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Great car to enjoy with the family.

The vehicle is very fast it has a big engine it does use high octane gasoline. The addition of a convertible is amazing. Driving a convertible is so very nice. The feeling of driving with the top down is great. The handling of the vehicle is super cool. It had a very fast start up. The smooth driving pleasure is a wonderful feeling. The drive very smooth on the highway and in the city.

- Carlos R

The car will eject the brace bars over the rear seats so if you over turn you can still get out.

The car is a convertible in very good shape as far as the engine and powertrain is concerned. However, as it ages little things start to break. But the best thing I like is that you are told by the car when it's time to do maintenance.

- John B

Well made and it is a good deal for the money.

Ir is a fun sporty car. It looks good and has a lot of power. Only bad thing is backseat is a bit small for the kids. Gets great gas mileage.

- sheri G

It still looks really good and drives well.

Drives smooth and fast. Coupe design is attractive. Having a sensor issue with convertible top and would like a Bluetooth capable radio.

- Kim P

That my mercedes is very fast and you feel great driving it

Will outpace any car on the road that is not an extremely luxurious sports car. Also has the great ability to be a convertible or coupe.

- anthony b

It has a long life and drives well in the city or long distance.

I like the way the vehicle drives. There is a lot of issues with the lights and breaks. Also the services can be an inconvenience.

- Emily N

Great reliability. Poor gas mileage.

Well my cars reliability as of today has been very good. I travel a lot and the perform is great. The gas mileage can be improved.

- Lloyd S

It is a very prestigious vehicle especially with the roof lowered.

Excellent styling outstanding power, high quality, prestige and convertible roof which adds interest and enjoyability.

- Gary S

I feel safe driving it and it does not require a lot of maintenance.

Very comfortable to drive. Low maintenance and reliable. As long as I keep it well maintained I have no issues.

- Lynn S

that its a fast car and car pick up speed really fast

it's good car I really like it but sometimes the car sticks and it's hard to find parts for it sometimes

- brandon b

It has a lot of bells and whistles and has a very nice interior

I like how it drives. It has a good sound system. Not a lot of road noise.

- Jennifer B

I love my car. It is a CLK 500. It has sport mode with 7 mods. It drives very smooth. Only downsides are the gas mileage, it takes 91 plus octane which is more expensive and eats a lot of gas quickly. And because the kind of car if a part breaks or needs to be fixed or added it's really expensive. But it's super comfortable inside and very spacious inside for a small car.

That it takes a lot of gas. And takes the most expensive gas as well.

- Paige S