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The Mazda tribute would a great car for a newly driver.

I found out if you do not put the correct parts for the vehicle it will break other parts in the vehicle. I wish it had lights around the rear view mirror. When pumping gas at different gas stations the car will act like the gas tank is full but it's not there's a sensor that goes bad often. Different gas pumps and different stations also matters. The ride of the vehicle is great. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to a first time driver.

- Constance A

My most amazing Mazda 2005 tribute.

I love my Mazda tribute. It has been the best car for taking day trips and traveling to see family across California. The gas mileage is wonderful. I have not had any problems regarding how it runs. The outside has taken a little beating in the bumpers. Being that they are plastic the color faded and it was dented very easily. overall this car is a gem.

- Molly D

Family necessities on wheels.

It is a very durable and safe vehicle for just about any driver. The high gas mileage makes it an affordable, and dependable automobile. With plenty of room in the back kids will have easy rides with plenty of room for activities. The trunk offers just the space needed for a trip to the beach, or a trip to the park.

- First Name Z

My 2005 Mazda tribute is awesome. You should try it!

The car is really spacious and comfortable. As long as you keep the vehicle up you really should not have any problems. Great speakers they play really loud like you have a sound system. Tires that it comes with are great also. The car rides smoothly, also, have a sunroof that is great for a beautiful day.

- Crystal S

Safety and value. I have found that my vehicle fits very well in that title.

I am second owner and I have not found any major issues. I have found that replacing the brakes on the rear axle are easy to repair. I do find that the rotors need to be replaced and unless you have access to professional tools I have to take it to a tire shop where they can replace them for me.

- Pattie C

Mazda tribute 2005, overall a good small SUV.

Problems with sensors, brakes releasing air, had issues with the engine. Besides that it runs good at 180k. If they wouldn't have discontinued the Mazda tribute I would consider buying a new model when I am able to. After 13 years I believe the issues I had were not that bad with everyday use.

- Teal S

I really like the. Style of the truck.

I love my vehicle. It has the right amount of space and I can travel without worrying about safety. I like the tires, I like the style. It is a very reliable and relaxing vehicle that comes with a sunroof and cup holders in the back. I also like the surround sound that also plays in the truck.

- Sonny S

All in all, the Mazda tribute is a great performing, fun SUV to own.

I love my SUV, the size is perfect for me since I am very short so I like to be high up, it handles really well, corners are nice and smooth and I have a lot of power when I open her up on the highway. This is the best vehicle I've ever owned. The interior is also very nice, soft leather.

- Jean G

No traction in wet weather, does a lot of hydroplaning.

The car is good overall but it has no traction whatsoever. I drive another vehicle when it rains. The Mazda is hydroplaning and all over the road in wet weather. I put a concrete block in the back hoping that would help. It has helped some but not much. Other than that the car is good.

- Faye T

Lots of room. Somewhat dependable.

The 2005 Mazda tribute I is basically a ford escape. It has lots of room but is made with very cheap materials. The anti- lock brakes are actually dangerous. They engage often on drive pavement. Although it is a somewhat attractive vehicle it can easily be mistaken for the ford escape.

- Frank O

Spacious and rides smooth.

Very reliable and run great when taken care of. . I am at 180, 000 and still runs smooth. Love how spacious and comfortable it is and easy to drive for everyone. . Great for if you have a lot of things to haul around but do not want a truck. I'd highly recommend this car for family.

- Tarin A

The car is great runs good and no problems at all the whole time I had it.

Ok well first of all my vehicle doesn't really have any problems its just when u don't have the key in you can open certain things but overall the car runs good and is good on gas if u put regular I would recommend this type of car to anyone looking forward to buying it;).

- Paul G

It is been a reliable & dependable vehicle. I purchased it new.

Other than having to have a new transmission at 15, 000 miles (covered under warranty) I have never really had to do any major repair work until I hit 100, 000 miles. According to the internet this is normal for these vehicles. It is my 2nd Mazda. I highly recommend them.

- Sara M

Sporty Mazda with excellent gas mileage.

Drives smoothly for the most part. It is a stick shift which is hard to come by these days. Excellent gas mileage. A noticeable problem that I have is the 'check engine' light will not go off and there is not anything wrong with the car. Other than that, it's a great car!

- Sarah R

Both of my tributes have been dependable for over ten years.

I find my tribute to be very reliable. It is just the right size for a family of four. The styling has remained fresh for over ten years. I have had very few mechanical issues with either of my two tributes. M tribute has been comfortable to ride in during long trips.

- Paula K

I would honestly like to know why they stopped making Mazda tributes.

Had a few issues with sensors, and the engine once. But with thirteen years of driving and over 181, 000 miles on it still runs great. If they still made the tribute I would buy one it's a great small SUV, I love the seat warmers in the winter it's very comforting.

- Teal S

It has yet to die on me and I love the vehicle to death.

Not really wrong when it get older it takes a while to accelerate, but everything else is super great I love my vehicle. I wish it cruise control lasted longer though it would really be great with long distance trips like the ones for home. But you know oh well.

- Haley S

Very dependable, roomy interior and comfortable.

The Mazda is probably the most reliable car I have ever driven. It belonged to my son, driven by his wife 5 years before he gave it to me. I have never had any problems with only routine oil change and maintenance. It is very comfortable and rides very well.

- Dianne M

Purple SUV, with crank ability loud.

It's a very clean and has always has been reliable. My vehicle has no accidents and the color has not faded. It is the best vehicle ever owned by me. The CD player does not work anymore but the radio still does and is still cranks loud. Blows your ears off.

- Cameron H

Great spacious winter car.

Overall I really like my vehicle. It has a lot space and drives well. I wish it got better gas mileage and the heat currently does not work. But it does have seat heaters so that is nice. It drives smoothly and does well in snow. It is four wheel drive.

- Brandon W

affordable price for how nice of a car.

I like the maneuverability with the Mazda. I also like the sunroof, the tough bumpers and the pleather seats. I do not like the radio option. It does not have an aux option. I also feel like the room is a little tight (i have long legs and get cramped).

- Melissa M

The performance is great and roomy with cargo. I like how it sits up higher than a car.

Just bought my used vehicle last winter. The pros are roomy, runs great, the cargo space and style. The cons is I had to replaced cv boots and right back inside fender fear completed rusted out disconnecting the shock.

- Juanita S

Blue 2004 Mazda Tribute in great condition - low miles

For having a car that is this old it runs like a champ I have only changed the battery in it once and the 4 years I've had it and other then that I got it in pristine condition and I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

- Amber B

I love the grey trim around the doors of the Mazda.

I haven't had any issues with my Mazda. But easy to work on for self repairs if needed. I love the heated seats and the heater works beautifully. Very spacious for an SUV. And good on gas if you like to travel.

- Cynthia C

It's the same car as the Ford Escape, but more expensive because it's "foreign."

My vehicle breaks down consistently. I like that it gets me where I want to go, but I don't like that all years prior to my car were recalled but not mine and I have exactly what they were recalled for.

- Bart S

It's very reliable! U do need to keep up on the maintenance though if u want it to be everyday reliable since it does have a lot of miles on it so tlc req'd at this point in It's life.

it a good vehicle for city and some minor offroad. I haven't had any real issues with it since I bought used from a good friend about 1yr ago. it had over 200k miles but was maintained good.

- john C

It is a good car for a family and overall has not caused to many problems for us.

My Mazda tribute is a very nice SUV. We have had trouble with normal wear and tear but it is a good family car and is big enough for a few kids and a dog which fits our family perfectly.

- Danielle K

It is a safe car for the whole family to ride in.

I love that it drives well during snow storms. I do not like that during the summer it does not get real cold. In the winter it gets cold in the car the heat does not work real well.

- Alexander S

Not fancy and passenger airbag deployed before...

I got it used really cheap...it has some aesthetic issues I don't like because of the previous owners, otherwise it runs really good...definitely worth the money I paid for it

- Crystal B

Because of the engine size, it only gets 16- 20 miles per gallon.

Likes: It is relatively reliable and relatively inexpensive to maintain. It is dependable and comfortable to drive. Dislikes: It has a 3-liter engine and gets 16-20 MPG.

- Steve Z

It is a 13 years old and beyond basic issues, it is been great.

Vehicle has been a wonderful car for 13 years. I did have an issue with the engine but it was resolved and was an issue with the engine itself, not maintenance.

- Donna M

It is reliable. It has glitches in the gps and radio frequently.

The car is versatile. Rides nice and pulls trailers decent. Parts are hard to find and are costly. It also has a lot of little problems that can be frustrating.

- Terri F

It is fairly easily maintained.

Love 4dr and how spacious it is without being a "boat". Love the cruise control. I really do not have any dislikes except I'd prefer a newer year.

- Tara B

looks good, tough good for all seasons

i love the car. getting older has some maintenance issues. i wish the gas mileage was a little better. mazda should still make these cars

- brian R


I love my car! I can't really complain about anything. It doesn't get the best of mileage but it could be a lot worse. But that's about it.

- Keristen W

It is a very good car. Perfect for a new driver.

It is very comfortable. It drives well. The inside is nice and stays cool in the summer. The radio is very good. It is a very good car.

- Emily B

The vehicle is good on gas and also has a convenient space when the seats are folded down.

I have had a few issues with this car but it is also a older vehicle . So having things like brakes and shocks repaired is acceptable.

- sue m

The car was very Affordable at the time that I bought it and even more now.

It's good for it's year, but there's age-related issues. The brakes need to be replaced. It's an older model, so it's not "high tech"

- Zack H

Reliable 2005 Mazda Tribute

I have had my Mazda Tribute for 7 years, it's a great, reliable car. Great for winter. I've only had a few minor problems with it.

- Megan M

Sporty but comfortable enough for a small family

I love it! Its roomy yet sporty and perfect for a small family. Mine has heated leather seats so it feels even more luxurious.

- Emily G

It doesn't accelerate well when you hit the gas pedal.

I like the size of the vehicle. But it could be bigger and I wish the acceleration was better. But it is a very reliable car.

- Roxie J

The low mileage and its good on gas.

Idling a little loud. Easy to drive a simple SUV. Low is mileage for an older vehicle. The price for it was reasonable.

- James S

2005 Mazda Tribute , awesome

The car is very comfortable. Consumes very little fuel. Most spare parts are within reach. In speed it is efficient.

- Gary J

vehicle within reach of your needs

It is a very comfortable vehicle, ready to travel and low temperature. accelerates near 200 km / h on long straights

- Samuel r

Love it.. Tons of jeep accessories that can be purchased outside of the dealership..

I like its small, but still roomy if driving long distance. I do not like the ac. Could be better. Radio is good.

- Andrea B

Very reliable, would buy another Mazda.

I have 60k miles on it and I bought it new. I have only put about $2k in it and that was inclusive of all tires.

- Judy B

It is a reliable car and reasonable with gas.

Very nice to drive but not enough room for my whole family. I like the structure and durability of the car.

- Kris S




I have had very few issues with the vehicle. I feel it is safe and handles well on the road.

I like the dependability of my vehicle. I feel it handles very well. The ride is a bit noisy however.

- Deborah K

Rides smooth. Excellent air condition.

My car is good on gas, drives good, have no problem with it. In excellent condition, uses little oil.

- Linda W

The most important thing to me, is that it is very fuel efficient.

I like how spacious yet compact it is. This truck has great gas mileage. It has lasted a long time.

- Emily G

It is reliable to take you across the US!

It is older so needs some work. It's mostly comfortable for a road trip, but need to upgrade.

- Adam F

It's low on mileage. It has low miles for an older vehicle

Good on gas. Low on mileage. It's roomy and has gps. I don't like that it's an older vehicle

- james c

It handles well on all kinds of roads and is a safe car to drive.

It's comfortable, good on gas & I can carry lots of stuff when I need to.

- Carol C

it is very Durable. it is still up to date. I still see plenty of these types of these vehicles on the road.

Is very durable. It isn't hard to maintain. It doesn't have good mileage.

- Cameron H

it has been good to me always

i love my car it is very dependable and good for all kinds of things

- steven W

The only complaint that I have is that there are starting to be a few problems with it- like odd noises. But I love it otherwise. I would get another Mazda after this car. It has enough space for my family and overall reliable.

It is doing very good looking at the age of the car- still reliable.

- Sarah N

It's a great car! it doesn't have bluetooth capabilities

it drives well... no complaints! accelerator is responsive

- jessica H