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Never buy one unless you want to have continued ongoing problems!

This Mazda is a junk! It's a Rust bucket and we will Never buy a Mazda again. I have never seen a vehicle literally Rus in front of your eyes. As far as running it has been ok so far knock on wood. Again all the problems have been rust related like muffler system falling off due to all the hinges rusting off at the frame also the rear end is ready to fall out do to rusted frame! Also a lot of power window problems ect. Would Never recommend this vehicle to anybody ever!!

- Ralph G

The title summarize my personal vehicle.

Runs good. Dependable can take it on long trips..The engine purr like a cat. Nice family size vehicles. Seats seven passengers.All seats can fold down to make more room if you have to put large items in it. Fill it up with gas it last me over a week. My engine is very clean under the hood.. Ac and heating works well. Electric doors..Side door slides with the push of the button.. Lots of leg and foot space..

- Cynthia M

It's a safe, spacious, and comfortable family vehicle

My Mazda MPV minivan seats 7 comfortably and has a fair amount of space. The seats are easily turned down for more carrying space if necessary. It drives smoothly and efficiently. For an older car (2005) it is fairly reliable but has begun to have some recurring issues with the cooling system and with the engine mounts.

- Mel W

It starts every day and very rarely has any problems

My vehicle is very reliable. it has 195000 miles and has had very little repair. I have replaced a coil, spark plugs and wires, and a few hoses. the air conditioner no longer functions but the car was sitting unused for over a year. I have not had the problem diagnosed. It handles well and is quite fast.

- Drew O

Be gentle on the brakes, they do not need much force.

Even though it is 13 years old, it still drives pretty well. We've only had to replace the brake pads and the tires, as well as use antifreeze in the winter. I dislike how large it is (I'd prefer a 4 door as opposed to a minivan), and I do not like the carpeted floor mats (they move around a lot).

- Amelia C

Very spacious vehicle and comfortable.

It's very spacious for a family. Has 4 seats and one long seat for the back. You can remove the back seat for more space. Since it's a family vehicle its take up alot of gas. Has a really good air conditioning, it goes all around the van. All windows open for air. But overall good family vehicle.

- Maria A

Mazda MPV LX is a long lasting vehicle for a family.

It is convenient and long lasting for families with multiple children or frequent trips with family or friends. The tires were difficult for me to find locally but they can be gotten rather cheaply when I find them. My 05 model has over 250,000 miles on it and still runs!

- Kelly B

Perfect vehicle for any size family.

I love being able to take out the middle row seats and then fold down the back bench. It really helps when we go to the drive ins. It's everything I need as a father. It's incredibly easy to maintain as well. Great on fuel consumption. Extremely comfortable.

- christopher B

Very comfortable and spacious, great to travel. Great quality and performance.

The minivan is great, very spacious and comfortable. I love the fact you can remove the back seats. Everything automatic, drives and responds very well, usual maintenance expenses, has stand the test of time. We traveled long distances and it was a great ride.

- Reina C

Mazda mpv a van for the family.

My Mazda is a very good car, it has some cosmetic issues but it runs great and handles great. Mazda makes a very comfortable vehicle. Gas mileage is pretty good at 23 mpg average. It is roomy and handles a lot of cargo or people for whatever I want to do.

- Donald S

Do not have any right now.

I love be it because I can fit my 3 grandchildren in it and still have room for more people and I but my groceries in the back. I travel back and forth to work. I do not have any problems with it. My family loves it. My sister got one to. She likes hers.

- Kathleen P

They should know it doesn't look fancy but it's spacious and reliable

I like the space that my minivan has. It also drives smoothly and safely. The only thing I really dislike is that we bought it used and therefore it needs a few repairs from time to time, but all in all it is a reliable vehicle and enjoyable to drive

- Melissa W

The suburban is a vehicle that drives and handles very well..

Small compact van. Rides good and it's pretty roomy for us all. Only things I dislike is not so great on gas, do not lock doors when you put it in dive and we can't control the heating an air upfront.

- Misty S

It is a basic van, no bells or whistles. It gets us where we need to go and fits my lage family. It is dependable and drives smoothly.

I like that my minivan drives smoothly and is great on gas. I do not like the fact that there are only air vents in the front of the van and not throughout.

- Stacy M

this vehicle has awesome motor

my ac started acting up and my headlights sometimes won't come on at night.. but other than that i have no trouble with this van..i like it..

- stacey h

To make sure that you keep up with the maintenance of the van.

I really don't have too many dislikes, the mileage I wish lower so it could last longer. It does have some dins that I wish wasn't there.

- Diana M

Perfect family van for everyday use.

Still Good condition after long mileage, sturdy and comfortable to drive, spacious and can seat up to 7 people.

- Antonio p

They no longer make this model but I would highly recommend it as well as Mazda for quality.

I have had it for over a decade and it is old but very faithful and still running smoothly.

- Ronald W

It's comfortable decent in gas lots of trunk space

It's very roomy. It's reliable. A lot of trunk space. Smooth to drive

- Jennifer P

not worth the money for a minivan - better choices out there

Parts are too expensive, every few months have huge repair bills

- Tiffani F

Easy and cheap maintenance

I love the sound and it's easy to maintain. Good for family

- Kessy J