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I would recommend Mazda’s to anyone looking for reliability and longevity.

I purchased my vehicle new. It is been extremely reliable despite my poor maintenance care. There have been some issues with recalls and that was cared for by Mazda. I have has some repairs here and there that ranged from $300 - $400 dollars over the years, but given the age of the truck.. It could be worse. As far as comfort and features.. I have an older vehicle and my next vehicle for sure will be a SUV, possibly a Mazda again and will have features such as heated seating, GPS, dual climate control. I currently have a moonroof, and honestly. I can go without on my next purchase.

- Kay L

It's still running, nice body and storage.

Well its a Mazda tribute 2002 and it was fine other than a slip that only occurred when going up hill between 40 and 50 mph. Now it shakes, check engine light is on, flashing or off, it has a horrible burning smells at times the motors in the sunroof stopped working at 73, 000 miles about and now the passenger side window is dying. The window in the back the bolt rusted out and the window came down hanging by the other rusted window bolt it's been a nightmare and I am afraid of what may happen next or what recalls there are that I've not been made aware of.

- Ashley M

Tribute has lots of plugs for charging your phone.

The tribute is super reliable as long as you maintain it well. It made a 3,000 mile road trip with no problems. It does lack current technology. There's no AUX cord, or Bluetooth in the car. Lots of room for travel or just everyday driving, holds groceries well, plenty of room to fit 5 people. Gas is 15 mpg in town and maybe 20 mpg highway. The tribute does have a small problem with the cooling system, it needs to be flushed often to keep it working well. There's no dual control for A/C so everyone needs to be cool with one choice.

- Caitlin V

I have a 2002 Mazda tribute. Black with grey interior. Power windows.

My car has been reliable for years now. Although it's had some problems it still gets me where I need to go. The ac and heat are not the best. It has good speakers and radio. Most of the good features of my vehicle are things I have added or upgraded. I cannot complain though, it was for an amazing price. It was my first car and is still going. I got it when I was in highschool and now I drive my son around in it. I would definitely recommend.

- Courtney O

2002 Mazda tribute review-great first time driver car!

My Mazda tribute is a great local, as well as traveler car. I can very comfortable support 2 or 3 for a camping or beach trip. Although I've been able to pack for and drive 5 from Oregon to Idaho for 6 hours. Had minimal issues with it and I bought it used. Gas mileage is not perfect, but for the size of the car so pretty good! I fill up my tank once a wheel for 30 to 40 bucks and that takes me to and from work and school.

- Cami G

It is cheaper to repair than a lot of cars because the insides are Ford parts.

The Mazda tribute has been an awesome car! While having the size and space of an SUV (I have moved multiple times with this car!) It is also kind of petite so it fits in small spaces lots of SUVs cannot. It has had few repair issues and those it has have been cheap to repair because the insides are Ford parts, not foreign. It gets good gas mileage for it is size and is great for trips. I love my tribute!

- Allison S

I believe that I would love to have it in another color and a lot newer.

Well let's start by saying that for bring close to 200, 000 miles its pretty durable. It is leaking steering fluid and I have a dent in it because my father put it there on accident. I think it was on purpose. I wish I had leather but it pretty cozy. The ac works awesome but the heat sometimes lacks. The breaks are not that great but I make due with what I got. It serves its purpose.

- Sabrina T

It has rugged good looks. Very impressive.

I actually do not have any problems at the moment. I keep the oil changed. I keep up with basic maintenance. . When I purchased the vehicle it had low miles. I am assuming the previous owner kept it in good working order. V6 with rugged good looks. Roomy cabin. When I reviewed the cons it said. Weak standard 4- cylinder engine and no low range transfer.

- Earth-Mother J

Great, awesome. But needs work.

My Mazda is great for me as a college the performance is up to par. It is awesome on gas and the reliability is excellent as well it has not let me down yet. I do have a problem with the keep up of it once I get something fixed on it something else pops up and it's never like a day or two after it'll happen right at the moment of fixing the former problem.

- Asya W

Keep in mind that the stereo is out.

While I enjoy the versatility of the vehicle overall, I do not enjoy how we've had to remove the stereo/CD player/radio from the car to keep if from shorting out. Otherwise, it is been pretty reliable and repairs made to it have been pretty low in cost, for the most part. Still, I really enjoy the car for what it is, even if it is not my dream car.

- Robert C

Their pretty good little SUV cars.

The transmission has trouble and my Cruze kicks off on bumpy roads. It is an all around good car. It does not get great gas mileage in town at all. Ok on highway, it has a very small gas tank. All around it is been a reliable car. Working on it is not very easy there is not enough wrenching room not elbow room like older cars.

- Shannon M

It's a bigger model for it's kind so it has a bigger engine.

I have a hole in my flex pipe two wheel bearings need to be changed and I need an alignment. Despite this I really like my car because it's decent on gas and is good in the winter time. It also is in decent shape for being an older car. This is my first car so it isn't anything fancy but I like it just as it is.

- Kylie D

The vehicle is large and it accommodates a lot of passengers.

All the plastic inside of the car breaks. The front passenger side door now will not open. The windows also malfunction. I like the design and style of the car but as far as the functionality of the vehicle everything breaks very easily. I do like that the car is big and fits many people inside of it.

- Kayla L

Compact, easy to handle and take sharp turns.

For a used vehicle it serves its purpose and gets really good gas mileage. Had a couple of problems when I first got it but they were all minor problems, would definitely recommend a SUV like this to anyone looking for a cheap used vehicle, it is a smaller SUV but I give it at least a thumbs up.

- Carol B

Why not to buy a Mazda tribute.

It needs breaks. The windows sometimes will not roll up. The sunroof is nice. It also has four wheel drive which is a plus during the winter months. The ac seems to be good. It is really hard on gas. It is pretty spacious to be an SUV with o my two rows. I wish it was third row seating though.

- Jacob M

It's not very dependable. We have it serviced regularly and still have problems.

The 2002 Mazda tribute has a great look, but mechanically needs a lot of work. Has a bad popping sound in front end. Have had to replace a lot of parts. Radiator was plastic and hose piece broke off. Otherwise it's nice just not very dependable. I would not recommend it to family or friends.

- Elizabeth B

Mazda tribute - great car.

Great car, but usual wear and tear and issues due to age and frequent driving have occurred, such as stalling. Good size for a compact SUV in terms of height and length. Although, a Mazda, uses the same car shape and parts as a Ford Explorer. Recent natural disasters did not help the car.

- Victoria N

Main details of Mazda tribute.

It is expensive when it comes to fuel. It reliable even off road, it has never me down. The comfort is not all that great, the seats are bit hard and difficult to adjust to a reasonable comfort level. It has outperformed other SUVs I have driven. No other issues since I owned the car.

- Courtney B

The best thing about my car is there are enough room for my family to fit in.

The only problem is the interior inside. I first got it with some damage inside, like the seats are leather and the door too. Sometimes my car overheats, but I had everything up to date. I did have problems with the tired because they were too big for the car until I bought new ones.

- Kayla O

Mazda tribute a reliable ride.

Bought our Mazda tribute used in 2006. Had not originally 'picked' a car out, but told the salesman we wanted something reliable and affordable. Fast forward to 2019 and just now we are starting to experience problems. Gets great mileage, and for the most part is a reliable ride.

- Kate V

I think the most important thing would be the gas mileage.

My car performs excellent. I've had to have work done on it several times but the only thing major was the clutch. It drives well and is very comfortable. The only problem I have with it is that it is straight drive and it has no cruise control. I get great gas mileage.

- Marie. H

The most comfortable car.

Had the car a long time and hasn't had many problems except a leak. The performance is outstanding and features are all safe for anyone in the car. The seats are comfortable and the interior looks very nice. Tires rarely need changing and the car gets good gas mileage.

- Olivia N

Great vehicle and trust worthy.

Comfort is good. I love it as its a trustworthy vehicle and runs great even with high mileage. Barely any issues with it at all. Just general tune-ups and oil changes and brakes otherwise great vehicle. I'd buy another one anytime because I love it and trust it.

- Christine M

That if you take care of a quality vehicle, it will last way longer than you expect.

Its mechanical makeup is awesome. We've had to replace the alternator a few times, but other than that the suv has performed way above our expectations. We raised our two children in it and now it will be carrying our Grandchildren!

- Kristy V

It is very similar to the Ford explorer make in the same year.

My vehicle is the right size for me and is versatile. It can carry a decent amount and is at a good height. The design is pleasant and the radio frequencies are great. The engine is only okay, but otherwise pretty solid for my use.

- Vicki N

Will keep this car forever

Its lasted for 16 years and almost 97000 miles with no major problems. The only thing I've had done, besides basic maintenance, is have some sensors replaced. Everything else still runs perfect. The car is great in the snow

- Amanda M

It is reliable and very easy to work on and fix if something on it were to ever break.

It is reliable and I have not had many problems with it, the two biggest issues I have must be the suspension, which is almost non-existent, and and the overall feel of the car itself; it feels like a toy car almost

- Travis G

It is very very reliable,has great pick up and plenty of room in the back for passengers and for using the hatch section for packages and what ever I buy.

My Mazda never left me on the side of the road...Paint job is wonderful still not rusting.My problems since I am originally from new your I have gathered lots of rust on the undercarriage because of snow and salt

- lorraine s

It is a very dependable car.

I like my car because it provides me with everything I need when it comes to getting what I need done in my life going to work getting food at a restaurant going out with my friends and family and so much more.

- Alex C

None of the doors open from the inside, and one of the windows won't roll up or down - but that's from normal wear and tear on the regulator.

Most likely because it's an older model, but I've had a lot of trouble with the battery failing. The gas mileage is decent, however! I also like the way the seats are - they provide nice back support.

- Kristal V

That mazda vehicles sold in my area of new jersey, have horrible dealerships. They keep putting you off until the vehicle is out of warranty.

I like the way my mazda handles the road when driving it. I have had several problems with this vehicle and the brakes, and the dealer was of no help. I would never purchase another mazda again.

- Ca S

Fun to drive, but unreliable.

My car is fun to drive, but as an older car, is starting to fall apart. The Tribute uses Ford parts, which are inexpensive but not very good. I like my car but it's become unreliable.

- Chris R

Mazda Tribute, you take care of it and it will take care of you!

I love my Tribute! Bought it new in 2002. I have used it to travel, shop and move from one state to another. It's old, but reliable. I hope it keeps going for several years!

- Diane K

performs well under most conditions.

Very durable only had to replace the alternator and tires in the years since we got it. Handles rough terrain or snow well. Slightly unsteady in fast curves or high winds.

- Richard B

That it has served us well all these many years.

Mainly that it is sixteen years old, I need a new car. But it has been good and full of family memories. It has always run well and has not had any major issues.

- Jean B

The most important thing about my car is that it is easy to drive.

I love that it is small enough to fit in small parking spaces. I also love that it is higher than a car. I also like that it is an SUV type of vehicle though

- Lacey H

Collapsible back seat nice for moving a lot of items.

Car has over 130000 miles and still in good condition. Little rust. Axel repairs at about 120000 miles. Starts easily in very cold weather as well.

- Sabrina G

The moon roof has started to leak and the radio has had to be replaced.

I like the size and style of it. And I like that it sits higher than a car. I don't like that there is only one key hole to open the doors.

- Sandra H

That this car has lived in many different temperatures and road conditions and still drives like new.

This vehicle has moved from Hawaii to the desert of New Mexico to Oregon - it still looks great and is safe and comfortable to drive.

- Mark N

My Favorite Vehicle to Ride In

Great on gas, feel very high in the seat, has all what I need in a car - moonroof, easy hatch to load. Nice dash with a great radio.

- Richard G

That it's completely paid for.

I like that it is fully paid for. I do not like that it is a manual transmission. I like that it's big enough for my kids.

- Courtney E

Great car but not to be pushed to the limit. don't tow heavy things over 65. .

I love that I can put the back seats flat down. It makes the trunk huge! It's perfect for all of my outdoor adventures.

- Gia R

That it really runs good and is comfortable. That it gets good gas mileage.

I love it. It runs good and is compatible. It gets me where I need to go. It is also good on gas.

- Connie M

It has been very dependable and breakdowns have been very few.

I like the dependability and fuel efficiency. I wish the back seats had a bit more leg room.

- Debby G

reliable to get where you need to go

gets me from point a to b. doesn't require a lot of maintenance. average gas mileage

- Shawn Y

It is reliable. Keeps going. I t was Made IN America, even though it is a Japanese Company.

It is old. The paint job is deteriorating. The A/C no longer works

- Ronni E

It has plenty of room for a small family

Not good on gas mileage, but is very dependable

- Brittany M