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Mazda 6, thoughts of a manual transmission driver.

Car sits too low to ground for my taste. As I have gotten older I do not like it as much. Really wanted a manual transmission but this one had " paddle shifters" which means I can shift. Wrong car overrules me, miss having a true clutch and the ability to change gears as I see fit. Difficult to see out the back without the backup camera I couldn't back up. Dumb device in center console to control radio. My arm can reach the radio controls so I do not know it is purpose. Really would love to have an extra cup/storage in its place. White leather seats get so dirty/dingy easily. You would think with what I paid it wouldn't have had 5 recalls that required dealer visits. Not impressed and we have owned 3 other Mazdas before this one. I should have shopped for a manual transmission I am a dying breed!

- Jan H

Best first car, no regrets.

I absolutely love my vehicle it was my first car and my parents wanted something safe, reliable, but of course I wanted something with a sleek design. It is something that I could be proud of. The back up camera is used everytime I drive and it is saved me in more than one situation. I love that the car beeps if you have someone in your blind spot while the blinker is on. It has Bluetooth connection so I can call people and navigation to make sure I do not get lost. I went with a 6 because I travel and knew I would need the room for luggage. I love the way it drives so smooth and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, reliable, luxury car.

- Kay B

Mazda Bluetooth systems do not work in 2014 or 2015 vehicles. So if you are trying to go hands free that's just not an option with a non-working system. Please note when you buy the car it will work. Give it 3 months and it will completely stop working and Mazda won't fix it.

For the most part my vehicle is great. The Bluetooth system is absolute garbage though (I know first world problems). But for a car that's a 2014 my Bluetooth system literally doesn't work. Mazda won't own up to it and neither will the company that made the Bluetooth. Each company blames the other. My husband also drives a Mazda (2015 CX-5). And his Bluetooth is the same way. Because of this we are both looking to get new vehicles. I hear Mazda finally figured out Bluetooth in the 2017 and newer cars, so that's nice. Besides this issue my car is great. Drives really well, handles nicely. Very nice interior.

- Stacy G

Mazda Mazda6 best car I have ever had. Will buy again.

I have the GT and it is amazing. I love all the features from backup camera, blind spot, automatic headlamps/windshield wipers. The car is super durable, rides smooth, leather seats which is great for when you spill coffee (totally haven't before) or food (also definitely not me). The cruise control feature slows you down when the cars in front of you also slow down. My boyfriend loves it because he knows I'm about as safe as I can possibly be. I have had no real issues besides the wear on the belt, but even then the dealership was super nice and had great customer service.

- Stephanie J

My vehicle is beautiful and reliable.

I love the ease of driving, the reliability. I have received compliments on the beauty inside and out which is nice. We have had no problems with the vehicle except for the regular routine maintenance. The people at the dealership have been very helpful so I recommend Mazda for the help and convenience of working with them. So far it has been a comfortable and safe car which is something that we were looking for and it has held up very well for the past 4 years.

- Barbara K

It has good safety ratings, and it rates high in reliability.

My vehicle has been very reliable, fun and stylish to drive! It has heated leather seats which is a bonus in WI winters. My favorite feature is the Mazda radar cruise control, were it automatically breaks when approaching another car in front of me or that cuts in front of me when I am on cruise. Only issues are some slips when going into higher gear. One recall in the brakes to but it was an easy fix.

- Molly S

I used to sell cars. And this is the best midsize sedan out there!

I have had my vehicle for almost 2 years and in that time, it has not had any problems. It is very reliable. I love the seat comfort and the windows and windshield are perfect size. The sporty look makes it sexier than your average mid size sedan. My favorite is the gas efficiency. I can do 400+ freeway miles in a full tank (~13 gallons). And this car can accelerate real fast!

- Natalie L

Pros and cons of 2014 Mazda6.

I have a Mazda6. The car runs great and it is looks sleek. I love that it has buttons on the steering wheel, which makes it easier for me in case I need to change something or make a quick call. I use the voice command rarely as it does not always understand what I say. I like that it has cup holders hidden in the back seat. My kids can use it while sitting in their car seats.

- Christina Z

Luxury at a price you can afford.

It has more road noise then most cars, the interior of the car is nice, not high end but not low end either. The gas mileage is great. The car corners well on mountain roads. And drives smooth on the open road. It is a great looking vehicle, sometime mistaken for a BMW, or a Lexus. Overall I would purchase again, minus the road noise, it is worth the money.

- Karen G

It sits very low to the ground making it difficult to see around the taller vehicles. It has a nice stereo and sun roof which I enjoy and a large trunk.

I dislike the automatic transmission. I really wanted a manual transmission, one that has 3 pedals in the floor and a real gear shift. I had hoped I could "like" the automatic with the paddle shifting and no real clutch. But in my opinion it isn't the same and if I could afford it and could find a similar car size, options I would trade it in.

- Jan V

Great vehicle- definitely more pros than cons.

This vehicle is trendy and has all the bells and whistles of that of a luxury import. Cameras, auto sensors, heated seats, fog lights, moonroof, spoiler. Cons: the stock tire is the Dunlop (very good brand) be prepared to pay at least $240 to replace a tire. Also, when the tire light comes on, it does not tell you which tire has the issue.

- Ebony C

The car had zero problems except a couple minor recalls.

Mazda surprised me in so many ways the others did not. The biggest was the fuel economy which is great for the size of this sedan, on average about 34 mpg. Next, is the power that the 4 cylinder provides is exceptional. The only thing that I find needs improvement is the road noise which may have a little to do with the 19" tires on it.

- Sergiy K

Cruise control - controls the speed to keep a certain distance away.

This is my 2nd Mazda 6 that I have owed. And I love the car. I like the look of the car, both exterior and interior. It is very sleek. It has a very smooth ride, seats are comfortable and has great gas mileage. I love the safety features, back-up camera, forward object warning, blind spot indicator light. I highly recommend this car.

- Kim O

Everything is great! Love everything!

Really an overall great car, fuel is very economic, it looks nice, feels like a much more expensive car. The battery when need to replace is about 500$ depending if you are on the mainland or elsewhere, tires can be a little pricey as well. This car even if it's the luxury line it still has a lot of areas you can customize.

- David P

Mazda 6: a vacation on your way to work.

Very comfortable and excellent reliability. It is peppy in sport mode and gets good mileage for a car it is size. There is plenty of storage and the extras make it feel like a luxury car. The ride is smooth and easy, co trips are convenient and the stereo is great. It is a little escape on my way to and from work.

- Rich G

Love the necessary feats like navigation, backup camera, Bluetooth, etc.

Ever since my window panel had a recall, the window does not function smoothly like it used to. Also, has a weird axel turning noise since I have bought the car. Just minor details in a new generation model that are an issue. Other than that, the features of the car are perfect and meets all of my needs.

- Christine D

Great gas mileage for a car of its size and class.

The 2014 Mazda 6 has good gas mileage and is an overall good vehicle. It's good for long trips without making your back hurt too much. The main issue I have is that it is difficult to see properly out of the back windows when backing it up. It's never a good idea to rely only on the back-up camera.

- Susan H

Comfortable, reliable, spacious.

I find the Mazda 6 to be a very comfortable and reliable car. It has a lot of leg room to accommodate tall people. It has a very spacious trunk, perfect for fitting in strollers, groceries and much more. The rear view camera makes parking very easy. So far i haven't had any problems with this car.

- Chris C

Comfortable driving with Mazda 3 hatchback especially for long distance.

Driver seat has a lot of leg space so does the passenger seat. Height adjustable too. Has a hatchback so a lot trunk space it is manually controlled so you can steer well. Cruise control is decent. Backspace leg space is limited. Heated seats allow for comfortable driving in cold weather.

- Sana R

My car drives very, very smoothly. It starts like a dream and you can't even hear a sound.

I like the camera that comes up when I reverse. I like that it has a keyless entry and push start button. I wish it had an option to memorize where you want the side mirrors and rear view mirrors. I like that it has leather seats and that it drives fancy. I really like the moon roof.

- Lucia A

Snappy and stylish with a great price.

Gas mileage is extremely good, and the handling is very solid for a smaller 4 door passenger car. It was priced better than American made cars as well. I receive a lot of compliments on the car and have taken it on long trips, 5 hours or more and it was a comfortable ride.

- Anthony M

It's a sporty car with seats that are low to the ground.

The car is a decent all around car. Good style both inside and out. Main problem I have with it is the resale value. I've found that Mazda does not hold its value well. I would also prefer some items come standard, such as automatic seats. It would make a huge difference.

- Dan F

An overall pretty great car.

Pretty reliable. The sensors are sometimes sensitive to cold weather, but other than that, it is a good car. It gets pretty good gas mileage. The sport mode is really fun and adds a cool dimension to the car. The body lines are beautiful. It is really a fun car to drive.

- Dorian J

Sleek style, comfortable ride!

I have had no problems with performance or reliability. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of legroom. The style is sleek and it looks great on the outside. It's a very smooth ride and it has a large trunk. There are plenty of cup holders and storage areas.

- Sheila R

Overall, a good purchase.

Pretty good gas mileage. Not a great turn radius. No wear to put my bag except the seat next to me. Nice safety features, like back up camera, side mirror lights and beeping to compensate for blind spot. Very nice sound system. Good size trunk, given the class of car.

- Suzanne H

Great gas mileage. Poor warranty.

Heater core went bad. Was out of warranty 6 months. Cost too much to repair. Gas mileage good needs a better warranty like other cars by other manufacturers service was good and they tried to be helpful. Other than that the vehicle is fine. Would not purchase again.

- Ann F

A safe, comfortable and powerful car.

My current car is very comfortable, easy to drive, very economy and enough safe to the all family. It have a good performance. It is a powerful and resistant car. I haven't had problems with its. I recommend buying this new or used car, it will be a great purchase.

- Johanna P

2014 Mazda 6 I Touring Major pro and con

The overall feel of my Mazda 6 I Touring is very luxurious. It has all black leather seats and an amazing interior. The only thing that it I could see it lacking is some power. It is fast for its size, however, it wouldn't hurt to add some more get up and go.

- Zack B

It has a backup monitor and an alert sound that makes you aware somebody is on the lane if you want to switch.

I love the exterior look of Mazda 6. The navigational system is awesome with Bluetooth connectivity.We also picked a great color for the car called denim blue.My husband is just amazed at the speed pick-up.We also loved the leather interior and dashboard.

- Nora L

The Mazda 6 is a wonderful car to own.

The Mazda 6 is awesome to drive. It is quick and fun, while also being safe. It has plenty of room, in the cab and in the trunk. It looks very stylish while remaining reliable. The interior is very comfortable. Even though the car is older, it feels new.

- Shawn S

Others should know that Mazda is overlooked. It's a great car!

I love the style of my Mazda 6. It has great gas mileage and is reliable. The room in the trunk is great and the space in the interior. I also love the leather interior. I don't have any complaints about my car and would definitely buy this model again.

- Rodney C

Touch screen and power seats are nice

Good gas mileage and quiet to drive. Parts for it is cheap so repairs aren't expensive if you do it yourself. The only downside I really found was in the rain if you have your windows even cracked water still gets in so you have to have it fully shut.

- Remington W

My Mazda is a reliable and comfortable car to drive .

My Mazda has been a reliable and comfortable car. It has had a few recalls which the dealer promptly repaired. I like the back-up camera and cruise control..I find it difficult to open my hood, but other than that, I would recommend the Mazda.

- Linda T

Well performing, stylish, good sized and reliable vehicle.

I like the style of the car, the engine and tires (it's a well performing sports car), its size/storage and its reliability. It also performs well in accidents. The seat is uncomfortable though and the car generally could be more ergonomic.

- Kelly P

Take care of it, it will take care of you.

Been driving my mazda 6 for two years now and with over 80000 miles have had absolutely no issues with it mechanically. I keep up with oil changes and all routine maintenance. Fuel efficient and super comfortable for myself and family.

- Adam M

Mazda's are very sporty and I love to drive them.

Great Vehicle, but is a bit noisy in the cabin. Also, the steering wheel material wore off rather quickly and is very faded. I park the car in my garage everyday, so it's surprising that after 50,000 miles it needs to be replaced.

- Robert S

Mazda vehicles are dependable, not expensive to maintain and look great!

I love the style of the vehicle. It gets great gas mileage as well. I have also had great luck with Mazda vehicles in the past with not having any serious mechanical issues and my current vehicle has been reliable as well.

- Jason E

2014 Mazda 6, a great buy!

My car is wonderful! It has accident prevention and great back seats for car seats. Lots of trunk space and a Bluetooth radio. Keeping on top of maintenance is important. If you do that, the car will last forever and a day.

- Elizabeth M

it's a safe reliable car to drive and reasonably cheap to run compared to other cars

it's ok, gets me from point A to point B, safe , reliable, but nothing special, I do love the leather seats though, so easy to keep clean especially with kids, easy to drive, steer and park although it is relatively long

- D L

2014 Mazda 6 worth the investment.

I have had my Mazda for over 5 years and it drives beautifully. Besides regular routine maintenance and upkeep, I have had no issues with the way the vehicle runs. It is sharp, drives well, and is overall dependable.

- Lauren S

It has a lot of get up and go great gas mileage.

It is a great reliable vehicle like new clean upholstery the front fender was cracked and broke its the only cosmetic damage it has it has a few electrical problems that comes and goes all around a great vehicle.

- Heather N

We really like our Mazda 6 sport.

The vehicle has has no issues of any kind - other than needing a new battery. The warranty was still good and ,Aida even had it towed to their dealership with no cost to me. It drives smoothly and fairly quietly.

- Holly J

Amazing family of 4 fits perfectly with this vehicle.

Spacious, easy maintenance, great to drive, great on gas. I use this car for my family of 4. It fits a large car seat comfortably with room for 2 more on the back seat. Amazing and easy to control features.

- Athena J

Leg room, comfortable and big trunk.

My Mazda has been the best car I have had. It is very good on gas and very comfortable to ride in on long trips. Lots of legroom. Big trunk to carry lots of stuff. Over all I would buy it again. !!

- Dixie S

I would say it's a pretty good value for a car of It's class.

The car has been very reliable and a pleasurable vehicle to drive. It performs well on the highway where I spend most of my driving time. I also think it's a pretty good looking vehicle as well.

- Michael L

Good value for the price; luxury feel without the luxury cost

Drives well, low gas mileage. Has features that I consider "luxury" without the high price. The tire pressure often gets low and one of the speakers vibrates too much-minor complaints

- Melissa A

I have driven it for over 40,000 miles so far and I have not had any issues with it at all.

I like that it gets about 35 mpg on average. When I am busy I only have to fill it up about once a week. I also like that it is very easy to drive and cruise around in.

- Alex L

My car has been very reliable.

My car is classy and sleek. It gets good gas mileage. The interior is roomy. my dislike is for the control on the console between the seats. It's just a silly item

- Marlene E

It looks and drives like a much more expensive vehicle.

I like the sporty style and color (red). I also like that the car gets excellent gas mileage. It is easy to drive and park. There is really nothing I dislike about it.

- Betsy L

Mazda Is The Underappreciated Japanese Car

I have not had any mechanical issues with my Mazda. It is reliable, safe and performs well. It feels more upscale than the usual alternatives like Accord or Camry

- jordan m


My mazda reminds me of driving a Miata, just a bigger version. It's fun to drive, body hugging seats, and good on gas mileage but can transport the whole family

- Michelle K

It is a dependable car, low maintenance & good cash mileage.

It is a Grand Touring, very comfortable inside. I get 28.5 mph. Ni problems, No complaints on the car, just the dealership is always so busy for oil changes etc.

- Carol S

It's an enjoyable car to drive as well.

I like the reliability of the car. It has given me very few problems over the years I have owned it. I also think It's styling makes it an attractive car, too.

- Michael D

It seems to be holding up well. I regularly change the oil and that is about it.

My car is very nice, feels like a luxury car. I also like how much room it has in it.! I dislike the monthly payments on it and wish it was a different color.

- Amanda A

Great car! Very reliable and long lasting!

I haven't had any mechanical problems with this car. The only issue is that the Bluetooth sometimes will shut off and then come back on. Nothing major though.

- Alexis P

Blind spot feature comes with the car. It is really useful without additional cost

I like the blind spot feature especially I like the comfort of the inside I like the rear camera I dislike that when it crashed the bumper fell apart easily

- Yani S

It's a great value, especially considering the technology that you can get.

Car still looks good and modern after 5 years, I thought it would get better gas mileage and the ride is pretty rough on bad streets with 19 inch tires.

- Barnaby N

It is a vehicle that is very economical and comfortable.

I love my Mazda 6. It is a well running vehicle. It is comfortable on road trips. It is also very good on gas. There is nothing that I dislike about it.

- Staci V

Fun to drive family sedan.

Like the appearance and sporty drive. Good acceleration and fun to drive. Gas mileage is also good. Wish the floor of the back seat was completely flat.

- Brian K

How fun that it is to drive. The way it accelerates and the way it handles is fantastic

I love how it feels when it drives. It's very responsive, looks very sleek, and has great technology. It's been a great car with little problems.

- Scott H

That it is a very smooth driving, reliable, good looking vehicle.

There isn't much I don't like about my car. I really like the comfort and easy driving of my Mazda. I would have like maybe a Bluetooth built in.

- Kristie R

Good gas mileage and it operates very smoothly.

I like the safely feature in the car. It has great visibility, even when the backseat is full of people. It also has a lovely and sleek design.

- Helen D

it cost under $22,000 with all of the latest technology

It's a 6 speed stick, 4-cylinder with plenty of get up and go. Have gotten 41,5 miles to the gallon twice on mixed country and local driving

- howard m

The most important thing is I have had this car for over 4 years and haven't had any major issues.

My Mazda6 is white. I like the white leather interior. It is fun to drive because it feels sporty. One dislike is the small interior screen.

- Ricky G

Excellent duration or aging with this brand

70,000 miles, no issues except normal maintenance. Great gas mileage & performance even at this mileage Looks great, no "rattles or shakes".

- Dan G

This vehicle has many upgrades that my Infiniti, previous car, didn't have.

Me car is great economically. Good gas mileage. However, I feel there is not enough pick and go. I do enjoy the many features it has.

- Nicole A

It's super reliable and is a very smooth ride. It gets great gas mileage and offers blind spot monitoring which I love!

I love the reliability and dependability. I love how it picks up speed quickly and offers a smooth ride. It gets great gas mileage.

- Tina O

It is a great car, I have no complaints.

Really hard to see at night, do not now if this is headlights or windshield issue. Easy to drive and reliable. Sound system is great.

- Niki F

Safety features of this vehicle are outstanding. It'll take you where you need to go.

I like the power. I like the upgrade features. I like how comfortable it is to drive. I don't like how expensive the tires are.

- Kathry K

My car comes with a 6 cylinder engine, cloth seats and Bluetooth apps.

It is reliable, a gas saver and it has great safety features. It uses synthetic oil and I do not have to get an oil change often.

- Winnie F

It has a comfortable, quiet, and smooth ride.

I like that is its 4 doors. I also like the color and the style of the car. It also drives very well and gets good gas mileage.

- Whitney S

All about my Mazda Mazda 6.

My Mazda has treated me well. It has a great engine, I have had no electrical or mechanical problems. It drives very smoothly.

- Choicy E

It has really good technology and great gas mileage

I really like the technology included. I also like the sleek styling. Most of all I love the gas mileage. I have no complaints

- ethel D

It gets great gas mileage and it handles well

I like the style and speed. It gets good gas mileage. It has had a few mechanical defects. My next vehicle will be a truck.

- Joshua D

Great vehicle! Great performance!

Great! Sporty but big enough for four people. Great mileage! Great performance! Blind spot detectors are a great feature!

- Ashley F

That it will keep you as safe as possible in a wreck.

I love It's safety features, and the Bluetooth music system is awesome. As a car, it's just a little big for my tastes.

- Michael K

It's a little pricey, but I believe it's a worthy investment.

It has so many new advanced safety features. I love the reverse camera and the sensors that help me be a better driver.

- Karla K

It's comfortable and reliable, good value for the price

I have had no problems with my Mazda. It has been very reliable. Only had a few expensive repairs, all standard stuff.

- Jessica E

The car has an automatic braking system and radar cruise control.

I really like the aesthetics of the car. The car has a very spacious interior. It also has many features which I love.

- Ronnie S

It has a backup camera with side warning and side mirror warning

I love the color, size, hands-free telephone feature, and reliability. I don't like that it doesn't have heated seats.

- Mary E

Solid car, sleek, and drives well

Very solid car. Haven't had any mechanical issues yet, although I've only owned it for about a month. Would recommend

- Michael b

Luxury features, sporty feel and well-built for everyday use.

It's efficient and well-made. The Grand Touring model comes loaded with all luxuries I need. It's sleek and stylish.

- Gary N

Great handling, nice features such as BSM, nav system, low profile tires and sport wheels. Leather seating with seat warmers are wonderful in cold weather.

It is very low to the ground which makes it very sporty with good handling, however, some buyers may not like this.

- Vala C

Great gas mileage for a sleek and reliable car.

No problems; very reliable and reasonable to maintain; wish I had a sunroof (which is available on another model).

- Jeff P

Quick and efficient beautiful Mazda 6

Amazing comfort yet sporty very beautiful body lines. Touch screen navigation and Bluetooth. Not many blind spots

- Josiah M

Super gas mileage. Car gets great gas mileage in town and on the highway.

Fuel economy is great as well as the styling and features. Car needs more power. Overall, I would buy it again.

- Don K

I really like my car and would not want anything else.

It is a fun vehicle with room for my family but also feels like a sporty car. I just love the way it drives too.

- suzanne E

Those commercials are right. Zoom Zoom.

The best features of the car is the Bose speakers, highway usage of miles, and how fast this car grips the road.

- Tangia P

Sporty looking car with reliability

as reliable as any car i've owned. Had it 6 year with almost no issues. It has a sleek design that drives well.

- Nick W

How well it handles. It hugs the road and makes you feel in control.

I love my Mazda6. It is very comfortable and hugs the road well. I feel in control and love the way it handles.

- Andrea C

It is fun to drive and it looks very stylish.

Looks great. Fun to drive. Great gas mileage. Plenty of room in it. The price was a good value. Backup camera.

- Nate C

Timeless look! Drives like a dream. Seats 5 comfortably.

I love the style of my Mazda6. It is a very sporty car! Even being 4 years old it looks like a brand new car.

- angie z

Gas mileage is wonderful in the city and highway.

I love my car and do not think I have any gripes about it. Everything is easy to use and comfortable for use.

- Anne P

It looks good and drives very well, sporty and yet comfortable

It is sporty and yet comfortable. Gets great gas mileage. I have no complaints and I've had it 2 years

- Scott G

Drives like a full size car would drive.

I haven't had any issues with mine other than someone broadsided me and the car has never been the same.

- Elizabeth T

Make sure the batteries in your key fob work.

The low profile tires can be troublesome (easy flat tires and the pressure sensor will go off randomly).

- Michelle M

It gets good gas mileage and is comfortable to travel in.

My car is very nice looking. It 'speeds up effortlessly. The interior is nice and sleek. It runs great.

- Kristen H

It is extremely reliable for any new owners.

I like that the car has not had any major issues. Also, it has been reliable the entire time.

- Greg F

I love so much about my car, it's dependable, reliable, and cost efficient not to mention comfortable to ride in. Problems I have noticed are the automatic sensors for my tire pressure are super sensitive and often will alarm when the weather gets to warm or too cold.

It is a car that will be able to grow with me as I move into different stages of life.

- Kyrsten P

It's fun to drive and i get great performance out of it.

I like the comfort of the car. I like how it handles. I love the gas mileage i get.

- Greg G

It's relaxing and fun to drive because of all the safety features

I love all the safety features it has, I now hate driving anything without them.

- Emily C

I should have gotten a different car with more bells and whistles. This car is lacking everything I would want

It is a black four door car. Does Not have navigation and it's only OK on gas

- Princedd T

It's good on gas and looks nice. The car is also very safe.

It's not a hybrid car but I like the style and look of the vehicle.

- Aylin S

Good gas mileage and very safe

I like everything about my car , well wish it was a little faster

- Igor y

Very dependable vehicle that looks great and drives very well.

Looks great. Low maintenance. Easy to clean. Good gas mileage.

- Arina L

It gives a smooth fast ride like an expensive sports car.

It is reliable. It has a good zoom zoom speed.It looks sleek.

- Nora L