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My Mercedes Benz C Class has served me well

I love my Mercedes C-Class. For a Sudan, it is perfectly sized so that 4 people may sit comfortably, and a fifth may easily squeeze in. The build-in navigation software is easy to use and understand, however I typically use Waze when I need navigation because it is more modern. Although it does not have the latest safety features, this car feels very safe because it feels sturdy. Speaking of sturdy, the steering wheel feels quite unique on this car. It is a heavier wheel so one must turn it more in order to actually significantly turn the car. When others drive my car they find the wheel feels a little extra time to get used to, but I love it because it makes me feel like I am in control of my driving. I currently have a notification on my dashboard that I need to bring my car in for service because of the passenger airbag, so I'm hoping to get that done soon. I'm a new driver, so the one safety feature I wish my car had is blind spot warnings to help me merge onto the highway. This car does have a backup camera, however it does not beep when you are about to hit something. I wish it had this. Then my yard would still have a lamp post. Overall I love my car because even tho it's not brand new, Mercedes is a timeless luxury vehicle brand so I hope to have this car for many more years and take great care of it.

- Lindsey S

Mercedes- reliable luxury vehicle.

The vehicle performs well. It is very comfortable and has an excellent sound system. It takes premium gas which adds to the expense of owning the car. Oil changes are more expensive than normal due to the fact the engine take 7 quarts of oil rather than the 5 quarts most cars take. Gas mileage is average at best. Repairs are extremely expensive as the Mercedes is a German made car. A recent brake job cost $2000 ( I priced it at several different repair shop. I recently hit a pothole and bent an aluminum rim ( rim cannot be fixed). A new rim cost $550. Even though the car is expensive to drive and maintain, it is very comfortable. It provides a very smooth ride with a minimum of noise. The site lines are good, providing a good view of the road. The car has good acceleration, which is helpful when entering limited access highways. The controls are convenient to the driver and easy to operate. The hood latch, however, was somewhat difficult to locate the first time. I have owned the car for 2 years and have put approximately 50,000 miles on it and have only had to change the oil, replace worn tires, and have new brakes installed. In short, the car is extremely reliable. It also does not hurt to be seen driving a luxury car with the perceived status that attaches to it.


Great gas mileage and acceleration. Great looking car.

Been a great vehicle up to the point the warranty ran out. It had major engine issues that are known for the c 250. The response from the dealer was that it was a known issue every 50k miles. That sounds like a defect which costs several thousand dollars to repair. In my opinion the brand is not sticking by their vehicle and it is a bad design and they pass the costs to the customer. One should not have to invest 2-4k every 50k miles on a luxury vehicle that should last for years with routine maintenance. I will not buy another Mercedes and look forward to trading it. The gas mileage is awesome acceleration and other bells and whistles but after the warranty ran out it has been issues even after things have been repaired new things pop up.

- Jimmy R

The moving jet engine, because it sounds like a jet going down the street.

It's a great car! I bought it used and it runs perfectly. Absolutely no leaks, squeaks or anything falling off for that matter. It's one of the smoothest rides I've ever had and it seems the faster you go the smoother the ride gets! I've really only noticed one issue in the year that I've owned it is the cigarette lighter fuses continuously blow. It's manageable if u carry an obedient amount of spare fuses with you, otherwise it could become annoying otherwise. As far as features its fairly basic and simple, you have what's needed. It's been super reliable (even after an accident) and would definitely buy this same model and year again!

- Dustin B

Mercedes Benz: now, I definitely know why they say it is the best or nothing!

The Mercedes c class offers you the best of all worlds! It has all wheel drive, above average performance and provides decent gas mileage. I haven't had any issues thus far. When I purchased my Mercedes, I took advantage of buying the extended warranty and the maintenance program so I will have no issues for the duration of my purchase and then some. By including the maintenance program within my monthly payments, I'll never have to worry about getting my car serviced at a authorized Mercedes dealership!

- Jay G

It�s all black with leather interior.

The car has been reliable overall, but has had some electrical issues. The key does not immediately turn over sometimes. Also, the sensors for the brake pads needing to be replaced did not work, so we ended up having to get rotors as well. Repairs can be expensive, but it's definitely a nice car to look at. Also, Mercedes are known for being able to hold a lot of miles. We're hoping it lasts a long time.

- Bridget G

Hands Down the Best Car I've Owned

It drives smooth and nice. I can always count on this car to get me to where I need to be plus it is comfy for long car rides. It does notify me when I have been driving for a long period to take a break. I like that feature because it lets me know I may be getting tired without realizing it. The heated seats are a major plus because they turn down when they feel too warm which is nice.

- Autumn B

C250 good until warranty is gone.

Started out great. Excellent gas mileage and performance. Great turning radius and control as well as acceleration. After 50K miles it started to run terribly. The dealership explained it's a known issue with the C250. Every 50K miles it has to have about $8K worth of engine work. So happens the factory warranty ran out at 50K. I will not get another Mercedes after this experience.

- Jimmie R

Sporty, practical, comfortable

My vehicle has great pick up. It's very comfortable and roomy inside, the steering is tight and easy to control. U-turns on residential streets are easy to accomplish. It's a four-door sedan but still has a very sporty look to it. I love this feature of being able to roll up all the windows and close the sunroof simply by putting the key near the drivers door from the outside.

- Vivian C

Why I Love My Mercedes C250

I drove a BMW for many years and switched. The ride is so much smoother. I have not have any problems with the car. When the temperature changes and the tire pressure changes, the Express service fixes it right away, I love the heated seats, the automatic door locks, and the way you can press a button to reposition the seat after someone else, we has driven it.

- Gail H

Great unique lighting package which enhances night driving!

No problems, performs well and is very reliable and generally comfortable. I love the panoramic sunroof, display panel and aesthetics of the vehicle. The lighting package is a nice addition. I especially like the automatic bright feature. It rotates automatically to enhance lighting at night. I love having a coupe being there are not a lot of them on the road.

- Christen M

I have always loved Mercedes. My mother has always drove them, and now I do.

Everything is great, it is very safe, beautiful care. Only flaw is no seat warmers. Its a 2014 so it is a newer model in my opinion. When I say it is safe, I have a 370z before this and it had blind spots and went 180 in sport mode. This care does not have blind spots to my knowledge and isn't as fast. I have had no speeding tickets with this car.

- Nicole M

Great things about Mercedes c250 Sport

Great handling, pretty good responsiveness, very good on gas mileage. Great looking car, but moderately priced, fun to drive and fast. The sport model has a great dash, awesome camera view, loaded sound system. The sport package rims look awesome and gets tons of compliments. The ride is smooth and I enjoy taking it on road trips and quick runs.

- Phil C

Great, comfortable, sleek car!

We love this car! It runs really well and smoothly. We've never had any maintenance issues. The audio and phone controls are easy enough to learn but do everything we need them to. The back seat folds down to make quite a bit of storage space. It is comfortable, love the seat heaters. We have only had it for about a year so far.

- Stephanie T

I love the Bluetooth audio and connected device aspect of the car.

I love the luxury aspect of the car, it feels like I'm driving on a cloud the way it handles so smoothly. However the car is not the most reliable and does need repairs despite being consistently up to date on maintenance. The technology in the slightly outdated already and I wish I had the flexibility to upgrade the dashboard.

- Brandon M

Sporty red Mercedes Benz c class.

I have owned my pre owned car for 2 years and have not had any type of major issues. I get regular scheduled maintenance and it continues to perform very well. Super reliable, stylish and a great entry level luxury car. Amazing performance with a sports kit it has a great pickup in the highway and gets nice gas mileage.

- Tiffany M

My car has good pickup on the highway.

Overall I love my car. It has great gas mileage. It is comfortable and sleek. I do not have a backup camera and there is no aftermarket Mercedes camera for this model. Nor is there a remote start that can be put in. This is something that is annoying to me. I can't believe they do not make these things for their cars.

- Alexis A

The last naturally aspirated 6.2 liter v8 from Mercedes-Benz AMG

Ride comfort is solid, reliable as long as maintenance is up to date, amazingly naturally aspirated 6.2 v8, torque monster, will turn heads on engine revs. Luxurious interior, plenty of modification options to be installed if looking to add more power. Will plant you on your seat once full throttle is wide open.

- Raul P

I love my Mercedes Benz car.

Expensive for maintenance, gas and to order new parts. You have to go to an authorized dealer. The car is very comfortable and has luxury elements. The ride is very easy and nice. I drove my car from Chicago to Minneapolis and no issues and the car was spacious and was comfortable for the whole family.

- Brittany M

My Mercedes Benz is very reliable.

This vehicle is very reliable.. I've had only minor issues since I purchased the car. There's been a slight issue with the tires. I've had to either replace the front left tire due to low tire pressure. Otherwise, this vehicle has been a smart investment and I'm glad I made the decision to purchase it.

- Craig P

2014 Mercedes Benz c250 white.

I love my Mercedes Benz c Class. It drives on the road smooth. Even on the bumpiest roads, you do not really notice. The car accelerates nicely for a car that is only 201 horsepower. It definitely packs a punch. I recommend buying this car even if it is your first car or the car of your dreams.

- Vincent C

It is just really a very comforting car.

I love this car! It is a very nice & sleek look and it rides very smooth! It is a very nice comforting car. It is very versatile and the sunroof is amazing! Perfect for soccer moms who like to ride in style! Also, perfect for road trips and fun getaways. Also very easy to keep maintenance.

- Cate E

Best car ever!! Not to mention luxurious.

C class is the best vehicle,small enough to get into any parking. Luxurious car,rear view camera really makes a difference when trying to park. Leather feels amazing not cheap at all. I love the seat warmers and the wood detail by the door handles. Best decision so far to get a mercedes benz.

- Jessica R

Press on the break, the car gets put in park so you don't have to hold the break

Love the car. It's sleek, very nice looking, and fun to drive around in. It's got a punch to it's accelerator that makes you feel cool and gets you to where you need to be. Haven't had any reliability issues. Bluetooth is great, hooks up to pretty much any phone. Love driving it.

- L R

Great car for a beginner driver

Seats four comfortably and has not had any performance issues. The air cools down quickly on a hot day and the car is able to accelerate fairly quickly for its size. Can connect many devices to Bluetooth and the sound system is strong. The car is push start for added convenience

- Kristen K

Luxury and comfort at all levels.

Luxury and comfort at all levels. It was good price and the add features like sunroof and leather seat are a must. Love the brand and will not buy anything else after trying it. The music equipment is unbelievable. It is considered a compact medium car and the gas is great.

- Mary M

Enjoy a fun drive in a fun car!

I have enjoyed driving my C250 sport edition Mercedes. I have not had any problems with my car at all. I have had it serviced regularly and get it detailed regularly as well. This car has worked perfectly for my family of 3. This is a nice sporty car that is fun to drive!

- Erin M

The ride is so smooth sometimes you do not realize how fast your driving.

The performance of my car is great. So far I have not had any major problems, just the normal wear and tear of tires, oil changes, etc. It is very comfortable but if you are on the taller side I wouldn't suggest this vehicle. It is more suited for smaller people:).

- Whitney J

Sleek Black Fast Reliable Warranty

Very reliable, fast and good on gas. I enjoy the leather seats and tires too.I enjoy that I still have warranty and I don't have to worry about anything in regards to my car. I also enjoy the fact that it's durable and easy to drive.it's also a nice sleek look.

- Natalie A

Engine dismount on front impact for safety of driver.

Very reliable, great performance in all types of weather and terrain, especially in mountains and curvy roads. Very comfortable, feels very safe when driving because of safety features. Have not had any problems except when attempting to update navigation.

- Laura A

Mercedes c250 review- 4 stars

Comfortable vehicle, very easy to drive, good visibility, drives well, lacking newer features such as blind spot assist. Had 2 airbag related recalls so far, I prefer my phones navigation rather than the cars navigation. Decent storage space for a sedan.

- Caroline G

My vehicle has heated seats which I love

My vehicle runs great and is a plentiful drive. It looks good and is comfortable to sit in. It has loads of options. It gets decent gas mileage. It has the sport mode so it gets up and goes when you step on the gas. It has more than adequate trunk space

- Kathy D

Mercedes Benz best car ever buy one.

Problem is the car is expensive to fix. If you keep your car well maintained you have no issues Performance amazing drives well smooth. Reliable luxury car with tons of extra features. A very safe a vehicle. Definitely worth the money. Comfortable.

- Vanessa B

Seductive style and design powerful nice feature very luxury.

Nice features, very powerful, luxury design, leather seats nice, very decent car, very safe to use automatic safety system, comfort, versatility, fastest, powerful, sophisticated luxury car, good performance, seductive style, the best of nothing.

- Simon C

Safety is number one. My vehicle should last me at least another 5 years.

This is my 3rd Mercedes. I would most definitely purchase a pre owned Mercedes than a new anything else. Super comfortable, safe and quiet. Maintenance twice annually. I suggest a car dealer that you can really trust if very important.

- Claudia D

Its fast. The car have satellite radio. The seats warm up. The inside lights up.

Nice care. Very low seats not comfortable for long distance driving. Back seat and trunk space is very small. Love that the car let you know when to take a rest. Let you know how many miles over when maintenance is due. Love the color.

- Bernadette S

It's a safe vehicle to drive. The maintenance is once a year on oil change.

My car is gorgeous. I love driving it. I feel that it's extremely safe. It's very prestigious. I don't really spend much on gas, I would say gas consumption is fair. Oil change is due once a year or 50k miles. I love it.

- Marc C

My car is fast and can waste gas fast if you are not careful.

I bought my car used but it is everything I could ever ask for. It came in mint condition and was absolutely worth the buy. Mercedes-Benz was super helpful with all of my questions and needs throughout the process.

- Emma B

I like the sun window that you can initiate for the rear view window.

The vehicle has great performance. I l really like the various performance features. Specifically, the low tire pressure light. If the tire pressure in the vehicle is lower than optimal the vehicle will alert you.

- Dana D

It is more affordable than one might think when comparing it to other cars.

I love the way the car handles. It has great pick up speed and drives smoothly. Love the comfort of the car although it can be tight for taller/bigger passengers. Never had any issues with the car.

- Stephanie M

it rides as nice as it looks

great ride, comfortable and roomy interior, functional, looks great, it a Mercedes so you know It's safe, has all the bells and whistles. What I don't like is maintenance costs, It's expensive.

- rick R

Mercedes makes some great cars. Better to buy certified pre owned. Save a lot of money

I love my Mercedes. It was the best car I have ever purchased. I love almost everything about it. I don't like what I need to buy premium gas. I don't like the auto dimming mirrors.

- David m

A great investment and you will never consider another vehicle to buy.

I love driving my luxury vehicle. My vehicle holds its value, when it's time to trade or upgrade. I've purchased five Mercedes-Benz and will continue driving this type of vehicle.

- Deborah P

It is a safe car for your family to ride in and it is great in gas.

I love the heated seats, sunroof, & radio system. My car rides smooth; classy look inside and out. I also love how my car will tell me what tire I need to pump air in.

- Alexis D

A great luxury car to own as it gives off a stylish and unique feeling when behind the wheel.

I love the gas and mileage it gives me and it turns corners great with the tire traction. I love the luxurious style and class of the vehicle and everything overall.

- Alison P

I love it to death !! it is everything i always dreamed a mercedes would be.

my 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a lovely compact luxury car. it has a good balance of ride and handling. it is up to the level of larger, more expensive cars.

- Chris J

Maintenance is not cheap. In OKC the dealership changed ownership and moved and is way less responsive.

I love the way it fits me. It's classic and stylish, but is missing a couple of features like blind spot warning and lane drifting warning. It lacks power.

- Brenda H

It's very reliable and made very well! It is also beautiful so it's not just reliable

I Absolutely love my vehicle! I've actually had zero issues with this car And love it to death! I'd recommend it to all my friends and family members!!

- Dawn E

Great color! also love the wheels

The ride is great, only concern I would have is that filling up the car with gas is something I always have to do even though I drive very economically

- Simon C

It's dependable. I drive my kids all over and need something I can rely on.

It's well built and solid. Perfect size for me, not a huge SUV, and fits my family. I have owned Mercedes before and they are reliable and age well.

- Kim M

It has decent highway mileage at about 31 miles per gallon. At city driving, it can average anywhere from 12 to 25 miles per gallon, depending on the traffic.

I like the gas mileage, performance on the road, and safety features. I now dislike that it's a two-door vehicle. I do not have any complaints.

- Christi C

Reliable but expensive to maintain good quality.

Stereo is outdated and could be more luxurious releases smoke when starting engine but reliable could be more comfortable interior and drive.

- Ann B

It is one of the most comfortable and fun cars I have ever driven.

No complaints. It is comfortable and luxurious. It is dependable. It is fun to drive. Seriously do you want a dissertation or what people.

- Angela B

Handles the road well. Feel very safe in it. Has great engineering aspects.

No problems. great performance, great mileage. Best car ever owned. Handles well. Great pick up. Very comfortable. Handles the road well.

- Frank A

It's all wheel drive great for summer and winter.

I drive about 40 miles a day to work and I'm glad it's good on gas mileage. It's also the 4matic so it's great for the winter months.

- Ross D

This car is great on gas and it alerts you to take a break if it feels you are falling asleep at the wheel.

I love my vehicle, the only thing I don't like is that there isn't much space in the back seat for kids car seats to fit comfortably.

- Claudia G

Comfort and Luxury at all levels

It is luxury at all levels. Love the sunroof and the heated seats. Music equipment sounds great. Automatic seats are always a plus.

- Yari M

The car offers a system where key opens all windows.

I love how smooth and luxurious that the car drives and the panoramic roof but I do not like the cars navigation screen etc...

- James F

the best or nothing Mercedes is the way to go

this is a beautiful car inside and out! It rides so smooth and has wonderful features. heated seats, rear view camera etc

- michele D

My car has a unique color that is rare: Silver Diamond.

My car has sport, reclining seats, its okay on gas, and it also looks nice. My car goes to 160 mph and is easy to maintain.

- Amber D

Mercedes is very reliable, built solid, makes for a safe and quiet drive.

Vehicle is dependable, made well, handles well, smooth quiet ride, perfect size, everything about the car screams quality.

- Theresa C

Drives like a dream, is very quiet, and is very comfortable to sit in for long road trips

This is my first mercedes and I love it. IT drives great, looks great and is dependable. It has been a pleasure to drive.

- anne h

Awesome Car With Great Acceleration

Great car. Continental tires need to be replaced frequently. Great acceleration. Rides smoothly. Highly recommend.

- John M

Folding mirrors heated seats leather fog lights sunroof

I love my vehicle the performance is awesome I just dislike my Turbo lag. Other than that The car is my dream car .

- Ben N

It is a very dependable vehicle.

Love the sleek design but hate the price of servicing, insurance, and gas. I also love the dependability of the car.

- Blake S

great color and handles like a dream

C350 sport great car and very comfortable to drive, sport cars and drives tight to the road and handles like a dream

- pam A

Mercedes is one of the safest cars on the road. It has more safety patens than all other Marques combined

It is a well built car that does not break down, The ride is comfortable and quiet. The interior is well appointed

- Daryl W

This car is fun to drive!

My car is fun to drive. It is well engineered and comfortable on long trips. I have been very happy with this car.

- Shavon P

It's a comfortable car and fun to drive.

I like the sunroof and color of the car. I also like the size of the Car. Also like the way it handles.

- Rita A

it's decent but not overly expensive like other classes of mercedes

It get great gas mileage i like that It doesn't drive as well as other model mercedes pick up is slow

- Jenn M

I would suggest engine and transmission. Essential to know reliability.

Likes - Performance, interior design, luxury and exterior. Dislike - no back up camera.

- Patrick A

It can accelerate fast and is fun to drive and handling is great

I like the performance. It has great speed and power. The interior is nice

- Lisa R

it saved me from injury in a serious accident.

it is comfortable. It is a great size for me. It has many safety features

- Jean M

reliable the car is safe very reliable and dependable

safe, reliable,dependable it is a very good car and I like it


It is a very reliable car.

I love my car. It was a great purchase. We will buy Mercedez again.

- Tan T

it has a wonderful ride, the steering wheel is very tight

i love how the drive is very smooth and how it handles the turns

- Rob S

It is reliable and not expensive to maintain

comfortable and reliable. Lack of remote start is a problem

- Paul R

The car has a great smooth ride

I love the way my Mercedes drives and handles the roads

- Lisa A

The safety features are immeasurable. The vehicle is comfortable and turns on a dime!

It's very safe. It's saved my life. It's very pretty!

- Christine K

Stylish and sporty, maintenance is expensive and there are frequent services needed

Sporty and fast looks good. Cabin is kind of cramped

- Derrol S

That it drives very smooth and runs perfect. It's comfortable.

Maintenance cost are so high. I love how it drives

- Jason M