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Its great and fast to get to the places you need to go.

The car is comfortable and has good features but it does not have a map in the car which wasn't included. This car performance is great and reliable. It is fast that it helps my mom get to the places she needs. She is a fashion photographer so the car is perfect to fit all her equipment in the car such as lighting, stands, exposure umbrellas, sandbags, etc. . . In the backseat and trunk. Since it is 2008 vehicle she does have problems all the times and she always has to pay to repair it all the time and money is not cheap to fix for a 2008 old car, but so far everything works great it's not in perfect condition but it has everything she needs that any car could do. I highly recommend it.

- Jasmine K

Be prepared to spend money on the upkeep of this vehicle.

I have driven this car for 8 years and still enjoy it. I will say that while it is very fun to drive, the car has been having both minor and larger issues for the past 2 years. They have all been very costly. There are also many cosmetic areas that have deteriorated inside the car that are not fixable.

- Cheryl K

Overall great vehicle for the purchase price.

Overall the vehicle is great. Have not had major problems with it. However, I do have minor problems. These problems include, the car Bluetooth works when it wants to, the tire monitoring light constantly goes on, and you cannot put too much in the trunk if you want to let the top back.

- Valerie R

Mercedes 2 door Convertible

2 door convertible but w/the summer heat I had to replace the top! Love my car BUT VERY expensive to fix & maintain. Not happy about that! Love the fit, style and performance when it is running at it's best!

- Liz H

The best thing about this car is that it is reliable.

I love this car. Good mileage. Comfortable for road trips. Great pickup! Zoom! Love the top down. The only negative is the cost of maintenance.

- Nancy J

Upscale and classy, The Mercedes-Benz CLK.

It is classy. With great visibility. Powerful engines with comfortable seats. It is a blend of comfort and performance. Handling is excellent.

- Angelina L