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The Mercedes 2005 c200 kompressor Great car for mileage comfort and amenities.

I purchased my 2005 Mercedes for my 50th birthday. It is a beautiful blue/gray. It has been very reliable. I keep up with my scheduled maintenance. It handles the road well. It is very comfortable. It has quite a few auto features that are nice. Seat preference, mirror preference which is based on your individual key. A button for head rest, and back shade on rear window. Controls in the stereo for hands free control. It has a nice size trunk. Great gas mileage. For some reason now, it seems to blow fuses for minor lights like the fog lights. Key entry automatically lights up the car with 1 door open (driver side) for safety. I had to have the trans gear fixed. No real issues with it.

- Jacqueline B

The best part about this car is how fast it is!

My c-class is very fun to drive really spunky when you start him and he has a sport setting and a comfort setting, when you put him into sport he goes insanely fast, really quick to get going. He's small and you can maneuver him well. Just really classic beautiful German engineering. The only problem with this car is how expensive repairs can be. They are not cheap whatsoever but that's what everyone says about cars that aren't made in the USA. But if you're not to worried about the cost of repairs and you actively take care and maintain it. It's a wonderful car.

- Sierra B

great car dependable 13 yrs old people comment on what a good looking car it is.

Gets good gas mileage, is a sharp looking car. I love the fact that it sends messages about anything that needs to be taken care of such as a light burned out, oil is a court low etc. it is comfortable and dependable. I feel my car is safe. I don't like that any little thing that needs to done to the car cost way to much money, like $250. For an oil change. I am ready to purchase a new car and the high cost of small upkeep is forcing me to look different brands of cars.

- Lisa W

Legendary mercedes-benz quality and reliability for a reasonable price.

It is an amazing vehicle. Legendary mercedes-benz quality and reliability. Supercharged 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine. Great gas mileage plus the automatic transmission makes driving easier in stop-and-go traffic and on hilly roads. Awesome ride and comfort with the rear wheel drive. Sport suspension makes the car handle like a dream. Leather interior. Power seats. Navigation system. Great sound system. All in all, a quality vehicle for a reasonable price.

- Ryan W

Older cars can be worth purchasing.

Never had any issues with my car. The parts are not as expensive as people think they are and the maintenance is worth the money. Older model Mercedes are just as good as new ones. The only thing I do recommend is that a dipstick is purchased for the oil and transmission because the car does its own reads on the fluid levels and I researched that if a sensor goes out that you will not be able to see what the levels are.

- Madeline S

Great car mechanically. Goodbye

Cars now has 127000. It runs very good for being a 14 year old car. The finish work on interior and anything plastic on the car has dry rotten and broken. From the armrest to the door handles in the inside of car. This might be due to living in South Florida with no tints on the car. I purchased the car about year ago with 120000 miles. It has been a joy to drive as this car pulls from the rear.

- Brooks S

An older Mercedes is a reliable, luxurious, beautiful vehicle, and contrary to rumors, NOT at all expensive to maintain.

It's the first Mercedes i've ever owned and probably my favorite vehicle i've ever had in over 30 years of owning cars. It's incredibly reliable even with its' high mileage, comfortable and just wonderful. I've had some junk cars in my day, and some decent ones too! but this is by far my favorite. I've had it 4 years and still every day when i get in it it puts a smile on my face.

- john o

Great acceleration and braking.

165k miles, only stopped running when my gf wrecked it. Repaired and has run great for years. Like the power, stability, brakes, a/c controls, maneuverability. Paint has faded over time outdoors. Door handles inside have snapped off. Steering column adjust is broken. Center console hinges not working right. Center console cup holder is broken. Windshield wiper fluid pump broken.

- Richard A

Learn about the car you plan on buying.

My car, for some reason don't know why I have to press the brake in order to start it don't know if it is a malfunction of some sort of weird feature. I also caught two flats one at different times each time the bolts were hard as hell to get off even with lubricant but other than that the car is dependable and power everything I don't like that my audio port is in my glove box.

- Arthur R

This year does not have Bluetooth capability for audio or aux jacks.

Electronic ignition module went out and cost 1800 to repair at Mercedes. sunroof motor is iffy sometimes works sometimes not. As long as routine maintenance is done car runs like a champion. Maintenance is fairly costly due to being foreign luxury. Leather really holds up in this Arizona heat and the windshields are very durable as well.

- Christian D

My mercedes-benz: reliable, comfortable and safe.

I love my 2005 mercedes-benz c320. It is super reliable, is great on gas mileage and I feel incredibly safe driving it. Although the maintenance costs can be more expensive than other vehicle brands, I feel the customer service and features on the car make the price worth it. I love the heated seats and CD player in the car, as well.

- Colleen L

Love the built in sun visor

Oil change is a little more expensive than American made cars. Love the leather. Speakers sound really good. Ride smooth. Love the heated seats in the winter. Has a built in sun visor in the back window. Really good on gas. Air conditioner works fast and keeps the car cool. Only bad thing is the car slows down a lot when the ac is on

- Tiffany T

It is sporty and all wheel drive.

It is a really solid car, well built and lots of power. I enjoy driving it, especially in canyons. The latest problem is a little tricky. It drives well and sometimes it shifts out of gear. The Mercedes dealer is not sure what it is. Besides the high cost of mechanical repairs and service I would buy another one.

- Virginia G

One of the best, dependable cars on the road.

2005 car is getting old and making some noises. But she is very reliable and I feel safe driving in it. She has a few dings and bumps of course, caused by inconsiderate drivers and one time a kid drove his bike into my car at a stop sign, leaving a nice dent. Otherwise she is a very dependable German car.

- Bianca A


I love this car. My husband surprised me with this vehicle. I truly have not had problems with it. I have been driving this exclusively and love the way it handles and the size. It has been my favorite car by far. My husband wants me to get a newer vehicle but I refuse to part with my car.

- A C

05 Mercedes c230 still running strong!!

It is a Mercedes Benz and despite being older it still shows the quality that they are known for. The leather is still black and not faded. The only downside is that it does not have some of the modern features like Bluetooth. It is also very expensive to repair when there is a problem.

- Richard G

Fast smooth and sleek. A beauty

This car is a nice sophisticated vehicle. It comes with sport and cruise control. It also a has different seat settings. And comes with a shade blocker that you can activate at a touch of a button. I am literally in love with this car. Wouldn't trade it in for nothing in this world

- Kayla H

Mercedes C230 runs like new at 14 years old!

I haven't had any issues with this car. It's does well with gas mileage and we just make sure the oil is changed on a regular basis, & keep the tires fresh. The car was well maintained by the previous owner and runs like new! We haven't had to do any major repairs so far.

- Karen M

Mercedes Benz, best cars to own

The Mercedes C240 is a comfortable and smooth riding car. The car has black leather interior, electric/heated seats, power windows, CD player, sunroof, cruise control. Average of 26 mpg highway and 20 city. Mercedes is the best of the affordable luxury cars around.

- Garrett P

My car is beautiful, but when it breaks down it is very expensive to fix.

The transmission has slipped into limp mode and it will not go past 45 mph. I looked in the manual to see if the car would be fixed by just code area but it looks like it may need a new transmission. Other than that it's a nice car rides smooth and is good on gas.

- Johnson M

Car very reliable - always starts, everything works, all controls, brakes, etc.

It is very reliable, a good, comfortable drive. I took it several states away and had no back problems! It handles very well. It holds a reasonable amount of items, the back seats go down and the cover for the trunk comes off to make a very large space.

- Jane R

It may look small but it is very fast.

Car was really taken care of, it is pretty quick and brakes are very responsive. It pops out in the day time with Its shining blue color. I always keep it waxed. The speakers sound great and the bass is phenomenal.

- Danny R

It is great on gas and drives great.

I love my car simply because it is a very reliable car. It is great on gas. It rides very smooth and the ac is great for my kids. Especially since I live in the south. It is very hot and my car is great.

- Christina C

The car is one of the safest cars on the road. I was hit in another car -exact model and went into center divider at 70mph and survived. The crumple system of car worked perfectly and I came out alive. The whole interior of the car was perfect.

Very safe and reliable car. Did not have problems at all with the car. Although I keep up with the maintenance and only take it to the dealer. Very comfortable and very quiet while driving.

- Doris Q

It is expensive to maintain. Parts are from Germany (don't buy the cheap parts from China). It is hard to find a reliable mechanic who knows the engine.

The car needs parts that are super expensive. It's not modernized, ie, technology like back up cameras that I would like, the tune-ups are very expensive. Lots of problems that need attention.

- JJ C

I have air bags in the backseat doors

My car is very comfortable and drives smooth. I however, do not like the cost of parts and that some problems you can not fix yourself. I don't even have a dipstick to check your own oil

- Chantel M

It is a previously owned Mercedes Benz C Class AMG.

I like that there are not that many on the road. I like that I can make tight turns with no problem and the looks of envy from others. I dislike that it is not brand new.

- Mi P

Mercedes Benz cosmetic issues

I have a 2005 Mercedes Benz C-Class. The paint has peeled off. The buttons on the windows have popped off. The windshield wiper broke. The seat won't let back.

- Renata P

Reliable and comfortable!

It is a great vehicle that has been reliable and is super comfortable. I have driven it across the country and have found it to have great gas mileage as well

- Ivan W

great size and just the right number of features

great car performs well/ Only problem is that the seat which is power controlled does not go far up enough. I am short 5 ft 2 in.

- cyndee h

It's all around good car for driving

None ..it's a good car.. good on gas.. quick.. fully loaded with all the to air-conditioning and electric seats are available

- Nimo D

The vehicle is a nice model with a decent amount of space.

The car is nice and comfortable.It seems to have some problems that need fixing every now and then.But overall it is okay.

- Sara s

Shimmying Mercedes-Benz 2005

Shimmy's when it breaks, annoying. And while going left and braking. Wheel also shimmy's when vehicle experiences problem

- Elizabeth W

Safety in the engineering.

Plastic parts that break, bad design on shifter, had to replace a engine, do not buy a c-class before the 2015 models.

- Fred T

Maintenance costs are routinely higher for this brand.

This automobile is fairly easy to maintain. Routine maintenance generally keeps the vehicle in good running order.

- Steve S

While it is an attractive vehicle, it is also very safe.

I like the comforts of the vehicle but do not like the higher costs associated with even routine maintenance

- steve s

It can go fast and has a low fuel consumption, also it's diesel

I like how it feels on the road, also it has a great acceleration, i dislike the position of the handbrake

- Javier L

Expensive to upkeep and work on.

Expensive to work on and high cost to own. However very smooth to drive and extremely reliable and safe.

- Mariana H

Luxury brand name made by a German company, love it

It's very dependable, comfortable, stylish and luxury. It's not too good on gas mileage

- Ron A

How tight the turns feel , the overall feel if the vehicle feels tight

I love how tight it feels while driving , the leather is very attractive to the eyes

- Noel J

It is comfortable and fast. Looks pretty on the road.

I love everything about it. The way it drives smoothly. The way it curves.

- Lauren K

It is a very dependable and great on gas car that is paid for

It is a little sporty car It is fast It is silver I love it

- deanna s