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Parts are very reliable, sturdy car & will keep you safe in a minor accident.

Some problems I encounter are the pick up speed pressing on gas pedal, feels hesitant to me. Gas consumption could be better. At times the software doesn't come on, you manually have to turn computer on and does not show full screen of what is playing on your phone. Performance is good, but can be improved. Reliability is a plus, having the car for 4 years & kept it in good shape. Chairs could be more comfortable especially for the headrest. And again with the computer, there's always room for improvement.

- Natasha G

Issues with the Benz CLA-CLASS

Lately the auto eco start/stop feature has been stalling the car when its a red light. So I just turn it off as soon as I get in the car. I found that when I turn off the auto Stop/Start feature the issue does not happen. I also notice when it rains a lot the seal of the trunk seen to allow a little bit of water to go into the trunk. It's not really a big deal but with time there could be smell with in the trunk.

- Andres G

The beautiful Mercedes Benz cla and the best value, luxury and comfort.

I love my Mercedes cla as it has every feature you could think of! Heated seats, rear view camera, navigation and great adjustable seats. The color is very pretty and I love the leather interior. Very smooth ride with the speed you need to get up and go when you need to. The dealership is extremely friendly and very helpful when you need to service your car. Great brand and would def buy again.

- Michaela C

The Mercedes CLA-250: Drive in Style and Comfort!

Vehicle is very comfortable and has nice interior features. Great for long car rides, but can be snug in the back. Also, low clearance in the back. Side blind spots can be an issue when reversing. However, car has a lot of power, drives well, and has to-die-for air conditioning. Fun and on the sportier side. Nicer than you'd expect for a low end luxury vehicle. Price is on point!

- Eileen V

This vehicle is top of the line in luxury sedans.

I love driving this car. The body is so sleek. The ride is a little rough just because the car came with run-flats and you can feel the bumps in the road. The car drives like a beast. It is quick on the pick-up. It is extremely reliable. I have already put 40,000 mile on the car in about 8 months with no issues. The car has great features like satellite radio and navigation.

- Diana D

It is reliable, easy to drive, great attention to detail.

I have no issues with my vehicle. Mercedes is a wonderful car company and Its been a pleasure to have them service my car. They are very loyal and dependable. My car has a computer in it that lets me know when the service is needs. If you have any issue you can take it in and they will provide a rental of the same model while yours is being serviced.

- Michaela L

Nice and safe on road trips.

This is an SUV, great on the road and nice for road trips. It has space to put 2 bicycles in. It is very comfortable has safety features like vibrating steering wheel if you wonder away from the road, beeping sound went a car is close and I want to change lanes. Back up cameras. Heating seats... I like everything about this car..

- Isabelle L

It is a great car and reliable.

I love my CLA. I have recently had an issue with the water pump which caused the car to overheat. However, the repair service was covered under warranty at the dealer. I have been to multiple Mercedes dealerships for services and always have a pleasant experience. Great car, great service. Well worth the price.

- A J

Practicality and Performance - The Mercedes CLA-250

The Mercedes CLA-250 is a perfect compromise between practicality and performance. There are multiple modes of performance on the vehicle which allow for fuel efficiency, manual control, or sport mode. The car is incredibly chic and includes all the necessary amenities inside.

- Chandler W

Recalls are kind of annoying

Warning lights seem to turn on a lot. My car is 4 years old and I have an airbag issue. It concerns me that it's not listed as a recall. There is another recall on the steering. Maintenance is very expensive. Stereo is t that great. But everything else I love about this car!

- Erin B

Very underrated affordable luxury car.

The car drives very smooth. Power steering is each and smooth. Great MPG. Car features are great, I wish it came standard with backup camera. The inside is small, not every car came with sunroof but they all should to give illusion that it's more spacious.

- Stephanie A

It's very comfortable and a smooth ride.

Drives smoothly, interior is amazing, its overall quality is perfect! Love the color of it. Don't really find any fault it in besides the expensive gas. And a full tank lasts up around two weeks. It has great features like the GPS system, works amazingly

- Lilly K

It has a wonderfully smooth ride and ease of operation.

I love the styling of my car. I love the prestige of driving one of the known luxury cars. It has many safety features and a very smooth ride. Finally I love the exterior and interior styling.

- Terry W

You'll be 100 percent comfortable in it and you won't want to get out.

Very nice and stylish car, I get a lot of compliments on everywhere I go, the only thing I dislike about my car is I don't have a backup camera. Other than that everything is perfect.

- Autumn L

One of the most important things they should know is that it's eco friendly, so when we stop then the engine stops also.

The performance is great, it rides very smooth. The only thing is that it is low to the ground so it is much harder to go through any water.

- Julianna D

It is surprisingly powerful

I like the way it looks and the way it handles. The only complaint I have is that it was not wired for satellite radio

- Frank M

Silver is a good color to not show any dirt.

No problems. Ride is very comfortable. Color is silver which does not show any dirt. Gas mileage is pretty good.

- Beverly J

CLA-250 AMG sport vehicle

I love it so much!!! We rarely have any problems. The expenses for a Mercedes are cheap but they are worth it.

- Dakota D

Loved it- has power, performance, tech features I want, wish it was a little more comfy and better shock absorption

automatic wipers adjust to rain intensity, speed and water level, headlights adjusts too

- reb P

It is safe and comfortable to drive and also that is gets good gas mileage.

I like the overall look of my vehicle. I also like the stereo. My car is pretty fast.

- Nick G

It's purple! I feel very safe while driving the car

The color is purple, and it is a very smooth ride. Love my car

- Amanda D

It's awesome. It's gray. Has a monitor and heated seats

Love it. Nothing bad about vehicle.mine is gray. It's awesome

- Chris M

The gas-saving feature is very helpful.

- Anna S