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Power-retractable hardtop - zoom zoom! Can't possibly go wrong!

I haven't run into problems beyond a gasket that needed to be replaced - it is hands-down super-reliable (purchased it with over 100,000 miles on it and absolutely zero issues). The passenger seat holds two medium-sized dogs comfortably, which is awesome for a convertible. The grand touring model (which I own) has heated leather seats, an adjustable steering wheel, and the ability to adjust the seat up/down - comfortable driving 2500 miles in 4 days! . Features: tpms, anti lock brakes, security system, remote/keyless ignition, dsc. Really feels like a luxury car!

- Meg G

Cute little red convertible

First, it is just cute. The bright red color stands out. It is a Mazda miata grand touring, hardtop convertible. I love that I can easily push a button and my hardtop goes down and doesn't take room away from my trunk space. The car is small and easy to maneuver and I can be going down the street and whip it into a parking place on the other side of the street. It also holds quite a few groceries. It is a perfect vehicle for a single person. Another advantage is you can't carry lots of people or stuff.

- Lisa S

It is a convertible and in sunny Florida.

My main vehicle the Mazda Miata is a very fun vehicle to drive in south Florida being a convertible and it was relatively modestly priced and it has had an incredible maintenance record with only a few minor problems occurring in the 10-year-old car. It still looks brand new and I love the value for my money.

- Keith M

Love it despite it's average review.

The Miata performs at an average level. No big perks. Reliability is fantastic. Have had it for many years. Gets through long distance trips admirably. Comfort is a 7 out of 10. Loud on rough roads. Hardtop convertible is great for the spring and fall. Fell in love with it despite its faults.

- Carol G

It's a fun car but it has constant tire pressure issues and you can't drive it when it snows. even if it is just a thin layer of snow you will skid all over the place.

i love the size and the sportiness. i love that It's a convertible and goes fast. i hate that i constantly have tire pressure issues. my tires constantly lose air. a dashboard light goes on all the time. it does not handle well in rain and i cannot drive it if it snows

- kel R

get manual instead of automatic. this car is built for it. keep the maintenance going and it will last a long time.

I love my car so much. It is extremely fun to drive and of course, it is convertible hardtop. I wish it has a more powerful engine and more room for storage, such as my purse. I think outside body improvement is needed because my car gets dents very easily.

- Cheire L

The Miata makes me feel like a kid on a roller coaster at an amusement park!

I like the convertible, with the wind blowing my cares away. Sometimes I dislike that it is hard to get into and out of since my knee surgeries. I have no complaints.

- Chris J

It is very dependable truck. I love it.

Easy to drive, small size & convertible top.. Do not like wind noise. It is hard to talk on the phone when driving at high speeds..

- Shelly W

It has no room for a spare tire!

The Miata is very reliable. It's also comfortable considering its size. It would be nice to have room for a real spare tire though.

- Michael H

Reliability There's a key reason that I bought the car and it is prove to be exactly that

It is dependable and reliable and it is fun to drive. It is simple looking but also very sexy for an automobile

- Roger M