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The safety rating for the Mazda 6 2013 is a star of 4 out of 5!

My Mazda 6 2013 has not given me any problems so far! It drives like a beauty. The CD player has a 6 disc changer if you are someone that listens to a lot of CDs while traveling it is perfect. The trunk is a decent size I can fit all my shopping bags plus a child's stroller and my car safety stuff if I ever break down in the trunk! The only downfall is if you or someone you know is tall the car may not be for you! My husband is 6 2 and he hates that the sit only goes so far back and he doesn't have the amount of room he'd like while driving it! The Mazda 6 2013 also has features like an axillary outlet. Auto in port. Am & FM radio. Cruise control. Mp3 player. Sirius XM radio. USB outlets. Leather-wrapped steering wheel. Power lock doors & windows my all time favorite in the winter and it is really cold out the remote engine start! And I love that it has the anti theft system!

- Samantha M

Mazda 6 I Sport Reliable and fast

My car has been very reliable, gets good gas mileage and has needed very little maintenance. It picks up speed quick and rides smoothly. I love the body of the car it looks fancy and I want to stick with Mazda cars. It is an automatic and it doesn't have the backup camera because it is an older year but the newer ones have that feature. It has a sports car appeal. The most important feature is that it has been very reliable just standard maintenance and that is all that it has needed. The trunk is large and there is lots of room. The back fits 3 people comfortably.

- Noelle M

Good driving on the highways to city, love the comfy seats.

Original purchased while in the north, not a great car for winter weather. didn't handle well in the snow. After 1st year of owning moved south, now in the south this car drives wonderful. Great highway driving car. Although this is a red car, doesn't seem like anybody sees us, not many red cars in the south. Avoided many accidents with its good handling. Enjoy the features, have the two kids in car seats and still room in the backseat. Many long trips from Louisiana, Michigan to Florida. Sporty, yet family.

- Janet M

2013 Mazda 6 Touring is a Great Starter/Family Car.

This car is fairly well reliable. The model recently had a recall of the passenger airbag, which is a bit concerning. Otherwise, it has been very reliable, good gas mileage, great safety rating, etc. It is a very comfortable car. I appreciate the blind spot feature, which is very helpful. It was my first car, and is very easy to drive. Overall, a wonderful car and I am pleased with it.

- Amy C

Sporty and spacious! Definitely a zoom-zoom and so fun to drive!

Car drives great! Very comfortable and spacious. I love the sports car 'look' and my car has been VERY reliable! I have had to replace wheel bearings a bit I believe that is from the condition of our roads. To this date I have had no real problems with performance or high maintenance problems. I love the red light up feature on the dash and I love the large trunk space.

- Karen G

Sleek model car, great ride!

Been a very reliable vehicle! I love its roominess for me and my 2 kids and their friends. Rides smooth, great sound system. Plenty of charging outlets, cupholders and the trunk is decent size. Love the sunroof and moonroof. Very great car! Only issue is difficulty replacing headlights die to needing bumper removed.


Fashionably stylish and family friendly.

I have a 2013 Mazda 6, and it is the best car I have ever purchased. I've had my Mazda 6 for four years, and have not experienced one problem. It drives extremely smooth and accelerates at a very quick pace. It also looks fashionably sporty and I believe that the going price for Mazdas are very family friendly.

- Stephanie P

Mazda still doing its thing.

It has bad gas mileage and rides a little rough. Tire pressure light keeps coming on. The engine runs good and it gets me where I want to go. Replacement tires are great, but they came from china. It has a 6-disc CD player which works great. We got this car new in 2013 and will keep it for a few years yet.

- Donald L

My summary of the Mazda 6 on American roads.

The Mazda 6 is a very good and reliable, lightweight sedan. Though wind does shake the car if it is very windy. It is very good on gas especially if you are driving highway. The rear seat is very spacious. It isn't a fast car due to the engine only being a four cylinder. And the engine does run loudly.

- Tyler C

It is an all black 2013 Mazda 6.

My brakes make a screeching sound when I press the breaks and my ac stopped working out of nowhere and magically started working again. Other than that nothing else is really wrong with the car. It gets me where I need to be in time and it is not a super old car it is only 5 years old right now.

- Rose F

Very spacious car that provides comfort and performance.

I love my car because it is very reliable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. It has great driving performance, and drives very smoothly. My car is very spacious and comfortable no matter which seat you are in. I haven't had any major issues with my car, routine maintenance helps.

- Crystal R

Love my car booth tooth needs work.

I love my car overall. There are a couple of minor problems/issues. I would like to see the Bluetooth connectivity be easier. My husband tried to connect his phone to my car and it was not easy. We never did figure out how to connect his phone along with my phone to the Bluetooth.

- Gigi J

A cool, useful car for a sporty owner

The car is reliable. The air conditioning works well, especially when it's very hot outside. The car handles well and has a large trunk. The car is sleek and still works well for transporting things like camping equipment over long distances. Perfect for a sporty person

- Julie D

Sporty enough to excite with the safety and reliability of a family car.

This car is very comfortable and convenient as a daily driver as it is fuel efficient and reliable. Car seat installation is easy, there are anchors in each of the back seats. Trunk space is very large and there is ample leg space in both the front and back seats.

- Elizabeth S

Very roomy vehicle, reliable and very nice car

Very reliable. No problems. Great on gas very roomy interior. Needs a better sound system. I like the sunroof. Power windows good trunk size. Affordable. I've had for almost 3 years no problems except 2 recalls that the Mazda dealer fixed at no charge to me

- Jessie R

It's a great combination of quality, value, and luxury features.

My Mazda is a great combination of value and quality. The 0iece was very reasonable, yet it has somany high end features like leather seats, bose speakers, keyless start, etc. I've had very few problems with it and am overall very happy with my purchase.

- Bethany G

It's designed to be safe, fun to drive and look stylish.

It's comfortable, rides well, has great pickup and braking, and it's made well. The only thing I dislike is that the visibility out of the side and rear windows isn't as good as I'd like - though that's the same with all cars now.

- Kayla H

There is a backup camera but it doesn't have any sensors to alert you when you are too close to something.

The vehicle is very nice. The ride is a little bumpy. I don't like that the rear deck rattles and one of the seats squeaks while someone is riding in the passenger seat. The sound system is very good.

- Christian S

My Mazda 6 is dependable very dependable.

My car is very reliable. I have never had any problems with it. It is great on gas and it has been a pleasure to drive the car. I plan on keeping my Mazda even after I purchase another vehicle.

- Angie J

Sleek, stylish and dependable

I love the style of my vehicle, the design is very sleek yet sporty. I love the way it runs and how smooth the ride is. It has been a fairly reliable car and gets great gas mileage.

- Deanna P

It's very reliable. I have no worries about it no matter where I'm driving it.

I love my car. I love that it has 4 doors and the back is easy to access. It's not too large for me and has small blind spots. It gets good gas mileage and has low maintenance.

- marlene b

It's a great mid sized sedan.

My only complaint under the hood is not very efficiently placed, I have to jack my car to check my oil. It has great a/c and stereo, drives like a charm. I love my car very much.

- Jessica W

Nice vehicle for everyday driving.

Runs well, but the lack of power locks is a pain. Slight issue with loud road noise. Trunk is plenty spacious enough, and works well with my bike rack.

- Casey S

Faster than I thought it'd be!

I am thrilled with the amount of power my Mazda6 shows. However, I have been asked to turn my car in for a airbag recall and that is unsettling.

- michelle p

fantastic handling of the road in all driving conditions

my car is a great family vehicle. it gets me around town but is also great for long trips the handling is great and it has been extremely reliable

- meme w

It's got power but save money for gas is you plan on using the power

It is reliable and it has good power but teh insurance is not cheap. And while getting it fixed it not terribly expensive it is not cheap either

- D D

My Mazda 6 is a Great economical car!

I love the way the car handles. The engine provides plenty of get up and go. I get very good gas mileage and have had no mechanical issues.

- Ricky H

My first foreign car runs pretty good

Car runs great...I haven't really had many problems out of it...The car isn't really good on gas. It makes a weird gurgling notice at times

- Kai H

It is a super durable, dependable, all around a great car.

I love the way my car rides.Very smooth, accelerates at a fast pace.I have not had one problem with Mazda in two and a half years.

- Stephanie Q

That it is a sporty car that goes pretty fast.

My car has never let me down. My Mazda is dependable. Mazda makes good quality vehicles. My car requires very little maintenance.

- Angie F

Love this car would still make the same one

Very good love it could not have chosen a better car for myself I drive it everywhere and and never have had any kind of problems

- Jessicia J

Looks are deceiving. Some may not want my car because it may not look appealing, however if you keep it maintained, it may last a very long time!

I like how I rarely have to take it to the shop. I like the interior design. I hate that spiders like to make my car their home.

- Cassey L

It gets good gas mileage and been very dependable.

I love the car except that the fan in too loud. Also, the seats are hard for my husband, with a bad back, to get in and out of

- Merri N

Nice pickup speed with exceptionally good handling

Great price. Handles great. Nice features. Wish it told me how many miles I could drive before gas tank is empty

- Matt S

It is very dependable so far and fairly economical.

Have no real problems so far. It's been a very dependable car. I bought it used but got a good price on it.

- Tim H

It's nice to drive and feels sporty but also safe.

I like the way it drives. It feels sporty and handles well. I dislike that it can't handle winter weather.

- Kayla E

this motor is fast and the best in the world

Amazing car, Is the best for me, i like us, very good acondicionador, much confort, all easy of run.

- Frank R

It's safe and fuel efficient. It was affordable and safe.

I like the safety features of the vehicle. I don't like the lack of room for my family.

- Linda E

I don't like dents or scratches on it so I try to park away from other cars

I like that it's sporty looking and it drives great. Haven't had any problems with it.

- Candice T

It's sporty and fun to drive but it's not a practical car for long drives in upstate NY.

It's terrible in the snow and I have a long commute. I would not buy again.

- Sarah T

The car gets good gas mileage and the stereo sounds good.

It is small and gets good gas mileage. I enjoy the sunroof in it.

- Melinda H

It holds up very well in all kinds of weather, especially if you keep it maintained.

It rides smoothly. It's built well. It is very good on gas.

- Ed P