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Older but reliable and loved 2003 Mazda tribute.

My 2003 Mazda tribute has been a great SUV. It has been dependable and long lasting through the years. I have had to replace alternator, wheel bearings and various hoses and filters. My 2003 Mazda tribute can sometimes be a labor intensive vehicle to work on. Due to the anatomy of the car for some repairs the car mechanic took several hours to repair the broken part. The fabric on the doors and ceilings have not held up well and have fallen or fallen completely off over time. The buttons and knobs on radio dial did not age well either but still works fine. The screen on my 2003 Mazda tribute also is broken and will randomly work and not work. My 2003 Mazda tribute is roomy enough for me and my y'all husband. I currently have one car seat and can still sit comfortably two other people in the backseat. The trunk space of my 2003 Mazda tribute is very spacious and deep. Overall my 2003 Mazda tribute has been wonderful I currently have almost 200,000 miles and am considering purchasing another Mazda product in the future.

- Ashley J

Wish I hadn't bought it but it wasn't all bad

Bought my pearl white Mazda Tribute in 2014 from a shady used car lot in Omaha Nebraska. I was just looking for a good reliable vehicle and I had to stop and I noticed it was running very quite. Needed a new windshield and I gave Sam a check for 3750.00 well below the asking price. I had many issues with the coil packs until a mechanic was able to fix them in 2016 since then the door handle on the driver side rear has stopped working and the paint has been peeling off from the roof and now the backhatch and I have also replaced the hinges on the back hatch. The rear door seals are not good and too expensive to replace seat heater is nice and it has never been stuck in the snow. I do like the interior leather seats but the center council lid has cracked and has been taped with packing tape since 2016, heard that you can get a replacement cover for it. I have enjoyed this vehicle for the last 5 years and I am ready to sell it.

- James Auen

A reliable small SUV that can handle any weather.

My Tribute has been a very reliable vehicle. Other than regular wear and tear items I have yet to run into any major problems at 170k miles. There are some engineering issues but I have run into those with any modern car. For example the standard procedure to change the alternator requires the removal of an axle and all the steps that entails. This Tribute is amazing in the snow. I have driven on 8 inches of unplowed roads with no trouble at all. When it operates this well there is not much else to say on the subject. The vehicle rides smoothly at all speeds and is comfortable on long trips as well. I have no complaints about this vehicle and would buy it all over again.

- Jonathan g

My Mazda Tribute is one of the best cars I have ever owned.

I fell in love with the ford escape but at the time they were to high priced then I was told about the mazda tribute it was everything I wanted 4 wheel drive am/fm cassette and cd player in the car the radio was actually a plus it has a 6 cd changer inside the radio it is cloth interior four door with hatch chrome wheels. With a full size spare tire and the price was about 2500 cheaper than the ford escape I don't think I could ever part with it I have had to put a new engine in it but it was well worth it.

- Russel D

The car is attractive with nice interior finishes. The Mazda engine is reliable.

The car was reliable for the first 60k but the ac went out at 83k and the car has suffered oil leaks over the years. Problems with the seat belt light flashing and other code lights malfunctioning. The car was actually a Ford escape marketed as a Mazda with a Mazda engine. The car has been comfortable to drive for the most part and the interior finishes are pleasing and the exterior paint has held up well over the years,

- Deborah L

A Proud Mazda Tribute Owner

The performance of my car is very good. It is a V6 engine and it have good power giving me a smooth ride.The reliability is very good I had no major problems with my car out of the 10 years I had it I have only had one breakdown on the road and a few in my driveway and that was the battery. The comfort and features are good my features are not high tech but they are good enough for me.

- Adrienne R

Mazda are the best performing and trust cars one can buy.

My car is a 2003 Mazda tribute with silver and gray trim. It is a 6 cylinder engine it is a good driving car with a smooth ride. I haven't had any major problems with my car just basic repairs like oil changes tune ups battery. The performance is very good and the reliability is excellence I only had a few car not starting and the comfort level is good and the features are just normal.

- A R

This vehicle is perfect for families. Dependable and comfortable!

My Tribute is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. It's easy to fit the car seats in, and get the kids in and out. It's comfortable to ride in and to drive. This is my first vehicle with heated seats, and I love them so much! I really like that it's dependable. We haven't had to do any service on it so far beyond oil changes. I'd like a little better gas mileage.

- Tamara L

2003 tribute is a nice reliable car most months.

Good car. But it has had issues, had to replace the engine and the egr valve now the catalytic converter is going out. I keep the regular maintenance so it must be the age of the car due to wear and tear. This model has 2 catalytic converters and I am having to replace the 2nd one after the 1st one crapped out 2 years ago. Overall it has got me where I have needed to go.

- Memory W

My tribute to my Mazda tribute.

This car fits me to a t. I'm short so I can adjust the seat every which way up down up close or farther back so I can see everything! The visibility is also excellent I can see so much better than vehicles that are closer to the ground. It has some other bells & whistles too for instance seat warmer which is so comfy to have in the winter in western colorado!

- Ruth B

Great car, easy to drive.

I love my car. It is a very smooth drive compared to most cars I have driven, the control panel is clearly labelled and easy to use, and the comfort is stellar, I always feel cozy. I also enjoy how small it is, and how well it turns corners. Sometimes the light weight can be an issue in heavy winds, but ultimately it is still driveable.

- Charlie L

My vehicle is a trouper! It is tough & . Looks fine.

The vehicle is consistent and runs well for almost 200,000 miles on it. Very little high end maintenance and has kept me going to work. The body is in good shape for 16 years old, interior is very sturdy, holds up to two English mastiffs! Handles very well for the size vehicle it is, quite nimble in traffic & on the tollways.

- Cecilia L

It's safe and reliable. Makes a good family car. Can hold two adults, three kids with their car seats, and a week's worth of groceries.

I like the easy to clean leather seats, the spacious storage in the back, and the tape, radio, CD deck. I wish it had a usb port. It drives nicely,and I feel safe in the vehicle. For safety reasons every for should have a keyhole-major complaint, there is only a key lock on the driver's side door and I don't feel that is safe.

- Rebecca W

Great gas mileage. Seat warmers. Got through rough weather.

A Mazda tribute is really a Ford Escape, but with different logos on the car. I had leather seats which were also self warming seats! Not expenses to fix, but did have a few manufacturer recalls that needed to be taken care of. I felt safe driving in my just right sized SUV (not to big, not too small).

- Lauren M

Open and Breezy Medium Sized SUV

I love this car. It's extremely roomy and comfortable. Everybody who gets in it says it's so open inside. Sunroof and heated seats makes it modern. The only bad thing is the outdated radio but I just bought a new touch screen one from Best Buy for like 300$ and replaced the old one. Otherwise great car

- Gina N

SUV medium in size and so easy to drive for a senior citizen.

Back door hinge replaced but with my disabled arm cannot easily pull down and close door. It only has a little over 70, 00- miles and good motor and tires and all is working. Leather seats and lights auto and door locks, as long as son keeps in working order no new card desire but keep this one.

- Nita S

Love my car would get the same one again.

I got no problems with that vehicle its very comfortable love the smooth ride I take my dogs too. The only thing I don't like it's the windows in the back don't go all the way down but I can understand it's a kids safety thing, I like it has a glass opening on the trunk too very convenient.

- Undine D

Has a v6 with four wheel drive.

Car has 230000 miles. Bought it used with 215000 miles. Only problem we've had is alternator going out. Car runs and drives smoothly. Would definitely get another one. Also love the fact that it has a v6 and 4 wheel drive. Maintenance costs have been fairly low with only one issue thus far.

- Joshua C

2003 Mazda tribute is a reliable car.

This has been a very reliable car. I have had it for 15 years. The only strange problem I have had is weird things with the electrical. For example, the light showing the doors will sometimes stay on when the doors are closed. The airbag light will randomly come on and then will go off.

- Heather O

Reliable, dependable and very nice.

To be a 2003 it rides as if I got it fresh off the car lot everything works, nice small SUV very dependable and reliable very good on gas and safe to the environment. Very satisfied with Mazda altogether couldn't have made a better choice. I would highly recommend for a small family.

- Lucy W

Our vehicle has been our life saver.

It's been a really reliable vehicle. We have driven it across country without issues. We are having some minor transmission work done as these are known for issues. It's really roomy. We have camped with this vehicle. Seats are really comfy. I can rest very well on road trips.

- Yvonne P

I survived the 2018-2019 blizzard with this car!

I love my Mazda tribute. Really great car, it has made its way through the family. It drives smooth and gets around in the snow, only car I have had that I actually feel really comfortable driving in the snow and ice. At the push of a button you can turn on the 4 wheel drive.

- Britney P

Good highlights drives great.

Has four wheel drive good heating good breaks leather seats heated seats up front drives good it is blue four door little bit of rust had to fix a coil got couple of dents has all season tires needs tune up needs a new muffler has 1786052 miles on it but love it.

- Cynthia C

2003 Mazda tribute still going after 15 years.

The car is old but was very dependable for many years. Currently we need to have the rear differential fixed. There were a few recalls also. There is a little over 100,000 miles. The interior passenger door is starting to come off a little but can be glued back.

- Kerri H

Mazda tribute: a good first car.

I love the car the only issue is that it uses a lot of gas, I have to refill every 200 miles which I hit at least once a week usually more. I like that I can feel the car like getting faster and everything, like I actually do not like how smooth other cars are.

- Brendan O

Love my trailer hitch and it runs great.

I love my tribute it's easy to carry things plus it had a trailer hitch which is nice to pull my trailer I haven't had any major problems with my vehicle it's been very reliable and runs great it had room for my family and it's nice to have it for vacation.

- Pamela A

Great vehicle for the outdoors family.

Comfortable ride, yet rides like a truck. Can load lots of stuff with the back seats down. Comfortable seating. Powerful engine. Trustworthy in the winter. Decent sound quality. Lots of room for all passengers and plenty of drink holders to go around.

- Rachel K

still great gas mileage even though it is fifteen years old

I love my mazda tribute. Very few problems, basically just regular routine maintenance. It's fifteen years old and still gets great gas mileage, smooth ride and still going strong! Approaching 200,000 miles and going!

- tanya g

It is dependable and seldom has any mechanical issues,.

That it is compact, easily maintained and gets good gas mileage.. The parts are interchangeable with other vehicles,.... So repairs are usually easy... Most parts are readily available in the parts stores..

- Deborah L

Not great but just what I need

Very reliable, bought it at 100k miles and seller told me to expect another 80k. V6 so it gets up and goes when I need it too. Awesome storage in the back, wish the back seats would fold down further.

- Bill B

It handles and rides very well.

It is a great smaller SUV. It is Mazda's version of the Ford escape. I have the es V6 model and it has lot of get up and go and runs very well. It is comfortably equipped and rides very smooth.

- Nathan K

This is a good size car with decent gas mileage.

I like the roominess of the vehicle and It's acceleration rate. I do not like the leather seats because they heat up SO much in the summer and seat covers are definitely necessary.

- Lauren S

It is reliable and a pretty easy car to drive. It gets the job done.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive. I live in Michigan so this really helps out in the winter. It has been a pretty reliable vehicle. I would get a similar car to this in the future.

- Jo H

It is a well made car, even though it's nothing fancy.

It is the perfect size -- not too big, but still sits up high so a short person like me can see. It is great in bad weather and has been a reliable car for me for 15 years.

- Alison K

For It's age, the Mazda Tribute has aged well and is still reliable, with good handling.

It is a small SUV, so it uses a ton of gas, which isn't great. It does have a smooth ride, and it is easy to get in and out of. IT has plenty of cargo space, which is nice.

- Missy W

It's the most reliable of all the cars I've ever had.

Most reliable and comfortable car I've ever owned. It was 2003's Consumer Reports small SUV of the year and that's why I chose it at the time. Best decision of my life.

- Allen M

The amazing Mazda tribute

I love the dependability of the Mazda tribute. It gets amazing gas mileage. And all of the back seats completely fold down for hauling. It's a wonderful family car.

- Jeannie S

Great visibility! There are no blind spots. Is big enough to make you feel safe and small enough to maneuver

I love the width and length my car. The newer cars coming out now are either bigger trucks or crossovers. I like how the third window is a full window.

- Deanna k

Most reliable car I've owned. Will give you many miles.

I like my car because its been very reliable for me. I like the fact that I haven't had to have a lot of maintenance. I love the way my car drives.

- kim e

2003 model has major issues.

Rusts, adhesive does not stay on fabric on door panels. Total lemon. I like the sporty look of it. I like that it is 4 wheel drive.

- Sandra H

It is used and may have been wrecked.

Does not get very good gas mileage and would like a little smoother ride. Also, seems to use a lot of oil back window hinges break.

- Leslie L

My car can be from 2003 but it's in good condition. It is one of the best cars I ever had

I like the dark gray color of it. The transmission is very good. The only problem it has is that the motor is too tight.

- Elijah M

It is reliable and perfect for a college student.

Perfect size, runs great! No complaints at all. A little small for a family of 4, but we get by. I would recommend it.

- Sara L

It's a great little suv. Good gas mileage

Great vehicle, decent gas mileage even though It's 15 years old. Has held up really well with very few repairs

- Tanya G

Great first car for a new driver

It's great! The alternator broke recently and the battery light comes on at random. The gas mileage is awful

- Madelaine B

It is a nice small SUV and great gas mileage. .

I like my vehicle because it is a small SUV. It is great on gas and I and I have plenty of room in it.

- Diana W

If a vehicle is maintained you can get a lot of life out of it.

We bought this vehicle for $900 three years ago and it is still running like a dream.

- Angel J

It has ran better than any other cars I have had. The paint job is great.

I have a older model that have a lot of miles on it and it runs great.

- Donna B

Good on gas. I drive all week to work on a tank of gas.

I love it. Has great gas mileage. It is just what I wanted.

- chari c

Reliable and reasonable maintenance costs.

Handling on the road. Comfortable riding.

- Greg P

Perfect small SUV for families.

- Chloe M