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It's not a truck, so little room to take items along.

It is a convertible and has an automatic retractable roof which takes about 30 sec and I don't have to do more than stay in the car and push a button, the car does everything itself. The trunk is large for the size on the vehicle, which is a plus since there is little room up front. The car handles very well especially corners. I have the option to drive it either manually (4 speed) or as an automatic. . The interior remains very comfortable (warm) with the top down, even cool days or evening. It's got a smart chip key, and doesn't require you to insert key into ignition to drive it. The fob just has to be in range, , like locked in the trunk. Built in safety allows you to flip a switch in the truck that prevent the trunk release latch from working when the top is down keeping your valuables safely locked in the trunk if you leave the top down. Nice Bose stereo but very little media or electronic amenities other than 1 USB plug in, and cruise control. It's a little hard to get in and out of because Its so low to the ground. Low profile tires completes the look.

- Debbie D

It is a very good day to day car and is very economical to run. Overall repairs are not too bad depending on your driving.

I have owned two MX-5/Miatas - one of the few issues is size. The trunk is small so a trip with two people is difficult. The 2000 lacked in performance which was corrected with my 2012. It has a lot of power, rides good. The 2000 handled better than the 2012. They added power steering which takes away from the fun of curves. I love the ability to drop the top and ride topless

- Glen N

Absolutely LOVE my used Miata! Great on gas mileage and fun to drive. The top is so easy to drop and raise, I can do it with one hand. If the rain sets in, I can close the top without having to pull off the road and get out of the car. No mechanical issues.

Fun, Fun, Fun to drive. If you have a tendency to be claustrophobic, this will not be the car for you. But, if you like to drive with the top down on a warm day, this is the right pick. It's a fun little sports car without the hefty price tag.

- Stacey G

Sporty and fast roadster with good gas mileage.

My Miata is a really cool car! It looks good on the road, has great acceleration, and gas mileage is good. The only problem is my tall boyfriend has trouble getting into the front seat easily.

- Susan M

It's a Very Good Car, doesn't give me any trouble, just keeps on going.

So far no repairs just normal maintenance, good gas mileage, fun to drive, over all a very good car. It just keeps going, no problems at all.

- Royce W

This is such a fun�and fast�sports car and I definitely recommend it to put some zip in your driving life.

This is a really fun and reliable convertible to own. The main drawback is that tall drivers will have problems feeling comfortable.

- susan s

It's a Sports Car, red in color with air conditioning and a top speed of 130 mph. Great gas mileage and only a couple of minor wear scratches.

I love my Car. It's a hard top convertible with get up and go. The only drawback if any is you can only take two people in it.

- Drew P

This is a fun little car that is quite agile on the twisty roads and the track.

I don't like the Bose sound system. The display is always going out/not updating. Other than that I love the car.

- Suzanne G

It's fun to drive! And I like the way it handles ,especially on curves!

Love my car. Love the way it looks. The only thing would be to make it easier to get in & out of.

- diane m

I love that it's a convertible and gets good gas mileage. It looks really good

I haven't had any problems with my car- overall it's really great

- Erin H