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Great All-Around Car for People Looking to Step Into the Luxury Brand Segment

If you're looking to dip your feet into the Mercedes-Benz brand, a 2010 C-Class is a great option to consider! The C-Class interior is an absolute marvel to be in. If you get the perforated leather seats, it elevates the seating experience and makes both you and your passengers feel very comfortable. In terms of performance, the C-Class falls in the middle of the pack. You're not getting a C-Class for a 0-60 time of under 5 minutes, but if you need to pass someone on the freeway, press that 'Sport' button and of you zoom! If you're looking for fuel economy, this is not the car for you. This car is a gas guzzler and will make you think twice about getting a hybrid with the amount of times you'll be gassing up at the station. Fuel economy seems to drop even more when the oil needs to be changed so maintenance on the car is frequent. All around, the Mercedes Benz C-Class is a great car that introduces you to the brand and will turn heads when you pull up to events. This is not an AMG so you won't be zipping past other cars down the street, but it will get the job done and you'll feel very comfortable while you're in it.

- Rei Miguel S

The 2010 Benz review in 2018.

The vehicle is very comfortable and fun to drive. The drivers seat allows you to position yourself however you would enjoy to drive. Smooth drive, easy to go fast. Has an awesome sounding sounds system. Bluetooth compatible for answering phone calls. No Bluetooth for Audio on smartphones, there is an auxiliary port. Temperature controls for ultra comfort. On both passenger and drivers side. Dashboard is super slick and digital. Sunroof that opens all the way or just a bit for a cooler day. Leather interior. V8 engine sounds amazing and feels amazing.

- Emily Y

Very clean and drives smooth. Affordable.

I love my Mercedes. I have the 2010 c300 sport edition. It is very clean and affordable. It rides very smooth. A lot of people have asked me how much did the vehicle cost me and they are always surprised when I tell them how much I got it for. It is cheaper then people think. Only downside to having a Mercedes is obviously the maintenance. The oil changes and the gas are more expensive as you probably already knew. Overall, I love the car and I will definitely stay with Mercedes for my next car.

- Dylan D

Big price tag for all the problems

I like the size of the care however I have had many problems with it. A few problems are the back door has broken multiple times, the front seat belt has broken a few times and a few other things are constantly breaking. Original I bought the car for the size with children and a large back area for when we travel with luggage and a dog everything fit in the back. But there is a large price tag for fixing whatever breaks. It is fuel efficient which is helpful.

- Stephanie M

I love the feel of the car.

Car works just fine. I have to get use to the luxury features. My last car (Lexus 300) had many luxury items as well, but my C- Class has more to get the hang of. But one thing I don't like is how many ways it has to do the same things. I also would like a larger truck area. I have things I must carry for work and barely have room for my weekly grocery haul.

- Rita A

Great car everything works, it handles really and good in the snow.

The vehicle has no problems just hit 100k miles and all we ever did to it since new was change the tires brakes and oil everything else works as it should we are very happy about this car. It's really good in the snow even though its low to the ground which is surprising. . And the front bumper is really strong and never damaged it pushing fresh now.

- Marty D

My vehicle is very comfortable, smooth, spacious interior and wide exterior.

very good car, I bought it used about 5 yrs ago and this year is the first time we ran into a real problem with it which is the check engine light. We've had minor problems with the tire pressure but it is an easy fix. The interior is very spacey and the exterior is very beautiful. The car is very low and wide so it's something you have to get use to

- Rachel L

Beautiful car to own, but it comes at a price!

I really haven't had too many issues with it when I bring it in and keep it up to date on the service. There have been minor issues that were quickly resolved. The coil springs needed replaced and I was rear ended recently but that's about it. The service is not cheap, so I don't recommend getting this car if you can't handle large service payments!

- Nick T

Performance is excellent.

Performance is good. Service from local Mercedes Benz dealerships is always a good experience. They always lend loaners car when the car is getting service. Mercedes really knows how to take care of their customers. If someone one is looking for luxury Mercedes is a company that reliable and provides its customers when excellent vehicles.

- Chastity Q

My vehicle is basically a cool car for a 19 year old to have.

Ac does not work, older, AUX cord is really weird. Love it though, two sunroofs. On dis a moon roof while the other opens and is a sunroof. It also has leather seats so that's nice for spills and messes. The radio is also really loud and always works. Has cool handle so I can switch stations without touching the radio.

- Hannah R

Well built luxury car but also has plenty of power on the road.

I have had the vehicle for over a year and no major problems. Just regular oil change, add air to tires and routine check ups. Drives smooth on the road. Made several long trips with no issues. Great features and comfortable leather seats, plenty of room in the back and a huge trunk to fit my golf clubs.

- Israel G

It drives nice! And it�s super comfy luxury and not expensive

None really I love my car I did have some steering problems but keep in mind my car is 18 years old now. I love the way it drives super comfy. My kids love the comfort as well. I look forward to ups grading soon hopefully to a newer model. I think the car is a great scale and would highly recommend it

- Silvia B

Luxury ride with a back massage included!

Love my car! Quiet & comfortable ride with good sound & safety features abound to provide peace of mind! My only complaint is the transmission is not always smooth between 2nd & 3rd gear area. Dealership says the computer says it meets specs. All in all has been a reliable car!

- Joyce D

Great Design for a great car

The is a great car to drive. I really enjoy it. I have had an alternator problem but was able to get it fixed. The display is great and the computer helps me understand the maintenance on it. I don't know a whole lot of cars but this car seems to be really well designed in all aspects.

- Taylor H

The sport feature allows the vehicle to change from comfort to sport

It's an amazing vehicle with great features. The sport feature is my favorite. It has a sleek design and very compact. The seats are not as comfortable as I would have expected. Long drives tend to cause my back discomfort. The truck is spacious with a full kit for tire changing.

- Audrey A

Great for all year around.

It's great I love driving it all around its comfortable and smooth in any type of weather it has all 4 wheel drive. Rarely breaks down. It is not too small and it's not too big either. Its classy as well. Looks great. All white with black interior. Stock rims.

- Anthony L

Reliable on the road for long and short trips.

My car is reliable. We keep it regularly serviced. No major problems ever. The alert lights come on sometimes when there is nothing wrong and that gets annoying. The ride is comfortable in the front and back seats. Nice trunk space. We would purchase again.

- Juliet C

Great car with great handling and stylish.

I really enjoy driving my car. It has great handling and it is a very smooth ride. The car does pretty good in the snow. The interior is well done with a nice design and layout. The exterior is very stylish and very nice. Overall this is a great car.

- Jessica B

The sport model is a nice one if u want a little more than the base model.

It's a nice car the take off is great when you really want some power , easy access features like being able to turn on lights in the back , windows go down from outside the car with a push of the button , and that's just the beginning.

- Juan M

The performance of the car is amazing. The smoothest ride ever.

I like the comfortable ride that my car provides. I like the color of my car. Silver. Although an older model, it never goes out of style. I love the dealership and the fact that they stand behind the vehicle

- Daniel h

It is been reliable and safe.

My car has treated me very well. No major issues. a 8 years old these is some wear and tear on consult that I wouldn't expect from this type of vehicle, but other than that have been happy.

- Nikki U

The most important thing to know about the vehicle is that your performance really well on the road. Both on the highway and in the city

The performance of my vehicle. I like how comfortable the ride is on the road. The car is very comfortable to sit in it has comfortable seating. Overall I like the look and performance

- Daniel G

Dependable with a smooth comfortable. Ride.

Car is smooth to. Drive! Have not had any issues to date! Not the most luxurious model but solid little. Car! Not a lot of legroom. If you are on the taller. Side! Trunk is. Small.

- Kathleen G

It feels like luxury and sport wrapped into a single vehicle.

The look of the vehicle is sleek and stylish. I enjoy the fact that it is a manual transmission. The power is satisfactory. The cost to repair is a bit much.

- Al R

Very reliable. Still looks new.

Perfect for short trips but not long trips. The seats are not that comfortable for long rides. Trunk space does not allow room for more than 2 large suitcases.

- Elizabeth S

A generation older than the newest model.

High mileage vehicle but drivers without any issues. Use mostly for commuting. With recommend this model for a person looking for a sporty and luxury vehicle.

- Sambo O

Comfort of the handling of the vehicle.

I love the way it handles, the comfort. The price for the vehicle was very reasonable. Flex fuel can be used it the vehicle, which makes it economical.

- Denise S

They are expensive but maintenance is minimal.

Dependable. They last forever; my former Mercedes was driven for nearly 20 years. It is stylish and sleek. Very comfortable ride on a long drive.

- cynthia c

Handling in the cx9 is very close to driving a sports car.

There are too many things I like about my vehicle.. There is nothing I do not like about my vehicle.. I have no complaints about this vehicle..

- Debra H

It is worth it from, look, feel. And value.

I hate cost of parts and maintenance but love the sport/luxury look and feel. Also.. Love the smoothness of ride during commutes.

- Teresa L

It is PAID FOR. I paid it off and have no more payments, plus it's an older model but still looks good

I like the body style, and it's very comfortable. Have driven a Mercedes for 20 years and like the status of owning one

- Mary C

It is a decent car and reliable.

I like the look of the car and the smooth drive it delivers but dislike all the expensive maintenance that goes into it.

- Marisol Z

Luxury and cool! I like my car. It is very nice.

It is excellent vehicle. The only issue I experienced in the last 66 months is brake problems. Love riding luxury!

- Tiffany T

My vehicle is compact very small has a great turning radius it is very fast.

Lots of maintenance uses premium gas and can be expensive it is reliability is good I like it. It is kinda small.

- Valerie A

Built well and designed nicely.

I like the look and style. I like how it drives. I would like a bigger car. I like interior. I like the quality.

- Jessica B

It is worth the money you pay for it.

My car is very reliable. It heats up and airs down quickly. I love the steering and the brakes are excellent.

- Mary Ann L

It is my favorite thing to drive. It is a tough car.

I love the quality of Mercedes. It's a long lasting car that runs like its brand new even if it is used.

- Rajih M

Ver nice sport coupe. Reliable

The seats are a little low. But it drive very smooth and has great pick up. I love the stereo system.

- Heather M

It has great gas mileage and it is white and reliable and stylish.

I like my car because it is reliable and cute. It fits my personality and it ride comfortably.

- Cap B

expensive to maintain and service is costly. but it drives very well

i love my car. it's super comfy and very peppy. but it is very expensive to maintain

- srea d

It is german made and very strong , holds up in an accident.

It is a Mercedes so it is well made. I would rather have something a little larger.

- Wendy F

It is safe; I trust it completely; it will provide protection for many many years

It is safe; it rides well; it is comfortable; it is expensive to maintain

- H Peter S

Nothing, it's just a car that I use to get around and I keep my cars a long time

No complaints other than after warranty ends, expensive to do maintenance

- Yvette L

There are rips are in the seat and there is no bluetooth for the music but overall is still a nice car to drive and it handles quite nicely

It handles quite nicely but the maintenance can be a pain at times...

- Michael N