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An ok vehicle with pricey repairs.

The pick-up & go of this vehicle is great. My biggest downside is you can feel everything on road, and that is in large part to the low profile tires. Over the years I have noticed problems with the windows and sunroof attempting to close, and then getting stuck. You then have to try and close it multiple times before it actually works. After 70k miles the water pump went to junk and cost $1200 to replace.

- Sam K

My perfect Benz- it is the ideal car. It has great quality and is very reliable.

It is very reliable. I do have problems with the tire pressure no matter how many times I replace the tires. It performs well. It is great for our family. I bought the car when I was single and then I am now married with 2 stepsons. It is getting a little cramped as they get bigger so we are looking to upgrade to an SUV in the next year or so. I really haven't had any problems with it at all.

- Ashley B

The Mercedes Benz cla 250.

The Mercedes cla250 has options sport mode eco it also its smart car has a bunch of good features really good sound system too and gas mileage really good too. When put on sport mode the travel is really fast it also has a sunroof. The only down part is that its small on the back but really good tires.

- Luis Z

I was amazed to find out that i get 35+ miles per gallon when utilizing the ECO mode.

The car is very comfortable in my opinion. However, I am only 5 feet and space is not an issue. Whenever I have passengers, the car is tight. I also don't like that there's more blind spots than normal. Other than that, the car drives very smoothly and I have no other complaints.

- Cindy L

My interior is great, I love it so much.

It looks great, drives so smooth. Absolutely love it. Everyone looks good driving this car, great on gas for a Benz and you would not regret buying this. Also I love my interior especially since I live in Florida, the leather doesn't get too hot it is overall my love it car.

- Ra S

Mercedes-Benz is the bomb type of vehicle.

This is a sleek piece of machinery. It is sporty, economic and affordable. I like how it drives smoothly with front wheel drive. It also cuts off to save gas in economy setting. People think my car is a sixty thousand dollar car. It makes me feel fantastic.

- Sophia B

The car has too many blind spots and it does not have blind spot warning.

I like the style of my car. It is eye catching. There are two things that I dislike. It has too many blind spots. It did not come with a back up camera. Minor services like oil changes are way too expensive.

- Lynn P

Its beautiful and very pleasant to drive.

I haven't experienced any problems so far. It is a little bit slow, if you are into sporty, fast driven cars. I enjoy different driving modes such as sport and eco. The interior and exterior very pleasant.

- Mel R




It is a very beautiful and, most importantly, safe car.

My vehicle is great because it prioritizes my safety and comfort. I also always feel like I am riding in luxury and style. There are, however, a few features equipped in the car that don't work.

- Trish W

Basically it's a Mercedes, there's nothing left to explain. . Top notch!

The starter goes out a lot in this vehicle. It's not easy finding the write parts for cheap. Battery goes bad quite often, even though the outside looks good the inside could use some help.

- Chastity N

Great, reliable vehicle for everyone

I love my car. It may not be the newest car on the market, but it is comfortable and reliable. I have had no problems with it since it was purchased USED.

- Alex R

About my Mercedes Benz CLA 250

Only one problem so far after 55000 miles, the throttle position sensor. Fantastic fuel economy, nice power, great torque. Excellent value. Happy owner.

- Christopher M

It has best braking system I have ever driven and has great handling.

It is fun to drive, looks good, great gas mileage. It is comfortable to sit in. Back seat is small but don't usually have more than two people in vehicle.

- Catherine S

Great vehicle for comfort, style and speed

Vehicle is great. It's a smooth ride with the stock tires. Hardened mine up a bit with run flats because I keep running into nails.

- Christopher W

It's a safe car that can be trusted to carry loved ones in it.

I like the color of the car. I like the year and model of the car. I also like the gas mileage. It also has good quality tires.

- Alfredo K

It has a nice navigation system.

It drives like a dream. It has a the functions I need. I have no complaints about this vehicle. It is a nice compact vehicle.

- Anne M

The fact that its a Mercedes Benz but does not break the bank.

Not so expensive but still a well equipped Mercedes Benz with good fuel mileage, and very nice interior and exterior styling.

- Oscar R

It is not the bottom feeder that analysts called it and I get compliments all the time on its good looks.

The CLA is a sporty model that is fun to drive, excellent braking and great fuel mileage. It looks brand new and I love it.

- Catherine E

It's a great car but with BMW I never had to pay oil changes

I love that it has sensors. I love that it only takes $25 to fill up. I don't like that the parts are so expensive.

- Jennifer J

Low overhead clearance good for short person not so good for tall person

The water pump went on the vehicle at less than 40k miles and the air conditioner blower had to be replace.

- Yvon A

Apple is my life. Go BENZ!

No major issues. Recent airbag recall. Great seats and very comfortable. I would prefer a new sound system.

- Mill W