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Great lil sports sedan with ample room and great reliability!

I love this car, I have put about 25k miles on it in less than 2 years driving cross country several times and it is held together! My only problem is at one point my passenger side window wouldn't roll up all the way and it leaves a gap, so it looks like the window may be off is tracks maybe so there's a slight noise when driving from the gap, which is annoying but given all the miles it is had put on it, that I can live with. Mazda sent me a letter saying that there has been some recalls and I took it to a dealership and they took out all the recalled parts and replaced them all free of charge!

- Shannon G

Red Mazda 6 easy on gas and a wonderful family car or first car for teenagers.

The Mazda is really comfortable and a great fit for anyone doing a bunch of traveling. It is great on gas and has traveled over 1000 miles in a day and never gave any issues. It is also very comfortable and fits car seats. The seats are easy to clean and this is a very suitable family car. It was also useful as a first car for my child in college. Easy to use and navigate. However, the battery does die in cold weather. It is easily jumped and it begins to work again, but it must be started periodically to ensure that the battery does not get too cold and die.

- Whit R

A compact, comfortable and reliable city car.

I really like my vehicle because it does not require a lot of service being done. I live in California so gas is pretty high, but it only takes about $45 to fill up my tank completely. My car is extremely reliable and has never broken down or gave out on me in the last 6 years I have had it. The only con of the 2012 Mazda 6 is the Bluetooth delay. When I connect my Bluetooth device to the car, there's a 5 second delay when I want to play music or connect a call. Other than that I love my car and can rely on it to get me from one destination to the other.

- Danielle T

It handles the road very well and is a well put together car.

My Mazda6 is a very reliable, comfortable car to drive. It drives well in all weather conditions and is a "smooth" car. It's exterior is sporty and attractive looking. The only cons that I have had is changing the headlights. A quick station isn't really equipped with qualified technicians to service the car. I would recommend a specialized shop or the mazda dealer. All around I recommend this car to anyone who wants a low maintenance car with good gas mileage.

- denise d

Very spacious with nice finishes for a low price.

My vehicle has around 150,000 miles on it and has never given me any issues. It's been very reliable and safe. The inside of the care is really spacious and comfortable. The features are nice for the price range. The only thing I don't like about the car is the inconvenience of maintenance. I have to take my car to a mechanic just to have the headlights changed because the whole front bumper has to be removed. That should be something I can easily do myself.

- Megan M

The Mazda is a very reliable, comfortable and fast vehicle.

I like to drive fast and this car is a beauty I bought her used and had to get full tune up because she was running a bit sluggish but after that she has run perfect that was 4 months ago. One thing I guess I can complain about is she is rough on gas and previous owner told me to watch for colds in the winter his way of saying she might act up in the cold. Very comfortable for a smaller car I seat 4 comfortably.

- Kathy B

2012 Mazda 6 positives plus 1 negative.

My Mazda 6 is a very comfortable car to both drive and be a passenger in. My Mazda has a sunroof which I love. The CD player hold 6 CDs another plus. Because the back seats can lay flat I was able to move lot of items at one time. One negative is that I must change the headlight bulb often but other than that I have not had any major problems with my car, which I have owned since 2013.

- Sonia E

The steering and handle of the vehicle makes it a really good vehicle.

For the most part it is the perfect starter vehicle! The steering control is what drew me to it and brakes, gas pedal, etc. It is not sensitive like Altima or maxima. You have room to make errors and not go completely in the other lane. You have room to make mistakes so it is perfect for a teenager or somebody getting their first car. You will feel very comfortable very quickly.

- Nicole E

Small fast car, great for traveling and gets good gas mileage.

Gets great gas mileage, easy and smooth driving. Very nice interior. Small car so it's easy to fit into parking spots. Fast car with really nice headlights at night that turn with the steering wheel. Kind of small, hard to fit a lot of people in. Light car, when its windy it's hard to have control at times. Very low to the ground, so you bottom out a lot.

- Aliya S

Reliable and economical car.

My car is very reliable. The only thing I have replaced on my car is the battery and tires, as would be assumed in a car over 4 years old. It is good on gas. I get approximately 24 mpg in the city. I love the driver's seat, very comfortable. The only thing I would change about my car is the headlights. I wish the headlights were automatic and brighter.

- Rachel H

The car appears to be made of cheap parts, and the company does not seem honest.

The car has had recalled parts that could have resulted in a fatality, and Mazda took forever to get it fixed. Also, the stitching on the front passenger seat has come undone in an area. The glasses compartment in the roof fell off. Overall, it is poorly made, and Mazda has shown a complete lack of interest in making things right.

- Laura N

My 2012 Mazda 6 grand touring.

I have really enjoyed my 2012 Mazda6 grand touring. At 52k miles, it is still getting the same mpg as on the original window sticker. The only repair that surprised me was the need for a new battery after 2 1/2 years. The navigation system and the audio systems are first rate. The trunk is more than adequate in size.

- Lewis K

Mazda is a great highway car.

Starting off feels a little sluggish at times. . But it is a great highway car. It has a smooth feel. Sometimes I do not realize how fast I am going. The sedan has a smaller look on the outside but it has lots of room in the inside. It could serve as a family car or as a single sporty car. The sound system is great.

- Sharon H

Great drive, but the dashboard got all melted by the sun and sticky.

There was something wrong with the dashboard. The dash got all sticky. I loved the car but it was a really big problem. The car is a good size. The seats are very comfortable and I love my Mazda. Easy to park and wash the car. The features in my car are not as updated as those in the Mazda's for 2017 2018 or 2019.

- Leo P

My thoughts on my 2012 Mazda 6 car: a review.

My vehicle has been very reliable but there has been a recall on it. The recall did not seem safe but I got it fixed. I enjoy my Mazda but I will probably not buy another one when I get a new car. I wish it had leather seats, heated seats, and was not black on black. Also, the air conditioner could be better.

- Catherine M

Wonderful car very beautiful and a smooth ride with great acceleration.

I do not really experience any problems with my car. The only thing I can say is that I had to take my car in for a recall and to get my passenger dashboard replaced because the front started peeling off and became sticky. The people at the dealership were happy to replace it free of charge.

- Brenda R

Quality built vehicle for a budget minded person, Quality without sticker shock.

Mazda 6 I currently own is extremely reliable. Pluses good gas mileage,reliability,economical to maintain,reasonably priced,a quality well built vehicle for everyday use that won't break your budget. Cons few,ride a little stiff,ventilation could be better,safety belts a little cumbersome.

- bob K

Gas mileage is extremely good.

Extremely reliable. No major repairs in the five years I have driven this car. It handles well but is not as heavy as the grand pry I previously drove. Again, is no quite as comfortable as the Pontiac. Gas mileage is extremely good. Handled will on a 4000 mile trip recently to Arizona.

- Jacquie F

Most wonderful and economical car.

No problems, drives wonderful, great on gas easy to handle, interior held up and 200 thousand miles. Salesman at Mazda was super polite and I would recommend this car to anyone. It is a smith riding car and very comfortable to drive. We have had no problems except normal wear and tare.

- Maria S

it gets you where you are going mostly without complaints. It fits a family of 5, which for me is nephews and nieces

drives well. good on gas mileage. comfortable. makes me happy to sit in it. unfortunately there's been a few recalls. don't want to complain because they are taken care of through the company but inconvenience and dealing with the service dept can be a bummer. overall I love my car

- meg S

The Mazda 6 is a reliable car and gets good gas mileage.

My vehicle is reliable and has not caused me any major problems in the 4 years I've had it. I like the gas mileage and the amount of space I have in my car and trunk. One complaint that I have would be that the headlights aren't bright at all despite cleaning and replacing the bulbs.

- Tanner D

My Mazda is a nice family car. The front and back seating is comfortable.

The things that could be simple were made extremely difficult resulting in the car needing to be taking to the mechanic to be repaired... Such as putting in the bulbs for headlights. It was extremely difficult to find the release to lay the seats down. The car is an over great ride.

- Andrea P

Very roomy vehicle, easy on gas very good.

The Mazda is s wonderful at. Easy maintenance, great gas mileage, maintenance. It is overall is smooth ride and easy driving. Trunk holds a lot and the air quality is great. We haven't had to do anything to the car except normal wear and tare. Very roomy especially for a 6ft 5 man.

- Maria S

Looks great. Feels great. Good on gas. Good handling. Spacious.

Good on gas easy to use. It's great for learning smooth breaks and gas. Great size. Good speed with handling. Dashboard melted but was fixed by Mazda. Does get very hot very quick but the ac has worked perfectly with no problems. Good trunk space and space in the back seat.

- Tyler F

Great Car. Super comfortable and useful

It's very comfortable and enjoyable to drive. It does exactly what I need it to do and much more. The audio in the car is amazing and the Bluetooth is great for calls. The seats are super comfortable and the trunk is huge (I moved my entire dorm room in this vehicle alone.)

- Dillon C

It still looks very sharp for being 7 years old.

The car drives and handles windy roads very well. It has a lot of power for acceleration. The frame has not rusted at all yet and it is 7 years old. The car handles slick icy roads well. I did have a hole in the exhaust at one point but it was fixed for less than $70.00

- Matthew S

My comfortable and safe Mazda 6.

I have loved my Mazda 6 since the day I bought it in 2014. It is comfortable, as it easily seats five adults. It feels safe. It is like a big car that handles like a much smaller car. It is reliable and repairs haven’t been expensive. Gas mileage is consistently good.

- Gee M

Runs great, drives smooth!

Runs great the only problem is the headlights are dim Even after getting new bulbs it's a reliable car with no major issues it is very comfortable and has great Bluetooth connection. The car has a multi disc CD player and a great sound system. Runs great after 5 years

- Meg A

Good, but with some major issues.

It's a good car, just over time it has a lot of engine problems over the years. Breaks tend to wear down a lot and battery issues as well. Other than that there has not been any other issues with this car the performance of this car is good just clunks here and there.

- Matt S

Great Midsize Sedan at a Great Price

I've owned my 2012 Mazda 6 for almost 3 years. It has given me no problems other than routine maintenance and recalls. It gets great gas mileage, has almost all the features I would want in a vehicle and has treated me well. It's very comfortable and a smooth ride.

- Amy S

A roomy, reliable Mazda 6.

My Mazda 6 is reliable, has great styling, gets good gas mileage and is not expensive to maintain. It is spacious and very comfortable for five people. The ride is smooth. It has excellent safety features. It is the best car I have ever had and I highly recommend it.

- Ej M

A reliable vehicle, Mazda 6.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. I am the second owner of this car. The only thing I would change are the headlights. I would prefer brighter, automatic headlights. The best part of the car is how comfortable the seats are and the quality of the sound system.

- Rachel H

Mazda 6 2012 - reliable but costly to repair.

My vehicle runs fast and efficiently. It has been reliable for the most part. It could be more comfortable. The gas mileage is pretty good. The only downside is that it is very costly when it comes to repairs. Expect to dish out at least 300 dollars for each repair.

- Megan P

Excellent ride and economical.

I absolutely love this car, it gets great gas mileage, it is dependable and roomy. I only wish it had Bluetooth. Maintenance is easy, I have taken it on many road trips and I cannot believe how far I can go on a tank of gas. It is one of the better cars I have had.

- Patti S

Spacious and comfortable drive.

Great car, spacious, reliable, haven't had any major issues, only routine maintenance and had to replace the headlights. Does not have the best turn radius but that is not too much of an issue. Overall it is a great affordable family car, I would purchase again.

- Tiffany G

It got cat eyes for the headlights.

It has great gas mileage, an amazing stereo system in it, really no need to have a custom system put in because the stock one beats and has a 6 disk CD changer. And the motor on it even though its a 4 banger is awesome also, it has a lot of life in it.

- Amanda P

A good car if you have the money to pay others for the upkeep.

The 2012 Mazda6 i touring sedan is a zippy, comfortable and reliable midsize sedan with decently good gas mileage. My biggest complaint is that it is terrible to work on yourself. Even changing a headlight takes far longer than it realistically should.

- Megan B

Great features and great car overall.

It's really a great car. It has many great features that help the car run very smooth it's a great car for if you have for jobs and commute. I love the steering and the wheels its performance is excellent I would prefer this for anyone needing a car.

- Carlos M

Really enjoy my Mazda6!!!

I have really enjoyed my Mazda6. It's a cute reliable comfy car. I get great gas mileage, and it still has the get up and go that I like and need in the on and off traffic I am surrounded by. I'm at 140k miles and never had an issue!

- Cheyenne J

The very reliable Mazda 6.

This car has been very reliable. About the only thing that we have had to do is change oil, and buy tires. It is very comfortable to drive, has get up and go. My family fits into it very well and we have taken it on some long trips.

- Ann H

My used car came with high mileage already, and at 130,000 miles I've only had to replace the essentials like new brakes like headlights. It gets compliments for the comfort and space in the car

I like the comfort and the large amount of space to transport a lot of things. It has very high mileage and isn't slowing down. But the car itself is very large and more difficult to maneuver. It also has terrible road noise

- Katie O

You must take the car to a dealer or auto shop to have the headlights changed. It's almost impossible to do yourself. You have to go through the front wheel wells.

My car is really good on gas. Most of the car features are electric (key fob, windows, etc.). It has a spacious trunk and the back seats fold down. There isn't much I dislike about the car. I wish it had a sunroof.

- Lindsey K

Good solid sedan - nothing too fancy, just something to reliable to get from point a to point b

I enjoy my Mazda however I am now ready for an SUV. It was the perfect car for me when I lived in the city - good gas mileage. I work from home now so I do not drive a much as I used to.

- cassie r

The Perks of Owning a Mazda 6

Great car that is very spacious. Handles extremely well. Sound quality from stereo is phenomenal. Only problem to me is that the car sits fairly low to the ground. Bumper takes a beating

- David S

That it gets me from point A to point B and gets pretty good gas mileage.

I like that it is low to the ground, It has automatic windows, I do wish it had automatic seats but overall it has been a very good vehicle. No major issues maintenance wise either.

- Christopher M

If you are looking for a reliable, low maintenance mid size car, the Mazda6 is an excellent choice.

Reliable, I love the low maintenance of the synthetic oil. The Bluetooth technology is nice too, hooking up to my phone makes it almost like the newer models of the same vehicle.

- Mike H

That it is a great fast dependable car. It's a great model.

Mazda's have been in my family my whole life. I love this type of car. I love my car specifically because I picked her out. I love her shape, red color, and how fast she goes.

- jessica k

Very dependable vehicle, car doesn't wear down over time really, besides the norm.

My Mazda 6 is the most dependable car, it has 156, 000 miles on it and still runs like a dream, extremely comfortable to ride in and drive. Pretty good gas mileage as well.

- Linda S

It runs great. There are some issues with getting parts though.

I haven't had any issues with this vehicle other than the a/c really. I have over 160,000 miles on it and I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off. It has been great.

- Cat A

The most important thing about my car is that it gets great gas mileage.

I love that it is reliable, safe and has great gas mileage. It is the perfect size vehicle for me and in pretty good condition. I do not like that it has cloth seats.

- Sarah L

The trunk is great for holding boxes and chairs for sporting events.

I like the trunk space and how much it can hold. I like the window lock to control the back windows. I dislike how cramped the back seat is with 2 car seats.

- Rachel D

It's reliable and affordable. This is my second Mazda and I will happily buy another.

I love how my Mazda looks. It's distinctive and classy. It's reliable and doesn't cost much in upkeep. Mine has 90000 miles and still drives like new.

- Gene M

Make sure you have it in the correct gear going uphill.

I love that is has a lot if room. It drives smooth. I never has a problem with my car. Only one recall and that was to fix the airbag. I love my car.

- Amy H

It gets me from a to b and is a good big car on the inside for my family and me.

I like the size of the interior and trunk space. I especially like the wood grain interior. I do not like that it older. I am ready for a new car.

- Jessica H

It has great gas mileage.

I like how it looks sporty, and it has nice interior. I do not like that it is not very old and the headlights are getting a film over them.

- Megan H

Mazda really goes zoom zoom

Burns through light bulbs but I live in the mountains of Colorado and I have never been stuck or broke down it climbs hill very well

- Linda D

It is a very comfortable ride and it gets good gas mileage for a larger car. My car did have a recall on the dash melting and getting sticky in the heat. Had to be replaced.

It rides great. Gets pretty good gas mileage. Is very comfortable. Wish it had automatic seat adjustments and a few more upgrades.

- Shawn O

That it has never lead us astray. We have never had any major issues with it and it hasn't cost us an arm and a leg on repairs

I love my mazda. The only downfall I have now is that it just doesn't hold my family. I don't have anything bad to say about it.

- Jena P

The vehicle is stylish, affordable, reliable, cost effective, great on gas.

Nothing as of yet has gone wrong with my vehicle. It is lovely, good on gas, drives smoothly, easy to maintain. No complaints.

- Rebekah B

Nothing really it just ride really good.

I like the way it looks. I like the way it rides. I love the color. I dislike when it breaks down. I dislike the headlights.

- Kelli F

It Is Very Durable And Dependable

I like the styling,the handling,a d the gas mileage. I like the color. It's been very dependable,and it is nearly paid off.

- Tony S

It's affordable and safe. Never any service or maintenance issues.

The safety features that this car provides are amazing. The ride is smooth. Never have any service or maintenance issues.

- Kristen S

It's super fun to drive. Also reliable, but not as boring as a Honda

The styling and interior comforts are great. It's fun to drive and peppy. Wish the gas use was more efficient though

- Elizabeth W

Safe. Comfortable. Spacious.

My car is very safe and comfortable. This is very spacious and its performance is very good. I recommend this car.

- Kelly M

Mazda 6; cute, fast, and fun.

It is expensive to repair. But it drives fast, is relatively cheap to fill the gas. It is the style that I like.

- Megan P

N/a I could let them know if they want to know something.

I just love Mazda. It drives really well. The engine is strong. Got room in the car. No complaints on disliking.

- L N

Love the sound system that came with my car.

Great gas mileage. Spacious and comfortable interior. Smooth driving experience. Good amount of trunk space.

- Justin M

It is easy to drive and has a sun roof which I always wanted in a car.

I love my car it is the right size for me. I am short so it is easy to get in and out. There is no complaints.

- cindy B

Great value for the price and very comfortable ride.

I like the comfort. I also feel i get great gas mileage. Excellent leg room in the back seat. Great pick up.

- Sonia E

This car is reliable and does not break.

This car has bad visibility through rear window. Hard to park and this car is loud inside. Was well priced.

- Evelyn H

It runs great! No issues! You could not ask for a better car

The only issue has been a dead battery. I love my Mazda6. It really has been the best car I have ever had.

- Lorna S

It is safe, reliable, and great on gas.

I love the size for my small family. The drive is very smooth and it is good on gas. I have no complaints.

- Julia C




It seems like a good car. I have not had any major problems.

It gets me from point A to point B but it's not luxury.it has great pick up speed. It has been reliable.

- Jamie K

It has great gas mileage. The trunk capacity is enormous.

I love the power it has, the capacity it has, the comfort in driving. But I don't like the blind spots.

- Tara L

The car gets good gas Mileage making it very fuel efficient.

I don't like the way the steering handles, I also think the car has always sounded a little load.

- Darryl U

IT's fun to drive. It turns really easily and goes fast.

I like that it gets really good miles per gallon. I also like the red color of my car.

- broke b

It's a very dependable car. It gets good gas mileage.

I like the way it looks. It's black. It's been a very dependable car so far.

- Jeni S

Dependable car at reasonable price. Cheap maintenance.

Reliable car at reasonable price. Not a luxury vehicle,but dependable.

- silviuya G

I love the black interior but it seems to fade easy in the sun. I love the power it has and the trunk space. I don't like how hot everything can get when it sits in the sun.

It gets really good gas mileage for both highway and town.

- Samantha H

it is powerful on the road

good gas mileage, comfortable, powerful. no complaints

- Dennis H

It gets good gas mileage

It is the right size car. It get good gas mileage

- Jackie D