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Stylish car but expensive.

This is a very stylish car which will give you clout. But it is a very costly car. You must use premium gas and the car does not have the best gas mileage. It is also expensive to repair. Parts for this car are costly and have to be shipped in. It does have a good interior and exterior design.

- Mak G

Great car! Love it and is very comfortable!

I like how reliable the car is compared to others. It is very comfortable and feels great when driving. The leather interior is also great. I especially like there is plenty of room and trunk space. The car is still in good to decent condition considering how many miles are on it.

- Sam S

The window and side view mirror controls are around the shift control.

My vehicle doesn't really have any problems. It's a 2002. So it's kind of old. But runs great! The maintenance is high. 200+ to change the oil. And a tune is about 400. But that's like once a year or 18 months. After that the car is good. No engine problems at all.

- Tara E

It is a very comfortable car and very spacious.

I like that it is really comfortable. I like how it looks from the outside and that it has leather seats on the inside. I do not like that it is getting old and that certain things do not work like they used to.

- Maria S

High quality of construction.

It is a solid car, 207K miles and still works well. Issues are with the interior; a car that can work for 20 years should have It's interior last that long.

- Robert M

The car is heavy and built like a tank. It is sixteen years old but still runs very well.

The car is built like a tank. It is super reliable. The clock is broken but otherwise the car is in pretty good shape.

- Nelson W

Car price also reflect maintenance price.

Great car. Safe comfortable great traction great room. Reliability is not great. Thing big and small break often.

- Rich H

Bulletproof windows and premium gas

I like the space and it rides smooth I dislike the foam around the window I get good miles on the freeway

- Temica F

It is fast and it runs good.

It is old but I love it and I would like to vet it fixed because it is my fav. The car is getting rusted.

- Deep S