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Most affordable luxury car ever! You will not be disappointed when you buy this type of Mercedes..

The Mercedes E320 year 2000 is in my opinion, is one of the best Mercedes made. Why? Well let's start off by telling you this model of Mercedes is the car that is used by executives. That is what the E in Mercedes stands for. This Car drives and handle like you are driving on air. The performance is great with a selection of a V8 or V6 model engine for either Power with comfortability and a gas saver. It is equipped with soft 100% leather seats, and Airbags on the drivers dash, and side panels on the doors. It comes standard with a Bose Radio and sound system. Electronic sliding door windows with sunroof, and factory tinted windows. The reliability is outstanding. Just do the maintenance required and your car will last forever. I have over 300,000 miles and it still drive like brand new. I really enjoy this car and will continue to enjoy it for more years to come.

- Charles R

Me and my Mercedes: an everlasting love.

I have found my vehicle quite reliable. Naturally in the later years, since around 2017 I have had more need to take it to the shop for repairs, for problems due to age, such as in September I had to replace an alternator and some months earlier I believe it was a brake issue. These were normal events that came with age. I continue to enjoy driving. Message reminders can be a blessing and sometimes an annoyance, such as when I had my oil changed and the message comes on periodically that I need to change the oil in 9,000+ miles or when the service engine light comes on and there is nothing wrong. I understand, however, that messages come on because of sensitivity. Again, I have enjoyed my vehicle and hope to have it for a long time.

- Allice C

2000 Mercedes-Benz Overview!

The car functions well and requires little maintenance! The chairs are comfy, it has nice quality parts, and even a USB port so that you can play music from your phone. The car drives smoothly and rarely has any problems. The air conditioner even works well, and in the summertime, you can open the sunroof to feel cooler! Some major problems with the car are that it's window recently fell in, and it requires the highest grade gas, which means that it is more costly to drive! Overall, I think it was a great buy for its value! We have had it a little over a year and had only a few problems with it ' also given the fact that our car is a 2000 model.

- Elizabeth B

Amazing car if first owner. And keeps up with all repair maintenance.

It's great car, runs great I got it used off someone didn't know was in a accident and well besides random parts an standard maintenance these things are way more expensive for this car. I wanted a Mercedes so bad an its great. But costly to fix. Now I have a really great car, but they didn't send me the pics of the dents and things that needs fix. And we can't afford to fix. Plus the seats belts I have to fix before the new baby comes. So I never thought would be like that. But it runs great, but the air conditioning flopped. don't know exact problem but they didn't say it needed al this work.

- Dawn C

Too expensive for the economy of 2018.

It is an okay vehicle but not for this economy. The self driving portion is my favorite part of the vehicle. It is too expensive to drive though and the maintenance costs more than the vehicle itself. I have already spent 1900. 00 alone just to fix a wheel bearing and dual housing. Plus I cry every time I have to spend 60 bucks a pop on gas. I used to have a car that made it on half that a week. I didn't originally want this vehicle but I am stuck with it now.

- Victoria S

Mercedes Benz runs forever. Just make sure you keep it cosmetically nice.

My care is mechanically sound. I try to take care real good care of the car by maintaining all the fluids needed. The only problem with my car is cosmetically. There is some damage to upholstery in the front and back seat. The speakers are blown out. There is damage on the back passenger side of the car. The front fog light is cracked. And just a lot of smaller cosmetic damage. My car does make this rattling noise but it is old.

- Jordan R

Luxury vehicle with great price

I love my car. It has the same engine as my mother's c-class Mercedes Benz but weighs considerably less so it has great acceleration and speed. It's not pretentious and has beautiful leather interior. It's the perfect size and gets pretty good gas mileage. If your in the market for a new car I highly recommend it. You can buy an e class and get almost the same luxury of a c class and you would save a lot of money.

- Leah D

Fast, reliable, fun to drive.

The main reason I love this Mercedes is it is fun to drive. It has quick pick up, corners well and has a tight turning radius which is great as this is a station wagon. The wagon also has excellent visibility. It has a "rumble" seat so to speak; there's a seat in the back of the wagon which folds up out of the rear of the wagon and so the wagon legally seats 7. It also has a Bose stereo system.

- Steph W

Mercedes Benz wagon e320 - love it, reliable and looks nice.

So far I've really enjoyed this car. Rides smoothly and is very reliable. Would trust it to take long trips such as out of state. Interior is nice. Has an Aux cord in the glove box. Has navigation included. Compatible with my iPhone regarding the aux cord. Very spacious and has three rows of seats, last row can be folded down for extra trunk space. And has an area for a pet carrier.

- Maria S

The vehicle beeps when it thinks it might crash and there’s a camera in the back.

Very comfortable and safe. The car beeps when it thinks you might crash and the look is very sophisticated. You will be proud of this car. Everyone will love it and want rides. The car is good on gas especially if changing from a truck. If you work far I suggest this car not only because of the gas but because of how safe it is.

- Starr P

A classy car to ride in style and comfort.

I love my 2000 Mercedes e320. The suspension on it drives way beyond its years and is a smoother ride then some SUVs. The leather seats have been complemented by all my friends and make the ride so comfortable. It drives like a tank and takes premium but for the long hauls, I would not want to drive anything else.

- James B

Great gas mileage, luxury car.

Love my car, it's reliable and gas efficient. It has minimal problems. Has leather seats which I like. Also is a Mercedes with powered and heated seats. It is a bit loud do to the diesel engine, it also is not so quick but has power. I wouldn't trade this car in for anything but a newer version of it.

- Roman D

It is so easy and safe to drive I would let any teenager learn to drive in this car due to It's handling and being low to the ground.

I love the way it turns and is easy to park. I love the control it has on the road but do hate how low it is when I am parked in a space next to large SUVs because it is hard to see around them. The Bose sound system is amazing . Not much has gone wrong with this car and it is still in great shape.

- Tamara S

It is nice but costly in repairs.

It is fun, quick and luxurious, though eventually it has shifter rattling problems with high revving up on driving, making it unable to be driven past a certain speed. It also has crankshaft sensor issues that makes it unable to start. Lastly it has rust issues which is well known for this model.

- Jonathan M

Interesting detail is the leather seats and soft doors.

Fast, gets you places and where you need to be in time. Old and the newer versions are much nicer but it is still good. Sometimes it takes a bit to heat up but stays warm after a while. Very easy to fill up the gas and park. Smooth driving and moving the seats is very easy for different drivers.

- Lily W

I like that is has cruise control, heated seats and a sunroof.

Extremely reliable vehicle. Very comfortable seats. Great performance. Have not had many problems with this car. Only problem I have had is the windshield wipers stopped working, which at the time was very inconvenient but it was a quick fix. Wish the mpg was better.

- Jaime F

Mercedes Benz is the best vehicle out there!

This car is such a joy to own. It's so far the best vehicle I ever owned, even though it is older car but runs so nice, smooth, fast! Very good on gas mileage!! In town full tank of gas will serve at least 325 miles and even better on highway, !

- Nadezhda S

Keep things up to date. Oil , coolant, and tires.

Great running long lasting car, the only problems I have ever rain across is the ac in these cars goes out, once replaced professionally it works perfectly fine, fast pick-up, great on gas, pretty roomy, will last you a long time.

- Mackenzie M

This is a very smooth riding car that is also easy to maintain.

I love that my vehicle has enough space to fit my family plus room in the back for packages. The car rides nice and smooth. The color of my car fits me also, it is a gold champagne color.

- Ahrmade L

We bought our luxury car at an affordable price. It was used when we bought it.

Our car is reliable, smooth, and sleek. Although it is an older model car, it still looks new and has current technology. We have had this car for years and are very happy with it.

- Ave L

It takes number 91 gas only.

An extremely well-built car. Powerful and smooth. It is old however and does not have many of the new features that even the lowest priced cars have nowadays.

- Stephen D

Very versatile and spacious. Fun to drive.

I like that it is reliable and roomy. It is in pretty good shape for as old as it is. I hate that I have to put expensive premium gasoline in it.

- Sheryl G

The most important thing is the reliability of this car.

I like the smooth ride, the aesthetic value, how easy it is to drive. I dislike the fact that there are no cup holders.

- Madison G

Good workmanship and has been a good form of transportation

Nice car. Handles well. A pleasure to drive. Wish I had all wheel drive

- J e W