesca Y

Overall good car good brand. Runs good and very spacey.

The car I drive is really reliable. Very little maintenance needed. I like that it's white and very roomy. Drives smooth and does not burn a lot of gas. It's a very good car. Mazda is a good brand. Have driven it all around the world to different places. I would recommend anyone to get a Mazda.

- Cheyenne F

Mazda 6 highlight: I bought the car 7 years ago and the car is very reliable.

The car is reliable because I have not had an major issues over seven years. The car is comfortable, roomy, and durable. The Mazda 6 gets you where you would like to go. The performance does not blow you away. It has basic features and I plan to upgrade in the future to keep up with the times.

- Benjamin C

Falls apart easily, wouldn't buy

Always has new recalls. It's always Got issues. The inside seems like it's made with plastic and just doesn't feel nice. Since having it I've had 3 recalls which one had to do with the airbag which isn't safe. I wish I liked this car but I honestly can't say anything nice about it.

- Ashley M

The Mazda 6 is a reliable, trustworthy car. It gets you where you need to go.

The performance of the Mazda is quite good. It's pretty well on gas and doesn't have any issues. The headlights are always pretty difficult to change and requires screws to be taken off so when you do it yourself it becomes a little challenging. The seats and interior are all nice.

- Alexa H

The acceleration is great.

I love my Mazda. I have had no problems with it. Only regular maintenance. It is very reliable and comfortable. The only issue is the navigation system is not accurate. But I have not updated it for a while. The Bose radio is awesome. It has great acceleration for a four banger.

- Keith M

Personal Opinion to Key Items to Mazda6

It is a comfortable vehicle that has had quite a few recalls in the years that I have owned it. Bought it brand new off the lot. Great gas mileage, very big trunk. It does take synthetic oil which can be expensive and keeping to the same tires can be expensive as well.

- Sarah B

Not much on details other then its black four door sedan.

I have a Mazda g6 2011 brakes screech windows off a little u can hear air whistling in while driving Bluetooth music is available and it has 2 front seat 3 back seats and large trunk could fit like 3 or 4 people in. Lol. But that is all about my car first car at that.

- Jessica A

Muffler issues - beware! Do not buy if you are looking for long term care.

My car was great until it got to about 60,000 miles. I noticed it running much louder and also a funny rotten egg smell. Luckily, the first fix was under warranty (catalytic converter). The muffler needed to be replaced shortly after and now it runs super loud.

- Jessica G

Great durable car with stylist and sporty look.

My Mazda is durable and the performance is well. I have had my Mazda 6 for seven years and haven't had any major issues. The car's performance does not blow you away but it gets you from point A to point B. The design of the Mazda has a stylist and sporty look.

- Ray C

Great everyday car and runs smoothly

I have had my car since 2011 bought it brand new since then I have not had any problems with it. It still runs smoothly . Haven't had to do any major things to it just minor like changing tires or the windshield wipers. Overall Mazda is a great brand car .

- Alessandra P

I would recommend purchasing a Mazda.

Mazda is a excellent vehicle. The only complaint is not getting the 6 cylinder variant. But other than that I really enjoy driving my car. I have upgraded the air intake and it has a little get up and go. I would definitely buy another Mazad.

- Michael T

It is a smooth ride. Very comfortable to drive.

It turns corners very smoothly. It is a quiet ride with very minimal noise. The gear shifts can be manual or automatic. Good space in the back seat for short or tall people.

- Caitlin F

Very powerful & handles well.

I love that my vehicle gets awesome gas mileage. I hate that it does not have that much room for passengers. It does not ride very smooth. I got a bad deal when I bought it.

- Jennifer P

2011 mazda 6. I really like my car it's really a tough car that can withstand because I've put a lot of miles on it and I've only had to do regular maintenance nothing major and it still drives good.

I have a 2011 Mazda 6. I bought it used in 2013. It has almost 200,000 miles on it now but I have never had any major problems with it just regular maintenance.

- Latesha B

My Mazda runs very smooth it is a great car.

Changing the lights is a very difficult task. The light are dim and go out often. I like the seats in the car very comfortable and the interiors is clean cut.

- Claire J

The 2011 Mazda 6 is a very reliable vehicle and comfortable.

My vehicle is reliable and comfortable. The performance is standard but does not blow you away. My front and back bumper have faded over the years.

- Ray B

It rides great and it's safe to say I love it if you looking into buying a new car a M6 is a great car to have that's my opinion.

I don't have any complaints about my car. thanks again for allowing me to tell you about my car and I do like it and thank God for having one.

- Felix B

My car is considered a sports car.

I love how much trunk space I have, I can fit all of my groceries and more in it. I don't like that my car does not have Bluetooth in it.

- Jamie A

Best affordable vehicle that is reliable

I really love my vehicle because it is small but not to small and is very comfy. I have very few problems with my car to barley any.

- Bailey H

It is reliable and I have not really had any issues with it.

I like how it is gas efficient. I like that it has not had a lot of issues. i dislike that mine does not have a navigation system

- Laura A

It is a great value for someone who wants features and build quality on a budget.

I really enjoy my ride because it is a smooth ride, it has minimal problems, it has a sunroof, and it is very spacious for a car.

- Cindy M

It is compact and easy to maneuver, and reliable too.

The Mazda 6 is reasonable in size. It is easy to operate and the controls are very straightforward. It runs easily and smoothly.

- Gina G

Never and engine or other mechanical issues. Just changed tires and oil

Comfortable, smooth, big enough for two adults three kids, not problems mechanically at all. Starting to look a little old

- John J

Review on 2011 Mazda 6 v6

Good family car with tons of space pretty comfortable seats haven't had any problems with the car drives smoothly.

- Nathan R

Reliable car but performance does not blow you away.

The vehicle is reliable and the performance is standard. It is very comfortable, roomy, and a great family car.

- Rahshied C

This is not a sport car, but as touring has a perfect abilities. very good mileage for the gas

Mazda is a good car. very smooth on rides, and handling. as well as have a nice size for 4 passengers

- Djabrail M

DEPENDABLE!!! We have never had to make a major repair and it is at 200K miles!

It has been a great car--dependable and just a great car--love how it rides and so easy to maintain

- vonda S

it's very dependable. it has never broke down or had any mechanical issues

it's easy to drive and has been reliable. its overall very safe and i like how it looks

- matt d

It handles well, and has been reliable.

It's too long for parallel parking. It needs a moonroof. It could use a backup camera.

- William w

You get great mileage and it does not cost a lot for gas.

It is great on gas. The car is a little too low. It is easy to fit into places.

- Jade M

The most important thing to know about the Mazda 6 is that it is safe and reliable.

Great gas mileage and safety features are my favorite aspects. No complaints.

- Thomas M

I love the horsepower at the house. I love it takes a turn. And I love that it's a manual transmission

The safety aspect is the most important thing people should know

- Bethany W

It drives well and can fit more than people think.

I have a sunroof. The car handles well. Perfect size for me.

- Chad B

Its zippy, Gets good gas mileage I wish it had a rear window wiper

The Mazda handles well in the city and on the highway.

- Debbi H

ita fast fast car easy to drive

cool car. easy to drive. very comfortable

- mary L