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My vehicle is consistent and reliable. Exactly what you need a car to be.

Initially, I was reluctant to purchase my car because of the brand and costs. But, I can honestly say it was a great decision. My car is great on gas drives smooth. I have had no major issues. I love the Bluetooth capabilities in the car and USB ports in the console that allow multiple people to charge their phones. The leather is high quality and takes little care to maintain. The seats are really comfortable and there's tons of leg room and there is tons of trunk space. The car communicates if there is an issue, so that is super helpful. I have a warranty with my car, so I benefit from free checks and free car washes!

- Ariel M

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it truly has a lot of speed to it and can get up and go from zero to sixty in 4.9 seconds or less. Also, other individuals should know that I take pride in it and try to keep it as clean as possible.

I love what I affectionately term God's Benz because it has so many wonderful features; it is as if I am discovering new gadgets to play with every day. My Mercedes also is very sleek and aerodynamic, stylish and very low to the ground; when people look at it, it appears to keep them mesmerized. There are different gears that can be shifted to automatically and also various driving terrains that can be selected. The only thing that I would say that I dislike about my benz is that I wish I would have selected another color at times because white gets dirty so quickly.

- Willie S

Bright shining star with a quivering, noisy interior!

I love the style and color of the car, and its large sunroof. Gas mileage is as expected. My favorite feature is the illuminated star. The headlights get the job done but are not very strong. I wish the my model had led/halogen headlamps. The interior is pretty basic and I do not like that the display is not a touch screen. I am disappointed with the amount of noise the car makes (especially when driving on bumpy surfaces)' you can hear the plastic rattling within the dashboard.

- Renee J

Very cute compact vehicle.

I think the size of the car is excellent for urban because it is very easy to park without having to avoid compact parking space. The style of the car is very contemporary and sleek. I think the design of the seat can be more comfortable because right now I think the seat is a little bit too hard. This model is better for a younger group because it is harder for older people together in and out of the car.

- Jessica Y

2016 mercedes-benz cla-class.

This small coupe-like four-door luxury sedan is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 208 hp and a respectable 258 lb-ft of torque.Quick, polished engines. Superb fuel economy. Large trunk with wide opening. Nimble and composed. Cons: mediocre infotainment interface. Cramped back seat. Not as posh inside as classmates. Firm ride on rough roads.

- Shannon S

My car does what it is supposed to do exceptionally. Many cars go from point A to point B , but my car does it better than everyone else's car. It does it safely and it also does it in style.

Overall I am happy with my vehicle. I wish I used it more, but I tend to not use it as much as I walk to work often if the weather permits. I like that my car is new, small, and easy to drive. One thing I dislike about my car is that it is kind of expensive to maintain. I had a service recently and it was over $400 and the car is only a few years old.

- Matthew A

It is a perfect fit for the young professional.

The current car I have now is my dream car. I have wanted it ever since I was 15 years old. Amazing mileage. Very comfortable. The car is super fast. And last but not least, the car is very luxurious. I would definitely recommend the car to a young professional. It is not very spacious, but if you are a single guy, it is the perfect guy for you.

- Francisco R

It is a great car . beautiful, fast and attracts a lot of attention

i love that it takes off fast, rumbles when i drive and is very sporting and eye catching. my only complaint would be that the backseat is very small and since it is a sports car/coupe, the backseat is very small and when i first started driving it, i had to get used to not being able to see that well outside of the windows.

- sally b

The radio display looks as if they put an iPad inside the vehicle! Very modern.

The leather seating is like butter and is even more luxurious with the heated seating. The back up camera and blind spot assistance is something I can no longer live without in a car and rely heavily on. Smooth ride especially being a 4matic. Speed gauge, temperature gauge and fuel is all on an electronically screen.

- Brooke P

I enjoy having backup camera and blind spot assistance.

Car is very smooth, fast and fully equipped with the latest and greatest. I enjoy back up camera, blind spot assistance, and digital speed gauge. Very sleek and sharp looking. If you are in of speed this is the car for you. The leather seats are easy to maintain and the heat warmers are an awesome feature.

- Brooke E

When blasting music you cannot not hear it from outside which is nice.

I am not too much a of a fan of the "eco" feature. I live in a hilly city and it makes my car slide when I gas uphill. It is a small cramped car but works very well. A trunk once back into my car and the car was damaged really badly. Unfortunately, cars are no longer made with quality material.

- Mia M

Economic fuel car, nice detailing in and out, and most up to date gadgets.

My car is fuel efficient. Love the out side body shape and details. The inside back of the car is a little small. People that go in the back usually tell me. When the car is still and not moving the engine turns of not polluting the air. It had a big sunroof.

- Raquel T

What I like and dislike about my car,

My Mercedes is modern and sporty looking, but my major complaint is how loud the road noise is. It can be very distracting while driving. Love everything else about the car, and am hoping that the next one I lease will be quieter. Plan on leasing the new gal,

- Carolyn F

It gets great gas mileage and the workmanship is great. The manufacturer and dealer really stand by their products.

I love how smoothly it drives. The easy driver visibility when I look over the shoulder. The seats are very comfortable for me and my passengers. It's easy to put kids in car seats. Roomy trunk space.

- Rhonda M

The inside has a very nice leather from Italy.

Pretty sleek designs but uses up a lot of oil it is one of my first cars and I get a lot of compliments especially around my college campus so in general the car has little imperfections but is solid.

- Michael B

Stylish, sensible, not a braggy car. Economical, but luxurious.

I love the external design, especially the hood. Rims and side mirrors in separate color is a nice accent. The inside design is beautiful, but I would prefer matte to glossy wood on the dashboard.

- Steen E

To switch songs is a small circular knob that you turn- it is very convenient.

I have had great performance from my car. Features everything you need. One problem is it is much lower than I was used to, so you have to be careful of curbs.

- Abby J

The performance of this vehicle is unmatched. Of all the cars I've owned, this one has been the most reliable.

It has been an extremely reliable vehicle. It gets fantastic gas mileage. It is very stylish. The only downfall to this car is it is a little small.

- Jason R

Sleek and sexy with some imperfections

Honestly the car is pretty fire and the leather inside is from italy the only thing I have to say is that for a 4 seater it takes up a lot of gas

- Michael A

its a Mercedes Benz whats more of a highlight do you want?

My 2016 Mercedes Benz CLA is a great value for money especially considering that it is a Mercedes Benz

- Oscar R

Expensive upkeep. Drives lovely. Comfortable to drive

Love the look. Hate the depreciation of it. I wish that I was valued higher for what we've paid.

- Brooke G

Very spacious for a car. Feels like a minivan almost on the inside.

I like the style, but I dislike that the features are basically like any other vehicle.

- Christina W

It exceeds expectations. It performs admirably.

Our car performed wonderfully. It is comfortable and safe. We really enjoy it.

- Eric L

Latest technology and improved performance

Good quality and latest that is reliable and innovative

- Tia S

Fun, sporty vehicle for someone who likes to drive.

- Stephanie C