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Sunroof, inside locked gas pump, making it impossible for gas to get stolen.

This car has been amazing! Its roomy in the front and back, very convenient due to my height. It's great on gas, the upkeep on it isn't hard and the bonus' for the car are awesome! I have a CD player and a tape player with the original radio, and the tape player can be used for an aux cord. The sunroof is a nice feature as well. Makes for cool summer drives.

- Shelby M

The bad and the good things.

There is a ton of body damage to the car from multiple fender benders that happened from the previous owner and it does not have a lighter other then that it is a good car awesome. E on gas and the parts are cheap and easy to find so I can usually find d them at the he junk yard and look up on you tube and fix myself or husband can do.

- Jennifer C

Mazda millenia: nice car.

My car is very old but it still runs! It has developed a few issues over the years but these were fixable. It is not the most reliable car but it is also very old so that is expected. My car is very nice on the inside and is very comfortable. Overall it is a decent car and I am happy with it is performance.

- Madison L

The seat warmers for the front seats are great for people with back problems.

Solid, reliable, good Bose sound system, seat warmers, leather, turbo-charged model gives great pick-up, even with age. Gas mileage cannot compete with newer cars, but for an older driver, a retiree, this car is very comfortable! So what is there not to like?

- Gerhard W

It is very well built, fun to drive, and performs well, which makes it a very comfortable vehicle to own

It is very efficient and runs smooth and well. It is pretty good on gas in town or on the highway. It is a very good looking car that is built very well, performs well under all circumstances, and still turns a lot of heads although it is an older model.

- Ezra W

It has leather seating and the sound system is nice. Also warms up pretty quick.

It constantly stalls at stops unless the car is in neutral. Sometimes it does not start until about ten minutes of trying to start the car. It is semi-reliable in regards to getting from point A to point B. Other than that, I need a new (used) vehicle.

- David G

Smooth ride heated seats cruise control.

I love my car but the computer is messing up so its not reading making my transmission act up it will rev all the way up once I get to 25-30 mph so I have to take back roads everywhere I go.

- J W

Its supercharged and has a turbo, also very good on gas.

I liked everything but it just recently got totaled. So I know have to look for a new vehicle. Hopefully I get one just as reliable as that Mazda.

- James G

Its has 2 bad tires but some fight left in it.

I like that it gets me where I need to go. I don't like that I have problems with it sometimes. I wish I had something newer.

- Christy H

It's pretty reliable. Some leaks here and there. I wish it was newer but it gets me to point A to point B.

It has to be checked for leaks during the summer time but during the winter times it's better.

- Christy H

Tipo de motor 2.3 litros V6 Tamaño de la máquina 2255 cc / 2.3 L Caballo de fuerza 210 hp (157 kW) a 5300 rpm

me gusta su motor de gasolina de seis cilindros, 2.3 litros y 210 CV de ciclo Miller

- alan a

It has been mistaken for a Lexus. They should know it is a Mazda Millenia

I love the comfort. Also I like the air cooling system.

- Amelia z