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I drove 2018 Mercedes for 2 days & I like my car better than the new Mercedes.

I love the car for comfort and driving ease. I have had many repairs in the last three years. The front suspension went out and then the rear suspension, each time approx. $2, 000. The breaks went out and also cost approx. $2, 000; however, recently received an extended warranty on the breaks and Mercedes will reimburse a portion of the expense if they have already been repaired. I have filed for the refund. 188k miles on the car.

- Peggy D

It's a Mercedes, so although I'm approaching 140,000 miles, it should last at least two more years.

I love the body style and appearance both inside and out. It's a comfortable car and I like the luxury status of a Mercedes. I don't like that the paint trim around roof edges is peeling or that the leather on the center console has deteriorated and looks horrible. I can't just replace the center console. I would have to replace the entire center, including the gear shift, wood, etc.

- Carol H

Awesome vehicle at an affordable price.

This car has been awesome for me so far. Definitely has had a few small problems but nothing out of the ordinary. Gets very good gas mileage and rides very smooth and comfortably. Interior is spacious and comfortable. Stereo system sounds pretty good. Navigation screen is very neat and helps get you around town when necessary. Overall it has been a great car with very few problems.

- Kohl S

Practical vs. Economical do you really need a luxury car?

I love the look of my car. Gas saving is not the greatest when driving through residential. Highway mileage is better. The cost of maintaining this vehicle is costly. I am a single mother and the upkeep is very expensive. Comfort level is very nice. The features are dated but still rides nice.

- Fin T

It is very comfortable to travel in.

Love my vehicle as it is comfortable has a sunroof and leather seats. Got all the bells and whistles so I have bluetooth phone, heated seats, comfort seats, etc. Get so so gas mileage about 21 or 22 in the city. Only thing I hate about it is the service I receive from Mercedes Benz dealers.

- C L B

My car: I like the auto unlock, car will open without hunting for your keys.

Purchased as a used vehicle, had to repair struts front and back. Had to install new brakes and had to install new battery. Even though I have had much expense, I really enjoy driving this car, it is so comfortable and has so many great features. I would buy it again if I had the choice.

- Peggy D

It has good rating with consumer reports.

Our car can be expensive to fix and sometimes dispute with the corporate office can delay progress. For instance, our car is in the shop now however because of some dispute with the agency that has nothing to do with us, we are delayed from getting our car fixed.

- Ave L

The best Benz ever one should own.

Very reliable solid pleasure to drive had many cars but nothing like a Benz. I strongly recommend low maintenance. Service once a year or 13, 000 miles whichever comes first. Still original shocks and exhaust. Just tires brakes and oil changes have been done.

- Brock P

The Mercedes Benz e320 is top of the line.

My Mercedes Benz e320 CD is a great car. It gets about 25-38 mpg. It is a well made sturdy car. I love all the extras that come on the car like sunroof, back window sunscreen, electric windows and seats. The leather seats are beautiful and very comfortable.

- Kimberley C

That the vehicle is well made.

My Mercedes Benz is one of the best vehicles I ever owned. It is a well made vehicle, attractive in styling, great on gas mileage, and never breaks down. I would like to keep it till the vehicle doesn't run anymore.

- Michael G

This car is powerful and handles extremely well. It is great in the winter.

I like that it's all wheel drive for the winters. I like that it has a powerful engine yet it is a quiet ride. I like how simple and luxurious the interior is. The only dislike i have is the poor gas mileage.

- Chris O

It's a Mercedes that looks a lot newer than it is.

I love the appearance, including color, body shape, style. It's a comfortable car to drive. I don't like the expensive repairs, especially when those repairs don't actually fix the problem.

- Carol D

It is fun and easy to drive.

Love it is options and the luxuries. Not liking that it needs supreme gas and price s are high right now. Car runs smooth but price of fixing is high.

- Sheri D

Take care of the car and do maintenance every 20,000 miles

I like everything about my mercedes, the car is beautiful I love the leather smell, seats are comfortable, and it's fun to drive.

- Kevin A

Although my car is thirteen years old, it is still a very stylish car.

I like that it has a lot of options that are standard.I like that my vehicle is durable but I don't like the cost of repairs.

- Derek J

It's expensive for maintenance. It will last a long time

It's a reliable car that looks good. It's also safe. It's too expensive if you need to have repairs done. Uses to much gas

- anthony k

Dependable, safe and easy to drive. Looks good and is comfortable.

I have had it for 15 years and no problems! Just lately I had to have a few things done. All OK. No complaints

- Georgia G

My pretty blue Mercedes Benz!

Really no problems with it. Just expensive to fix when things break. Good heavy car. Does well in the snow.

- Kath C

Sleek, powerful and efficient.

Comfortable, reliable, quiet, dependable. Loaded with options that are very desirable and very dependable.

- Doug W

I love my car and will purchase a newer one

Drives good and excellent on gas, reasonable price for it. Premium sound system and very smooth drive

- Reggie W

My vehicle is a great car to show off in. It's a clean, cut , car and has all the qualities you're looking for

My vehicle drives smooth.it Has all the qualities you want.The problem is that it needs hydrological

- Megan S

Reliable car that gets me to where I want to go in style.

I love the way it handles. It is a smooth ride. It has great pickup. And it has good curb appeal.

- Stephan K

I bought my Mercedes because it was more comfortable than any previous car I owned. It is easy to handle, quite reliable, and very quiet - i.e. little road noise.

Mercedes is a quiet, smooth handling car that is very comfortable to drive.

- Laura S

It's never broken down on me. It is also the first car I purchased myself.

No dislikes.i LOVE it. Great car. Actually it takes too much gas.

- Kay G

It runs well and is very responsive on the road.

Works fine almost every day and gets good mileage on diesel fuel.

- Carroll M

Very safe. Great fuel economy. Great pick up. Perfect long road car.

E320 CDI. Great gas mileage. Very fast and great on the road

- Jeff J