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Reliable tribute, Mazda power keeps on going!

The 2001 Mazda tribute that I drive handles fairly well. I am impressed with the six cylinder motor as it has plenty of power to pull a 16 foot boat and I have used it many times to tow a small box trailer. The seats and comfort is not overly exceptional however it is better than the average basic cars that I have driven previously. The factory radio when it worked was nice and had a great sound, but it has since stopped working. The placement of the gear shift, lights and signal controls is easy to use, and the cruise control works simple and convenient on the steering wheel. I do not care for the handles on the inside of the doors as I have had to replace two of them already and I am also noticing that the sun visors are not holding up to use and they need to be replaced at the ceiling attachment. For a 2001, I am impressed with the wear and tear of the vehicle, as I still feel like there is plenty of life left in it. Most recently needed to replace the a/c compressor and a radiator with 119, 000 miles or so on the car.

- Mike Z

2001 Mazda tribute oldie, but goodie!

My vehicle is a 2001 Mazda tribute and I have had to replace the airbags, brake booster and a new ac pump and it needs new shocks. I have replaced those yet. It had only one previous owner who took care of it. Even though its older it's reliable and in great condition. With it being a smaller SUV it is nice because the back seat folds down and I can lay things in the back. It is good on gas and with it being a mid-level model it has the features most needed; such as a/c, radio, power locks, power windows and 4x4.

- Kimberly M

I love my Mazda tribute-the perfect vehicle.

I love my tribute. It is just the right size for me. Plenty of room for being comfortable, the ability to move my seat(driver) to fit me perfectly. Everything is easily accessible while driving.. Being able to put the back seats down enables me to haul a huge variety of items from small to big such as a dryer, TV, etc. It also has 4 wheel drive available just by pushing a button when needed. It is just a nice looking, comfortable, and easy to care for vehicle. I would buy another one if a new car was needed.

- Corky V

This is a great small SUV! The back seats fold down so you can add more items!

My vehicle has been pretty good the last two years that I have had it. I have run into a few problems, I have had to replace a cylinder multiple times on the car, a job that's about $400-$500. Most recently, my battery and alternator went out... Luckily the battery was under warranty so I saved $200 on that job. Other than regular maintenance, my little SUV has been great for getting me to place to place and carrying the loads that I've had in the back!

- Casey H

The mom cab. It is not the greatest but we'll get there.

Its 17 years old so it's got problems. My turn signal is out, I need new brakes and rotors. It constantly dies out. It hardly starts or wants to drive in the winter or when its raining. there's no air conditioning. Its missing door handles, it needs new tires. But it gets me where I need to go and it has comfortable seats with lots of cup holders.

- Holly S

Comfortably sits 5 people with a comfortable drive and plenty of storage. Reliable car.

This car is a wonderful size SUV, it is just the right height and length to fit a full sized second row and a large open trunk area. The car sits nicely above the road giving the driver a great view of the road and surrounding area. There are limited blind spots. Overall it's a great dependable car that has last me many years.

- Hannah B

My vehicle has a sunroof leather seats good on gas not to big or too small.

I have a 2001 Mazda tribute I love it. It is just the rite size it drives very well. It is not too big not too small. It's good on gas also. The seats are leather so if something spills it a easy clean up. It's also not to high to get in. It also has a sunroof that does good in the rain no water has came through.

- Jo V

My Mazda tribute is great for small family travel. Lots of room inside.

My Mazda tribute is the best truck I have had. With great up keep my baby is getting close to 300, 000 miles and going strong. Would buy again for sure. Great on gas. Amazing comfort for long rides. Plenty of room inside. Fold down seats for easy carrying and towing.

- Heather P

I intend to keep my car for as long as I can, and it is still running great.

Mazda has been very reliable. Problems have been easy fixes and nothing major. I like how it looks. Drives very smoothly. It has had a problem with the check engine staying on that no mechanic has ever found a reason for but it has not affected performance.

- Jan R

Its a manual and its a 4 door.

It's really just not for me. I have had nothing but issues with the thing, and I just miss my Pontiac. Just makes it hard to need to be places and know that you don't have a reliable vehicle. Especially when you have an infant that needs taken care of.

- Nikki M

My car gets great gas mileage, about 34 miles to the gallon.

When I first bought this vehicle I loved it but that was back in 05. But it has over 190,000 miles on it now and every year I have to replace the same thing on it. But I cannot afFord to buy a new vehicle cause I live paycheck to paycheck.

- Trisha L

The mazda tribute has been a very reliable car.

It has been very reliable. There hasn't been any problems with major things. The only thing is that i seem to have a lot of the little stuff break, like the door handle, the windshield wipers etc. I love having the 4 wheel drive

- Emi C

Just the right size for my life.

I currently have 2004,000 miles on my Tribute. Love it's performance. I have only had to replace brake pads, batteries, spark plugs and ignition coils. The performance is great and I totally love it.

- Gail W

Great family car and made for children.

Needed to be standard other than that ran great never broke down, could handle a fender bender, had space sometimes parts would buy another if could.

- Heather W

Out of all the models made I think this one was the best.

Smooth ride, comfy and roomy. Love the color and the interior. Sunroof is nice but sometimes sticks and will not close decently.

- Lynne G

It is an all wheel drive SUV.

I like the space my car has. I like the leather seats. I love that it is a all-wheel drive SUV. I do not have any complaints.

- Ashley K

The steering wheel locks up easy when turning on car

Steering wheel easy to turn. Brakes great Nice size back seat and trunk Back seat pull down for the trunk to be bigger

- Lindsay P

My car has been in the family for 13 years and it's still running

I like that it's easy to fix and the parts are inexpensive. I hate that it's so old that it has mechanical problems

- Cornelius R

It's a great car it gets my and my family to and from where we need to go

There is nothing wrong with my car it's in very great shape I brought my car from off a app called offer up

- Crishanda P

That the Mazda Tribute is no longer being made and now it's a cross-over which seems much bigger than the Tribute.

Great smooth ride of a smaller SUV that held lots. Dislike that the model not being made any more.

- Linda M

That it handles like car yet can haul lots of stuff especially with the seats down.

Like the room inside and that it handles like a car. I dislike that they are not made anymore.

- Linda M

Dependable car with very little maintenance issues.

Dependable and a great size for my needs. Love the way the seats fold down.

- Lamise A