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Every time I've had someone open my trunk they're shocked by how big it is!

While the vehicle does drive very smoothly, the check engine light does come on at random times, and it can be quite annoying. Most times, the check engine light comes on for no reason, and I often get notice lights for things that do not have to be fixed. However, according to my mechanic, this is due to the car being moved from its original owner in a warm climate to myself in a much colder climate. However, for how old the car is it is a great car. For my age and my needs, the car is a perfect size and I love the surprising amount of trunk space that allows me to carry a lot in my tiny car, and I also never have to drive around all my friends because I have a small car. However, when purchasing this car you have to take into account the price of gas that comes along with it. If you do have this car, you HAVE to put premium gas in it otherwise the check engine light comes on and you will ruin your engine, so that does add some extra cost.

- Lauren R

The Mercedes C230 Sport is a smooth ride with plenty of pickup when you need it.

My car is very reliable and performs very well. It rides very smooth. One problem I have had have been the driver's side window motor had to be replaced. I heard this is a common problem with these cars. I also had to replace the struts and sway bars on the front end of the car. The headliner also came loose and had to be repaired. My car is an older model so these are problems that are expected. Overall, however, I really like the car and how it handles.

- Cindy W

A Beautiful car for the money

My C300 Sport has absolutely no problems whatsoever! I love this car! Performance specs on this model are spot on! Comfortable seating, controls are right there, no looking around for something, handling is so smooth and acceleration is wonderful. It's like I'm on a cloud, the drive is so comfortable. I couldn't have found a better car for the money! I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a solidly built luxury performance sedan.

- Christian L

Mercedes Benz c280 luxury sedan

Problems usually occurs every 25,000 miles. Usually consistent with the same issues and maintenance concerns. Without warranty, you'll definitely be paying over $1,000 dollars in maintenance costs and repairs. Some places like Valvoline will accommodate oil changes and maintenance for a cheaper rate, but will definitely impact the performance on the vehicle. Sometimes it'll feel sluggish, the vehicle will make strange noises, etc.

- Lloyd J

The perfect car for daily commute. Comfortable and reliable.

The car is reliable. It's good on gas if you do not stress it out. If you drive on speed limits and do not make maneuvers it goes to 30 miles per gallon. Audio system is very nice and loud. Very comfortable if you are willing to drive for a long time. You will not feel the road. Has an automatic remote speed limit. Drives and stops very smooth.

- Edison M

Driving older model Mercedes Benz.

It is a good vehicle just want one that is newer and a sporty one for myself since my kids are driving. I love that it still rides smooth and that the leather interior is still in good shape! It gets really good gas mileage too. It is missing an aux and USB place so I wish I could get that for it but my day is coming next car will Bluetooth.

- Amanda F

The Mercedes-Benz c230: unfussy luxury without a touch of tech.

Nice car but it is low-tech and does not have USB ports, Bluetooth or any tech amenities that one needs in this day and age. Minor issue, but cup holder is fragile and too small. Fixes that should be easy and day like headlight replacement require a dealer shop or mechanic due to design and installation of headlights on this vehicle.

- Mark C

Mercedes: Blue dreams or just the blues?

my car is visually appealing, reliable, and it drives nicely. only 2 problems I have is that I can figure out how to connect my music to the car and that gas prices are higher. it's a dark navy color and has a sunroof. There is a lot of upkeep, but it pays off in the car being sustainable for a long time.

- Natalia G

Mercedes Benz c class review.

In terms of performance, this vehicle has a reliable braking system and does not take long to reach the desired speed limit. The seats are comfortable and can be heated (for both the driver and passenger). The radio is of good quality. You can install Bluetooth for your phone as well.

- Lauren S

It's a great car recommend to anyone who likes driving nice cars

Great running car love having a bens drives great recommend to anyone great color don't like putting the high gas in there when the gas prices are high. Other than that it's a great car would highly recommend it to anyone the like driving nice cars try it am sure you would like it

- Darlene S

Excellent driving and smooth riding car.

I love my car. It gets excellent gas mileage. It drives extremely well. It is comforting driving and riding. It is easy to get car seats in and out of the backseat. The Audio system is amazing. The truck has plenty of storage space. Passengers have commented how smooth it rides.

- Norma H

Reliable and great on gas!

The vehicles performs well for a 13 year old vehicle. It has been very reliable over the years. Good on gas and handles well on the road. Overall a really good car for me. Little legroom in back which makes it difficult for my growing son to fit. Trunk space is adequate.

- Nina A

Baby blues Mercedes wagon.

I really like the size of this vehicle. Small and compact. Roomy and seats 6 people. It is an older model but holds its looks and value. It is very reliable. It rides very nice. Not very fuel efficient but still nice for a family. So far it has been extremely reliable.

- Amy D

Mercedes Benz excellent vehicle.

My vehicle is a luxury car and it has an excellent performance, it is very comfortable and reliable. It makes excellent mileage per gallon, I purchase this vehicle new and still looks like new. It is equipped with electronic stability and traction control system.

- Virginia A

Too small too uncomfortable.

Too small difficult to get in & out. Small backseat. Not convenient for passengers or children. Would never purchase this small, tight vehicle again. However it has been demandable & efficient. The new version was released in its own form and then in which one.

- Linda M

Mercedes Benz for a first time Mercedes buyers. The car is good on gas.

I have had the car for 10 years and I haven't had any problems with the car. The car lack all the upgrades on the new Mercedes but the is quite and good for any out of town driving. This would be a great car for someone wanting to move up to a Mercedes.

- Gary R

Mercedes Benz powerful and fuel efficient

It has a lot of mechanical issues such as esp malfunction and camshaft position sensor. It's not the most fuel efficient car. But it drives smooth and the v6 engine has a decent amount of power. The interior is a very comfortable the way it is set up.

- Will K

My vehicle is one of the better ones ever made in my opinion. Not many vehicles can function with 400k miles on it. It's extremely durable

I like that my vehicle is very durable and reliable. I have had it for 12 years and it has over 400k miles on it. I do not like that It's not as fast as it used to be. I also do not like that I have to add oil to it every month either.

- Ron b

My car is older but has low mileage. I gets lots of compliments on the way the car looks. It is impressive.

My Mercedes is a cute silver coupe. I like the way it looks and the color. I dislike the fact that the front end is low and scrapes the driveway when entering or exiting. My main complaint is the high cost of maintenance & parts.

- nancy k

it is expensive to fix but if you keep up the maintenance, it is manageable.

it has been a work horse, and has had relatively few issues considering it is a mercedes and the reliability traditionally has been poor. But this one has been great and I love it.

- melissq r

It has been pretty dependable, despite being 12 years old with more than 200,000 miles driven.

I like its style, technology & safety designs/equipment. I don't like the cost of repairs following the expiration of the extended warranty.

- David B

That the maintenance is fairly expensive, and the oil changes are costly.

I like the look of the car aesthetically, i like the way it drives. The interior is leather which makes it easy to care for and maintain.

- Nemanja J

That my car drives very smooth and runs well for the year that it is.

I like that it has a classy look and is simple. I dislike that it has issues with the sensors. Overall lasts me long and works great.

- Olivia A

I only have 65,000 miles on it.

I love to drive my vehicle as it handles smoothly and speeds up well. It is expensive to maintain especially now that it is older.

- Terry C

mechanical problems resulting in new engine

lots of mechanical issues, had to replace the engine, drivetrain, radiator, timing belt, would go to a car that has less problems

- jana E

It is a vehicle everyone would want to drive due to its nature

Its durable, fuel efficient and runs very fast. You won't spend much on servicing since it has long lasting parts.

- Alf S

It is reliable and it's German engineered. It's fast and sexy.

It's sleek and fast. However the car is not the greatest on gas.

- Brian F

Good MPG, great style and well worth it for the wear and tear an average family would put it through

Quality motor company with excellent services and personnel

- Debbie M

It's has wear and tear and needs a few repairs

It falls apart easily and It's expensive to fix

- Jim P