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Has 3rd row seating big doors all window roll all the way down great gas mileage

2000 Mazda MPV ES

It's a good running vehicle I just like trucks better than van or cars. It had great gas mileage. They are very easy to work on if something goes wrong on it. An if maintenance and upkeep is done regularly it will last for a while. It has 4 big doors on the back opens it has 3rd row seating for extra people. On the back windows roll down all the way

- Kenya R

Mazda MPVs have a very efficient use of interior space and are great for transporting a lot of people and a lot of stuff at the same time.

2000 Mazda MPV

I really love the storage space in my vehicle and the fact that I can fit 4 people as well as a lot of luggage, equipment, etc. My main complaint with the vehicle is that it is old and unreliable and has to be taken to the shop a lot for repairs. But it has done exceptionally well for a car that is almost 20 years old with over 300,000 miles on it.

- Emily S

Dependable and adjustable

2000 Mazda MPV DX

My car is very basic. It has none of the luxuries. No power anything. But it is very reliable and spacious. I love that the seats are so versatile. The backs adjust on all 3 rows. The middle seats can be completely removed. The passenger middle seat can be moved side to side and the back can be folded in for more storage if needed.

- Angela D

Its mine and no you cannot borrow it. Sorry I have a bunch of scraps and dings on it from allowing people to in the past

2000 Mazda MPV

I love that it seats 7 people because I have 4 kids. I love that it can lay the seats down in the back and the middle seats can be removed for moving things. I love that it can fit in the compact car spot at the store :)

- Alexandria R

It is got cruise control that works great.

2000 Mazda MPV

I got the van with over 160, 000 miles on it. The windshield leaks, the motor for the drivers window does not work and you cannot use the lighter to charge your cell phones. If this car was a newer car it would be great.

- Susan A

It's dependable and easy to maintain, and it is economical on fuel.

2000 Mazda MPV

it's been very dependable even with high miles. It has held up well through snow/salt and is only just beginning to show a bit of rust. It has hauled grandkids, furniture, and more.

- Neoma G

It is a great family vehicle.It is easy to load with two back doors with windows that roll down.

2000 Mazda MPV

I love that it has four doors. I also love that all doors has windows that roll down. I don't like that I have to completely remove the seats for storage.

- Patty H

It needs a lot of upkeep recently.

2000 Mazda MPV

I like the fact that the Mazda is big and I feel safer in a big vehicle. I dislike the fact that the gas mileage is not very efficient.

- Katherine B

Spacious cargo area is Handy.

2000 Mazda MPV

Dependable and comfortable van that has been a blessing to me and my family. Would highly recommend.

- Mary C

Pedestrian vehicle but does the job.

2000 Mazda MPV

Flexible and durable minivan for all uses. It does the job for me. No complaints.

- Leslie S