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Lasts a long time, but it does feel like it is aging quickly now that it has gone in a decline. Otherwise I love this car and it is very reliable.

I love my Mazda Tribute. Most of the issues it has / I have with it are related to old age and use (i.e. needing oil changes more frequently, needing new windshield wipers, transmission checks etc). The hinges on back trunk door appear like they weren't coated or protected well because they completely fell apart into dust when I opened the window one day. The window had to be taped to the door. I think most of the features are intuitive, but as the car is ten years old it is not up to date on technology. This doesn't bother me much, but for someone who wants the latest feature this might be an issue. It has lots of room in the front and passenger seats. The trunk is not huge, but it is decent sized. The passenger seats fold down, but they don't fold down flat so they're at a weird angle that does not give you more room in your car (like you would think).

- Addy V

Wonderful 4 door family car

The Mazda Tribute is a four door vehicle perfect for families with five or less people. Has great four wheel drive with comfortable seating all around. Dislikes about the vehicle is that the AC blows really high or you can barely feel it. I love that the vehicle is fully carpeted and that the seating is cotton and not leather. I have had it for over 10 years so the lining of the top is coming off near the windshield. The steering wheel has its wear and tear. Great feature is that the vehicle does have is putting the whole back seat down for extra room. It has a great big trunk area. This vehicle is perfect for families of all ages.

- Tara M

It does not get good gas mileage.

Overall, my 2008 Mazda tribute is a great car! It does not have many of the modern updates most cars have today; especially from the same year. No power seats or heated seats. My CD player does not work and neither does my cruise control. The gas mileage on the car is far from perfect (I also travel 60+ miles per day for work. ). I love my tribute, but am seriously considering a new vehicle. My previous vehicle was year years older and had more amenities and updates to offer.

- Kaila M

Workhorse unreliable in bad weather

My car has a lot of electrical problems. The over comfort level of the interior is comfortable. I bought it used with 140,000 miles on it. I drove it from NY to Texas. It tends to have electrical problems in heavy rain. It is a workhorse but not the most reliable vehicle if you get stuck in some bad weather. The back seats fold down flat. It is great for moving things. The handling is not the best. For what I paid for it I am pleased.

- Shawn M

My tribute is reliable and a fun SUV to own.

My tribute have not had any major problems since I purchased it 6 years ago. The only problems that I have had were minor ones. My left passenger window would not let down and it was covered under warranty. My DVD player would not load DVDs and it was covered under warranty. My starter went out and the starter coil had to be replaced. The tribute gets good gas mileage and is a fun vehicle to drive.

- Derek H

It's 4 wheel drive and offers great handling and traction control in the snow.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive since I live in the Northeast and it has great traction in the snow. The interior is roomy and the leather seats are comfortable in both the front and back. I enjoy the 5 CD disc player and the sound quality is good. The storage area in the back is adequate and the roof rack comes in handy for transporting large items.

- Paula W

The car has some kinks but all used cars do

My car is an average car. These car is used to just get me through college. It was my first car and was bought used. The car runs fine except the brakes are a little shaky. The best part about the car is that it's an SUV and has a lot of room. The car does well around town but I'm afraid long road trips are over due to ware and tare over the years

- Kelly S

My SUV is the best. My husband and I always use my Tribute on outings.

White Mazda Tribute. I love my SUV, I've had it for 3 years now and it's so dependable. My Tribute is the main vehicle in our household. The roominess and comfort of this vehicle makes it our favorite when traveling. I have had to have the transmission replaced due to age, but it runs so good. I could never part with my Tribute.

- Marsha H

Mazda black beauty sleek sporty SUV.

I love my 2008 Mazda tribute! It handles like a small vehicle but interior is very spacious and comfortable. Sharp looking inside and out. Back seats fold flat which I love for shopping/moving, it's so convenient. I have had no problems with this vehicle in the 1 yr. 3 months that I've owned it-besides routine maintenance.

- Natasha A

The detail could use some work.

My 2008 Mazda tribute has always been a safe and reliable vehicle. I have never had any major problems with it other than having to change the ball bearings and etc. It may be a little old in years but if someone ever wanted to purchase a use vehicle for a reasonable amount, then this vehicle would be a great choice!

- Susan M

Check engine light, ball joint, tie rod.

I have a 2008 Mazda tribute that needs a ball joint repair, tie rod repair, check engine light on, it has low miles, runs smooth, FM/am radio, CD, excellent ac condition, no rust, brand new tires, had an alignment done, it has tire detection, power window and seats, trunk unfolds as a flat bed very spacious room.

- Anna B

Qualities of 2008 Mazda tribute.

I love my car. It has leather seats, front heat seaters, a sunroof, a large truck, and is comfortable for passengers. It gets good gas mileage and runs beautifully for a car that is ten years old. It has automatic locks and a decent stereo system. Drives like a small car and is easy to maneuver.

- Emily B

Space enough to surf and snowboard.

The tribute is spacious, fully powered, I.E windows, seats, side mirrors, rear view, etc. Gas mileage averages 20-25, can get more as well in correct situations. A hybrid that runs on electricity as well as gas. Has made some decent trips and continues to run decent after 130,000 miles.

- Eric I

Great vehicle for its age.

It was used when I bought it. Loved the heated sets the time it took to get up to speed. Lots of foot room. It doesn't have radio control on steering wheel or Bluetooth. It is a 2008 and now the cruise control do not work. Air conditioner had just went had if fixed still love it.

- Debra M

Spacious and long lasting.

Despite having various exhaust and steering issues the car continues to run pretty well. A well maintained tribute will take you a long way. They are very long lasting cars and even when undergoing problems they perform well. I am planning on buying another Mazda one day.

- Daniel E

The grey goose that looks like a Mazda.

The automatic windows are a problem. But everything else is fine. I like my Mazda but will be looking at a Nissan or a Toyota. One that is not a gas guzzler and high tech, w gps. Also plenty of room and the right kind of color and reliable. But not too many problems.

- Perry U

The body shape is the same as a Ford Escape

Reliable SUV, features include spacious cabin, large fuel tank and decent gas efficiency. I have had this vehicle for almost 2 years and have confidence it is well made. The seats are comfortable, radio and speakers work well and the dashboard light is adjustable.

- Shannon B

Long lasting and pretty reliable

The engine is very loud and the exhaust has a lot of long term issues. I love the features and the four wheel drive. Base audio quality could be better. It didn't take long for the bass on the speakers to get fuzzy. The alignment also needed to be fixed a few times.

- Daniel E

It feels that it fits and suits me... not too big and not too small. I like the feel of driving my tribute and wish that they still made them.

I love that I sit higher off the ground and therefore have a better view. I have no desire to go back to a regular low car. Will continue to purchase an SUV in the future. I was willing to purchase another Tribute but they are now longer being manufactured, bummer.

- cindy s

All weather all occasions

Acceleration is not great. Lateral vision is somewhat impaired by the frame. I hate the position of the emergency break- I often accidentally activate it by entering or exiting. Love the 4w drive in adverse weather and on steep roads. Very spacious interior.

- Frances F

Extremely Reliable vehicles

Very good and reliable. Minimal repairs just regular wear and tear. Very efficient with miles per gallon. Got it used with 106 thousand miles and it now has 214 thousand miles and it still in great condition and running. Would greatly recommend to everyone.

- Marisol C

Old faithful that still gets me where I'm going.

Threw a rod in my engine after 4 years of owning it. No problems since. Very sturdy and dependable otherwise. I am comfortable in it, and often have no trouble hauling cargo. However, the car has little no to pickup. Very slow to get going on the highway.

- Cameron W

Very reliable and runs well even with 165000 miles.

My 2008 Mazda Tribute is extremely reliable. It now 169000 miles and runs like new. Only small problems with rear hatch window not staying up after it is opened and air conditioner works on only two speeds. We own two Tributes and we love both of them.

- Bronwyn S

The engine isn't strong enough for the size of the vehicle.

It is large enough to fit my family of fit and has good storage capacity. It is a weak vehicle for Its size and we had to make several large repairs to it. The transmission has been replaced twice. I will not purchase Mazda again in the future.

- Ashley R

Don't buy a Mazda if you want your car to last more than 8 years! Madas are not built to last!

AT ten years kold my vehicle has problem after problem. The alternator went bad, then the calipers in the wheels, now the PCM (the cars computer) has gone bad! It's has been a horrible experience! Mazdas are not made to last!

- Kelly M

My Tribute has multiple airbags in the passenger compartment.

I like that my Tribute gets 28 miles to the gallon on the highway. It seats 5 comfortably. With the rear seat down I can heal most anything. Rides comfortably and I have 128,000 miles on it.

- Julie J

2008 tribute has had more issues than any other year model.

I like the look of my vehicle but i?Ve had a ton of recalls and issues including one specific problem that i?Ve been unable to get fixed. The year model is apparently a bad year for issues.

- Brandy G

It is a car that get me to where i need to go

It is a car that get me from point a to point b. Reliable, decent performance, comfortable. no special features other than the usual (power windows, power door lock, etc.)

- Denise G

The most important thing that I would like people to know about my car is, my car was once my mother who pass last year in September.

I love my car its great on highway miles. My car have a great air/heat conditioner system. I hate my timing belt have tore up and cost me $500.00 dollars to repair.

- Devon H

My car should last me to 200,000 miles because of the very few repairs that I have had to make in the first 100,000.

My vehicle gets good gas mileage on the highway. It has had very few repairs. I dislike the small engine, but I will get a 6 cylinder next time.

- Brent H

Its economical..it cost on the average $40 to fill up the tank and that usually last me a week.

I like its economical. It's fun to drive. I love the 5 speed transmission...It will get up and go. The only complaint is I wish it was newer.

- joe w

It is a reliable car. Mine has almost 200,000 miles and it is still mechanically sound.

I like the height of the vehicle. It drives well. It is mechanically reliable. My biggest complaint is the gas mileage (about 23 mpg).

- Dawn B

2008 Mazda Tribute. comfortable with plenty of legroom

it is easy to drive, easy to get in and out of parking spaces. it gets good gas mileage. one drawback is its turning radius.

- scarlet c

That it is a stick shift and most people are unable to drive it.

No complaints is an amazing vehicle. Works for my everyday needs, requires little maintenance and travels well.

- Samantha C

Just because it is old, it is still a Reliable vehicle.

This is a reliable vehicle. It still rides nice for 10 yrs old. I would buy this b make of vehicle again.

- Diana M

It's a nice comfortable car

It takes me to places and has never broke down on me. It's a smooth car and never gives me any problems.

- Rebeca J

She may be old and run down but, she's lasted this long. Pretty reliable.

I like that it is pretty reliable. I dislike the smaller size for an SUV, and it is not really my style.

- Josh S

Looks can be deceiving. I can leave mustangs in the dust.

It zooms! Has a tight turn radius and drives great. I hate that Mazda no longer makes the Tribute.

- Kerri B

My car has been the best thing ever to my family and I we have had it for 4 years and we have not had one problem with it

My car is a get up and go, I have not had any problems at all with my car.

- Phyllys B