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I really like the distinctive pop-up headlights.

My Mazda miata is the most zippy little fun car I have ever driven. There's nothing quite like having a black convertible sports car. This car drives well, handling turns like a charm. Lots of get up & go. That being said, getting in this car takes some thought, when you have arthritis in your knees and the car is so tiny & low to the ground. Still wouldn't trade it for anything. Does fine on gas mileage.

- Sandra P

If they are not driving: it is a blast to drive.

Love that it is a blast to drive. It is cute. I get compliments all the time and make "miata friends" in parking lots/ on the road. Convertible. Compact. Low gas usage.... Dislike that it is a little limited in heavy rain (leaky roof), does not hold much in the trunk, and I can only take one passenger. Would be awesome if the roof was replaced to not leak/be easier to lower/raise..

- Lauren W

MX-5 Miata short review..

The MX-5 is a well-performing, sporty vehicle with a convertible drop top. The vehicle is comfortable, though only a 2-seater, and especially fun to drive in warm, sunny weather. Potential issues include bad traction on snow due to front-wheel drive.

- Ethan C

It is very reliable and easy to drive, has a ton of trunk space as well.

It performs well and is definitely very reliable. Mine has low miles even though it is 13 years old and it still runs like a dream. It is easy to have it serviced and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap, reliable car.

- Hannah W

That it is a sports car & drives like one

Small compact sports car. No major problems. It is a little bit too small

- Bob h