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Tired but trusty old van.

It is a gray van. The transmission is going out. The battery life sucks. The interior is nasty. It is get to point A to point B. Tires are good. Gas mileage sucks big time. Bought in 2002 and has went to Arizona and Michigan and Rhode island and got good mileage out of it. Now it is time to retire the poor worn out vehicle.

- Ash T

Great back seat hauling space.

Cup holders are weirdly designed. Things go flying.. Dashboard is odd as well, lets things slide. Love the windshield and wipers, and the seats are very comfortable. Air and heat will keep you warm or cold. Seating is great, as well as the space in the back with the fold down seat.

- Brand M

Not. Worth anything time to replace and get me something more updated.

It was a great vehicle when I first purchased it but as time went by my children tore through the vehicle with food stains not taking care of the only transportation that we have now the car is a total hot mess time for me to get something new and more updated.

- Joanne M

Great car, would love better radio options, but it is a 2001.

It has a lot of rain in a lot of saving and fold down saving for more cargo area it has a DVD player mounted in the ceiling which is great for trips and lots of legroom. Love the windshield, it is huge and give a lot of views. Wipers clear rain perfect as well.

- Brand M

My vehicle fits my entire family. I need four car seats to fit each of my four children and there is plenty of room for my husband and myself too.

My van is very reliable. I bought it used in 2015 and have had no serious issues with it since. It fits my family of 6 easily, and that includes 4 car seats. I am very happy with the vehicle.

- Shannon D

Lots of room. Seats fold down. Family vehicle.

It's not most reliable right now. It has a lot of issues. It has a lot of issues now. It is roomy. It has plenty of cup holders.

- Rockie H

it drives just like a car and not like a heavy vehicle.

This vehicle drives like a car. It has a wide open front window for great viewing and has dual side doors for ease.

- Karla B

Great older man that does what I need

Fun to drive drives very nice great milage great family car needed updated stereo factory one not all that

- Walter H

It has more power than it looks like. It can take on most vehicles.

I like that it's roomy. I don't love how it handles. It makes weird noise do to a valve issue

- Heidi R

My car is dependable. It gets pretty good gas mileage. It holds 6 to 7 people.

I like the size of it. I like the way it handles. I wish it had heated seats.

- Cindy B