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Affordable modern sports car.

Mazda Miatas get great gas mileage and look sleek and refined for the affordable price. I have had no issues within the first year and am extremely satisfied with my purchase. It is a rather tiny car, so there are some safety concerns with it, just drive it safe and you'll be fine. If you are a person about 6 foot I wouldn't recommend this car as it can get very uncomfortable for taller people.

- Danielle C

It is a special edition. Launch edition #233 out of 1000.

No problems. Love it. Not practical, although our kid is 27 so we do not need practically. Excellent gas mileage. Drive topless, or do not drive. Excellent dealer service, positive thing is the navigation system is not a subscription. Tires are run flat, so I can drive at least 100 miles on a flat tire.

- Ron P

This is the most fun car ever.

It's the most fun car ever! I love the quick handling and maneuverability due to its small size. I feel in control and confident in my Miata. Of course, I'm sometimes sad I can't fit more in the small trunk. So it's definitely just a weekend car, not for long trips.

- Reagan D

This car is the most fun you can have under $30k new.

The 2016 Mazda MX-5 is very easy and comfortable to drive around town. It is fantastic on back roads and 2-lane highways (Hwy 101) but it is pretty loud on freeways. I love it as a weekend car, but it does not make the best daily driver.

- Conner W

Great drive, very up to date and technologically advanced.

Small and fast and a great drive. Love the soft top in almost all weathers. This is my third Miata and maybe I will get another one in the future.

- Zoot b

It is not a race car. It is sporty two seater, fun to drive sports car.

Like-sportiness, convertible, gas mileage, fun to drive.... Dislike-very small, little storage room, low so getting in and out is difficult.

- Jim M

Driving matters and this is the ultimate driving machine on the market for the price.

It is the best car I have ever owned. I like that it is a convertible and very sporty. I dislike that the paint chips easily though.

- Courtney H

It drives and handles great. It gets great gas mileage.

It drives like a champ. The soft top allows too much road noise inside. The a/c works fast; the seats are superb and hug me well.

- Danny B

The car is not good for hours on a highway and the passengers side is much smaller than the drivers side.

This vehicle is extremely sleek looking for an affordable car. The car is fun to drive and exciting. Long live the roadster.

- Marissa P

Fun to drive, and it holds it value for a long time

The way it drives and the look. I also like the way it holds the road. It is very comfortable and great gas mileage

- Diane M

This car is reliable and fun to drive. Doesn't handle very well in the snow.

It is a two seat convertible. It is easy to drive and has great control on turns. Love the look of it.

- Keri N

How low to the ground it is.

I love the shortness and how it handles. Looks great. Gets great gas mileage.

- Jackie W