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The 2003 Mazda MPV is a great car for families

The large interior provides space and comfort for the driver as well as all passengers. Manual sliding passenger door can be tedious and difficult to maneuver. However, it provides a large opening for older individuals to access and children to go in and out. The second row of seats can be taken out and provide more room for bulky items as the trunk is quite small.

- Sara L

My review for Mazda MPV 2003: Problems and how it drives

My car does have some break problems, even though the padding gets replaced, it still makes some high pitch noises. The car has a pretty loose steering wheel as well. So far the vehicle drives pretty smooth even on rough surfaces. I have had this car for a little more than 10 years and despite its age, it has got from places to places without problems.

- Lydia B

Reasons to love my Mazda minivan.

I bought my vehicle used with 180, 000 miles. It has not given me any trouble. It is roomy with plenty of seats and seats fold down for "trunk space" if needed. Any minor repairs that have been needed have been cost efficient. Parts and not priced outrageously. When it is time to replace this vehicle I would not hesitate at all to buy another Mazda.

- Kay T

Great storage space, and very easy to get two children in and out of. And we can transport extra guests when needed because of rear passenger seating.

I love having a mini van for it's space, ease of transporting two young children, and I feel very safe in it. I don't like that it's older, and kind of beat,(we bought it very well used.) And I would like to have more horsepower/better acceleration. When we do get a new vehicle, I will have a hard time deciding between and SUV or another mini van.

- Elizabeth E

The 2003 minivan review . Transmision and shocks restored.

I got the minivan for free with some problems but it did drive. After fixing transmission and shocks it rides smoother than ever. The only things left to fix are cosmetic issues like dents in the doors and hood. I really not a car expert I just know how to drive so pardon me for not having real details about car problems.

- louis G

A really great 03 luxury minivan!

It drives really good with cruise control. The design is really nice. I like all the automatic features it includes along with the rear heat luxury of the van. It's also spacious! All the seats are removable which makes it beneficial for moving. The seat on the driver side raises up and goes backwards automatically.

- Lucky C

Never buy a Mazda minivan

From the time I purchased my Mazda mpv it has been in and out of the shop I have spent more on repairs this year than I spent on the vehicle itself. I would never recommend a Mazda mpv to anyone. It started with a grinding noise on the front end of the car then it was overheating. Now it just randomly shuts off.

- Joshua T

Extreme comfort, but stylish.

Comfortable, roomy, lots of storage. Had some radiator problems, other than that reliable. Good gas mileage. Easy to convert seating. Drives smoothly. Expensive to replace windshield. Weighty enough to hold its hold against hydroplaning. Automatic sliding doors essential.

- Diana S

Older model of Mazda van, easy and fun to drive.

It is roomy and comfortable. Extra large and can carry lots of stuff. Great for traveling. It is old, so getting high in mileage, but it is easy to drive and low maintenance. Smooth riding. Can see easily all around. Comfortable seats. Easy to clean. Reliable.

- Stacey C

Driving long distance is very comfortable, smooth, fun, interesting.

This is s very reliable, full of space, smooth ride, dvd player for kids to watch movies, the rules of dressing so this allows the third row to come out making it very roomy for barbecuing long road trips, moving, going to football games. or whatever else

- Deondra T

Comfortable & Reliable riding MPV

I really like my MPV van to drive, to carry 7 people comfortably, to haul bulky / large items. It had relatively little problems, which was replacing all 6 coils over a 8 year period. Not bad considering it now has 130,000 miles and is 14 years old!

- stanley M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a great family car that is large enough to carry everything a small family needs.

My car is perfect for my current needs. It is large enough to carry lots of stuff, but small enough that I do not feel like I am driving a bus. I do wish that it had better gas mileage as it does not get the best mph.

- Amy V

It is very safe to ride in. It is the right size for my family.

My vehicle rides good and smooth, it don't burn a lot of gas, it is in good working condition. The vehicle is not much of a problem. The radio works, and a/c and heater works well in it.

- Rosa M

Old vehicle but that will help you get from point a to point b!

My ride is not the best! iIt is a van that needs to be fixed and it is older. I am glad that I have a vehicle to get me back and forth over the highways to my destinations!

- Dorthey T

It has its problems but has been a great car.

My car is perfect for cargo space and plenty of space for passengers and the seats are super comfy. It has a misfire on cylinder 3 and the transmission shifts pretty hard.

- Summer H

Mazda MPV, too many issues

It seems to always have so many issues. The water pump, thermostat, and a few other things had to be replaced more than once and it is just always needing work.

- Rena H

I love my Mazda very roomy and comfortable to drive.

I love my Mazda. Very roomy and comfortable. Nice to drive. Seat 7 people comfortable. The bucket seat fold back flat the truck hold plenty of baggage.

- Lillian R

It drives well, comfortable ride. Lots of room and can pack a lot into it

It's very old and isn't very clean any more. But, I love the room and how much I can pack into it. It has quick pick up and drives smooth

- stacy c

Versatile Seat Options Minivan

This is a great minivan. Seats removable, foldable for more storage. Middle seats can be either bucket or bench. Good for the year.

- Niccole M

Can hold seven passengers can carry furniture and is reliable.

I love the space. I love that it lasted for many years, with little problems. I hate I have to replace it because it is old.

- Lana B

That It's a good brand of car.

I dislike that the parts are expensive. I like that it runs well. I like that it speeds up fast

- Lady M

Tank is full, cooling working. Light and mirrors is right.

I feel comfortable and safety. Never stay on the way with some problem.

- Valeria D

The space in the car - cargo.

I like that the second row of seats come out.

- Linda M