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Manually unlock the trunk/hatch with a key.

The gears in the sunroof shade wore down, so now I am unable to use that feature. Cost too much to replace. My particular make happens to be rear wheel drive so forget about driving in the smallest of snowfalls. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I got stuck in the snow this winter. If mine wasn't a coupe I'd suggest all wheel drive. My back cover for my hatch broke a thing, it still works okay with a little extra effort to move it. There is also no trunk/hatch button on the key or on the driver side anywhere, so you have to manually go to the back and unlock it with a key, ridiculous. The headlight cases are plastic so the lights are dim. There is fog lights tho.

- Kay L

I consider my car to be very reliable

First if all my car doesn't waste any gas. It lets you know when it has any malfunctions. The interior still holds up. And it is almost consider a classic. It accelerate really fast & is very stable on the road & turns. The color is gray on the exterior & gray in the interior.

- Gerardo C

It's our first Mercedes-Benz!

The maintenance can get pretty expensive, it holds like 7 or 8 quarts of full synthetic.. We've had it over a year with no real significant problems or break downs.It runs good and travels very well. We keep up with oil changes etc. So the big expensive repairs are less likely occur.

- Cindy R

Great car/bad electric system

I have been having some electrical problems- Battery dies. In addition my windshield and AC don't work so it gets pretty brutal in the summer when temperature reaches over 110. Recently my radio has been turning off randomly which I believe causes my car to die out of nowhere.

- Carla M

Grandmas Mercedes is awesome.

Mercedes c class has been remarkable. No problems so far. I get yearly check up. Front end is starting to squeak but it is a 2002 model. Rides quiet and comfortable on long rips. I have the wagon helps with transportation of grandchildren. Very happy with Mercedes.

- Mary Y

Has a tendency to have electrical issues like brake lights and turn signals.

Love my MB. It's sporty, dual sunroof, all leather but they are expensive to have serviced, Fortunately I have found the best mechanic to service my car and not have to pay dealership prices.

- Mary C

It was good while it lasts. It was a long time before I had any major repairs.

I purchased my car brand new in 201 but it is a 2002 and I only have 57,000 original miles on it. It is starting to break down therefore, I have to think about getting a new car.

- sherida m

It is manual. So you will have to learn to drive it.

It is been reliable so far. I was able to buy it cheap. It has good gas mileage and looks appealing to the eye.

- Shane H

I like it overall it will be great to get repairs done

It has some oil leaking issues that will be fixed. The ride is very smooth and the car is attractive

- Sam G

Advanced safety features. With traction control and six years to make it more economically fuel efficient.

This is a luxury vehicle. It is very comfortable. The Mercedes Benz c240 is advanced in technology.

- Jessica F