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The Sleek Mercedes C300 Coupe

The C300 Coupe is a beautiful, sleek car and fun to drive. It is very responsive when driving around curves. However, the stereo system is a little weak. Even turned to its highest range, the bass has little power. The Mercedes App includes features that can be used on the C300 Coupe. My favorite is the ability to crank my car from the app before I approach it. This comes in handy in very hot or cold climes, as you can have your car cool or warm before you get in. Unfortunately, as soon as you touch the door handle the car shuts off! This makes no sense to me.

- Flora W

Powerful, upscale, and gorgeous vehicle.. just pricy.

The Mercedes C-class has a powerful engine and upscale interior. It's soft ride is perfect for long distance trips with the family. The quality of the interior is phenomenal. .It doesn't have the most athletic handling, but the engine power is strong. The downfalls of this vehicle are the higher than average price for a similar vehicle, which includes cost of ownership. Performance could be a little better. For a luxury car, i think it makes sense. I like it and think it fits well with my personality.

- Mary R

Sleek car with great options.

This car is smooth, fast and comfortable. It is easy to drive and has a great sleek look. I love the heated/cooling seats and all of the other options on the car. The tires have been a little bit of a problem. I have run-flats and when one is blown out you oftentimes have to change all 4. I've had multiple flats this year which I have never had in previous cars but there also has been more road construction this year. I'm very happy with my purchase and plan to buy from Mercedes again.

- Lisa B

Mercedes-benz the best or nothing!

Mercedes-benz the best or nothing! This is my 3rd Benz. I have not had any major issues with either of them, just normal wear and tear. I love the fact that my car tells me when it is time for maintenance, so I never have to think about. I also love the fact that I can still drive my car with a flat tire up to 50 miles! The only thing I do not like is, sometimes a bad smell comes from the vent when you first turn the air on, but that can be fixed with the change of a filter.

- Tay N

I love the sunroof the gas mileage the rear view camera and seat.

Love this car have even drove the s550 and I prefer my e class. Definitely buy nothing else to say besides its more girly looking so men beware! That is actually why my bf traded it with my s class, I couldn't be more happy with a downgrade. Well I am most at my character limit for this survey wait yup there now I am just a few words over. Also great mileage and the turn off when you stop at stop lights is kind of weird but you'll get used to it.

- Suzanne E

Almost perfect! Love my Mercedes Benz.

Great vehicle. Very comfortable, rides smooth and the interior quality is top notch. The vehicle is very responsive and is fun to drive. I have had absolutely no problems. One of the best parts of having a Mercedes Benz is the amazing customer service that comes with it. The only downside is that to feel the technology is lacking. I know the newer models to have updated technology so I look forward to those in my next Mercedes Benz.

- Ben S

My Mercedes Benz is a quality vehicle!

I love my vehicle because it is well-made and of the highest quality. It has superior handling and is luxuriously comfortable inside. Plus, it looks very stylish. I like most everything about it, except that the way the side mirrors are positioned makes it somewhat difficult for me to see out sometimes due to my small height. I have no complaints about my car and would definitely recommend it to others.

- Margaret W

Entry Benz for the start of the bells and whistles.

Relatable. Much better gas mileage on long road trips. The standard day to day gas mileage leaves some to be desired, especially since it is a 4 cylinder. Nice, entry luxury model. Even though it is a sedan, the back seat would not be comfortable for adults over 6 ft tall. Leg room gets cramped for them. The back seats have a strange angle to them, almost as if you are being pushed up.

- Carrie P

does not provide a tire jack-in with new cars they come with run-flat tires.

Is a very efficient and comfortable drive as well economical and spacious. Also likes the fact that I can switch from comfortable to sport, to economic. Is a great buy because is a elegant and stylish is worth the price. Also is turbo charge. Averaging 27 mpg combined the only complaint is the back seats are a bit uncomfortable. Is all about the driver seat for me

- Laura A

Nice, but lacking. My car offers a pleasant if imperfect driving experience.

The car is very comfortable and feels safe. It is also attractive. On the other hand, it lacks some features that all of my last three cars had. These features include seat warmers, automatic braking and two separate screens just under the dash. This means that if I have the display set to 'map' I need to leave that setting in order to change the radio.

- Elizabeth A

Is it really luxury? Basic car at a luxury price.

I have the sports package which really enhance the drive of the car. I am disappointed that the car does not include what would be considered basic features standard on the car considering it's a luxury car. For example, seat warmers are not a standard features. The sport tires also are very weak and I have had to replace several times.

- Lauren K

An interesting detail with newer Mercedes is the auto engine stop feature.

I love the Mercedes experience. I have owned several of them over the years. The quality and engineering is amazing and reliable. The attention to detail is amazing as well. Mercedes also goes over the top when your car needs servicing. Providing loaner cars when available at no charge. They also have a pick up service if you desire.

- Kim D

The car itself is beautiful and runs like a charm.

When I bought my car, being it is a Mercedes I wanted a backup camera and I got it, however the damn thing does not beep. I called the dealer and they told me you have to buy the next step up. I was furious and will never buy another bens. The car itself is excellent but for heaven's sake Fords have them and they are standard.

- Donna C

Sleek reliable car for any age.

I love my car. It has many cool and technological advancements. It is very reliable and clean and slick. It is very fast. It is also very extremely easy to drive. I love my car. It has many cool and technological advancements. It is very reliable and clean and slick. It is very fast. It is also very extremely easy to drive.

- sarah E

Best way to get around town.

So far everything about my vehicle is amazing, I love the way it ride,s I love the way it runs on the highway, it is very fuel-efficient, I do not have any complaints at this moment, amazing car, the leather in the seats feels really nice, I have the upgraded amg package and I would recommend it to any person out there.

- Edgar R

The car is to amazing and wonderful there's no other car like it

The Mercedes c300 is one of the best vehicle I had ever owned. The leather in the car is so comfortable and soft. Everything about the car is amazing. The heated seat work wonderful. I enjoyed this vehicle from the first day I bought, I had this car for 2 years now and still love driving it. I drive this car everyday.

- Taichi H

This car has it all - reliable yet sporty!

This car is very comfortable to drive. It is a beautiful car, and although reliable and comfortable, it still has a sporty feel to it. I like the rear-wheel drive. It makes the car feel more solid and steady than other cars I have owned. In a nutshell, this is my 2nd Mercedes, and I plan to always own a Mercedes.

- Adele B

The only car I look forward to a long commute in.

I love all the features in my car, the driving modes (sport, comfort, eco) really make a huge difference in my daily commute. Interactive display screens and blind spot/collision protection helps me to feel safe in a luxury vehicle. The c class is not only beautiful but highly functional. 10/10 would recommend!

- Raven S

It's a luxurious fun drive with great fuel efficiency.

It is a more economical Mercedes than my last one, but it drives beautifully offering various performance settings that provide me with great fuel economy when driving in leisurely manner or excellent acceleration and superb handling for sporty drives. I couldn't ask for much more, other than cooled seats.

- Al g

Great under the radar car that will make your friends jealous.

I wanted a performance sedan with AWD. I also wanted a csr that not everyone had. I find it annoying when I pull up to someone with the same car. My Mercedes c43 amg sedan was the perfect car. I love driving it every time I get in. I also got to go the amg driving academy as an added perk. Check it out.

- Michael L

Sporty fast car. Comes with everything you love and looking for in a vehicle.

Sporty, comfortable, fast and luxurious. This car is very nice. I love to drive it. Many people comment on how lovely it is. I have a white one. It has heated seats. You can change it from manual to automatic. It does not have cool seats which I hate. For the amount of money it should come fully loaded.

- She-she J

Mercedes 2016 C class Two year review.

The car rides very nice and it works really well in snowy weather. It gets about 35 to 37 miles per gallon on the freeway. Additionally it is very comfortable and the all wheel drive portion of it is very good. The phone Bluetooth is extremely good and much better than any other vehicle I have used

- Leo C

2017 Black Mercedes Benz C300 with Night Package

I drive a 2017 Mercedes C300 and like it very much. The ride is incredibly smooth and the gas mileage is great. I also love the safety features that are standard to Mercedes. I wish there were more modern standard tech features in Mercedes like other car manufacturers include these days.

- Anna H

The trunk space is amazing.

I don't have any problems with my choice of vehicle. I love everything about my car. It is fuel efficient. It drives very well. It comes with an amazing care package everything. The apple carplay is a big bonus as it links my phone to the car. Display. It's an overall best choice for me.

- Christina P

Few do it with the elegance/style of my car.

I have had no problems. The performance is amazing and I know its reliable I am not scared driving in any weather with it is 4 wheel drive (unlike my last vehicle). It is a little small but it is perfect for me because I am small and super cool features like Bluetooth, navigation, etc..

- Victoria F

Very functional retractable sun roof.

I am very happy with my car, it is very comfortable with superb handling. It has a very quiet interior and very powerful engine with very little maintenance. Very aerodynamic. Absolute eye catching looks. The theatre like acoustic sound system. Viewing around the vehicle is unhindered.

- Ernest L

Smooth and comfortable ride

Luxury ride. Very comfortable. I am tall so it's a little too low to the ground for me. Nice sound system. I would recommend purchasing this vehicle if you are into comfort and sport at the same time. The multiple drive functions such as sport and sport plus are nice. Smooth handling.

- Ryan L

Great car - sporty & luxurious!

It is very sharp looking, people constantly give me compliments/want to know what kind it is. I enjoy driving it & it is never let me down, she’s peppy when needs to be. Very comfortable on long trips. Love the a/c seats. All the driver assist gadgets are truly life saving.

- Kim W

Beautiful smooth riding car

The car is comfortable. It had heated seats for winter. The heat and air conditioner works quickly. It has sensors on the mirrors and beeps if there is a car in your blind spot while trying to switch lanes. Handles well. Great pick up. Smooth ride and good on gas

- Jennifer S

All round perfect car for all round transport.

None whatsoever. Drives great never gives me a problem. Small enough to be comfortable in town but big enough to hold five passengers comfort comfortably. Pretty fuel-efficient also. As a turbo 4-cylinder engine which gives me great performance and great fuel economy.

- GL L

Bright headlights are efficient

Not enough headspace because I am very tall. However, the bank has a lot of passenger space. Usually a smooth drive and gets decent mileage. The overall look of the car is nice and I feel good driving it. The interior is nice and Mercedes offers many comfort features.

- Alexis R

It offers many safety features, enough space for all family members.

My vehicle has many safety features. Enough interior room for the whole family and very comfortable to travel long distances. I like the design, the color and the performance. I have no problems or issues with this vehicle since I bought it so it is very reliable.

- Kayla R

Great buy. No regrets at all!

Very reliable vehicle. So far no issues. Comfortable and enough space for me and my two kids. Great trunk space. The automatic shut off is not my favorite but you can shut that off if you like. Love driving the thing in sport or sport plus. Great vehicle

- Veronica C

The best car on the road!!

I love it! I've never had any problems! Great customer service! Very comfortable! Easy to navigate electronics. Must have premium gas that is more expensive which I don't prefer. Safest car to drive. Love the safety features. Wouldn't buy any other car.

- Brook S

I absolutely love this car inside and out!

I absolutely love this car. It has an extremely smooth ride, beautiful interior, the exterior body style is really sharp, and I love the option of sport plus. I would highly recommend this car and will most likely leave a new one when my lease is up.

- Kathryn C

very spacey I love the car 10/10 recommendation the interior is beautiful

no problems, it's great I love the way it drives, very smoothly, the breaks are amazing, the interior is beautiful, the AC works like a charm, the car is very spacey, you have a lot of room is it, the car in general is awesome. 10/10 recommendation.

- timothy S

Our Mercedes Benz car is a " LUXURY CAR " with all comforts.

I love my Mercedes Benz. It's with high five technology.It's a luxury car. It's very comfortable.It's pleasure to own it . It's fun to drive it. It's with remote access with which we can monitor our vehicle & having peace of mind.


It is a great ride, and the style is awesome.

The car is great. The only fault I have with it is on the passengers side the bar between the two doors is wide and if the seat back of the passenger seat is up it creates a very bad blind spot, also when a passenger is there.

- Richard C

Lasts forever, prestigious vehicle

Stylish, high tech, reliable, a little too small, good pickup. Solid ride, nice cache, excellent service, a little pricey for the size of the vehicle, classy.

- Mark S

Saves gas, looks sleek. Very quiet.

Ventilation have a smell. Sometimes it's slow at responding when you shift gears. Gas warning isn't always accurate in terms of how much you have left.

- Christine C

Luxurious and sporty in one awesome car!

The 2017 C-300 is extremely comfortable for both the driver and passengers. It handles very well, even on wets roads, and has great safety ratings.

- Jill W

Smooth ride, awesome sound, great sleek look

Mercedes c300 coupe with the airmatic suspension gives the smoothest ride! The interior is so sick looking & the premium sound system is a must!

- Brandon Q

It looks expensive to maintain, but it is not.

I like the fuel cost. It is a little pricey to fill the tank, but gas seems to last pretty long. I don't?6t find myself buying gas too often.

- Melissa E

Driving assist lightens up when there are cars beside you or in your blind spot.

I love the sleek look of my car. I really appreciate all the upgrades as well. The driving assist and modern technology is extremely useful.

- Crystal W

The vehicle is well worth the cost and a smooth ride

It drives extremely smooth and has a lot of luxury features inside. I like the color and the leather. I can't think of anything I don't like

- Sammi D

It offers the ride and is highly dependable with few, if any issues

This car is very dependable. It offers a soft luxurious ride and is very economical. It's one of the most dependable cars on the road.

- Richard L

You will live in luxury every day.

Never had any problem with the vehicle drives smooth I would recommend this vehicle to anyone it is so comfortable looks sharp.

- Lisa A

My Mercedes is the perfect car for a woman. It's small and handles easily. I love it.

Doesn't have a smooth ride. Otherwise I love it. It's comfortable. Handles well. And is reliable. The sound system is great.

- Adrienne C

The safety features are great.

Excellent car, safe and reliable driving. Comfortable driving and economic in fuel. I would recommend driving or owning one.

- Jenny L

It is very safe & has great control.

It drives smooth. No noise. Quick! No complaints!! Interior is very nice & clean. Drives very fast. Has a large sunroof.

- Emily L

It is simple to operate. Priced well.

Love safety features. Hate that tires are bald after 10,000 miles which requires a large amount of money out of pocket.

- Stephanie L

My Mercedes Benz c class.

I love the way my car feels when I drive it. I would not want to drive any other car. I love everything about my car.

- Fran L

Nothing else. I love my car and covered it.

I love the style, color and features. I love that it's a Mercedes. The design is sleek and the interior is beautiful.

- kelley m

Sacramento MB is where I leased it. I would definitely lease again from them.

It is a fantastic car. It is beautiful, sleek and elegant. It makes me feel rich and successful. I love my Mercedes!

- Gloria G

Why Mercedes makes a good luxurious car that every mother can enjoy

This car is fast luxurious fun to be in has a moon roof so you can see through the roof anywhere in the car pick...

- Nate B

Thought it would be better than it is. . .

I hate the automatic stop feature, sometimes when you accelerate, the engine shakes, the headlights are horrible.

- Emily L

2017 Mercedes c class sedan

It is one of the best performing machines I've ever driven. It's super reliable. It is very expensive to maintain

- Frank J

Great condition runs smooth no noise clean inside and out

Runs good just rather an upgrade seen some newer models that i prefer and thinking to transfer to in the future

- Roberto Q

It can park by itself and drive by itself. It also warns me when to slow down.

It is luxurious and fast. I can't get enough of it. The exhaust is my favorite part because it sounds beastly.

- Bryan C

Excellent control and performance.

Have been a mb owner for many years and have been very happy with the quality and performance of the brand.

- Cindy C

Reliable and easy to handle.

I like the look of the vehicle. There is nothing I dislike. I would buy again. Like the style and color.

- Kathy T

The cost which is really good. Aslo the style is very nice.

Great ride, safe with good mileage. The features are quality and there is plenty of room for passengers.

- Rhonda L

handling makes it safer avoid accidents and feel more in control

love the style love the way it handles love the safety features love the luxury features

- m c

Luxury car that looks hot.

Nice car that has an excellent ride. I feel the bluetooth could be a bit better though

- Brian B

That it's a Mercedes and the quality is unbeaten

Mercedes has the best luxury experience. It's fast and great looking. Top notch car

- Brendan W

Safety features make beeps when you might hit another car.

Luxurious inside. It drives smooth. It warns me if I am about to hit another car.

- Frashta T

It is not as expensive as it looks and it is actually very comfortable to drive.

Smooth ride and stylish exterior. Also very economical regarding gas usage.

- Dialecti V

It's a great get around car, and also wonderful for road trips. This was the first year for this model so there were and still are some kinks. The self driving tech is great!

It's a great comfortable car and is not only easy to drive but maintain

- Sarah F

Routine maintenance and upkeep is more expensive than i was anticipating.

I like the look. I like the way it drives. I have no complaints.

- Frank L

Gets great gas mileage while driving on the highway

Comfort, Quiet Ride Great Gas Mileage Stylish Look Room Inside

- Elizabeth N

I've had no problems with this car. It drives beautifully, very smooth and quiet but if you want it to be more sporty you have the option. No complaints whatsoever.

How great of a car it is for the price. Mercedes is the best.

- chantel f

It's very reliable and dependable and fun to drive

It runs great. It's comfortable. Has low maintenance

- Henry P

The Mercedes Benz C300 coupe is all of that. It is very comfortable to drive. I traded my E400 in and thought it would be hard to get use to it, but I really love the new body style.

It drives very well on the interstate and on streets.

- John H

it is all very good and important

it is very good one and very nice i liked it

- Quinn R

great convertible that rides smoothly

convertible. smooth riding, small trunk.

- Lynne C

Smooth class and sweet ride.

- Jenny S