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It has needed few repairs through the 175000 miles I have driven it.

I like that it has been very reliable and required few major repairs in the time I have owned it. I like the middle row captains chairs that slide over and that they can be removed if needed. I don't like that the back/bench seat only has 2 lap belts and headrests, because that reduces the safe seating to only 6. I don't like that I am average height for a woman and the adjustability of the height of the driver's seat belt is too high at the very lowest setting. The belt goes across my neck instead of my body. That shows me that men have designed the vehicle and had little/no input from women about what we need.

- arm e

04 Mazda mpv, very spacious.

I will start by saying what I like about my van. It has a tailgate option for the back row. The rear seat leans back toward the rear door so that you can sit with your feet dangling out of the car. It also has speakers and charging ports in the rear. I like that the middle seats can be adjusted to be close together or far apart or completely removed for cargo space. The rear seat also folds into the floor for maximum cargo space. The thing I dislike most is the cheap quality of the handles and doors. They break very easily. Most everything is cheaply made.

- Rosalie R

It is a very safe and reliable vehicle that fits 7 passengers with ease.

I have a Mazda MPV minivan. It is cosmic sand colored. My van has been constantly reliable and has had minimal service since I bought it new. It has a video player which is one if the reasons I bought it because I had young kids at the time. They lived being able to play video games and watch mov I es on out long road trips we took at least once a year.it has tailgate seating which was also safe for the kids to sit when we went to t h e drive in.

- Lois R

A sturdy and reliable car.

My car is a minivan. It is an old car, but it is a very reliable car. I have barely had any problems with my car. It is a little rusty, but still works great. It has a 3.8 motor. It does not waste much gasoline. I get a good amount of mileage on the gas. I got my car about 6 years ago. It has gotten me where I have to go to. It is very spacious inside. There is enough space for my three children and I.

- Claudia C

Side windows roll down. Shorter than regular minivans. Spacey.

I love this minivan because it is shorter and the windows on the middle section of the minivan roll down so it looks a little more sporty and less boxy. Fits 7 people vs 5 uncomfortable in an SUV. More space for car seats when you have kids and space for extra passengers. I am the second owner and have not had any mechanical issues. Love it.

- Monica R

Dependable.. Gas mileage is excellent.. Affordable.

The automatic doors only work sporadically. The air conditioning is very noisy outside the vehicle. However the vehicle gives us very few problems otherwise and is dependable. The paint and body are scratch and dented so it' bad an the outside. The paint is pearl which is impossible to match or fix scratches without totally repainting.

- Kim A

Difficult to work on on your own due to the lack of room under the hood.

The mazda mpv is a decent van i like that it seems smaller than many other minivans. Cons: airbags have been recalled, rear door handles have fallen apart from sun exposure , and it is hard to do certain work on it like changing the spark plugs because they bury the back 3 under the motor

- Tracey B

A extremely reliable family minivan.

It is very reliable. It has lasted more than 10 years. Never had major problem. However, one of the sliding doors is stuck now. Moreover, the light on the panel is not working at night. Other than that, the vehicle has served my family very well. With 3 children, it is perfect.

- CL C

The seats remove/flatten out for a full size van to work or move in.

The vehicle runs fairly well; however, there are continuous little things that need fixing. Like airbag recall, resetting the battery for the check engine light when there is nothing wrong, replacing thermostat, and so on. Not that great on gas either, Honda CR-V is better.

- Anne A

Mazda mpv, you will be missed.

Drives nice but underpowered. Parks well. Costs for repairs are similar to a normal sedan. Rusted too quickly. Shocks and struts take a beating and need to be replaced every 50000 miles. Good visibility. Good safety features. Like the rear folding seats.

- Steve H

The triple H construction saves my daughter's life. Any other vehicle she would be dead!

This vehicle drives great as far handling and high speeds. It has good acceleration and stops on a dime! This vehicle is safe to be in! I was hit at 55 plus miles per hour and I drove away and the other vehicle was towed.

- Perry M

There is no interesting detail. It was purchased used. I am in the process of replacing the tires along with other problems

The vehicle was purchased already used. It came with a few problems. The starter had to be replaced twice. It overheats on hot days. I had to replace the brakes.

- Melanie B

Reliable van, minor issues easily solved.

The can has a lot of front end work that has needed to be done. Regular maintenance like brakes & rotors but also ball joints tie rod ends, axle boots, etc..

- Kristen G

The most important thing others should know is It's the batmobile!

I love my van, I call it the Batmobile! It's sporty and cute and not like most minivans that look fat and ugly. It runs great and is in great condition!

- Olivia H

That is it is pretty reliable.

I like that it is 6 cylinder and that it's ok on gas I haven't really had not too many mechanical problems I do not like that outs not more luxurious.

- Michael R

Do not let little kids operate the sliding doors.

It runs well; very reliable. It has some minor electrical problems; one of the long door windows' motors died. There is a slow leak in coolant system.

- Samantha L

It is a roomy vehicle with a smooth ride. It has a sunroof and power doors and windows. It's a great family car.

I love all the room and how it drives. Has a lot of great features for the year it is. A couple of things I wish it had was bluetooth and navigation.

- Amanda B

The car gets good gas mileage. Overall, it's a great car.

The car is good on gas. It has plenty of room. My only complaint has nothing to do with the actual vehicle. I would just prefer to drive a truck.

- Ashley H

Price to repair or fix broken parts.

I like the space it has the dependability but the cost to repair or replace parts is expensive but at the time is all I could afFord.

- Kathleen S

It seats 7. Very nice for a family.

I like the removable and fold down seats. I like the exterior design. I dislike that the engine fan sounds like an airplane.

- Rosalie R

smooth ride......never had to replace anything major.

no complaint. since we bought this car we have had no major problems. we have a camera for backup. it needs to be repaired.

- Lynne K

My car is very roomy, seats fold down and it is a mini station wagon,.

I dislike it because it has a lot of miles on it. I like it because it is reliable. I dislike it because it is a minivan.

- Amanda C

It is a great long lasting car.

I like the roominess of my van. I like the gas mileage it gets. I dislike the fact they do not make it anymore.

- Terry P

Takes a while to get used to side vision.

Under powered engine. Drives well. Lots of room. Rusted too early. Easy fold down chair. Engine holds up well..

- Steve H

I really like me MPV Minivan

I enjoy my van! It's comfortable and has plenty of space for long trips. I also like how cold the air gets.

- Elfy H

Great safe car. Comfy and enough room for a big family

Bought it used and have had no problems with it. Just normal upkeep. I would buy it again if I had to

- Wendy C

It rusts very easily inside and outside the car so looks awful

It rusts inside and outside the car. It always needs work done to it. I like the look of the car.

- Michelle B

It is a very dependable form of transportation and is very good on gas.

I like the interior space. Also the overall look, and it has a V6 engine.

- Kathaleen H