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I have not had any major issues other than basic maintenance.

I have problems with the ABS and 4WD light flashing. My mechanic thinks it has something to do with a bad wheel bearing or the ABS wiring is broken. He has to look into it because whatever is contributing to the ABS light being on is causing the 4WD light to flash occasionally. The performance is very nice. It is a smooth drive and gets good gas mileage. It so far has been reliable. I do not have any special features (sunroof, etc) I just have the basic stock parts and I enjoy it.

- Chelsea J

My vehicle is a small but loaded vehicle. Good for road trips or small travel

I love that my vehicle has a sunroof that I can decide how open or closed I want it. I also like that I have the ability to put the seats down making for a little more room, however I don't like the fact that they don't go completely down which sometimes makes it hard on moving things. I like that there are 2 ways to open the trunk end of the vehicle. I can either completely open the door or use the hatch part and just open it half way

- Sara L

Want a reliable, but comfortable SUV... Then this is for you.

It has ran great. Best car I have ever had. . It is reliable, comfortable, great size, and compact. I would recommend buying this vehicle. If you want a sub, this one is great. Not to small, seat fold down to haul things, but yet still small enough to navigate easily. Mine is white, so stays cooler in the summer. Has fog lights, and is a rear wheel drive. Wonderful on trips, highway miles, and short distances as well.

- Amelia A

Great car for first car, or a nice family car

My car is great! The cruise is super easy to set and it does amazing on the highway. It does well in town too. The gas mileage isn't all that but it's not terrible either. I have no problems really. Right after I bought the car used at 147 k miles I had to replace the brake hose. And I've been informed that I have a leaky exhaust. I'm not sure if those are just problems from when I bought the car or a common problem.

- A M

Great little vehicle to drive. If you buy it used, check to see if the transmission has been replaced yet.

My 2006 Mazda Tribute is an awesome vehicle. It is considered a medium size SUV, which can easily sit 5 people and hold a lot of items in the back of the vehicle. The seats lay down so that I can shop even more when there is only one passenger. The only flaw that I have found is having to replace the transmission, but it is 12 years old. It gets decent gas mileage , love it!

- Raymona F

Great and durable vehicle.

Absolutely love this vehicle. Very easy maintenance. Above average gas mileage. Interior and exterior are easy to keep clean. Is a very durable vehicle as mine is 10+ years old but looks almost brand new. Love that it is manual transmission. Manufacturer backs up this vehicle - good warranties. Loved the color and option selections when originally purchased.

- Debbie D

Never been in an accident and works as expected.

Gray 2006 Mazda tribute with 4 cylinders. Computer has been replaced once in the past 1 year, needs an oil change. Currently drives fine. Has some rust on each side when first bought in "perfect condition". The knobs on the radio fall off but are easily usable. The back trunks window will fall off if opened but the trunk itself is fine (there are 2 latches).

- Victoria D

Mazda Tributes are a great family vehicle and a shoppers delight.

I love our Mazda Tribute because it is a midsize SUV, not too big, not too small. It can hold five passengers comfortably and still has a large area in the back for shopping. When my wife and I go to Flea Markets, there is plenty of room for all sorts of items when we lay the seats down. It gets decent gas mileage and not too many repairs are necessary.

- Donald F

The story of my most amazing 2006 Mazda tribute.

From the beginning I have always loved that car!! It has a c. D. Player & air conditioning, which is paramount on a trip in the summer. We have been very fortunate with this car in that it has not needed much maintenance, just oil changes & checking the other fluids. I would buy another Mazda based on how excellent this one has performed.

- Annette D

Mazda good and reliable car.

I love that the Mazda its very good performing car know there is a couple of things I like from my Mazda number one on my list would be how it has a lot of space in the trunk also its very hard to find my car around because there is not a lot of four cylinder car around I do like how I could adjust my stuff with one push of a button.

- Sonia T

Very spacious fuel efficient vehicle at a great price!

Cobalt blue paint is vibrant and visually stunning. Very spacious with lots of leg room. The ride is smooth and comfortable in every seat. The trunk area is huge with an option of window hatchback or full rear door. It is very fuel efficient considering size. A great vehicle option for families or single diver like myself. Quality!

- Ashley M

Would not say it is an interesting detail, the vehicle is dependable.

It does not have all the latest features as it is 12 years old, but is comfortable and easy to operate. It has normal modern safety features and I feel safe in the vehicle. It holds the road well and has enough power for me and my needs. I keep up the general maintenance and it has given me very few problems.

- John G

My Most Dependable Vehicle

Even though this car is getting up in years it is still dependable and efficient. We've had entirely original parts, with the exception of tires and brakes pads, until late last year. There is very little accessibility to the engine and the parts underneath it but otherwise very easy to maintain.

- Sarah T

It's the perfect height. No bending down, no step up on the doors.

I love the heights of the car, it's easy to get in & out of. It's a basic model, I would have loved some upgrades but it was the only one left on the lot. It's been a very reliable vehicle & is very comfortable to drive or ride in. I prefer driving an SUV. I like the higher sight lines.

- Patricia B

The cars passenger back seats do not fold all the way down. It�s really weird

Vehicle has so many issues. The windows are barely working, under the car is completely rusted and the car always gets way too hot. The paint on this car is scratches and chips way too easily. My biggest pet peeve is that the passenger seats don't fold down all the way so it's an awkward tilt.

- Sam F

Old but reliable for a young person.

The car is a little old now, but it is holding up for now. The doors locking is the only problem right now with the car. Everything else is perfect. Filling the tank is somewhat ok. The car is meant for long trips but gas runs out quick. There is a lot of room for other people and storage.

- Jay G

The car is roomie. For a 4 cylinder mini SUV it holds speed in the freeway.

Love my car because it is super reliable. The only thing is to keep the maintenance, because the struts do wear out fast. Also the sensors for the doors did fail after 4 years of use. Even though the doors are lock the sensor shows as if they are open. But otherwise it is super reliable.

- Margaret F

Mazda Tribute best in snow

It's old now, the stuff put on the ground for snow has started to rot the underneath. Emergency brake doesn't work. It's absolutely amazing in bad weather, any kind of snow, it drives like a beast! We live on a very steep driveway on a dirt road and have never been stuck, not once.

- Jeff M

great overall vehicle. Gets the job done.

I love that it is not as short as a car but it is also not as high as a truck step. The abs sensors have gone quite a few times in this vehicle. it's great for a long trip we have used it to go out to Ohio multiple times. The leather seats makes messes easy to clean up. I love it.

- raven B

it is a reliable car I have 112,000 miles on the car and I just put a new transmission in it last October that is the only major repair.

My car was a rental vehicle when I bought it. I wanting something that was all wheel drive because where I lived had a lot off hills so if we got a lot of snow and school cancel they did not clear our roads. ever since I got the vehicle I did not have a problem get to work,

- Karen H

It is a very good family vehicle.

SUV has no navigation system, with many miles on the SUV, but it is very comfortable and spacious. It has keyless entry. It is a very reliable vehicle. Has kept a good value after 13 years driving in different countries and states. Has an extremely smooth ride as well.

- Whitney B

Red Mazda tribute runs nicely many repairs needed though.

Nice car, nice size, fits most places a lot of space, can pack a lot in for moving. Can fit a lot of tote boxes. Decent mileage. Travels nicely. Drives nicely. I don't understand why this review needs to be a minimum of 250 characters. Nice color. Easily fixable.

- Sheryl B

Great car inside and out.

This is my second Mazda tribute, I love them. Great gas mileage, haven't had many mechanical issues, awesome body style. Had a custom radio installed with Bluetooth , was no problem for installation. Great space, enough for 2 friends and 3 dogs comfortably.

- Elle H

'06 Mazda Tribute-I 4dr 4 cylinder SUV.

It's reliable, has good handling and gas mileage. My model happens to have leather seats, which I find to be comfortable and very durable, and very easy to clean. The only problem of note is the engine light being on, but when checked gives no error code.

- Zachary B

Dependable, reliable, headache free!

I bought my vehicle second hand 2 years ago. I have had no issues that would qualify as anything other than normal wear and tear. It has been very dependable. I love the heated seats and automatic side mirror defrost. The cargo mat was a great add on.

- Michele P

Reliable. Comfortable. Windows all around.

Great SUV. Good gas mileage. 12 years old, no major problems. Not many parts needs replacing. Seating comfortable. Back knee space a little small. don't like removing headrest to lower back seat. Lower back seat goes completely flat.

- Vicki C

My Mazda tribute. It is a great first car.

My car is a 2006 Mazda tribute and it still looks brand new on the inside and out. It is a great running car and the only issue I have is while running and I am outside of the car I fill a lot of heat coming out from underneath.

- Bobbie H

It is reliable and has good gas mileage!.

I like the bigger size allowing me to carry more things or people. I like how reliable it has been. I dislike that it is slow to accelerate. I dislike the body roll around corners and how fast it goes through tires.

- Xavier D

The storage is great for bauling all the stuff a young one needs.

For a bigger car it was good gas mileage, it was lots of room, and I'd great to car camp in. The only thing negative I can say about it is people get a little motion sick sitting in the back.

- Pete H

Mazda is beautiful, carefree (as carefree as a car can be), and yet built for the road.

My Mazda experience has been excellent. My Tribute is my second Mazda and both have lasted for beyond a decade with NO problems, only regular maintenance and part replacements. LOVE them.

- Jeffery T

For sale. Low mileage Mazda Tribute.

Good condition inside and out. Leather seats, am-fm cd player. 130,000 miles. New tires, good brakes. V6 automatic. Uses no oil between changes. Power windows and air conditioning

- Gary C

It's a great vehicle for one person or a family.

I like that it sits five people and that it's safe for my family. No complaints, Mazda is a good company. I have had good upkeep and minimal repairs with regular maintenance.

- Jo G

It is a reliable vehicle.

I love the size of my SUV. It is perfect for carrying around my medical equipment. I love that it was affordable when bought new. I really like how it has been reliable.

- Jeffery H

It has some get up and go. Even though it is only a V6 it has power.

I like that my car is small but yet roomy and I can haul lots of things in my trunk. I also like that it is good on gas. I love that my car is paid for.

- Paula C

It has a better chance of rolling over if you take a curve too fast.

I like that it sits up off the ground, and it runs fairly well. It does not get great gas mileage. It has a decent amount of room for a small SUV.

- Casey W

easy to park in small places and drives wonderfully smooth

my car has been a very great car very good gas mileage. never had any problems my only complaint is the placement of cup holders in front of car

- kristy c

It has 192,000 miles and still runs well. It has really held up.

I love how well it has held up. The gas mileage is pretty good for a SUV. It rides smooth and has plenty of room. It has AWD which I love.

- Joel D

It is great, idk what something important is that I didn't just say with.

doesn't require much maintenance, good mileage, rides smoothly, roomy, very few problems. Any problems are natural wear and tear due to age.

- Alexandra B

My Mazda SUV is stylish and comfortable.

I like my car because I sit a little higher up than a ca.Although I do not get great gas mileage I like the style of my car.

- mary r

It runs great and will get you around.

It has been very dependable for 12 years, it is the right size, and still looks okay for it is age... I have no complaints.

- Maureen R

The Mazda tribute has decent full mileage and is easy to clean.

The Mazda tribute is a very reliable and safe car. The interior is leather and comfortable during all seasons.

- Jenny V

Great gas mileage. Seats are very uncomfortable. And it sits very low.

Don't like the comfort of the seats or the interior. I like the gas usage. And I don't like how low it sits.

- Bryan B

2007 Mazda Tribute: Reliable

Bought used. Put some money into it for repairs but it has been pretty reliable this far. 121k when bought

- Andrew P

This has been my first new car. I've been extremely happy with it. My light tree went out and my dash got messed up during the repair

I like the shape of it but I should have gotten a v6 motor instead of a 4 cylinder; it has little power

- Linda M

I keep it clean. I clean it daily.

Have no complaints or problems I would buy another one it runs great no maintains no engine problems.

- Velvet P

It has lousy gas mileage so I spend more money on gas,

I like the height. Easy to get in and out of. It has All Wheel Drive. I haven't had that before

- Julie L

it is a well built automobile

I like the way it handles and the fact that it is 12 years old and paid for

- anthony K

The one most important thing would probably be the gas mileage.

I like the size of the car but dislike the low gas mileage that it gets.

- Brenna L

Reliable.Dependable.No major problems and very comfortable with excellent gas mileage.

No dislikes or complaints.My second favorite vehicle I have ever owned.


It is safe and will last you a long time! I trust this car.

It has lasted me 12 years! It is so reliable. I feel safe in this car.

- Emma G