2000 Mazda MX-5 Miata Owner Reviews & Problems


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Two-years of ownership review.

My vehicle (Mazda Miata) has been overall a good car to me in my 2 years of ownership. The only major expenses I put into the cars are water pump, radiator, and coolant. Other than that, it has been a solid car for me. Some things I love about it is that it has great handling, you can take turns at high speed rates, and Dodge put holes, all thanks to the great handling. Another great aspect of the car is it is smooth clutch pedal and gear shifting. It is seamless and easy to change gears as you go. One con I can think of is the horsepower, with approximately 100 horsepower the car is not too powerful and would lose on a head to head competition against another sporty car in its criteria. however, it is so lightweight, parts are cheap, great tracking, smooth transition, and I can go on forever. So, clearly the pros outweigh the cons at least in my perspective. Another con, that came to my mind but not a total deal breaker is the fact that the car is a rear wheel drive meaning it sucks in the winter. Although, I can argue that last winter with regular all-season tires on my Miata it did not leave me stuck on the side of the road. Surprisingly, it did well in the snow, maybe because it is so lightweight and a stick shift, so you have more control of the car’s power. Also, maybe because the town does so good on removing snow the day after a snowstorm. In closing, the car is great I would recommend someone to buy it if they are somewhat into car’s and want something fun to drive. I rate this car 8 out of 10!

- Marco C

The Miata is a lot of fun to drive.

My Miata is a 6-speed manual transmission and has been reliable for the 3 years I have had it. The suspension was lowered by a prior owner and as I have arthritis in my knees, it is getting more difficult to enter and exit the car with any grace. It is a well made car and holds up over time.

- Fran F

Fun to drive this tiny sports car.

I love my Miata. I live in San Francisco where parking is difficult so having a tiny car makes parking easier. The only negative is the car is low to the ground and I am sixty-five with multiple areas of arthritis which makes exiting the car very ungraceful.

- Fran F

This is a car built and meant for fun. Get one if you're looking for fun, avoid one if you need practicality.

My vehicle is very fun to drive. Its sporty handling, lightweight, and roadster configuration make it a fantastic little machine. It is a bit small and noisy, so it's not the best for practicality.

- Bob B

The new modes is even more beautiful. . .

No problems as of way late. From a early age I loved the Mazda Miata convertible. . . I want a newer model I say a photo I fell in love all over again. . .

- Darlene A

It is a decent sized car, but I have spent over 1, 000 getting it repaired.

It worked nicely when I first bought it, then it started to have transmission issues, it was pre owned, I wouldn't recommend butter used cars.

- Kenya K

It is really small and not everyone likes that.

It is very simple and basic. It is very reliable. It is small and can fit in any parking lot, and it is really good on gas.

- Scott B

It well cared for and doesn't have any problems mechanically.

100000 miles and it still runs great. Fun to drive dependable and inexpensive to maintain. I drive it year round.

- rex C