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Vehicle has constant problems and is expensive to maintain!

The vehicle was purchased through a dealer a few years back and has given us many problems. I've had to change the gas pump, catalytic converter, water pump, and brakes just within the past two years. The car constantly has issues and is unreliable. The parts to the vehicle are also expensive. It is an expensive vehicle to maintain. The car doesn't have a great acceleration, but it runs smooth. The car has given me and my family trouble since the first day we purchased the vehicle. The car also tends to have a number of electrical problems. For example, the seats are unable to recline, because of an issue with the electrical component of the vehicle. I was able to have the issue fixed, but the seats failed to recline, and I have yet to fix it. I'm worried that it would cost a fortune to repair. The car has also had some issues with the spark plugs that caused the vehicle to rock back and forth when it would come to a complete spot. That was embarrassing! There was also a point in time in which the turn signal was failing. My windshield wipers would turn on whenever I would signal to make a turn. The car also has an issue on the dashboard. It constantly notifies me that some lights aren't working properly, when in fact they are. The vehicle is also on the smaller case and has very little space in the back. There is very little leg room for passengers riding in the back of the vehicle. This vehicle would give you a headache.

- David M

2003 Mercedes Benz c240 review.

The 2003 Mercedes Benz c240 is overall a very reliable vehicle and I am very pleased with it. The performance is great, it has an engine that is very powerful for the price of the car at the time. It is also a very comfortable and roomy car. However, I did not rate it five out of five for several reasons. Please note that this car is now pretty old, and this may be the cause of these reasons. First, the paint all over the car started chipping away. The outer clear coat slowly came off over the years, making the car look very run down and old. The leather seat also started to rip (only on the driver side, as I do not usually have passengers). It has spots where you can see the insides of the seat, which is a white fill material. At times, the car has trouble locking. When I press "lock" on the key, the lock on the door will lock and automatically unlock again. If I get lucky, the lock sometimes stays in place. This is very frustrating because the car does not allow you to lock it from the inside. It is been a pain going out now, because there's a chance that I would not be able to lock my door. The door handle has also come undone, and the control to open and close the window also came undone, although it still works. This may be an old car, but my family has owned cars for longer than this one and did not experience any of these issues.

- Tracy C

High performance luxury vehicle.

My 2003 c240 Mercedes Benz is the best car I ever had. I purchased the car in 2007 and I have never experienced any problem with it. I always service the car on time. It is a high performance car that does not gulp down gas as long as I purchase premium gas from shell, chevron or Exxon. The car runs smoothly and the dashboard lets me know when to be aware of anything that needs to be done on the car. It is a highly reliable car because it has never failed my expectation of a reliable car that would start on time, drive comfortably, give notification(s) on the dashboard and does not rapidly consume gas. It is a comfortable car with great features because the seats fit perfectly, the dashboard tells me anything I need to do on time (mileage check, oil change and low oil, etc.) And the ac and heat runs perfectly.

- Ade K

Mercedes-Benz c class 240.

My Mercedes-Benz c240 has never given be unexpected trouble. It is very reliable. The seats are very comfortable, even during long drives. The steering is nice and tight and it turns on a dime. It is a rear wheel drive vehicle and therefore is not good for driving in the snow. That is actually my only disappointment. It is difficult to get around in just a couple of inches of snow. Other than that, I absolutely love my car. I will certainly look at Mercedes-Benz when I am ready to get my next car.

- Lorraine B

Over 10 years old and still runs like new!

I absolutely love my car! It was my very first car and still runs amazingly to this day. It is very gas efficient and incredibly safe. I have only gotten in one accident in it and I made it out perfectly fine and the car was in great shape too and not bad to fix. It does fairly well in all weather including snow even though it is only rear wheel drive. Again, the gas mileage is amazing for a car from 2003 and it still runs perfectly. I love it!

- Car L

First car: Mercedes-Benz.

When I had the Mercedes Benz, it was honestly the best car I have had. The problems I had with the vehicle was that it was a coupe and parts were sort of expensive. The coupe was a downside for us because we were a family of 5 and it annoyed my parents to have to put the seat down frequently to get someone in the back. The leather seats were always comfortable unless you wear shorts. In that case, your legs will kinda stick to the leather.

- Irene R

News about the Mercedes Benz.

The Mercedes Benz c320 is very easy to drive. It makes U-turns possible in limited space. The Mercedes has many computers whose results show up on the dashboard screen. If you are used to dip sticks to check your oil and other fluids, you will not find any in the Mercedes. All such measures are made by the computer and the results show up on the dashboard screen. Also, passengers are very comfortable riding in the Mercedes Benz.

- Margaret W

2003 Black Mercedes-Benz C320

The Mercedes Benz C320 is a beautiful sporty vehicle. It has been extremely reliable. The comfort and features meet expectations. I have maintained the vehicle according to recommendations in the vehicle handbook. I have never had a problem of any kind. I would definitely purchase another Mercedes Benz C-Class. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone interested in owning a quality sporty vehicle.

- Shanna T

Love for the old girl - running great and keeping me safe!

The Mercedes is a great car. It drives smoothly and the only issues I've had with it relate to the car's computer needing to be reset. At 15 years old, it still looks very stylish and current, and I love the luxurious leather seats and trim. The only thing I dislike about the car is its size... I've driven an SUV for years, so it's taken time to get used to a smaller vehicle.

- Alexandra K

I love the sunroof and how it can go into manual mode.

I really enjoy my Mercedes Benz c230. It is super reliable and has over 150, 000 miles on it and still runs like a brand new car. It is a little expensive to repair because of the German engineering but overall it is an awesome car. I got it over 3 years ago and haven't had any major issues with it, which is surprising considering it is a 2003.

- Destiny C

It has automatic wipers, but not automatic lights.

Pros are it is comfortable, easy to drive, smooth ride, great gas mileage, power windows/seats/mirrors and reliable. Cons are it is a little older making some of the features obsolete like syncing your phone, no automatic lights, a little small for our family (which is not really the car's fault). Overall it has been a great car for us.

- Jenny S

The car has amazing handling, a smooth quiet ride and a solid feel.

The car interior and features have a tendency to break or fail. Sun shade in the rear window sticks, interior door handles break, on the whole these are irritating but not as bad as where the fuel filter is placed. It took me hours to replace that one. So some of the regular maintenance is harder than it should be.

- Susan A

Great motor. Few electrical problems but expensive to fix. Drives great.

At high mileage it doesn't feel as reliable as it use to. It has great comfort as far as driving the vehicle you feel control of the car. The interior is great Quality. The maintenance can be quite expensive as the car gets older. Electrical problems have been few but reliable once fixed. Motor is good quality.

- Diana A

Car Review: Great Gas Mileage and Reliable

The interior is very comfortable for long drives and seats and carpet are easily cleaned as they are black. The car has only had minor issues, and I'm at almost 200,000 miles and all problems were relatively inexpensive to fix. The car is great for gas mileage as well which saves me a lot of money.

- Lauren W

A very nice, high tech, luxury car.

No problems with the car other than space. It has Bluetooth and a break warning when driving is too long. The speaker are high quality and the seats have a heating on them. The rearview mirror dims or tints when the sun is out. It is a very fast car and picks up speed quick.

- Sam C

Great gas mileage, reliable.

It is reliable and easy to drive. Smooth ride. Automatic windows, doors, seats. Since it is older some of the features are obsolete, like syncing your phone to the car. Is not a smaller car, so a little small for our family. Great gas mileage, but requires premium gas.

- Jennifer S

Compact and extremely fun to drive.

The car gets great gas mileage. The car is incredible reliable. The car has a simple maintenance plan and is easy to maintain on your own. The car has a great look and feel behind the wheel and it is extremely fun to drive on the highway and in the country.

- Chuck M

Sporty small car with good acceleration and nice features for a 2003.

This car performs well. It has many features for a 2003. It is a nice little sporty car that accelerates pretty fast. Reliable. It is 2 door but pretty spacious. Repairs can be expensive. Sunroof is known to have problems. Powerless windows. Decent on gas.

- Kimberly C

Great commuter car for big city or towns.

It is a great car that I just recently purchased second hand. It may be an oldie but it is sure a goodie. Has a few meager problems but overall quite dependable. It has great mileage and with 25 miles per gallon, making it a great commuter automobile.

- Rey N

It only takes premium gas.

I like that my vehicle has all-wheel drive because it is helpful when it snows. I also like that it has leather seats. The hatchback is also very helpful when I have to move furniture. I do not like that it does not have Bluetooth for music.

- Kindle M

It is a very reliable make and model and I would highly recommend it to others.

I love that the engine still runs smoothly and can easily make long distance trips. I dislike how expensive it costs to repair things for my car and I have been having power issues lately.

- Daniel C

Very reliable car drives good in any weather.

It is all wheel drive it's a nice size not too big. I like how smooth it runs its speaker system is good. It's very reliable rarely breaks down. Drives good in snowy or rainy conditions.

- Anthony L

It's great for families that have kids.

Love the acknowledgement that is received when driving a Benz. I did not care for them prior to getting this one. If someone hadn't hit me and dented fender it would still look pretty.

- Tanya S

It is extremely well built to withstand accidents. A Mercedes saved my Sister and her daughters life when hit from behind and slammed into a big truck. The EMTs said they would have been crushed in many other vehicles.

This Mercedes drives well, is roomy and is built to withstand accidents that others are not able to get through. The worst problem is the price of parts. Wowza, they are pricey!

- Catherine D

How reliable this car has been throughout the years.

Love my Mercedes. It is a reliable vehicle. Good on gas and very comfortable.. Parts are a little expensive as well as labor to fix it. But I am very fond of my car.

- German G

Mercedes is A beautiful drive.

My Mercedes is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. I feel like I'm floating in a boat when driving . You don't feel the road in it. Great gas mileage also

- Karen W

Mercedes C230 Kompressor Sports Coupe 2003, White

It is very nice and clean looking. It has good speed. However, I have had many problems with latches, such as the driver door, trunk, and sunroof.

- Alyssa H

It holds up over the years that I have owned it. Still performs well on the road.

I love the way it drives and that it handles well on the rod. The luxury interior. Good gas mileage. I like the leather interior.

- Melinda H

Parts are expensive but hardly breaks down.

Great performance but looks like for an older person. Seats starting to rip, overall very comfortable car and good pick up speed.

- Tammy O

Economical and smooth ride.

Easy to drive, good on gas. Small but large enough for my needs. Roomy trunk for groceries or whatever else. No complaints.

- Toni Q

It is fun to drive and very useful.

I like the style and comfort of the vehicle, as well as its performance. I dislike the cost of repairs on the vehicle.

- Vincent C

Economic, comfortable and rides very smooth.

Love my vehicle, it does not waste gasoline very economic very comfortable and I find parking everywhere I go.

- Catherine L

It has a sporty body. It's compact and super fast. Love it

I have the Mercedes sports coupe. I didn't know Mercedes made sports cars. Love it. Hate the cost of repairs

- Tena B

Beautiful, great performance, spacious

Very fast, innovative, beautiful, attractive, big, so much space inside, slick design, black, performance

- Elena M

More expensive to fix than America made cars and harder to do it yourself

I like that it is made well and older but has most modern convences. I hate that it doesn't have Bluetooth.

- Rebecca B

Parts and maintenance is expensive. But it has really good gas mileage and performance.

It's in perfect condition for a 2003 model. Really reliable and with good comfort for a small family.

- Pablo P

That it's a Smart Forte but you didn't have that one your list so I had to do as similar as I could (Mercedes makes Smart)

I like that it's easy to get around in the city. It has good gas mileage. It is easy to clean.

- Elizabeth H

It's a very nice, but humble vehicle that does everything well.

Excellent styling and engineering. Drives well, comfortable. Will last a long time.

- Chris C

Safety. These cars are very safe which is why they win safety awards year after year.

Runs great for cylinders and is gas efficient as well.

- Claudia R