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Beautiful looking car but too many problems.

At first I really loved my Mercedes Benz CLK 500 convertible. It was really comfortable and really fast. I loved the amenities like pushing a button to take the top down and it automatically covered it (no getting out of the car to button down the cover). The brakes took a little getting used to because they're electric brakes; just when you think you're not going to stop they kick and stop immediately. Music sounds amazing in my car, it came stock with Harman Kardon speakers. These cars don't hold their value though. Also anything that breaks is going to be at least three times as costly as a non sports car. There are also some things that you can only can get fixed at a Mercedes dealership, for example the key fob. Another thing is the car is so low to the ground that any little bump in the road or train track will cause you to scrap your undercarriage or rip your bumper. I would not recommend for anyone to buy this vehicle as I will never buy another one because of these issues.

- Lacey D

Head turning styling by Mercedes.

Pretty much I do not have any problems. The car is quick quiet sporty looking with great mileage and the latest electronics with a smooth ride and comfortable seating. The v6 is responsive averages in the upper 30s in miles per gallon yet has very good acceleration. The class can be seen as soon as you lay eyes on it. Classic Mercedes lines.

- Anthony C

The amazing mb clk is worth every penny spent for it!!

This has been the most reliable car I have owned. Just doing the regular maintenance has kept my car repair dollars to a minimum. My car is currently 13 yrs old and still I feel safe and love driving it. I know I must replace it soon but it will be another of the same model. . It is a convertible and I really enjoy it in the fall.

- Dianne J

Mercedes Benz makes safe & reliable cars.

The Mercedes Benz CLK 320 is a very reliable car. I have owned it since 2005 and would recommend Mercedes Benz cars to my family and friends because their cars are also very safe. When I purchased this car, I told myself it would be my last car to own. I am extremely pleased with my cars performance.

- Susan J

Silver Mercedes clk 500 convertible.

Convertible fun to drive, fast. Electrical problems that come and go. Have never taken it to a dealership always starts. I get lots of compliments. It is silver with black leather interior. CD player with auxiliary pack in glove box approximately 160000 miles.

- Pat R

Does it fit your personality.

My car despite being a bit old does not bring me any trouble. My engine still runs perfectly even after 11 years and it is very classy with the ladies.

- Carlo G

Very few mechanical issues.

It drives nicely / love the convertible. Do not like that the apparatus in the trunk that allows the top to go up and down is easily disabled.

- Candy S

Requires regular maintenance to ensure proper function

Seems like with age a lot of things are going wrong with the car. Drives very well and smoothly. It is a really fun car to drive.

- Jessica S

Mercedes is a excellent car

Car has been very reliable. No major problems. Normal wear and tear. Nice looking convertible. Would purchase again.

- Anita L

It's great because the engine is great and the drive is great

The way you can open the roof, the design and the engine makes it really great car.

- Sin K

Good quality car with few needed repairs. Mercedes can last several hundred thousand miles.

Nice looking convertible. Mercedes status symbol car. Expensive to repair.

- zelda z