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Very luxurious however it is high maintenance requires expensive.

The car is very luxurious however it is high maintenance requires expensive parts and labor, it rides smooth, the car is very luxurious however it is high maintenance requires expensive parts and labor, it rides smooth the car is very luxurious however it is high maintenance requires expensive parts and labor, it rides smooth, the car is very luxurious however it is high maintenance requires expensive parts and labor, it rides smooth.

- Jackie Q

The most important thing others should know about my Mercedes-Benz is that it is a very reliable car!!

I love my car! I like that it's so easy to drive, the seats are so comfortable and can be heated when it's cold outside. My car is the perfect size for me and also has enough room for passengers. It is a great car for road trips. The front seats recline to several different positions and the back seat is also comfortable and has its own air conditioning/heating vents so everyone can be comfortable. My car is also beautiful!

- Jeanine W

Not that sexy, but super safe, comfortable, and expensive.

My vehicle was bought used at a great price from an old lady who hardly drove it. It only had 20,000 miles on it and had really nice upgrades. It drives very smoothly and quietly. It's really easy and comfortable to drive. The only thing I dislike is how quiet and smooth it can be sometimes. When I'm a passenger it's great but as a driver, I like the excitement of the other car I sometimes drive, a bright red Audi.

- Carolyn S

Mercedes Benz E 350 made in 2007

Since I have a car that's been used before me, it has many small flaws but the overall drive of the car is smooth. I've used this car for road trips and it's probably good for another 5 years. The one of the cool features is that you can have up to 6 DVDs inside the radio and the car contains little boxes wear you can put your valuables in. The boxes could probably only for your wallet and such.

- Molina B

Mercedes Benz is one of the best cars ever.

The Mercedes Benz e class 350 is a excellent car I bought it 2 months ago I haven't had any problem the miles the car has is awesome. The reliability you don't have to worry the car is most definitely is going to get you where you need to go doesn't matter if where you're going is out of state. This car has a 6 CD player, seat warmers, Siri, automatic locks.

- Ariana B

180, 000 miles! So far. . . Hope to get to 250, 000.

Pros: feels solid, is dependable. Looks good. Gets great gas mileage. Cons: expensive to fix. Have had to replace a transmission and air conditioner. These are two very expensive items. I currently have 180, 000 miles and plan to go to 250, 000 if the car can hold on that much longer. I do also have a brake issue I am putting off because of the expense.

- Chuck D

The handling in curves is like driving a sports car, The mechanics is amazing,

The car drive well, handling, gas and comfort is far better the most cars. A luxury car lovers dream. I would buy this make again. I have over 146,000 miles and I only need to get one major repair and it was a recall for the transmission. I would recommend this car to anyone. The car is faster than most cars in the same class,

- Kenneth P

Factory visit . Basic top quality! I took a tour of their factory..

Repairs can be very expensive, but luckily these autos are so dependable and if you go for the couple of services each year, which are expensive but necessary, problems are rarely. It's a great car. And you can keep it many years. Also this is true for the design. It is classic and does not change dramatically each year.

- Billie R

Do your homework, make sure you do not have the issues that I did.

The 2007 Mercedes e-class is a comfortable riding car with some problems. The gas tank develops cracks which if you fill the tank you get a strong smell of gas. Also the transmission conductor plate is faulty which causes it to go in to limp mode so it is stuck in one gear. Other than that it is a great car.

- Wayne H

It is worth the money. I have never had a problem with mine.

It is reliable and safe. Runs smoothly and is roomy. The quality of the exterior paint is very good. It gets decent gas mileage. There are convenient dealership locations near where I live. Customer service is polite and responsive to my comments. Communication between dealer and client is good.

- Shelly S

Why I drive a Mercedes Benz.

Check engine light is on but drives well. Had a couple of accidents in other previously owned Mercedes was well protected not a scratch on me the airbags activated and both cars were totaled. So with that being said I would only purchase a Mercedes Benz any year, color but not the SUV.

- Bernice J

Mercedes Benz are good cars. They are reliable and not a lot of breakdowns.

My car is awesome. Never have to fix it a lot. Never the same problem. I visit Mercedes Benz for regular check ups. Great car very few repairs. Last a long time. Mercedes Benz cars are good cars they are reliable cars and most of all they are comfortable driving and sitting in.

- Stephanie L

Reliable and safe. You will not be disappointed.

I love this car. It has been reliable. It is beautiful. And is comfortable. As long as you take a Mercedes and four it is maintenance. They will last for miles and miles. My family has always driven Mercedes and has had minimal problems with any with this brand of vehicle.

- Lisa M

Elegant smooth reliable gas saver car.

Very luxurious however very high and costly to maintain smooth and gas saver. The inside of the car is very fancy from the inside and the leather seats are very durable. Comfortable seats, ac blast really cold air sound system is incredible. I would most likely buy again.

- Jackie Q

A small, cool, easy-to-use car.

The car is very easy to drive, unlike the other car I drive. It is also small enough to parallel park easily. The seats are very comfortable. It also looks cool. It is a little cramped when on the road for a long time, but one day long commutes, its fine.

- MaKayla M

I love the color of the car. It is a sort of beige gold color that is very unusual.

This car is very reliable and comfortable. I love how it looks and runs. The seats have heatings and are very comfortable. There is a plugin for your phone to play music through the stereo. The only complaint I have is that gas is expensive for this car.

- Mackenzie W

A great car for kids and mom.

I love how fast the car can go, but not how expensive the tires are. The seats are really comfortable for a shorter driver and I can fit three car seats in the back. I do wish it had better air flow for the back seats. The rear view sunshade is awesome.

- Jessica L

Mb review - not a family vehicle.

The car is beautiful, sleek looking, strong and sturdy in the way it drives. However, there are many issues from bad defrost performance, a/c issues to issues with shocks that have occurred in other mb models that were owned. Not for families with kids.

- Maria T

Mercedes are not as expensive as people commonly believe.

Rides really nice, great interior, good gas mileage, nice Audio. Picks up well, not too flashy and comfortable. I dislike that there is no Bluetooth, only auxiliary Audio.

- Asher M

How safe my car is and how well it drives really hugs the road and is so smooth

I love my car the way it drives,extremely comfortable and above all extremely safe. This is my second mercedes and when I need a new car it will also be another mercedes

- Linda c

I love the smooth drive that it gives me everyday

I have never had any problems with this car. It's extremely comfortable, drives well, all its features are great and it gets me where I need to go. No complaints.

- Thomas L

The parts and manufacturing of the car is top notch. Very reliable car for traveling long distances.

I like the design of my E350 and it has been very reliable over the years, only been in the shop once. I dislike the cost of the routine maintenance.

- Andre J

Best ride and comfortable

It's most smooth ride and with good mileage. It's good size sedan. Only dislike is maintenance is expensive and I have to change tires frequently.

- Amandeep b

I keep it super clean and fresh.

The car is super expensive when it comes to parts. If I break down somewhere or even locks keys in my car it takes thousands of dollars to fix.

- Bob V

Well engineered from engine to styling.

Very reliable, comfortable, low maintenance. Great turning radius, great acceleration at low and at high speeds. Big trunk. Roomy cabin.

- Nancy D

Heated seats. You know you are in a great car when it's driven.

Comfortable, well built, German made, good looking. Best car we have had. We've had a BMW and the Mercedes is so much better.

- Ileen J

This car is extremely safe. It is solid and sturdy.

This vehicle is well designed, engineered, and made. Its performance is outstanding. It also provides a comfortable ride.

- Del P

This car model is the one if you are after economy and comfort.

this car provided Great Millage, a wonderful economy, Provide a Wonderful Ride. The maintenance costs are slightly high.

- Carlo C

It drives great love it very much.

My vehicle has had a few recalls but nothing major. Regular maintenance keeps it healthy and running fine.

- Jacqueline H

It's a comfortable ride and drives nice.

Wish it was a little newer but has low miles and drives great. I do not have any complaints with the car.

- Kimberly K

The dependability factor is very important for my feeling comfortable about driving any vehicle.

Very well made, attractive looking and dependable vehicle. Bought it used a little over four months ago.

- William L

2007 Mercedes-Benz E350 review

The 2007 Mercedes-Benz E350 is a great vehicle, offering great performance, reliability, and features.

- Michael D

Luxurious interior seats

It is just the right size. It gets very good gasoline mileage. It has a very comfortable ride.

- Joni B

It's a luxury car, runs great and happy to own a Mercedes Benz for the first time.

No complaints. I have only had it for a year. So far, I really like it

- Shannon S

It has great mileage and very nice

Love my vehicle it's great but don't like price of maintenance

- Charlotte D