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Great car overall. Sporty and safe.

The 2008 c300 4matic has been good to me for 10 years now. It is important to be sure you follow the recommended service alerts. I also recommend finding a experienced, trusted mechanic. It is quite expensive to have your mechanic services performed at. Mercedes Benz dealership. And it is not always necessary to have to use a Mercedes Benz dealership mechanic. One issue I did have with Mercedes Benz was an airbag recall. I received notice of the airbag recall, and it literally took one year for Mercedes Benz to get the parts to the dealership to be able to fix the problem. However, once Mercedes Benz fixed the airbag problem that prompted the recall, they gave me a $500 credit towards any other work needed. As I mentioned, I have the Mercedes Benz c300 4matic. I bought the vehicle in Connecticut. The car was a pleasure to drive, however, the car is very low to the ground which made it different to drive during snow storms. The 4matic was amazing in ensuring I was safe on snow covered ground, but there were times when I could not drive the car if the snow was too high due to the low clearance.

- Diane V

Beautiful vs Pretty penny

I love the aesthetic of this vehicle it looks great and is what I consider luxury. It is a comfortable ride and looks sleek too. The only downside to this vehicle is the expense to fix ANYTHING that is wrong with it. For example: I have had my AC go out, I have needed to purchase new sensors for essential operational signifiers, I have needed to purchase new lights, etc. even the oil change is quite pricey. It also is difficult to find a mechanic who will work on a foreign vehicle. If you are looking for something that looks great rides great but don't mind dropping a pretty penny whenever it need maintenance, this is the perfect car for you!!

- Gabrielle B

No car will be on the road broken down with their brand.

My 2008 mercedes-benz has many benefits as from the tinted windows and sunroof to the comfortable heated seats to the premium sound. The sunroof is unbelievably useful. Especially when driving down the freeway. Then on cold mornings, often every morning, the seats heat up to keep you comfortable. As well as the premium speakers with an in-dash video monitor. This brand is very trustworthy to ensure your comfort with the roadside assistance guarantee the mercedes-benz offers to ensure that no one in their vehicles will be rendered helpless.

- Kimberly B

The car is great besides the back window because it is hard to see behind you

Due to the fact my car is 11 years old it needs many repairs. Besides this I love this car. The comfort is extraordinary and the speed and the wheel turns very well. The music is a problem though. Although the radio volume goes up very loud when you play your phone through the aux the music quality and sounds becomes not as loud and clear. As someone who loves to listen to their own music when driving this is a problem for me. But the car is very safe and I love it

- Zoe S

It�s very reliable, gets really good gas mileage, and I would recommend it.

My car is a little bit older so it mainly is getting to the point where a lot of issues it has now is things that come with age. The issues other than that would be the following: the side mirror sensors are going out and make a pretty loud noise when retracting and the radio glitches every once in a while. Besides that, it's been a very reliable car and I definitely would buy a newer Mercedes in the future.

- Julie M

Reliable comfortable car to drive anywhere.

I have no problem with this car. I am feeling safe driving this car. This car requires low maintenance quality of this car is better than others. This is the fifth Mercedes that I own. I have excellent mechanic that work on my car. Performance and reliability are excellent. Car is very comfortable to drive short or long trips. I never had any problem with this car.

- Margaret O

Mercedes Benz c300 review.

I haven't had any issues with the vehicle, tomorrow will mark 10 years I have had it. Just remember when parking it is lower in the front otherwise you'll scrape the front bumper, I did this on day 2. It is great on gas, rides smoothly even after 10 years. It only needs service once a year if you keep up on its service you should not have any problems.

- Andrea W

Great Car. Excellent, reliable, strong engine. Fun to drive. Be careful, the AMG Sport package tires will cost you when it's time to replace them.

The car is excellent. No major problems. Runs smooth, extremely safe, and fun. My 1 and only complaint is that the 2008 did not come with memory seats. It's amazing that a Mercedes would not come with something so basic as memory seats. But outside of that complete oversight, the car really has been one of the best I have owned (Acura, Audi, BMW).

- Yos O

Body style: this vehicle is sleek with very nice champagne color.

This vehicle is very reliable, cozy and gets excellent gas mileage in the city and on the road. Very rarely have I had any mechanical problems with my vehicle. I would own another vehicle like this one if I ever have the opportunity to purchase another mercedes-benz. I use to this car for long distance travel without any problems.

- loretta L

Be mindful of what you are getting

runs smoothly, good on gas, repairs are expensive, electrical problems frequently, must go to a dealership for maintenance, difficult to find over service providers. Handles well in traffic and on highway. Electrical problems occur frequently and will disable the entire system. Love the reminders for service.

- Kimberly B

Mercedes Benz year twenty double zero eight.

This car has a little bit of everything, heated seats, heat and air condition in the back seat, Pandora roof, apple hookups, leather seats. Gas mileage is good, and we have found a mechanic who works on them for much cheaper than dealership. Sometimes people are scared off because of cost of upkeep. don't be.

- Kelly B

It still rides like new after 10 years and has had very few maintenance issues other than routine items.

This car has been wonderful. It rides well and is easy to handle. It is now 10 years old, still rides like new and I have had very few repairs other than typical maintenance. Other than when my battery died, I have never had a breakdown. Mercedes sent someone within one-half hour to recharge the battery.

- Alice S

I feel cool when I drive this thing and it is incredibly reliable.

The gas mileage is garbage. I do not know what I was thinking about when taking on this car. I have to pay twice as much to fill it up as my last car. But other than that, it is pretty reliable and I have few maintenance issues. I guess it helps to have a parent that knows about cars.

- Leigh P

It has two different drive options, standard/custom. Hands free options available.

Very comfortable to drive, it has good handling, very reliable. It's just a bit high on service but you don't have to go to the dealer for repair, there is various auto shops available, have automated windows, service indicator when due. Heat and cold seats. Bluetooth available.

- Shamil J

The car is such a nice ride. The seats are comfy and elegant.

No problems! The maintenance is often but it is easy to understand and use. Their services are nice, expensive, but you get what you pay for. The chairs are comfy and the seats have seat warmers. The steering wheel is comfortable. There are barely any blind spots in the car.

- Sara M

Mercedes-Benz combines luxury with performance.

I absolutely love my Mercedes-Benz. Other than normal maintenance (oil change, new tires, tire rotations), I have never had to get repairs. I love all the features like auto windshield wipers, mirror adjustments, and headrests. It drives very smoothly and accelerates fast!

- Heidi D

The screen that pops up to control the a/v component does not always work.

There was a recall for the passenger airbag, but because sbs warning light wason, they wouldn't fix the recall unless it is fixed. The diagnostic cost is over $100 to find out the problem, plus the cost to fix it. . Performance, reliability and comfort are good.

- Nicole M

Love it best car and beautiful. Timeless

Great car. Good performance. Nova major problems. That's it comfortable seating and good trunk space. It's my favorite car I have ever owned. Roomy and spacious. Comfortable for 5 passengers. All wheel drive is great in rain and snow. It's never let ,me down.

- Stephanie S

Mercedes features and feel

Computer screen says problems exist when they don't. The seats are comfortable. The drive is smooth and the cruise control works well. The stereo however is pretty quiet. My full volume seems like it's only medium volume especially when using the aux cord.

- Miriam K

It�s a good car no problems

It's a really good car. It's a family car so everyone fits. It's a v-8 the thing I don't like because it spends so much gas. It's a automatic car and stick shift car to. Even though it's a wild it's a good car I don't have any problems besides the gas.

- Erik P

It is a very good reliable car just the right size for me.

It is a luxury car so I only fill it up with 93 which is more expensive and since the car is a v6 I have to fill it up twice a week I did have some issues with it but it was only because the previous owner did not take care of it.

- J E

It needs good maintenance so it will last for long time.

The performance and reliability of a Mercedes-Benz is amazing. I love the feel of the car when driving. The only issue is the expensive cost of repairs for the car, but everything else is great.

- Roger M

That it is a very safe car and a very comfortable car and a very smooth ride.

I like my vehicle because it is loaded with every possible extra. It rides very well. It is very comfortable. The only thing I do not like about it is that it is very expensive to fix. Next.

- Nancy R

Has sleek design lines sporty model.

Drives well. Comfortable seating no smart phone access. Tight steering handles road well. Hard to fix high maintenance fees. Does not drive well on snow and ice.

- Pam P

The ride is very smooth, like when you go over a bump it does not jostle you.

It is my parent's own car and I think it is pretty good. I do not have any complaints except for the size but that only has to do with personal preference.

- Kye W

The one most important thing other should know about my car is that it's so comfortable to drive

It is so comfortable and easy to drive and it's been a reliable vehicle because I commute every day. The maintenance costs are a little higher than normal.

- Elizabeth A

The cost of the car and it is repairs.

There are no problems with my car but the repairs can be quite expensive. Ald the staff is really nice and there i'd great service.

- Claudia G

It has hail damage all over it

Gas is expensive. Buying parts can be very costly. Overall it is very reliable. I feel safe driving in all weather conditions.

- Lindsey O

Car handles well and I feel safe in my escape.

Like my vehicle because the ride is smooth. Dislike that tires are two different sizes. The front tires are smaller in front.

- Mary G

Good on gas, 8 speed transmission.

Mercedes, the best or nothing.. Comfort, luxury, looks, power.. I have always driven Mercedes and I love it..

- Erik B

Mercedes Benz calilove mirna

Excellent car would recommend it to anyone very smooth pace and drive will repurchase it again next year

- Mirna H

It has a good safety rating.

It costs too much to maintain. It is comfortable, nice looking. Not great on mileage. It is a safe car.

- Ellen R

They will run forever if properly maintained, like scheduled oil change and tune ups.

German engineering is great, The car is fun to drive and very safe. plus the styling is second to none

- Bobby M

It's a solidly built mercedes benz. Parts are expensive. I don't recommend it for new drivers.

It's solid, but kind of dated. Too small. It's dirty. My wife crashed it a few times already.

- Paul S

It's a solid car and drives well.

I love that it feels solid and safe. It drives well. I do wish the technology was updated.

- Chr G

It's super expensive to upkeep oil changes are double .. you got to use expensive gas always.

Not very impressed with the inside. I love how it drives.

- Julie L