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Good quality and it is safe fun to drive good looking.

I love this car it is wonderful fantastic actually it is excellent. Not only is this car wonderful and safe it is a reliable transportation. Not only good on looks and good on steering but good on gas and mileage. It tells you on the dash if something needs to be looked at. Wonderful to drive and can go up in speed in no time. Good on acceleration and breaking. Would recommend this car for anyone.

- Eleanor C

You don't just ride, you feel a sense of floating along.

The suspension was one of the top three reasons I picked this vehicle. My wife and I have lower back pain but with the Mercedes suspension we barely feel potholes or pumps. Other safety features like driver and passenger side airbags make for additional satisfaction. Whether you are the driver or passenger, you feel a strong sense of security around you riding in a Mercedes Benz.

- Jarvis P

Mercedes Benz e class convertible.

Solid, well built quiet car. Reliable, starts up every time. Convertible top keeps breaking. Oil leaks from pistons that operate the roof. Plastic parts in interior dry out over time and crack. Good on gasoline, perky when you put the pedal to the metal. Fast. Easy to park because it's on the small side.

- Janice P

Superior handling with tight turning radius.

My Mercedes e class is a comfortable, reliable car. It handles well in inclement weather and has good cabin visibility. It's a heavy car but doesn't handle like a boat and the turning radius is superior. The one drawback is the touchy accelerator but with driving it often, you'll learn its temperament.

- Victoria C

Great car for travel and family.

The Mercedes is a luxury car so you have to treat it like one. It's hard to steer and foot has to put a lot of pressure on the pedal. Its had many mechanical and electrical issues. The ride is smooth, you have pretty good technology inside for 2003 year and good gas mileage.

- Caleb F

The Mercedes is very efficient for travel and it gets excellent gas mileage.

The mechanics of the vehicle are great, it runs really well and floats like a boat, but the electronics on the car make it more work than it's worth. You cannot put any type of additional speakers or the basic functions; such as brakes and lights, of the car start to fail.

- Jay R

The car is expensive to operate especially if you need to replace parts.

I love the comfort and luxury of my car. I have owned it for 1 1/2 years now. I am so pleased. The only problem is of course having to purchase premium gas which is very expensive. Any parts needs for the car are of course very expensive being a foreign car.

- Debra N

MB sports sedan E500 2003 review

Great performance, durable, very comfortable, features are great. Panoramic roof is awesome and makes the car looks very sharp. Some of its problems would stall the car and repairs are very pricey. It's better to buy extended warranty to have a peace of mind

- Harris H

Although a luxury car is expensive to maintain, I would not trade my car for another one. The most important thing is that it is a great ride and require very little maintenance.

There is nothing I dislike about the feature of my car. However, when repairs are done--it is a little expensive. I am glad that I have not had to have any major repaired except brains, car inspection, oil change and battery.

- Mary G

People see the Mercedes decal and go crazy for the brand name.

It is getting to be an old car but it still looks amazing. I don't appreciate the way most Mercedes cars accelerate I find them to be a little laggy. Also I love the music sound system in my car.

- Fait B

It rides and handles great being very responsive and made of metal.

The color is a beautiful shade of blue. It handles great. The seat in the back go down to provide trunk space from the back of the front seats to the trunk opening.


My Benz. What I really like about my car is the sunroof. I love to hit the highway, open the roof and ride.

I love my old car. Performance, reliability, comfort and features are excellent. For an old car I have not had any problems

- Norris L

The awesomeness of the Mercedes benz

Great Quality phenomenal Performance extremely reliable just love it great comfort and relaxing the features are awesome

- Monica A

Looks great. Love the luxury.

I live in the northern area ... does not do well in snow. As a result I am at times not able to get to my destinations.

- Susanne L

This car is a safe car with a very smooth ride and quiet cabin

Delay in gas pedal to drive. major computer driven car, issues arise that I am not able to mechanically fix myself.

- verena h

It rides like a sports car.

The mechanics of the car are excellent but the computer is awful and the front suspension will go out eventually.

- Zee C

Seems very dependable. Low maintenance.

Smooth ride and very sporty stylish. It is very well built and reliable. Sophisticated luxury and styling.

- John B

It is a very safe vehicle with airbags and passenger restraint system that is top notch.

Comfortable ride with air suspension. It has a powerful engine. Room for more than four passengers.

- Maia M

That it is well built, and fun to drive

I like the comfort and style. Also the handling and the finish.

- jim G

Mercedes is a timeless luxury brand

It's a good running car. Still luxurious and comfortable ride

- Yvonne W