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Great, reliable SUV with plenty of space for a small family.

I love the smooth drive, comfortable seating and all the space in the back for hauling things. The heating and a/c heat up and cool down quickly. The only I thing I would change is adding air vents in the back because the people in the back of the car only have the heat/air from the vents in the front of the car. It is been a great family vehicle. I would buy another tribute in a heartbeat.

- Kat W

My Mazda tribute is a great commuter car and is decent on your gas mileage.

My Mazda has over 220, 000 miles and still keeps going. Little maintenance and runs great. The brake system did go out and that has been my biggest problem since owning my Mazda. It has been very reliable even over 220, 000 miles. I do have to constantly put in power steering fluid otherwise it makes a horrible dull squeaking noise. It is nice and roomy but still compact.

- Terra K

Great driving vehicle, few cons.

This car runs very smoothly and has nice perks. Leather seats that are heated, sunroof, etc. The seats are very easy to put down and you feel very safe driving this. Shifting gears is behind the steering wheel like a U-Haul and it is a bit of a gas guzzler, but not too bad. Great for cold. And snowy winters - heat and ac kick on right away!

- Hanna C

The cup holders hold nice sized cups.

Very good on gas reliable and smooth driving. Nice seats no issues ever. It is easy to handle. Nothing ever goes wrong I had to actually get a new starter due to my nephew. Other than that the cars nice I would suggest buying one. My next car of choice would be a Mustang when I retire from my future job.

- Zachary B

My vehicle's very comfortable smooth riding the only thing I would say that it would need to have longer seat belts because some people are taller and bigger than others. That was one of the problems that I was having cuz I am a big girl. But other than that I really love my car I bought it last year and I'm almost done paying the payments it's been a good car to me so far yet with a little wear and tear is hearing there that's normal for used car

I really love my car is very comfortable ride smooth and no problems. Is very comfortable and most of the time reliable. I had vacuum line problems with it where wouldn't crank at one time but as soon as I fixed it I had no problems. The only thing I have wrong with it now is that it need new struts

- Stacy M

2004 Mazda tribute. Great overall value.

Only issue has been, radio and 02 sensors. Great mileage for 4x4. Very reliable. Tow package is great for our pop up camper. Seating is leather and hold up extremely well. Drives smooth and straight with mild road noise. Plenty of seating room. 6 cyl engine runs great with plenty of power.

- John D

Dependable workhorse, great towing.

A good all around SUV. Great towing options handle even U-Haul's largest trailer. My first engine lasted almost two hundred thousand miles before needing replaced but the car was worth the replacement. Air conditioning compressor is a constant weak point as these get older though.

- Christopher K

It's just a great little family SUV.

I had an issue with the you joint. Also my seat warmers went out, but we are thinking its the seat pad not the fuse. . I am the 3rd owner of this vehicle. Great for my little family and can fit 3 car seats in the back seat with no issues. Handles Alaska weather and terrain great!

- Amber S

Great miles. . . But a few leaks.

Excellent mileage! My first engine lasted over 200, 000 miles and it was well worth putting in a second. Be mindful of oil and Freon leaks though. The stock radio is also nothing to write home about so be prepared to replace it and when you do you'll need an din adapter.

- Christopher K

Good value for the money. Nice affordable SUV. Reasonable maintenance.

The maintenance so far has been due to age. It's a nice reliable car to use, its easy to drive. I like that it is a SUV which allows for ease in loading and unloading. The Mazda dealers all have been very helpful and well situated across the country. Nice car.

- Claude L

This car is very reliable and great in the rain and snow with all season radials . Front wheel drive gives better stability in the bad weather.

I love my Tribute. The hatchback cargo space is perfect for shopping trips and the back seat is good for trips with the dogs. My car runs great with regular routine maintenance. I did replace some of the coils at about 132k miles

- Jill T

Power and storage of the Mazda tribute.

I love having the v6 engine and all wheel drive-it makes me feel more secure I the midst of midwestern winters! I also love how much space there is in the trunk for hauling everything related to kids and pets.

- Kathleen F

It has been very dependable and maintenance and upkeep is affordable.

My Tribute is roomy without being too big. I do need to upgrade the stereo. I would like third row seating and wish it was blue instead of red but it runs great and is comfortable.

- jody w

The Mazda tribute is very dependable.

I like my tribute for gas mileage and dependability. It has had no mechanical issues. I dislike the room. We are a tall family and it is a tight fit.

- Brandy S

It is a dependable vehicle, gets good gas mileage, and is nice looking.

Nice car, no problems, good on gas, nice looking, easy to keep up maintenance. The only thing I do not like is the radio could be better sounding.

- Deborah G

My Mazda has 4 wheel drive that works on rough rocky terrain.

I love my Mazda. It is comfortable, reliable and gets good gas mileage. I love that It has 4 wheel drive because I camp and need it where I go.

- Jessica L

I love that it has the sunroof, my kids love it too

It's really good on the highway for gas, which I love but if you're in city driving around forget it you'll spend a ton of money on gas

- Chelsie C

Four wheel drive: Mazda Tribute

It is a very reliable vehicle that has four wheel drive which comes in handy in rain and snow. It also has a lot of seating options.

- Aimee D

It's good for a family of four.

There was no problem with my car. I used it for 8 years until the transmission was down. It's really good for family,

- Megan L

Nice SUV for all around use.

Other than age I have had no problems with the car. Drives nice and gets good mileage and is a comfortable ride.

- Claude L

One important thing about the car is that it is comfortable.

The car runs fine. Ac works perfectly. However, the vehicle has some visible damage on the back tail lights.

- Cesar A

It's an SUV that handles like a car.

It's roomy enough and it's higher off the ground than a car. But it's old, and not worth any major repairs.

- Kevin n

It is reliable and spacious but gets poor gas mileage.

It is old but has held up well so far for as long as I have had it and I hope in continues to last me.

- Fantasy H

It is old but well loved.

I love the size and shape of my vehicle. I do not love how old it is or some of the outdated features

- mackenzie M

I love how smooth the ride is in comparison with other vehicles that size. I also like that the back seat folds completely flat for storage. I wish that the gas tank was larger and it got better gas mileage.

The gas tank is small. If you are someone who drives a lot, you will have to stop often for gas.

- Stephanie A

It still runs great to be as old as it is and for the mileage.

I have no dislikes about my car. Love my car. It has everything I wanted when I bought it.

- Theresa M

High enough to see over people. Don't buy it because the engine too noisy

Engine too loud. Drives well. High enough to see over people. No major faults

- Marco S

Incredibly comfortable and rides smoothly. Exceptionally easy to drive and handle.

The visibility, looking in all directions is wonderful.

- mike m