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The roof let's back. Great to have wind blowing and sun shining on you.

Every so often you have to put In a new timing chain. It is a costly thing to have done, but worth it for the performance and life if the car. It is small, but has great mileage. Mine has a awesome air conditioner. It also has a great heater. The CD player and radio are good. The seats could be a little more cushioned. All in all in is a great vehicle.

- Betty C

With a luggage rack on back gives it a better look.

About every 2 1/2 years I have to put a clutch sleeve in it. The drain holes have to be cleaned out a lot if the top stays down. Or it turns into a fish bowl. I didn't think I would like it coming from driving a 1981 trans am, I had to get use to not having the power I was use to. I love driving it.

- Linda G

Great car and a lot of fun to drive!

No major problems, I have been blessed with a vehicle that runs tip top and requires little maintenance, I guess something I has to learn and I should share is that the engine requires that you use premium gasoline or the car will backfire and drive poorly.

- John K

Small. Hard to see. Very fun to drive.

Small convertible roadster. Very maneuverable. Good mileage. Fun to drive. Dislike: People tend not to see you.

- ron C

Fun to drive! The most fun you can have with your clothes on while driving.

Small. Great handling. Convertible. Good looking. Great mileage.

- Ron L

Fun to drive with the top down.

Great handling and good fuel economy. No problems.

- Rich f